Another Gateway Opens

11:11 was one of the most important portals that this planet has experienced in a very long time, not so much because it was offering something new—although it was—but because its nature required mass unity of action, of word, and of thought. For that reason, it was a doorway into an acceleration of the Sacred Status process. That doorway, which is a twenty-year doorway, is opening very slowly, and that has several effects.

The first is a great onrush of energy coming from the cosmos to the planet, which can be seen in powerful astrological alignments that are happening throughout your year. These are creating an extreme disruption in the magnetic flow of the planet’s energy.

This is magnetic flow that can actually be felt—every portal before 11:11 was subtle energy; every portal after 11:11 is energy form can feel. You are responding to that massive input of energy with confusion and a feeling that there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it, making you tend to dilute yourselves, to do too many things.

To put it another way, it’s as if you are in a dark room in which the only light you see is the bright light along the edges of the closed door. All of a sudden that door is opening, and the light is brightening up the whole room. Because of the 11:11 doorway, the mechanics of this universe are affecting this planet in a way that they have never been able to before. If you will remember, this planet has been veiled, and this is part of the unveiling process.

If it helps, think about it as an electromagnetic net over the earth that has caused all of the usual light paths surrounding it, which are the paths of access from other dimensions to here, to be unusable. When that veil is lifted—and this is the Year of Unveiling—it means that the original energy power points and power portals on earth are put back into full use. The net is not actually lifting; it is thinning and disappearing, and where it is the most thin and the most disappeared is where there are large, focused groups at portal times. The 11:11 groups literally blasted open doorways, and that thinning continues by using these portals.

The portal coming in August is a major time of alignment, and Phoenix is using it as a welcoming—literally, a welcoming. The nature of the energy around August 20 is specifically a doorway to Sirius. As I have said in my teachings about the Hierarchy, Sirius is basically a transport station. Energies coming from different dimensions move first through Sirius as a means of determining how they are going to work with or in form. It’s just a transportation station. I’m not talking space ships and such—I’m talking about the transformation point for energy, energy learning how to have form in this dimension.

Humanity will be pushed at this portal into that next level of mind, because the doorway has become a straight path for those who work at that higher level, the level of choice rather than need, on the planet. Let me explain that. There are those who need to be here because some time ago they started the earth pathway and they are just moving through it as they can, wheel after wheel after wheel. But those in my work tend not to be those who are working their way through the earth system. They are those who have chosen to come to earth from other areas, having already achieved a certain level of mastery there. For them, it’s not a beginning, it’s a part of a greater whole.

The yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz was always a long and winding path with a lot of adventures, with Dorothy never really knowing what the payoff was going to be until she got over the hill, looked out into the distance and saw Oz. Everything was different then; there was hope renewed. Her relationship with those she had traveled with, who had become tired and sort of cranky (which many people can relate to these days), was renewed, remade, because all of a sudden their goal became real for them.

So it is with this doorway. To use the illustration I used earlier, it’s been closed. You could see the light behind it for quite some time, and you were constantly moving toward it, and all of a sudden that light is coming through a space that lets you see where you are going. Not only is the door open, but because it is open, you can see what you could not see before.

On a very basic earthly level, what that means is the scales will be taken off the eyes, enabling humanity to see such things as injustice and inequity, and to see where love is not and where it needs to be—because, ultimately, that is what the light coming through is-—it is love.

On the next higher level, for those who are awakened, it’s going to be a call to arms, because they’re going to be seeing with hope. Ultimately this is where most of you have been for a few years, but many who are just awakening are going to be moved to that point, also.

Finally, those who are awake and working in ascension are going to be feeling their connection with home. I cannot think of a good illustration of that, because so many people don’t have a good connection with the idea of home, but maybe you can relate to it as, no matter how much you loved your vacation, how good it is to get back to your own bed. It’s that sense that it’s been a long journey, but you know tonight you’re going to sleep in your own bed—you’re finally home.

Not only hope and not only renewal and not only unity with others as a whole, but unity that says, “We’re all in this together; let’s go.” This is unity of the awakened, a unity with the unseen forces. The light has filled you, and you’re not alone any more. That’s not the possibility, that’s the promise of the August portal.

Of course, in this first year there are going to be several major portals, because you know how it is when you’re first getting something started moving; you’ve got to push really hard to get it going. And so the Universe is offering a lot of push, using, as I said, some major cosmic mechanics [planetary alignments].

These are the sorts of promises that you only make to a succeeding child. You don’t make promises if you think it is going to fail. And that these portals are opening as they are speaks that you are doing more than you think. It’s like a city at night that begins to light up, first this building, then another, then another and suddenly it’s all lit. That’s what it’s going to look like, literally. I find it so wonder-filled.