The last interview dealt in part with the evolution of the planet. This brought to mind questions about other kinds of life and consciousness than those we are used to thinking about. We’d like to know more about the nature of life that exists in this dimension but is not of this earth—not in form as we know it—and whether it is part of a spiritual process. For instance, you have said that there are facets of ourselves that are a part of this dimension but that we are unaware of because they are not in physical form.

To begin, could you establish our context by explaining what you mean when you speak of “this dimension.”

What do I mean by this dimension? This is the dimension of form. Everything that you see, and a lot of things that have to do with the mechanics—the laws of form—that you don’t see is this dimension. Everything that you hear, taste, touch, smell; everything that is recordable—and that’s important—is this dimension. It is the dimension through which humanity, the life force on the planet, the very planet, solar system, and galaxy exist. Again, the realm of form.

But you’ve spoken of our souls, which appear to be outside of form yet in this dimension, and that’s one of the things we want to explore.

You want to be careful, because as I use the term, the soul is the part of the human experience that connects to the spirit that you are.

The way you just defined soul is how I have understood higher self.

Nay. Here is how that works: you have the costume, the physical being, the human animal, if you will. That human animal expresses itself as a higher self and a lower self. The lower self is the instinctual creature. The higher self has to do with those choices you make for unity, social acceptance, an intent to grow and change. The higher self is the means by which you are going to reach the soul. The soul is the doorway between pure human and pure spirit.

And that which exists after I’m dead does not have a soul.

Correct. It is pure spirit.

What other kinds of life without form are there, if any, in this dimension?

Everything that has form has a non-physical functional counterpart of spiritual energy—the word simulacrum would work there; so would energy body and etheric body. While here, you have access to your entity, which can be working at a high enough frequency that it can choose to help the process on an unseen level. This is rare, particularly right now, because you are fulfilling your compacts and you are serving in the world. You are a Guardian, and so it’s not necessary for a higher function of the spirit that you are to be working outside of you, because you have the ability to open the door for spirit to come through. But somebody who is not fulfilling their compact and not functioning spiritually would more likely have a spiritual, non-form function as a means of fulfilling their compact even though the conscious human is not working at it.

Then there is another class altogether, made up of those energies that have chosen not to work by taking on a form, but still to function within humanity—or within the animal or the plant kingdoms within this dimension—to help bring about the completion of the Plan. They are sometimes called elder brothers or helpers, or guides, or spiritual teachers. They’ve also been called gods and devils—such things as that.

Then you have those energies that simply work without form but cannot be recognized because the nature of your form is too slow to be able to see it. It’s another type of being that you don’t see, but is here. Does that sound familiar at all—a being which is a part of life force but you don’t see it because it functions at a frequency either above or below your range?

I’m thinking of elementals.

Elemental energy—fairies, for instance—works here. They aren’t a part of the Plan that you are working on. They have more to do with the way the planet functions. They play a part here, but you don’t see it most of the time.

And finally—and I don’t really know if I want to go here—there are those beings who have the ability to change their frequency within certain parameters that would make them somewhat unknown to you. I did not say invisible; I said unknown to you. That tends to include visitors from either other areas of your galaxy or other dimensions of your reality. And unless you come up with a really good question, I’m not going to go further with that.

I wish I could do that quickly, because it sounds like you’re entering the realm of science fiction to a certain extent.

I am, certainly.

And you said unknown to us, but not unseen.

Unknown to you but not invisible. If you don’t think it’s there and you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, you’re not going to see it.

You mean like natives who couldn’t see Magellan’s ships out at sea because they had no context for them.

Yes, exactly like that.

In the context of science fiction, that could mean maybe aliens from ascended planets.

Yes, there is that. And non-ascended planets, too.

Perhaps conscious, ensouled, individuated beings who have worked through existence in a material form and have come to the point that they can transcend the physical?


But you don’t care to elaborate?

I don’t want people to get into the idea of . . .

“Mother ships.”

I don’t want them to go in that direction. To a certain extent that’s accurate, just not the way people think it is. And I really don’t want to get into some of that New Age spiritual stuff that says they can sort of take over, the kind of myth that’s out there. I don’t want to do that.

You mean like walk-ins and possession?

Beings like the Gray Men, beings that have that can take over, but are not for the benefit of humanity.


So are you saying that beings that have a harmful intent don’t come into this dimension?

I want to be careful here because I don’t want people to think that I’m talking about aliens coming to visit, or beings that have evil intent, because that’s not what I mean. It’s accurate to say there is that alien quality to them. You have visitors from other parts of this galaxy and other galaxies in this universe, and you have other-dimensional travelers here all the time, but it doesn’t have an impact on you. Just like all of the molecules that make up this box, for instance; you don’t see them, but then you don’t need to. It doesn’t have an impact on you.

