You have described 2013 as a pivotal year for us individually and for the world in general. Is this year especially important compared to years past, and if so, why?

It is absolutely especially important, and there are several reasons. One of them is that the flow of energy coming to you and the planet throughout this time—let’s say during the last half of 2012 and moving through the first half of 2013—is at a peak. That alone is remarkable. This is a time in which consciousness is on an evolutionary precipice. This year you’re going to see major changes in the way people think. Now, there’s not any particular area where I can say to look for this or that, because it’s just something you’re going to be seeing.

In fact, you’re already seeing it with regard to animal rights, for instance. Consciousness is changing there. Also, there are areas in which you’re seeing a move toward unity, not out of anger, but simply out of a recognition that it’s time to change. And of course in this country you’re seeing a lot of change politically.

In addition to changes in consciousness, this is also a very important time in which that new spiritual being—that hybrid—is coming into its own. As fast as changes have been happening, I would expect 2013 to continue that trend, and that’s going to be very important.

And finally, a lot of the genetic changes that have been going on will start to show up. That includes the science of genetics confirming many things that you’ve been learning about and working on. Technologically this should be a very big year. It’s a crossroad; it’s a precipice. Things are either going to change in a very big way … or they won’t, and we ought to just pack up our bags and go home. It’s that important.

At the Lexington Lifescapes in November, you gave some very intriguing esoteric information about what is happening to the hybrid beings that Guardians are becoming. It was so complex I had to diagram it in order to get a handle on it. I’d like to sum up what I think you were saying and ask you to correct any mistakes I’ve made. Starting at the largest end of the spectrum, there is a universal pattern that expresses itself through energy, and that energy is being sent via Vesta-Helios to the earth using “plasma,” which is a carrier of information.

All right, the energy is not just coming through Vesta-Helios, but the pattern itself that it moves on is held by Vesta-Helios. And I don’t know a better word to use than plasma. It’s like the plasma in your blood holding the pattern that everything moves through, so your body works.

I’ve been confused, thinking you were comparing this to the fourth state of matter, which is not solid, liquid or gas. But you’re making the analogy to the plasma in our blood.

I’m making the analogy to the plasma in your blood, but the statement also has to do with that other definition. How would you express something that is not solid or liquid or gas, but is a carrier of energy? The closest example I can think of is the plasma that carries the blood cells.

[To David and Paula] You must explain to the readers that you’re doing this interview holding puppies.

That energy (as macrocosm) is transferred to the [what you’re calling] plasma within our bodies (the microcosm), and the message or frequency will seek a similar frequency within our DNA, which will change as a result of this influx of energy.


That information can be passed from one dimension to another via crystalline structures such as the crystalline seed within our brain.

Well, it’s passed from one to another because the energy is in all dimensions, and it finds itself.

The area formed by the pituitary, pineal, and amygdala has a space within it which you’ve described as a black hole, and you define black holes as portals for energy to go back and forth. So presumably that energy coming through the black hole seeks energy of a like frequency within the crystalline seed in our brain and then moves to the pineal gland, which takes the information and passes it to the pituitary.

Actually that is happening all at once. It’s not really going from one to the other. It’s more like a blanket.

Which in turn translates it into chemicals for use by the spiritual body.


Black holes are both receivers and transmitters of energy. We know that we are receiving cosmic energy that is causing amazing transformations on our planet and within ourselves, but what is being transmitted back, ultimately, to the Universe itself? Are amazing changes being transferred back into the Universe?

It’s more like the sun touching the leaves on a tree, which stimulates chlorophyll and photosynthesis. The sun is only doing what the sun does. Any change that results creates a ripple, and that ripple goes out. The energy coming through is touching everything, but when it touches something that has been waiting for that touch it becomes a trigger. Without the energy, it isn’t going to go off until a certain frequency is reached. Well, all of a sudden there is that frequency, that energy, and that’s going to create the ripple that you’d call the return. It’s not that it’s a return; it’s a natural process. It’s not that the energy coming through was only to make that energy exchange happen. So it’s a much bigger process than what’s going on right now right here on earth.

