Annabelle, Paula’s and David’s puppy (the one that was seen on Samuel’s lap at the December meeting) attended this interview. Some readers may recall the discussion at the beginning of the Nevis trip, just after the death of Rosie, that Rosie could be brought back into the form of another dog. “Look for a puppy,” Samuel said.

Samuel (speaking to Annabelle): Well, haven’t you grown up!

So are you seeing any Rosie in her yet?

Paula: She snuggles like Rosie.

You’ll likely see much more of it when she gets older and more stable because group soul—not just with canines, but with any animal—is very in and out until it is more stable, so they tend to be kind of a carcass at first.

David: When you met her in December you talked about Rosie sharing the body.

Right, that’s how it tends to work. You know she’s a pretty remarkable soul, so it’s very possible that—this young I can’t tell much—that she is individuated, because since the work in India, many animals that were right on that edge shifted over. Now, that can be problematic for them, so being with you two will be very helpful, but even if Annabelle is individuated, Rosie’s need to be with you will allow that inhabitation.

Well, she’s certainly moved out of lap size, hasn’t she?

Paula: She and Jethro together are such a team.

Yes, I believe that I have met Jethro, too. You make excellent choices, or maybe they do.

David: We find each other anyway.

What is that you have?

Paula: This is a challenge toy. You put treats in and they have to figure how to get them out.

That’s one happy puppy.

There has been a lot of interest in the New Year’s Eve ritual because it was so different from any ritual we’ve done before. We have always begun by saying “This is a working of the Light,” but to this ritual was added “We call upon the Light that we are, have been and ever will be to work with us and within us for the greater good of all.” Please explain why the statement was expanded for this ritual.

Sometimes people want to put meaning into something that isn’t exactly the right direction. Over-thinking.

First, that was the beginning of the ritual, but it wasn’t the beginning of the experience, which I think had more importance than when the candle was lit and that statement was made. The reason that there was more added to it is because you are more than you once were. And as much as you may not think it to be so, the fact of it is, your transcending, changing self is capable of functioning with a much higher frequency coming in and helping out than had been possible before. Your spirit self likes that. It likes the ritual even more than a few years ago.

Ritual has always been important because it lets your brain know what is going on, but what I was working on in this ritual was letting your spirit enjoy it, and that was different. But it was only different because of what you are now capable of dealing with. It actually still followed the same pattern.

Bottom line, remember this: all you really need to do is walk into the room and claim it.

Are you saying that if we had called the energies to work with us for our highest good, we would have had the same energies come in, but as a result of changing the calling, our spirit reacted differently?

No, it’s more like when you were a child you drew to you pre-school teachers, but as you grew and changed you began to draw college professors. So in the higher frequencies that you’re capable of working in now, you are capable of drawing that which is closer to Source. However, to get that you have to be more specific.

So if I say “I call on the teachers who work with me for the highest good,” that may not do it.

It’s nice, but you’re not going to get that higher closure.

Why not?

Because you’ve not called them.

We had several questions about the “Ancient Son of the Sun, the Galactic Savior,” but Lea didn’t think you would answer them. Why?

Because you—those who are reading this—have a tendency to over-think and to make something different out of it than what it’s actually about. If I were to talk to you about the Son of the Sun, for instance, I can guarantee that there will be people who start calling on the Son of the Sun, or who start becoming convinced that they’re getting that energy, and they’re not! You’re not going to get that energy without me there. Nonetheless, some people will start incorporating it without knowing what they’re doing. As change continues to happen, as the group is proving that higher frequency is possible, I’ll be doing more experimentation just to see what you can call in, just what you can do. But right now it would be best to say it was for my pleasure and not your mental masturbation, because that’s what it becomes.

Our next question is, Are all Guardians going through the Transfiguration process . . .


. . . and if not, why not? Does personal resistance have anything to do with how the process happens, and if so, what can we do to ensure we’re not resisting the process?

Not all Guardians are transfiguring because not all Guardians have said yes, and even amongst those who have said yes not all of them are consciously, purposefully working on raising their frequency, doing what they really need to be doing. In fact, some are even not serving; they’re just playing a game. I find that pretty unfortunate and pretty heart-breaking, but so it is.

Amidst those who are consciously choosing to serve and grow and work at a higher frequency and experience a greater draw toward their spiritual experience rather than their physical experience, they’ve got to be functioning at a pretty high frequency for that Transfiguration to come about.

