EarthLight’s annual Retreat is coming up soon (April 18–21). What are you hoping to achieve at this year’s Retreat?

At every Retreat, probably the biggest thing I want is to make sure that individuals feel the connections they have with others who are a part of the work. And then, of course, it gives me the opportunity—which is always fun—to have a lot of time with the group. I always like to watch the dynamics: who’s going to ask the most questions, what kind of topics are going to come through, how long will it be before I sense the group’s got it, with whatever it is I’m choosing to speak about. So it’s an opportunity for participants to strengthen the unity of the community and an opportunity for me to strengthen the unity of the community. That’s probably the biggest thing.

If you’re asking what I will be teaching, I have no idea.

You are calling this the “Year of the Watchers.” Who are the Watchers, and what exactly is their job description?

Well, first some background:

Obviously, Watchers are those who watch, and the Year of the Watcher is going to mean two things: those who are watching the planet and The Plan, which is by far more my point, and those who are watching from the planet. By that I mean, for instance, Guardians who are paying attention to what’s going on cosmically or mass consciousness looking at what’s going on in the world, in themselves, and in Guardianship. Now the world is really going to be looking at high-frequency individuals. Anytime you’re sinking in a cesspool, you are looking for rescue, and the world in very many ways is going through a lot of challenging times. Because of that, people are going to be looking for those who seem to know what they are doing, who seem to not be crazy during this time, and mass consciousness will hopefully be looking to Guardians for that.

As I’ve said before, Guardians go through things first, and then the world begins to follow. So if you think of your last couple of years, you will see what kind of world mass consciousness is going to be looking at. Hopefully, you are going to be that example of hope that’s needed while you are being watched by those who are experiencing chaos.

However, though, for the watching that I’m talking the most about, you need to first go back to The Plan for the planet and all life force on it itself, which is to function into individuation and then from individuation into individuated group consciousness, all through the Source function of Love. Love is the version of the experiment here. Love. Love rules, and indeed for this Plan, Love rules.

So, as the possibilities for higher function developed, Creator Force and that which is functioning in dimensions outside of form started being interested. “What’s happening? Is this going to work?” Well, the first time it did not. The second time it did not. The third time it did not. And depending upon how you count it, the fourth or fifth time is where you are now. And this is the last time. So there is a lot of interest in whether this is going to work out. Is this actually going to prove itself as a workable path to wholeness? Does the Ascension Process work?

One of the things that were found through the process was that humans bite. I say that with a great deal of love, but essentially, humanity is dangerous. So not only was a Grid put around the world in order to allow the experiment to be an experiment and not have massive amounts of help come in, but additionally it’s about not letting humanity out because of the chaos that could be wrought within the universe.

When a second Grid was created around the planet, at that point there became portal Guardians, those who are keeping the exit-ways not exactly blocked, just restricted.

When you say “exit-ways” are you talking about only energy going out, or do you mean energy going in and out?

The energy going in is handled by the first Grid, and the first Grid for the most part handles the energy going out as well. But, now that StarGate work is being done and humanity is still not ready to be let into the cosmos, there’s a second gate to make sure that you pretty much destroy yourselves before you destroy someone else.


But those guarding—if you will, watching the second Grid—are the Watchers. So all of that was background to take you to Watchers. Watchers have two purposes. One of them is, like Guardians, to guide and guard. In this case, the life force is a planetary energy as it works with the greater Plan. But there are also those Watchers who simply are curious about The Plan. That kind has existed for a very long time. Your history refers to them—sometimes your religious history—as guardian angels, or spiritual guides, or something like that. Now, I’m not much for all of that, but they are Watchers.

So there are the curious ones, but there is also the Watcher that is really you. High-frequency Guardians work on more than one level, not only in the dimensional arena but also at an Ascended level. If you will remember when I have discussed personality, the entity expresses itself through multiple personalities that show up in different time-space functions of earth. It’s the small-e entity that puts out those projections, but that entity is itself a projection of the ultimate Entity, which will put out up to twelve small-e entities that, of course, are each going to have up to twelve projections through time. So when a high-frequency Guardian has a personality connection outside of this planet, then you can connect with that self in the very same way that timeline crossovers occur or mastery in one area gives you information from other selves who are at mastery level.

Coming so close to the precipice of “is this experiment working or not?” there is a very strong draw to this planet, particularly now that it has shifted density levels. And ideally the Watchers are boosting transmissions and helping by being far more like a guardian angel than what the term usually
means. So in that way, there are individual Watchers as well as the group of curious Watchers, as well as the Guardians of portals who are watching.