What is the relationship between the pineal, the pituitary, and the amygdala, and how do they work together with the spiritual body? It seems to me that each has a unique purpose.

The pituitary works very much with the physical body, and the amygdala works very much with the emotional/mental body, and the pineal with the spiritual body. Working together, they are a function of very powerful wholeness.

The pituitary, among other things, works to regulate the body’s hormo­­­­- nal system. People think of hormones as testosterone and estrogen, but your body runs by way of many intricate chemical processes. Hormones help your organs function, so in a very obvious way the pituitary functions to keep you going physically. When you have a problem with the pituitary system your body’s organs start breaking down slowly but surely. It’s probably one of the most important physical regulators you have.

The amygdala at one time had the opportunity to become vestigial. Actually, that happened around two hundred and fifty thousand years ago—but you know how I am with time. Humanity was making a transition, and the ability to process higher emotions was at stake. The lower emotions—fear, anger, seeking of security, that kind of thing—were obviously functioning just fine, but what about those higher emotions? The amygdala helps you process higher emotions. Memory has a lot to do with those more defined emotions. Since the amygdala helps you process emotion, it has a lot to do with your memory, which should tell you something about emotion.

The amygdala has a lot to do with your sense of self. If you have something going on in your brain that is causing the amygdala not to function well, you will have a tendency to always think there’s somebody following you. You know how when you’re in bed at night and you think that there’s somebody there? That’s your amygdala processing. Unless, of course, there really is somebody there.

As you’re growing up and your mental faculties develop, your emotional facilities grow in conjunction with them. When there’s more emotional development than mental development, or more mental development than emotional development, there is a dysfunction, and you get all kinds of interesting conditions with pretty little labels on them that have to do with personality disorders.

The amygdala also is about your believing you are worthy of your spiritual experience, and that’s important.

The pineal—always considered sacred—is the filter through which all of the higher frequencies move through your body. It’s not at the crown, but behind the forehead. The pineal is one of the areas of your body that creates the chemicals that allow you to experience mystical realities. The Form says it’s called DMT—a brain chemical. Your body puts it out naturally; you don’t really have to go to Peru to get it. DMT [di­methyl­tryptamine] is a gateway drug—literally; not a gateway to other drugs, but ultimately to the experience of oneness that is a part of all spiritual experiences.

A portal drug.

It is literally that.

Your pineal will atrophy as you get older and as environmental poisons leak into your system, along with all the things that cause the pineal to atrophy. As that begins to clear, the DMT stimulates very vivid dreams. Are you finding your dreams interesting these days? If not, work at clearing your pineal. It stimulates a flow of chemicals that allow the body to experience ecstasy, that state of profound flow and oneness with all things.

Is that what the Buddhists call Nirvana?


When The Sufis spin, are they cleansing the pineal?

Stimulating it, yes.

The things that I’ve read say that the pineal is basically solid by the time we’re twelve years old. So when we’re forty or fifty years old, how is it possible to reverse that?

I would totally disagree with that. You can reverse it quite a bit, actually. In most people in their thirties, it’s probably about halfway gone, depending upon the individual. Without dissecting the gland, they can’t know the actual amount of atrophy, and I can’t believe that they’ve done enough research into the pineal that they can say that happens by twelve.

So reversing the atrophy is why, in the Lifescapes, you were stressing not eating onions and garlic.

Yes, and nightshades. And get rid of fluoride. Won’t your dentists love that one! Work on getting rid of chemicals. Mercury is a very bad one for the pineal. You break one of those compact florescent lights and then you are inhaling mercury. People don’t even think about that. Mercury and the pineal are like worst enemies.

Diet, exercise, visualizing the spinning of the pineal. I have been saying for years, “Spin that pineal,” because what you’re doing with that visualization is sending a frequency to it that will cause it to respond.

Do you spin it back and forth?

And then forward and then back, like a gyroscope. Any which way. Just move it. It’s like a puppy. You give it a little attention and it perks up and wants more. That’s what that exercise does.

