In the current set of Lifescapes you are talking about building a Light Bridge. Please explain what a Light Bridge is and its relevance to Guardians at this time.

All right, first I’m talking about entering the Light Bridge, not building one; the bridge is already there. And the bridge that I’m making reference to is the . . . I’m trying to think if I’m wanting to call it an entryway or a doorway like a portal, or if I just want to leave it at energy—maybe both. Like a portal, it is a means by which energetic transference comes about. Remember that for quite a long time Alcyone was—and now Sirius is—a filter, so to speak, through which high-frequency energy would be stepped down so as to be able to function on Earth. This is the Earth’s own Light Bridge. The energy is no longer being stepped down because the energy on the earth will have been raised to a level that it will allow that transition without destruction.

Do you mean the energy of the earth or the life force on the earth—or both—will be raised to that level?

Both. The whole process is about the frequency of the planet and all life force on it, so

The Stargate in Guatemala was recently opened. Is the Light Bridge related to the opening of the Stargate?

Yes and no. Energy moving through a Stargate has a different route, if you will, because of an open Stargate. A Stargate opens to particular places. It’s not just a wide-open “Y’all come.” It is like a Grand Central Station that only covers the New York area. It’s not going to cover Oregon. But as the Stargates open, it allows a very easy route to bring help for what’s going on here on earth.

To go from Earth through the Stargate requires, at this point, moving through Sirius. Once the Light Bridge has been entered—and entered is really just another way of saying reactivated, because there was an earlier time when it was active—once it has been entered, those who are leaving this planet will not need to go through Sirius. But it’s only activated when there is a minority of third-density frequency. So entering the Light Bridge—a bridge of light frequency—is step one in the process.

Step two is experiencing that Light Bridge. I’m going to be talking about this in the next Lifescapes. And then finally it’s fully active, and that will be interesting.

What will it look like?

Think about it: You will have access to other forms of life. What would that look like to you? Well, if you were capable of doing it you wouldn’t find it scary. You’d only find it scary if you were not capable of it, because that’s human nature—being afraid of what you do not know. It is much more about opportunity than it is access, but you would not have the opportunity if you did not have access, and you do not have the access if you’re functioning with third-density energy.

Most of this planet has been functioning in third density, so everything has been based on the “seen.” Moving out of third density the doorway is going to be open, physically, mentally, emotionally, to the unseen. That will look like when Dorothy walked out of the house into Oz and everything lit up. That’s a very simple way of saying it. Your personal experience of it is going to be somewhat unique to you, although it will be the same as others who also work at your frequency.

But won’t individual brains translate it in different ways?

Remember that you’re not going to be based in fear, and you’re going to be seeing more than you saw before. So the brain is already adapting to that. And when you know that there’s more than what you see—what is solid—you begin to see more than what you thought you could. So it is much more likely to be a natural extension of that first change. What people should be imagining is life without fear ruling them, because that is the biggest change.

The difficulty, the pin in the balloon, is that if you are still ruled by fear, you’re not going to be experiencing this. So the importance of releasing those fears you’re still holding on to is vital. As much of a promise as the coming summer eclipse holds, there’s also the typical warning, “Get your stuff handled” in order to experience it fully rather than in bits and pieces while you’re still letting things go.

Would you explain why the forced movement from one density to another is not an interference with free will—or is it?

Every life form on this planet has a compact for the Greater Plan, and this is a part of that process of Ascension. Whether you as a human are consciously aware of it or not, you’ve already said yes. It’s not an impact on your free will, although I would say that having an impact on your free will would have made things a lot easier a long time ago—three Earths ago.

But being human means that we sometime resist change and do give in to our fears. How can we best prepare for this influx of energy?

The way that that question is asked assumes that there is not life without having those fears, those difficulties, which creates massive justification amongst humans, including Guardians.

Life without fear changes everything. Everything. But there are going to be people who even fear living without fear, because that is what they are comfortable with. This is an opportunity, not a given. I can’t make this happen. It’s throwing ye olde rock into the pond, and something stops it from going to the bottom. This is a pre-planned event—experience—in which the sun rises, the sun sets. It’s a natural part of the extension of the Ascension process, but humanity has never before gotten to this point. There’s no basis on which to say “This is what it will be like. This is what will happen.” All I can do is say don’t go into the Light Bridge with fears.

I’m actually rather excited about it.

Also do not go in there with expectations?

That’s true, but going in with fear takes the experience away from you.

That’s why you said that we might experience little pieces but never get the whole picture.

Right. It’s like you are looking through a mask that has a few pin holes in it instead of being without the mask altogether.

Opening the Stargate in Guatemala opened a doorway to bring more of the Divine Feminine into the world.

Yes, indeed.

What indications do you see that the Divine Feminine is making changes on our planet?