Well, part of the thrust of this is the question of who shares this dimension with us.

Much, much more than you would ever imagine—because of the limitations of form. That’s why in a ritual I’ll look around and say, “It’s crowded,” because there are so many energies that are drawn to that kind of work.

I’ve normally assumed those were essentially other-dimensional energies coming to help.

That too.

But you’re saying there are energies floating around here that are pulled in.

Right now, even as we do this interview. Yes.

Some of it is simply that, for the multi-dimensional beings, the dimensions intersect so much that they’re just doing what they do, and it happens that it goes through here. But there are also visitors that come on purpose, usually to see how the experiment is going or to watch you, because you are very interesting. Sometimes it’s to try to shift things some, but never negatively. It’s all good, because the Plan and those that hold it—the pattern-keepers and creators—are bigger. Evil can’t come here. There isn’t a “force of evil.” The only evil is that which humanity has made.

So you see, it gets complex.

Well, what is the path that these energies out of other galaxies are taking. Are they on an ascending spiritual path like we are?

No, there is no other Plan like this, which is the individuation of the spirit, through form, through a process of continued frequency change or growth.

This earth, among all of the hundreds of billions of stars, is unique in that?

For now. That is not to say that there are not other plans, but part of the reason that these beings tend to come here to watch is because individuation is quite unique. It doesn’t seem so to you though, does it? It doesn’t seem like that’s such a hard thing or such an odd thing, and yet it is remarkable.

You’re implying that all of these beings are more or less a part of a . . .

Group mind, yes.

Group soul is not the right term here, or is it?

Well, group soul can work, too.

So there’s an intent and purpose in their plan, but it’s simply not one of individuation.


Is group ensoulment a customary step along the way in the individuation of a species? It seems that you’re saying that all of individuation is taking place here on the earth, and up to this point it has been confined to humanity.

No, the mineral kingdom is individuated. Hopefully, after the India trip, the plant and the animal kingdoms will be able to begin that process—hopefully.

But a better way to understand it, perhaps, is that a group soul is the norm. It is natural to spirit. Individuation is the experiment. So, here individuation is the result of moving through the process into something more.

So, does the Plan for this planet fit into a greater plan for the universe of this and other dimensions?

The experiment here is unique. If there is a greater plan that it fits into, it would be something along the lines of “Let’s experiment.” That’s not very helpful, I’m afraid.

Are the other non-individuated existences experiments of some kind?

Not necessarily.

What is their purpose?

To be.

Created to be, or just to be?

Choosing to be.

When you die and leave here, what happens to you?

You told us that for a period of time we’re adjusting to being dead, and reviewing our experiences.

And where are you?

The Crystal Palace.

Where’s that?

[laughing] It’s down the road about six blocks.

I would have thought that it was still part of the edges of this dimension, because we’re still dealing with this experience. That maybe it’s near a portal between . . .

During that time, that would be true, but what about when you get out of that, when you’ve completed what you needed to do in that period of rest, when you’re wandering around the halls of the Crystal Palace after that. Where are you?

I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it.

Well, that’s the answer to that question, and that’s why I can’t put words to it. It’s not as simple as when you take on form. It’s experiential awareness, but there’s not an experiment associated with it, and it’s not awareness as you would necessarily think of it, although it could be if that was needed. It’s a function of pure spirit, guided by experiential awareness.

You’re talking about our entities at this point.

Pretty much, but more than simply yours.

I think that what’s throwing you off here is that you understand everything through the filter of you, your physical form, and I’m trying to express something that doesn’t happen here, that isn’t related to form.

Would you say more about the planet’s process? For example, does the planet have a soul?”

You want to remember anything that is a part of form, even if you can’t see it, is measurable, recordable.

Although maybe not currently.

Maybe not yet, but with your current technology you’re really getting pretty good at it. You’re getting better by the moment in recognizing that there is, even beyond a molecular level, something which makes up what’s here. That includes your planet. It’s alive.

I’m going to use an illustration that will be unpleasant to some. You know that your physical body is home to many, many kinds of life. If you looked closely at your skin cells, you would see—invisible to your naked eye—little mites that live off your skin, and also in your gut, and in your heart, and in your blood. You are teeming with life that isn’t your life, it is different kinds of life. I’d like you to think of the planet that way. In effect, you are the parasites on the planet. But you knew that, didn’t you? The planet is a being harboring many kinds of life on it, which both give to the planet and take from it, just as you receive some good things from some of those beings that live on you, and some that are not such good things. For the most part, you never know anything about them, because it’s a system that works. It’s a symbiotic relationship, but whether it’s all one way or the other, it’s still parasitic, yes? The being that is the planet is like the being that is you in some very important ways. It is here for a purpose. It is a very high frequency. It makes choices. It is capable of growth.

