All right, darling, this should be fun.

We’ve had responses to the information in the last newsletter about the nature of reality.

Why do you think?

I think people would like to know whether they have the power to change reality. And whether it can make them better Guardians. One person asked, “What is reality? I see it as a con­struct that is superimposed on a neutral back­ground provided by the five elements and per­ceived through our limitations of understanding brought about by our beliefs, patterns and retained memories. Please comment.”

Well, that’s pretty good. Reality, like plant medicine, is two things. And it depends upon the conversation that I am having with you as to what I’m talking about, so it’s very contextual in that sense.

Reality is what you see when you look around you. It’s the objects you can put labels on. It’s the world as you know it. And the problem is that it is not reality. It’s fully perceptual, so there is that perceptual reality that I don’t really call reality, and then there is the reality of the Spirit self. Spirit is at the top of the mountain, looking down at the physical self, but from a much broader viewpoint. But even that is limited.

For a human, reality is very misunderstood, and there is no “reality.” However, out of the energetic presence of the creator of this universe, the Source Field, there is what your science is beginning to recognize as a consciousness of energetic fields on the quantum level. That is what I would call reality, and its power is the energy between quark and quark, the energy between revolution, movement and stillness. It is presence rather than perception.

You mentioned in the last newsletter that reality is malleable. Does the malleability work beyond our personal perceptions? For example, why does mass consciousness color so much of what our perceptions are about?

In the human experience of reality you are limited by what your brain can interpret, and your brain is limited by your experience and your knowledge, or the knowledge that comes from your experience. It is very plastic, malleable.

You have seen perhaps at Avebury the great Guardian stones with faces all over them. And somebody will say, “I don’t see it.” And another person will point out, “That could be an eye and that could be the other eye,” and then you can do nothing but see it. What do you call the little brain teasers where it’s a picture of this but if you look at it a particular way you realize it’s also a picture of something else?

An optical illusion?

An optical illusion perhaps, where at first you did not see the couple facing each other, but now you can’t un-see it. And that’s because you have changed your reality. Is that right?

Is that a trick question?

As you learn, as you grow, as you change, you are constantly changing your reality. You believe that you are limited. For instance, you don’t see the infrared end of the light spectrum, but there are plenty of creatures on the planet that do, so is it possible you could? Actually, to an extent you can train any of your senses to have a wider range: your touch can become more sensitive, your sense of smell—although I don’t recommend it—can become more sensitive, and on and on. When you know something is possible, you can work toward it. And for the most part, if there is a creature on the planet that is doing this—a bat functioning by sonar—you can, within your ability, have a version of that.

Now, having said that, let me fill that out just a little more. It’s very much a placebo effect. You know that it’s possible, you work toward it, and you really pay attention to your successes, and you don’t look at the failures. That’s going to amplify over time until, while you don’t have sonar like a bat, your brain is able to help you see in the dark so well that, like a bat, you don’t run into things. You are expanding what you think is available to you, because previously it has been so limited. And in that sense, again you are changing your reality.

When you interact with someone you know, two realities are being changed. When you interact with a group, the whole group’s having their reality changed.

Spiritually speaking, this Universe is designed as a function of energy that is expressed as Love. That frequency initiates growth to a higher frequency. Higher frequency enables a lot of brain function that has been turned off—all three brains, actually—and your reality changes with that. I am looking for a metaphor here: Love is perhaps not the flour, not the sugar, not the flavoring for a cake, but the bowl it all sits in to be mixed. Or maybe it’s the spoon that mixes it. You’re not going to change spiritual reality except through your experience of Love. But physical reality you can change in all kinds of ways, as I’ve discussed.

Is the reality of mass consciousness a matter of frequency? It takes a mass of people working at a certain frequency to bring about change.

That’s a different kind of thing. If you’re talking about how to effect change—spiritually speaking—through Love, it absolutely is the more the merrier, the larger the change. If you’re talking about extending your own reality, your high frequency makes the difference, but gathering ten or a hundred people to focus on raising your energy isn’t really going to do anything. It will for a moment at a high ritual, but it won’t continue. So spiritually speaking, reality is only frequency, but gathering people together becomes the human aspect of it.

How much do those out of form affect the malleability of our reality in form? Can those out of form who are working with humanity, help it make changes?

What do you mean by that? What kinds of changes are you thinking of?

Well, I’m thinking of the perception that an Entity has on the mountain looking down. How influential is that in changing a projection’s reality?

It depends, because for the most part that which is not in form isn’t going to interfere with that which is in form. I do a lot of things, but I do not interfere. You make the decisions that you need to. You follow the road that you’re going to. So first, non-physical beings generally aren’t going to pop in and change things. Note, I said generally. Occasionally, that is necessary, but it’s very rare.