Well, you want to remember that the Lake Atitlán itself was a function of Divine Feminine energy, and that is the Divine Feminine that was activated. Essentially, the Divine Feminine opened the Stargate, but that Divine Feminine was not the Divine Feminine as an archetype itself. It was just the Divine Feminine quality of the lake, just as you can have a Divine Masculine mountain or a Divine Feminine plateau. So the first thing to remember is that the Divine Feminine that Lake Atitlán is all about is not the same as the consciousness of the Divine expressed through the Feminine that is currently in transition in this world. That’s a different thing altogether, and yet is still a part of that whole. That is why I made the comment in Guatemala that those who lived around Atitlán were going to find that they were changed after the opening of the Stargate, and that change would move out from them. That’s because it is a local experience and I would not think you could see that show up yet. “One by one by one” takes time. Mainly what they’re experiencing at this point is an influx of people wanting to check out the area—tourism, I guess—and they don’t know why. But people are being drawn to it, and that’s usually the first step.

At the New Year’s Eve ritual you seemed to be calling star energy. Is that why the ritual was shorter than ones we’ve done before?

A ritual needs an Intent, and a ritual needs a calling. It also needs to be recognized as a function of the Light, and it needs to be closed. All of that can be done in one sentence, or it can be done in a long process that tries to connect with all of the ways you relate, which is what I have tended to do.

Some of you do well visualizing, so I give you a visualization. Some of you really connect into the power of the calling, and so I’ll call the energies of the Elementals, each one. I’ll call different beings of Light that function within the Hierarchy of this world. It’s all based on those taking part. And I enjoy it because I love watching you create power and being able to call and receive more this time than last time, more this year than five years ago. I love that, so it’s fun for me.

However, as I often do, I will experiment. If they do this will it be effective? If they do that will it be effective?

New Year’s Eve was very effective. The Winter Solstice/Festival of Light, was especially effective. Many of the people in attendance have worked in unity together for rituals for a long time. It is a real spiritual community of people who love each other and love working together. Many of them had opened a Stargate, and they were all back together. It was a great opportunity to see what would happen. My focus was on what happened at the Stargate.

Calling the Star Councils had in fact already been done when the gate opened. Officially calling them at the Festival of Light connected to those who had opened it, but it also allowed a connection for those who had not been there. So in a way it was unnecessary, because it had already been done, but I wanted the rest to know it, to get that connection.

Sacred Status includes a balance in the energy of the life force on the planet and the energy of the planet. We can see the effect we humans have on the planet by the choices we make, but what effects does the energy of the earth have on us in terms of our spiritual evolution?

There are three main areas of resonance that have a profound effect on you. One of them is the planet itself, which has a resonance that is the result of movement of its core—its heartbeat, if you will—which is not the same as the human resonance that has been expressed lately. That is also constantly moving, but I’m not talking about that. The Earth has her frequency, and it’s measurable, and it stays pretty much in your measurements—whatever you would call your measurements—around a ten. That constant heartbeat affects your energy on a molecular, particle-by-particle level. It has to be a good balance; a shift off of it and your life would not be supported. There is so much about your planet, if things were just slightly off, if the proportion of molecules creating your air was slightly different or if you were orbiting a little closer to the sun, you would not have life. It’s all so perfect for you.

In your ionosphere, you also have a resonance, a measurable result of the combination of life force upon the planet and of the planet as it moves through space and begins resonating as a result of the energy coming toward it. That also has an effect on you, but its effect tends to be more mental and emotional, and it has a lot to do with sending energy back into the planet to help it in its own growth process. Earth gives, you maintain.

You and the earth have an amazing frequency that even fifty years ago was never around, and it affects the mental/emotional positioning of every piece of life force on the planet, which then, of course, filters to the planet itself.

The third energy force of Earth has to do with its life seed itself, but that’s best explained as its process of life and death. That cycle—it lives, it grows, it dies, it moves back—that moving back feeds the next part of life. This actually is a very, very powerful force, but it’s not one that you can measure yet, so that pretty much means it’s not real to you. But that force profoundly affects what you think of as your environment, and when that force is out of balance, you start seeing exactly what you’re seeing in your world right now, which is desertification—deserts where there were rain forests, abundant extinction going on all beyond its normal cycles. You see massive planetary change.

Remember that second force is where all of that third-force effect is going to show up. And that means your mental/emotional state—and that of your plants and animals—is being affected by the life-death process changes that are coming about. For example, you are seeing more mental illness right now—maybe you would think of it as drama: more drama, more changerelated activity than ever before—and it’s directly related to that change in the life-death cycle.

So three major forces.

Without your physical and mental/emotional functioning at its best, you don’t have a container for the spirit to be working in very easily—and I mean very easily—and, of course, that’s going to have its effect on you. But mainly the effect has to do with your energetic ability for that conversation, if you will, between form and spirit, that recognition that “we’re in this together,” which is the only way Spirit can fully evolve in a human body. The human body has to say all right, or else it’s fighting the whole time.

Right now you have the earth’s three major energy forms that are all being reflected in the mental/ emotional and somewhat in the physical of the life force in this world. And depending upon how much fear is found in that mental/emotional response, there’s either going to be acceptance or rejection. So, ideally the changes of the earth and its energy make things better, but right now that’s not what I’m seeing.