Does resistance play a part in it? Well, for those who are not functioning at a higher frequency, it takes consciousness to get there. It takes resistance to keep you from it.

Now, what would that resistance be about? Well, that is about as large a list as there are individuals, because it’s different for everyone. But just think about it: what kind of resistance do you experience even as very high frequency beings? You know, one of the biggest ones [looking at David] is “I don’t see it. I don’t feel it. I don’t think it’s there.” If you’re not feeling it, that doesn’t bother me a bit. If you’re not seeing it, be careful, because the expectation of what Transfiguration is going to do might keep you from seeing what it is doing. And I’ll stop there.

Looking at the high attendance at this year’s home-base Guardianship Program, it would seem that most Guardians in Phoenix are consciously wanting to go through the Transfiguration process.

Yes, most Guardians in the program are going through the Transfiguration process.

Whether they want to or not?

I think I’d say that most want to. However, it’s important to remember that there are more Guardians in the world than are just in this version of the work. And even some of those who are in this work are more interested in the circus than becoming one of the acts.

Not wanting to be left out.


I know that you’re saying that there’s all kind of individual resistance, but how can we be sure we’re not resisting the process?

Take a moment and ask yourself, “What could I be doing that I’m not?” I guarantee you will get an answer. I guarantee it. If everyone reading this stopped for a moment and said “What is my resistance about?” they would get an answer. The Universe wants you to know. You are already tuned enough to get those answers, so if you want to know what you could be doing and what’s holding you back, just honestly ask yourself and look at it. There are a lot of answers, and what is a really big deal for one isn’t that big a deal for another. So, to give a list of what holds you back will lead to some people saying, “Well, none of that’s me!” You’re human, you’re going to have resistance in areas of your life, but you’re less human than you used to be, and you’re becoming less every day. So the key is don’t let the human win.

Sometimes you get in circumstances that the human just kind of overpowers you.

So stop it! Catch it in its tracks. Shift. Change it. That has to become habit. It has to become a conscious thing.

The next questions have to do with the group trip to activate Mekong Dragon force this year. The Mekong is a long river going through several countries, so why choose Cambodia?

One reason is just that it goes more through Cambodia than Laos. And Cambodia is very beautiful because it’s so rural. But more than that, Cambodia is at a precipice right now. It’s ready for a big shift, and I’d like to try to direct that shift. Also, Cambodia is a very, very poor country, and I think it’s very important, particularly for Americans, to see that and learn how to deal with it—not emotionally, but spiritually. Even after the trip to India, there are still those who don’t get that poverty is a valuable life choice; it’s not punishment. And poverty is everywhere. Cambodia probably ranks amongst the most impoverished in the world, but it’s a whole lot harder to be that poor here in the U.S. than it is there. And that mindset, “they”—I need to keep doing what I can to try to change that.

Well, I think when you are a rich American it’s easy to ignore it.

And a lot of Americans who would never consider themselves rich are, by far, compared with other parts of the world. And many of those here who are very, very poor are right on the same level with these other countries. Western culture doesn’t like to think that they’ve got any of that extreme poverty in their world, and yet there’s a lot of it—far more than there should be And it’s harder being that poor here, instead of where you have generations of family helping each other and taking care of each other and a whole country of people where, out of a hundred people, there might be only one who is slightly upscale. As someone living in poverty, you’re in the right club there, whereas here you’re not.

And then one more thing: the Mekong seeding is very important now. I truly believe that it’s going to have a profound effect on all who are on that trip with regard to trust and hope, because that’s what that seeding is about. And if that’s the case, then those Guardians are going to be opening that door of trust and hope around the world, besides what the seeding itself will do as it spreads over that area. That actually could be a slower process than what the Guardians can do.

That whole area was the site of a really horrifying war back in the late seventies, early seventies, and I’ve wondered how much of that trauma has been healed and how much is left to be healed.

Well, the Cambodian people live very much in the present, and their nature tends to be not to look back and to be very open and very forgiving.

In four years Pol Pot killed two generations of men, women and children. It was genocide before people knew what genocide really was. The people don’t want to forget, but they also don’t choose to live in it. Also in that area the Vietnam war had some Cambodian action. I don’t know that the misunderstandings are cleared up from that, but again they are a very forgiving people. There is no “Oh, you are American. We hate you.” It’s “Oh, you are American and you are a tourist. We welcome you.”

[Frank] We didn’t get any sense in Vietnam or Cambodia of antagonism towards Americans or the West, which surprised me.