Let’s say you’re about to get mugged and your compact doesn’t have that in it; it’s a wild, unnecessary free-will issue. It is possible that Source will cause the mugger to trip up and let you escape. But it is Guardians who are the angels of the world. They are the supernatural beings who pop in and make things happen. It’s not so much that which is out of form, because they would not intervene, and I’ll even go so far as to say they should not.

Some years ago, at a retreat, you gave us an exercise that involved entering another reality through a portal created by a ring of fire.

Oh, wasn’t that a mistake!

[Laughing] And now it comes back to haunt you.

It was a different reality that we expressly intended to create. For example, you said that if our intent was to turn the dog, Quinn, blue, not only would Quinn be blue, but everyone would have accepted the reality that Quinn had always been blue. What prompted you to give that exercise at the time?

Well, as with any exercise that I give, I’m prompted by the energy at the moment, and when I’m talking about your ability to change your reality, sometimes it’s helpful to give an example. When I’m talking about densities and dimensional structure, sometimes it’s helpful to sort of show the way. And most of the time, if I’m talking to a hundred people, there might be four of them who truly succeed in the exercise, and another ten who will think they did, and that’s about it. But I’m all right with that, because the four will increase the confidence of the ten, who will increase the confidence of the other eighty-six. So it’s worth it to me to try. And I experiment with tools that way all the time.

Should people continue to use them? If I’ve not continued them, no, because I want more of you being able to do it on your own. So if you hear me giving an exercise again, or offhandedly recommending it again, yes, but if it’s “You said this once and I haven’t heard anything about it again,” there’s a reason for that. Can a person try it on their own? Sure. Will it produce the same kind of result—absolutely not, but it will produce some result, and one success can lead to more.

At the last retreat, I think it was, I expanded on the Crystal Palace, and I had you go to a balcony and look out to a new experience, a change. Do that instead, because it was far simpler. I was working with you with the ring of fire in a far more magical system, and by magical I mean human magic like Wiccan, not like Harry Potter magic.

You will only go as far as your energy allows, but humans will always assume their energy is allowing a lot more than it actually is, which is a good thing because it allows them to experience a success they can reproduce, and those successes will actually lead to another step, and eventually another step. Big picture: you’re making it all up anyway—but I’m perfectly happy when somebody says, “Well I’ve been doing it on my own and I visited Neptune and came back.” Great. I think if I were to peek in, I would say they really didn’t visit Neptune, but they have made a leap forward from believing they couldn’t. So I’m always going for that higher frequency.

Here’s another question: “It seems that we have two kinds of reality, what we see now and an intended reality as seen in the Daily Focus. Do both of them exist at the same time?”

I don’t understand that question.

There’s the reality we perceive, and there’s the reality we want to see out in the world. In other words we send energy that the problems in Ukraine, for instance, can be resolved with the help of our energy. Does that desired reality actually exist as well?

Could it be that they are different points on a timeline?

Or is it asking if it’s another branch of the timeline? I’m not sure. But one of the things that I want everybody to be very careful about during the Daily Focus is, when you are gathered together and focused on a common Intent, you do not, you do not, you do not, want to focus on the outcome. You must focus on the process. Why is that?

Well, for one thing, when you focus on the outcome you are limiting what it can be.

Right. And you’re also saying that you know what the outcome should be, and that is so wrong. So it’s not only a massive limitation, but it’s an abuse of power. So if you are leading a group with the Intent that Russia pull all its troops back today and Ukraine remain a free and independent nation, if you’ve got enough people, you can put that Intent out there and influence what happens. You’re not going to change it, but you’re going to influence the minds and hearts of those who have the focus put upon them.

But what if Ascension means Ukraine needs to be reabsorbed back into Russia? Now, I’m not saying it does, but I’m asking what if. “We see them using Right Wisdom and Right Action. We see Love covering the countries that are involved,” but you don’t want to say, “We want the Russians to leave, and make this happen instead,” because you’re abusing power if you do that. And the more people you have in that common focus, the more dangerous it is, because the more influence you have.

The second thing that I want to remind you of is that everything in this reality, everything from the quantum level to what you think is solid, everything is related to one purpose: the Ascension through Love out of form. That is the reality. But every individual has, within that, their own perceptual reality, as I mentioned earlier.

Within your own perceptual reality, you are the ruler of your universe, and everybody in your universe is there for a particular reason. However, when you are a Guardian—a part of a group compact—and you come together to do workings of power, you’re still working in your individual universe, on your specific timeline, to fulfill your particular compact, because working with these others, whoever they happen to be, is part of your compact.