When talking about this year, you said that over the first three months we would continue to experience energy that will help us get over core issues. What advice do you have for those who continue to work on their core issues beyond that time period but will not have the advantage of that incoming energy to help?

Remember that everybody has the advantage of the energy, but not everyone will have the advantage of knowing that this is good, that it’s a manifestation of what you want. Having an Intent with any energy transmission is going to mean that you’re capable of putting it to good use. Otherwise, you’re just going to experience it as a big push that will probably turn it into pressure and stress, and then up will come issues. So either way, you’re going to get to work on those things, but being aware of it can make it a lot easier.

Be strong and courageous with everything that comes your way, knowing that there is nothing coming to you that you have not dealt with, one way or another, before, and that this is the opportunity to get to the bottom of it. And keep releasing until you experience gratitude. That takes courage. That takes strength.

For the many out there who are impatient, it’s going to be hard, because they want to be over with it already and they won’t push deeply enough, which is why they’re still dealing with those things even now.

How does the fact that we have chosen a world leader who inflames fears and will continue to manipulate fear worldwide tie into this process? Will it move it along faster because the fear is in our face, or will it hold us back simply because it’s fear?

Actually I am seeing really good things coming out of that process: I am seeing unity. I’m seeing conversation. I am seeing acceptance of what had been considered large differences because there is a greater common enemy if you will. I am seeing people figuring out what they really think.

You know, your president is a business person. He is not doing anything that has not been going on in your country anyway. He’s not doing anything that somebody who handles business the way that he does wouldn’t be doing. He’s learning what he can and cannot do—and he is learning. And his learning process, because of his nature, is all right there in front for everyone to see. You’re not used to seeing it; you’re used to having walls up, and you don’t have them now.

I would like to see America continue in this massive awakening of consciousness that is directly related to the politics of your last year and a half. I don’t know what will happen. There are many lines of possibility that don’t have him remaining your president, for one reason or another. It’s important to keep your Intent at the highest possible level and to keep directing the country through a united, positive functioning, and eliminate those possibilities that involve suffering of different kinds.

So stay positive. Stop letting what’s going on right now run you. Don’t buy into your version of what’s happening, because everybody’s version together is becoming a big chaotic mess instead of something you can see and maneuver your ship through.

Chaos is a function of fear. As a Guardian, do you really want to add to this fear, which will amplify your own fears, which you’re trying to get rid of right now? Do you really believe that this is a mistake, that there isn’t a higher good here, and that you have to worry yourself to death about something awful happening? Do you really believe that you have so little control in your life? And if you do, then work on remaining in your moment, constantly being very grateful, functioning in love, and releasing those fears. Get together with those who are just as worried as you are, and consciously send love together. Send a gold cord to your president and to each of those interesting people he keeps putting into office. Stay positive and force yourself to be anchored in love rather than fear.

One thing I’m seeing is that people who were not interested in the political process are suddenly saying, “Wow, how did this happen?”

People who knew nothing about what was going on—with their acquiescence, spoken or unspoken— are becoming so much more aware of the power they have but never really knew anything about. Now they’re actually trying to figure out the power of their own word. I love it! It’s great!

There are many changes taking place in Phoenix in all three cities. What challenges and possible solutions do you see for the organizations this year?

Well, I think that one of the biggest things that I’ve seen is that there is a tendency to continue with processes that worked in the past, and holding on to them simply because they are familiar rather than evolving and changing as you go.

I have noticed that some people are so afraid of making a mistake that they do not share their ideas or act on them; or people who are so afraid of making a mistake that they take my directions so literally that they are tied in, and they’re afraid to say “This isn’t working for us. Is there another option?”

My best example of that is soliciting help. For many years I said you cannot ask people to join your committee or task force because it’s going to put them on the spot. And then I changed that to “Yes, you can ask, but don’t put them on the spot. Ask that they get back with you.” So some people have asked for help, and when the individual happily said, “Yes!” they said, “No, no, no. You can’t tell me yet!” They’re needing to please me so much that they’re not being practical about the work.

So I started instituting change. “Change! I don’t care how you change. Change your programs. Change your leadership. Change, change, change!” which kind of freaked everybody out and wasn’t very helpful at all, although it did open some minds to what is possible and get them to think “What do we really want to do?” As individuals become activated, they start looking for places to serve. Their spiritual life stops being a spectator sport and becomes an active part of their lives. Getting more involved will be a natural process if there is something to get involved with.

One of the problems has been that the cities have run very well but at the expense of those doing the work, so well that nobody figured any help was needed. Right now a really good thing I am seeing is that, as the leaders are going into their local group and saying “We’re going to make changes here. Can you help us make those changes? What do you want?” they are getting people who are saying, “This sounds good. How can I help?”

Each city experiences these changes differently because they are such very different groups, but those are the basic things I am seeing, and why I have pushed to make it so and not mind the chaos that’s coming from it. I don’t mind it. I think it’s good.