You raised some interesting topics at the first-Sunday meeting in January which we’d like to explore further.

You said that 2014 had been about the physical body, while 2015 will be about the mental/emotional body.  Were you referring to mass consciousness or Guardians?

It’s going to affect both, naturally in fairly different ways.

So how will Guardians experience it as opposed to mass consciousness?

Since 2014 had more to do with the body, I want you—and the readers—to think about the things that went on physically. I want you to not only think about your physical body, but also to think about the larger construct—the body of knowledge, of government, constructs within the physical world. The mental/emotional also works that way, but it has more to do instead with the psychological, the emotional temperature of those things.

Something that you might easily relate to is politics. It’s not so much the body of politics itself, it’s the emotions that are created around it. It is the emotional temperature, the mental pain or happiness—depending upon what side you’re on I suppose. So, on a much larger scale, look at the constructs and the mental/emotional changes as they relate to those larger constructs.

Before we even get to humanity, let’s look at it on the plant and the animal scale, all right? Mental/emotional: let’s look at the plant kingdom. In 2014 a lot of scientific knowledge started coming out about the benefits from using plant genetics in medicine, having the plant grow what is needed and applying that to humans. Science is becoming much more aware of possibilities within the plant kingdom.

So this year they ought to become aware of mental/emotional responses in the plant kingdom. That should mean such things as how one plant protects another: one plant is beginning to die so the plants around it, literally, grow to protect it so that it gets more food, or less sun, so that it’s able to sustain itself better. That’s rarely been recognized, but this year it’s going to become more apparent. Additionally, although it has been considered rather on the fringe, there should be a lot more coming out about the sentience of plants. The little old ladies who talk to their garden plants maybe know something after all. Well, of course they do! You know they do! But science is going to start recognizing it, with plants and also with the creatures.

As Guardians you’re already a step ahead within those arenas, aren’t you? You’re already aware of the construct of the body of governments. You’ve been sending energy to them. Gracious, you’ve been doing work specifically within them. You’ve already been working within the plant kingdom, and you’ve already been working within the animal kingdom. Your job within those kingdoms is to become conversant, and that shouldn’t be hard.

The thing is, not all of you are here for those kingdoms. Most of you are here for the human kingdom, so that’s where I’m going to spend my time. But for those who are here for the animal kingdom or for the plant kingdom, get conversant with them. Start speaking up for the plants and for the creatures. Do the work. And those who are here for the humans: do the work.             As a Guardian, the number one thing to remember is you cannot give what you do not have. The second thing to remember is that if you spend all of your time feeding yourself to make sure you’ve got it so you can give it, you’re just going to be a selfish, egotistical Guardian who’s doing nothing but serving yourself. Those are the two big issues that seem to come up for most Guardians—either not taking enough care of themselves to be able to give or giving so much to themselves that they don’t give.

In a nutshell, those are the mental/emotional guidelines that I’m going to be asking Guardians to look at and take care of within themselves in this coming year.

So how do you take care of yourself mentally and emotionally in this coming year? Well, by now you’ve just finished The Guardianship Program and you will be looking toward the Retreat. Come to the Retreat!

Come to the Retreat and get yourself involved in a community. The Guardianship Program was all about giving yourself a good place to heal, being clear with yourself, and healing yourself, being compassionate with yourself. Now get out of yourself and get into the world, but get into the world step by step, starting with surrounding yourself with those who love you, accept you, know where you’re coming from, don’t think you’re an oddball from outer space. Go to the Retreat. Get involved in a community. If you’re not where you can do that, get involved where you are and create that community around you. You need the connection; I can’t emphasize that enough.


You need that connection because it feeds you. It’s too easy to give up when you’re on your own, but when you’re with even one other person, you can encourage each other. You can help each other along. It makes such a difference.

When speaking about this, you suggested we pay attention to our hormonal systems. Why is that, and what should we be looking for?

Well, of course your body has a lot of different hormones that make you function, and several of them affect the way that you think and the way that you feel. So pay attention particularly to those, specifically the balance of your sexual hormones and also your pituitary hormones.

Look at your ability to act instead of react. It’s very important to learn to be aware of how you are feeling while you are feeling, instead of only recognizing it later. The more active you are, generally, the more likely it is that you are going to be more balanced naturally in your body’s hormonal expression. However, mass consciousness and Guardians alike have a tendency toward inactivity, at least in this society, and because of that they tend toward hormonal imbalance. Imbalance tends to mean such things as unexplained anger, an inability to control one’s emotions—fill in the blank with any emotion you want—simply, a lack of control, a sense of not being in control generally. These are things that do not help anyone, especially a Guardian.

It’s so easy to judge who you are by how you feel. It’s not a good way to judge yourself, of course, but it’s an easy thing to do. So the more you can do to know what you’re feeling, the better. That could be a good time to look back at the teachings on the Rays, perhaps. This is an opportunity to look at how you’re feeling and what that might mean insofar as the energy you’re producing, to look at what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling and how they relate to how you’re doing spiritually, because those will be the ways that the issues will come to you this year.