If you’re saying the large-E Entity is putting out its own projections for each small-e entity, is that all taking place in the realm of form?

No, it’s not.

So it can be in other dimensions?


You said that the Arcturians were the ones to put the second Grid around the planet. Can you tell us what other galaxies or dimensions are involved with these Watchers?

Insofar as form is concerned?


Well, one of the things that pretty much always makes me chuckle when somebody is wanting to know what their cosmic relatives are about and where they are from is that you only know a spit-in-the-ocean’s worth of galaxies that are out there. And the ones that your science has known the most about for the longest time are the ones all of the New Agers are saying they are related to. Now there is something to be said for Arcturians and Draconians and Pleiadeans all having an effect here, but there are, by far, more places in space for them to come from than you are aware of—not only the planetary bodies that you know, but even whole quadrants of space that you don’t currently recognize. So to say they are from Blup isn’t going to say anything unless that Blup happens to be a word or a set of numbers you are familiar with. So it really doesn’t do much good to even try to answer that, because it’s as if suddenly I am speaking an ancient version of Farsi to you and you have no idea what I’ve said, and there is no translation I can give you.

What I encourage people to do is to go out on multiple clear nights—you might try in the summer, remembering, however, that what you see in the summer sky is going to be different to what you see in any other season—and see what you’re drawn to. You may remember from our Arkansas trip that I told you to do that. See if you find that you’re regularly drawn to this quadrant over here to your left, and you get to really know that star formation, and through the seasons you see it change and shift and you’re still drawn there. It would be unusual if more than a few actually could relate, but if you do relate, then start researching it. I mean deep research, not the first couple of hits off of your Google search, but information from a good university or scientific astronomy site for what’s found in that quadrant. And then play with that. That’s going to give you more information than if I say you are from Blup.

So there have been Watchers always—the curious ones—just because it’s a very interesting experiment. And as I said, it has failed multiple times, so it’s sort of like going to Las Vegas and watching at the slots. “Mmm, what’s going to happen now? Do you think one more pull will do it?” But more importantly, as I said earlier, you are at a precipice now. Of course, somebody’s going to want to know whether “precipice” means like the next year, or ten or a thousand. I can’t tell you. I can only tell you you’re at a deciding point. You have enough people on the planet Awakened. But what about Activated?

Is it going to shift into the Ascension process for all, or not?

You said at January’s first-Sunday meeting that other forms of consciousness are “patrolling” the Grid around our planet, including some of our entities. Besides being an act of service, what other reasons would an entity have for doing this? Is there anything to add to that?

You’re fun to watch.

We make you laugh.

It’s entertaining. Your choices are interesting.

At that meeting, you also said that unconditional love can only come in spurts. Why is that?

Unconditional love is unconditional love, and it is and has been and always will be. There are no spurts to it. But when that unconditional love is coming out of a human, attaining the state that allows unconditional love only happens in spurts. So insofar as a human consciously functioning in unconditional love goes, they can absolutely flow with that until something out in the world triggers them off of it. They’re in their car and somebody doesn’t stop at the sign, or they read something on the Internet about what the president said that gets them agitated. So while the idea that “I love unconditionally” is there, the fact of it is, it comes in spurts.

You also advised us to prepare for upcoming energy transmissions and to pay attention to eclipses, the solstices, and the equinoxes. Please explain how Guardians can best use those transmissions for the benefit of their own and the planet’s spiritual evolution.

The thing always to remember with any kind of transmission is that, first, you’re going to be affected by it whether you’re conscious of it or not. If you are functioning consciously, you will recognize the way you’re thinking or the way you’re feeling and simply act on it as if it is one more day’s activity. You’ll go with it, you’ll flow with it. In your meditations you will go with it. You don’t have to do anything.

Having said that, group Intent at the time of a great transmission is wonderful because the transmissions coming for a little more than the first half of this year are all going to be about Creator energy. There’s a lot of manifestation energy. It’s very exciting, but also very threatening, as you can imagine any great imbalance could be. With any Creator energy, you can make it positive and good rather than amplifying the negative.

Individually speaking, knowing when a transmission is coming can help you function at your highest energy—which ideally you’re doing all the time anyway—so that you can ensure that you’re not going to be knocked off balance by your human self getting defensive, since whenever there is a big outpouring of energy the human gets threatened. It’s like walking from a dark house out into the sunlight, and it’s “Whoa!” and you have to shade your eyes and put on your sunglasses. If you’re ready for it you put your sunglasses on before you walk out the door. Otherwise you’re going to have a few moments of being blinded, and one response to that will be “I’m going to turn around and go back into my little dark hole because it’s more comfortable.” If you know it’s happening, you can be more prepared.