Does it have self-awareness?

At times. Generally speaking, the planet goes through phases of change, and when change has led to something radically different, then the planet must consciously make some choices. After that, it moves back into its typical cycles of change.

Is it aware of its purpose? Does it consciously strive toward an end?

You are trying to relate it to life like you as you know life, but it’s different. Going back into the science fiction mode here, it’s more as though ancient, highly developed functions of life chose to embody a rock in order to make that rock habitable to this experiment. The being that is the planet has given itself to the planet, but that does not stop that being’s process; it just enables the planet to function like a pooka. It gives it a kind of life force of its own.

The way our entities do with our bodies.

Yes. Very good.

Really, we’re the microcosm for that macrocosm in many ways; the same thing at a different scale.

But it’s such a vastly different scale that it’s hard to grok. So this being that is the planet not only has its own journey, but it also transforms under certain circumstances. And that transformation is due to the life force on the planet becoming aware of the individuation of the planet.

Individuation of the planet implies a “group planetary soul.”

In the solar system, there are planets which have already ascended—and I’m referring to the ball of rock, the planet—that had been ensouled by a being that gave life to the rock. The rock, because of the connection with the life force on that planet, is transformed. That transformation either brings about a change in the being that has ensouled that rock, as in Helios/Vesta becoming Vesta/Helios, or the completion of what that planet is capable of, so that it is complete and ascends.

What part does Helios/Vesta play in the process of planetary evolution?

Helios/Vesta is probably best referred to as a Solar Lord, meaning that it is the primary energy conduit for this solar system. However, the spiritual aspect is quite different from the physical aspect. The physical aspect is, of course, a star, and there are many stars, not all of which are ensouled. There are other ensouled stars, but they are not a part of a solar system with the same purpose as this one. Because of the spiritual evolution toward individuation of the life force on this planet, and a similar purpose on the other planets in this solar system—not quite the same, but similar—Helios/Vesta is a part of a line of beings—I really don’t like that word—that function at such a high level they are capable of ensouling a star. There is a certain amount of flexibility in what their frequency can express while ensouled. That flexibility would appear to you as similar to a personal evolution.

Did that answer that?

I think it did.

In an appropriately vague way.

Yes. You talk about the earth being ensouled so that life could develop on it. Would our sun have been ensouled in order for the solar system to exist?


That’s what allowed the earth to be ensouled?

Exactly. That is what allowed the star—the sun—to be ensouled, because that was necessary for the solar system, because that was necessary for the planet, because that was necessary for the life force on the planet—all of it in order to accommodate the earth’s specific experiment and all of those planets around that star.

Does the illustration continue on so that the galaxy has a support being in the universe, and so on?

It’s planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and I don’t want to go beyond galaxy simply because things change so much. Ultimately, yes it does go beyond it, but it doesn’t matter because this is the only realm that would make any sense to you.

So energy transformation stations that you have spoken of, like Venus, the Pleiades, Capella and others, they in turn are ensouled for the purpose of this experiment here on earth.

Yes, but I’m going to throw a wrench in that. That has not always been the case. A filter didn’t always have to be in this galaxy. In other experiments it has been elsewhere. The key word there is other—experiments that did not work.

Helios/Vesta is the spirit of the sun, and you spoke of it as being one of a line. Is that line made up of the spirits of Capella and others stars that are ensouled?

It’s made up of those beings who have chosen to ensoul in order to bring about a particular end, in this dimension as you know it. It’s not its sole purpose.

You described Helios/Vesta’s ensoulment of the sun. What might the other purposes be for these other stars and solar systems? Are we even capable of understanding them?

Any that you are aware of are dedicated to the earth experiment. The greater purpose is always continued creation.

The expansion of Source.

Yes. But when you leave that which works in the realm of form, you leave thought and purpose—which is a thought—so in that sense it’s all for here.

At last year’s retreat, you mentioned that Mars was ready to extend a helping hand at this critical time. Does that mean the planets relate to each other consciously? Apart from the gravitational effects they have on each other, do they interact?

Based on what I have already said in this interview, can you answer that? Can the planets interact? Can they help one another?

Well, the simple answer is yes.

Yes, because it’s all about this earth experiment. It’s all for this seemingly insignificant planet that has parasites.

Is this all mediated by Helios/Vesta or is there . . . this is probably a trivial question.

No, it’s just a limited one. The closest thing to mediation would be Helios/Vesta, because as the Solar Lord, it holds the pattern, but once you move out of form, it is a continually higher frequency, all of which mediates everything lower.