You specifically mentioned—and I’m paraphrasing here—that we should play with color and experiment.  Why is that?

Well, there’s no better way to work with your mind and your emotions than through your creativity, and spiritually speaking, one of the greatest ways to access your creation energy is by working through vibration, which is color and sound. It is a pretty easy doorway into helping yourself bring balance.

Color as a therapy is a very simple way to balance your emotional self. If you invested a few dollars into oil paints and a canvas and a paint brush—probably water colors would be less expensive, or you could just go into your kitchen and mix up a few natural dyes—and just played with color, you would find it like a meditation. Take yourself out of the mindset that says “I have to get money for this; this has to be worth something.” Instead, allow it to be “I’m playing here,” and you would find it as much an access to your inner self as journaling, as quieting to your soul as meditation, and as healing as color therapy—just the act of playing. It’s amazing what it can do.

Would that be the same as playing with colors in the graphics program on your computer?

Not likely. If you just sat and looked at it you might get the healing aspect of it, but it’s the whole act of putting it together, one color flowing into the next, the physical act of doing the motions. It’s the whole . . . gestalt may be the word for it.

You said that the world is at a point of choice and that mass consciousness is wondering if its ways of making changes for good are effective. You indicated that the Guardianship should open doorways showing that doing the loving thing is acceptable.

What specific issues in the world of 2015 are Guardians particularly well qualified to address or change?

Pretty much any time you consciously walk into a public room, such as a waiting room in a doctor’s office, and you sit down and send energy out into the room, somebody starts talking to you, don’t they? You’re at the grocery store, minding your own business, consciously doing your thing, somebody starts talking to you, don’t they?

Pretty much any time you are consciously functioning in love, you are a magnet, the black hole sucking to you the issue of the moment that needs help. It’s not any one thing; it’s all the things that come into your path at that time. And it’s those things that only you could do, because Frank can’t handle what only Paula can, and Paula can’t handle what only David can, because how David would say something isn’t what Paula would say, and how she would perceive something isn’t how Frank would, even if the three of them were sitting there together—and that is the beauty of it, actually.

Yes, there are many issues in this world, and there are those who are very drawn to very specific issues, and they are so drawn to them that they try very hard to get other people to be drawn to those same issues, sometimes to the detriment of a social life. If you strongly feel compelled, “I am here to build shelters for feral cats” build a shelter for feral cats—do it! But don’t stop consciously sending energy and being available when you’re at the doctor’s office. If you feel strongly compelled to teach Heart Math, teach Heart Math, but don’t stop consciously functioning and sending love and being the best you can at the grocery store. There’s no letting up, ever. There’s not an “off” time for a Guardian. It’s 24/7. It’s what you’re here for.

There are amazing works being done out there in this world, and if you are a person who doesn’t have enough to do and has more money than you know what to do with and you’re looking for a place to be able to spend your time and your money, by all means follow your heart and look for some of those. At the January first-Sunday meeting, I pointed out a couple of great places, but they’re not the only ones. There are all kinds of great things out there. I’ve got to put in a plug for Phoenix too: it’s a great one that could use your time, money, your desire to serve. But you know, the biggest one is you. You. People who would never go to any kind of meeting anywhere, who would never feel comfortable thinking about spiritual things, will talk to you, even though you’d be talking to them about spiritual things in a way they may not even realize. You. You make the biggest difference.

In the Lifescapes at the end of last year, you focused a lot on manifestation and being a Creator. In fact, you said that we are already creating and to be responsible for that. How well are Guardians dealing with that responsibility? If not well, what is the hold-up?

What’s the hold-up? This will be interesting—the hold-ups are believing and impatience.

Believing that we’re responsible?

Believing in the wrong stuff. For instance, believing that one year of “I am a function of Source in this world,” overcomes forty years of “You’re nothing. Whoever told you you were king of the world?”

Impatience. Too many want to manifest without becoming the being that the manifestation energy would draw to. Have you ever heard the expression, “I want to become the person my dog thinks I am?” That’s what I mean. “I want to manifest this lifestyle without becoming the kind of person I would have to be to manifest it. I want all of that right now! I want the effect of ten years of serious spiritual work after this one workshop.”

I want to win the lottery without buying the ticket, or I buy the ticket thinking I’m bound to win the lottery.

Both of those. “Well, I changed this one thing in my life because you told me to, so why didn’t everything change?” Well, because the only reason you changed it was because I told you to, and you don’t get that that was why it didn’t work.

Remember, you always manifest what you put out there. The key is, you need to be working on manifesting it on your timeline, in your lifetime—that’s important. And the more you are that person, the faster you will draw that thing and the faster it manifests. But it’s all about the true knowing of what you are—a deep understanding that there is no separation, that it’s all the same—and then the manifestation pulls itself forward. When you are on the path you are meant to be on and it does not pull itself forward, you can absolutely know that something better is on its way. There should be no doubt about that. No doubt.