So those three—the pineal, the pituitary, and the amygdala—work with the whole body and define a very definite space that holds your dynamo, your body’s energy focus. That’s the black hole I’ve been talking about.

Mind you, the same thing is also in every cell of your being, so the black hole, like the crystalline seed in the brain, isn’t the only one, but it certainly is the one that has to do with how you function, how you see yourself, and how your spiritual experience relates in the world.

For those who have been doing the sun exercise …

Which is excellent for clearing the pineal, by the way.

By merging with Vesta-Helios, how are Guardians handling this influx of energy physically and mentally/emotionally?

I have only heard and seen good things happening. That’s pretty much all that can come of it. I am seeing individuals creating a relationship with the Solar Lord. I’m seeing individuals feel something even if they cannot explain it. I’m seeing people, in a couple of cases for the first time ever, finding that there is an exercise I have given that they really want to do because it feels good. A lot of the original fears are being dispelled.

You mean fears about damaging our eyesight.

Aye. And then on an even higher level I am seeing, for instance, that golden pyramid I’m always nagging you about—”Visualize a golden pyramid over the top of your head. Now keep it there!”—it’s now there and it’s staying there. You’re being fed in a way that’s very vital to the spiritual system. It’s making you more malleable spiritually and helping you to stop being so rigid.

The problem with that is that when the spirit becomes less rigid, it can create some emotional difficulties, because when things aren’t the way you want them to be, or you have built your life around a particular way of being, then when you start thinking maybe you were wrong, all of those emotional defense systems come into play to make you resist the new so that you’re not wrong. Or you can get very depressed because, “This is greater than I thought it would be, and it’s so much more that I must not be worthy.” So I am seeing some fallout in that way. As the spiritual self becomes more functional, the emotional self, when in a state of resistance, becomes less functional.

You’ve said that we need to take our contacts out for this exercise. Now Paula has artificial lenses in her eye [from cataract surgery].

Those are not a problem. They’re different. They’re made of a different material and are part of her eye.

I do find that I have to do the exercise really early, when the sun is just over the horizon. If I try to do it an hour later, it bothers me.

That is exactly, exactly, what I’m trying to get people to do, to find a time that works for them. How hard is that? And do you find a difference in the sun’s energy at sunrise and sunset, or is it about the same?

Actually it’s easier for me at sunset. At sunrise it seems brighter to me because there’s less moisture in the air than at the end of the day.

Depending upon the season, depending upon the landscape. It’s different for everybody, and it has a lot more to do with the environment than with anything else.

The best time is right at sunrise or sunset, but you’ve got a two-hour window.

So it sounds like, for the most part, you’re seeing positive results.

Yes. I’m very pleased with it.

Has the relationship between Guardians and Vesta-Helios been there all of the time, or is it because of the new hybrid being?

It has always been there. It has always been possible. It has always been available, but what you’re able to gain from it now is different than what has been possible before. So the answer is, both.

It’s always exciting to know where you will be taking a group of Guardians each year. This year you are going to the Caribbean. Please explain why you chose that particular area, and what you hope to accomplish on that trip.

First, it’s easy to get to because it’s close. And it’s easy to do the work because the Dragon is not hiding. That helps. It’s also going to be an easy trip because the energy of the area is very restful, and there aren’t any side trips planned. I think the joke around here is that the schedule will be “Get up. Have breakfast. Meet with Samuel. Eat lunch. Have some free time, go to the beach, take a nap, go to the spa. Have dinner. Repeat.”

That’s Paula’s kind of trip.

I really think that after a few trips that have been so hard on so many of you—just sucking you dry—this will be a very needed break.

Second, I’m going to be able to bring in some things I’ve not done before. You see, I am trainable; Malta did teach me that when you give this group threshold living—a beach, sunshine—that you’re very likely to get very quick unity. So I’m very interested to see where we will go from there. When you stay in one place, as you did during the trips to Canada and Costa Rica, you’re able to soak up new teachings. Canada gave you Star Weaving; Costa Rica was merging, healing with the pentagram, and Devic communication,. It’s rare to have that kind of time, so it’s very special.