Every village has a killing field, but I’m not asking the group to go to them. I think that it’s important to see what happened. I don’t think it’s necessary to see a thousand skeletons piled together and torture chambers open to view in order for your heart to recognize what it was about. EarthLight went because it was going to be available to anyone in the group who was going to want to see it, so you did it for the team.

[Frank] It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I’m glad I did it because it brought genocide and degradation of others home to me in a way that nothing else has. It was pretty horrifying.

And my hope is that you have become aware that that is going on right now in this world. It doesn’t end.

The group will be going to Siem Reap to see some of Angkor Wat. What is the significance of that site to you to take the group there?

It would be a pity to be that close and not see one of the world’s great wonders. There are a lot of temples, a very interesting civilization. There is a whole lot in common with the Mayan, the Aztec. Hinduism moving to Buddhism. All interesting cultural things. It’s like when I would take you to Europe and have you go on a cathedral tour. You are seeing places that have been very holy to many, many people, and some that still are. You’re going to see beautiful buildings, amazing carvings that will touch the artist in your soul. Does it have a part in the seeding of the Mekong? Not more than a church not far from any other seeded river would. However, it will show you the roots of Cambodia’s cultural heritage. The people have invested their hearts here.

It seems this year as though you are changing direction in the Lifescapes. Instead of “airy-fairy” topics such as inter-dimensional travel, you are going to be focusing on more mundane topics like relationships. How does this change in direction relate to Transfiguration, and why are you changing?

First, although I am teaching some things about relationships in the everyday, the whole focus is different because I’m dealing with the transfigured being. One of the things we’ve talked about was the high frequency that’s needed in order for the Transfiguration to come about. So where I’m going with it is the differences in human relationships and transcended relationships—the things that you encounter; the things that could be possible. In the day-to-day human experience, relationships and communication will always, always be the way you live your love, so no matter how high a frequency you’re working at, as long as you’re functioning in form on this planet you are going to need to master relationships on a spiritual level as well as a mundane level in ways that you’ve not had to before.

For instance, many, many people are going to be finding themselves unhappy in long-term relationships, and their human self is going to think, Well, maybe I’m falling out of love, or something like that, which isn’t the case at all. It’s that a transfigured relationship is not as closed down as a typical relationship. What’s needed are more connections, not fewer. You need to have more friends. When you’re in a relationship, you need to have more outside connections rather than everything just being the two of you, which is so easy, and even kind of desirable on a human level.

Would it be correct to say that emotions play less of a part in transfigured relationships?

Absolutely. And another thing that plays less of a part is sex. [Laughing] Of course, that might bring up more resistance to the process, but there you go. So although it may seem that I’m going backwards, I’m not at all. My job is to keep you functioning here, to keep you from becoming dysfunctional, to help you not give up or burn out, and that means constantly being on top of the difficulties and doing what I can to open doors to where the power and good can be.

You’ve said that our lives are like onions, and so relationship and communication issues are going to keep cycling around, and each time we evolve we’re going to need to learn how to approach them as that new being we are.

            True, but this is a bit different. Have you ever seen a carrot that is kind of a Siamese carrot, with a second carrot growing right out of the first one? You don’t usually see that with onions, but it’s more like that carrot. It’s time now to switch to that second carrot. The onion metaphor really doesn’t work, because at Transfiguration your transition isn’t to a whole new way of having to unpeel everything. It’s actually more like you’ve been peeling off more layers of the onion, and find a carrot attached to it. It’s something that doesn’t have all of those layers so that metaphor isn’t very workable.

Do transfigured relationships have more potential in terms of spiritual growth or spiritual expression?

Well, it makes sense that it would, but I don’t know. I can only tell you what could be, not what it will be, because this whole Transfiguration process is a really pleasant surprise. I don’t have answers, just pathways of possibility, so what I want to do is to direct you to the higher possibilities.

Would it be useful to have your “dictionary definition” of Transfiguration?

Well, it might if I could come up with one, but you know, in the past year and a half I’ve been having trouble coming up with a description of what’s going on. Have you ever looked under a microscope at cells dividing? You know that it starts out a single cell, and then a second kind of pops out of it, and you’ve got two, and then you’ve got four, and on and on. When is the point that a cell says “Let’s expand,” and what is that called? As far as I know there’s not a name for that, but it definitely transfigures the cell. It’s not a hybrid; it’s its own thing. Your human self is getting smaller. Your spirit self is getting bigger. The human will always be there, but it won’t be the first choice. It’s a miracle. We could call it that.