So David, working in his own universe that is joined up with yours, Paula, sees you quite often in his universe, so much that to him it’s the same universe. But for him as an individual, it’s actually a fully different one. Some of the things he wants are not the same as what you want, don’t you know. Some of the things he is here to do are not the same things that you are here to do. Some of the amazing spiritual leaps that he takes are not at all like the amazing spiritual leaps you take. But you both think you’re in the same universe, so whose reality is it? Well, you’ve got to go back to the bowl that holds it all, and remember that it’s about love, it’s about the frequency match to higher and higher experiences of Love, but within that, your individual presence has its own journey of love.

Reality as you know it isn’t the illusion. The illusion is that there is a reality you can know. Do you understand that?

Because there is an underlying structure of spirit underneath everything we see physically.

Yes, absolutely yes.

You think you know the boundaries of your universe. You think “This is how it works.” You think this is where you are in the process of it all. Within your universe, you have a reality, but that reality is so much more and less than what you think, yet thinking is all you can do to try to grasp it. So the limitations create the boundaries, and the hubris says “I am boundless,” while the Spirit says, “You really don’t even have the picture. It’s what it seems to you.”

[David, laughing] I wanted to ask you what­ever made you think that I think Paula and I live in the same universe?

It’s very true, though, and people would get along better if they realized that—instead of wanting everyone to be a little clone of themselves, to feel the same way and think the same way, and not respect that they are on a fully different journey with fully different perceptions of that journey.

Which leads to many of the problems we’re having all over the world.


So, what’s the bottom line?

I cannot say this in a way that doesn’t sound bad and I’m sorry for that, but here it comes. The whole idea of the human thing is to be limited, to not know all you are. And to think you do know just confirms that you don’t.

Reality isn’t something you understand outside of your own perception because when you go into a building, you want to be sure that the toilets flush and the water runs and that it’s painted the way you like and that it suits your needs. You don’t go in there thinking “Oh, the blueprint is really different from this.” The blueprint is actually the underpinning, but you’re living in the finished product, so all you see is the finished product.

So it’s the wisdom that’s gained in a limited form by expanding beyond those limitations that is the key.

The only expansion comes through Love, and it’s correct to realize that you’ll never be it all until you’re out of here. Focusing on timelines and what makes up reality is just a brain game, and it’s not likely to be correct.

What you can do in your own universe is pretty amazing. So that’s how I would say it: the universe you are in—its reality and all the ways it affects you—is quite different from the unknowable, or it wouldn’t be unknowable. So focus on your universe and all you can do in it.

You said our Entity has a non-interference compact. How does that affect you and your work with us?

Well, I don’t interfere. I watch. I guide. I push.

[Laughing] Even though to us humans it feels like interference sometimes.

Of course it does, and that’s all right. Anytime somebody says “Samuel told me to do this,” I promise you I left a caveat in there. It’s not my nature to disrupt the creation. Why would I do that? It doesn’t even make sense to me. I’m pushy but not controlling. I want you to ask the questions about Love.

Here’s a question from a reader about Love: “Please explain how loving ourselves completely makes a difference in dismantling the racism paradigm. When we love ourselves completely, will we stop judging ourselves and others?”

All of your behaviors are psychological responses to memories you have. Some of those memories are happy, carefree, joyous, and filled with love which lightens you up. The ones that are painful or filled with fear pull you down. Love is healing. Love is now.

It’s important to stress “present” along with “healing” because you cannot heal the pain, the suffering, the fear by going back to it. You can only heal an experience of the past now, in the present, with who you are and how you understand it now. But who you are and what you understand now is limited by your understanding of love.

If you only see Love as sex—and there are those who do—or if you see Love as a romantic, frilly, the-birds-are-tweeting thing, then you’re only going to love the sexual parts and the frilly, tweety parts of you. The rest of it will remain unpleasant memories. But when you understand love as healing force, when you are able to allow yourself to claim—note I did not say feel—to claim Love the same way you claim Light in every cell of your being, that is a function of this moment, and that in this moment there is no pain, suffering, or fear, you are recognizing the power of Love.

Negative judgment of others is based on your past—the Lake of the Known. If it is portions of your past that have not been recognized, received, and transformed—recognized: “This was a very unhappy time;” received: “But that was what was going on then;” transformed: “It’s not what’s going on now, so I can let go”—then you’re unable to love anyone else. When you have restored your Love, your truest condition, then you’re not going to see others through the lens of your own hurt and pain and the psychological behaviors that come with them.