Transmissions will come around the eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, like last year, and January was essentially transmission after transmission after transmission, but you’re not going to have another month like January. There will be transmissions a few times during the year, over and above solstices, equinoxes and eclipses. The key is for you to be ready, working at your best and highest, so that you have your sunglasses on already and you’re not shaken up by the big flow of light getting in your eyes. It doesn’t cause reactions; you choose the responses. That is always true with every transmission since the whole idea of time got worked out.

So if the first part of the year is Creation energy, what about the second part of the year? What different transmissions do you see coming?

Well, the transmissions don’t have labels most of the time. Occasionally they do, and those in the first half of the year happen to be stimulating Creator Force. Once that’s past, it’s going to be more along the lines of more typical energy transmissions that are passing through your galaxy in that they’re not quite as directed toward The Plan. The ones coming in up until August or mid-September are directed into this Plan. It’s very specific. It’s the kind of energy that generally comes so seldom that I would make sure everybody came together to do a big working, but there’s too much of it. It’s just non- stop until mid-September. [This will be during the Scotland/England StarGate work.]

You mean transmission after transmission.

Yes. Throw a dart at the calendar for the first six months and you’re going to be in the middle or at the start of one.

How do you see these interesting planetary alignments affecting the United States this year?

The United States specifically?

Or the world in general.

Well, of course, plainly speaking, they don’t affect the country or the planet. They affect those who are in the country or on the planet. And if what you mean is governmentally speaking, politically speaking, again that’s a little difficult, too, because it’s you that’s being affected as an individual, and what you do with it is what matters. If any population group flows well with it, has their sunglasses on already and is prepared and feels hope—because that’s what motivates people—and is seeking a positive, silver-lining kind of outlook, then that’s going to show up in what is or is not acceptable within the government and political realm. If individuals are in chaos or in pain or in fear, are angry or resistant, ideally their government will reflect that. That’s probably ninety percent true.

It’s pretty sad.

Well yes, actually it is.

So if you have a tyrannical dictator, then you’re probably going to see more tyranny. If you have a just, democratic system, then you’re probably going to see more people receiving what they want, because as a whole they are asking for what they want, and, within a democratic system, theoretically what the populace wants matters more than what the politicians want. So I would give that question back to each person reading this: what do you see for them? The way you as a Guardian see it is the way it is going to come about. So use that creative power.

I don’t follow astrology, but I did look on some sites after you mentioned it at the first-Sunday meeting. There are lunar and solar eclipses in July. It’s interesting that the particular astrologer I read said that the feminine would be working strongly to overcome the patriarchal influence in this society.

So would that still be using the creative energy for the first part of the year?

Sure. There’s a lot to be said for astrology, and I just want you to be careful to know that what you determine in your life is going to have a much greater effect than what the alignment of stars and planets has on your life. But if you firmly believe that the alignment of the stars and planets has a very strong effect on your life, then it will indeed have a strong effect. So while I’m not saying “Well, any kind of predictive astrology is going to be incorrect or so general that any time period would fit into it,” I’m also not saying it’s wrong either. So I don’t think I can give you a good answer to that question.

It’s important for Guardians to remember that when I talk about a precipice, that this Plan is at the edge, I’m reminding you this is what you have come here for. This is the life. This is the time. This is it. If you are seventeen or seventy, this is the life, and unless you’re planning to be out of here in the next couple of months, you’re going to be seeing those effects. If you have ever been at a time in which you asked “What is my compact about? What am I here for? Why?” this is it. This is it. Everything that you do matters. Some of the things that you have been doing up until now have had the benefit of a good dress rehearsal, but you’re not rehearsing any more. This is it.

When the Watchers come everything is heightened, because not only is the energy interesting enough to draw those who are watching The Plan, but their energy adds to it by the very presence of the Watch. It’s a very important time to remember why you’re here, what your job is—not what your career is—what your actual job is here. It’s an important time to come to a place in your life where you are serving others as a high-frequency, higher-density being, and being what you are. I have spoken about that in a thousand different ways, repeated a thousand times.

There are many things that you can do to be functioning at your highest frequencies. Do them. Do them. Get yourself ready. Otherwise you are going to be adding to the chaos, and for your sake, I beg you, don’t do that, because when this time is over you will be horrified about the waste.

It’s never too late to start up and do what you’re here to do.