Your statements at the last Lifescapes event about Guardians in form having a “personal” group of twelve that will help them be more effective with the Shining Energy that is coming to us now have raised a lot of questions. First, do we include ourselves in that group, or are there twelve others besides us?

I’ve left a lot out of group of twelve teachings, and I am still not sure how deeply I want to go into it. It’s not easy to answer that question. On the level of those who are in your group of twelve—and you well may be in their group of twelve—in that sense there is a wholeness about twelve that’s the important factor. But in the highest-frequency version of it, thirteen would be the right answer because you have twelve. You, in the center, have twelve that are circled around you, and those twelve represent the twelve different aspects of your life, and the twelve dimensions, and on and on. You are the sun, if you will, around which those twelve revolve.

Are the members in our group of twelve always fellow Guardians?


Is this a permanent group or does its composition change?

It depends upon what the boundaries of your question are. If you’re talking about this life experience—this personality’s experience of the twelve—with only a few exceptions it does not change. However, when you’re looking beyond this personality, yes, it does change.

What kind of exceptions?

If somebody who is a part of your twelve does not accept that role and never experiences awakening or activation, even though the compact had been made, then a replacement would be needed. Or if somebody in your twelve dies, but is not aware enough to continue working with you after death. Sometimes there is great change in an individual, much like death without dying, and they are no longer able, or desire to, or can complete the compact, then the arrangement can change. And when I say “no longer are able,” I mean that differently from “no longer can.” By “can” I mean in a more physical world way, and by “able” I mean in a more spiritual way. But these kinds of exceptions are rare.

When someone doesn’t choose to be activated, would they be choosing at the spiritual level or at the physical level, or both?

Both. There are Guardians—and I am just using Guardians as an example, not because your twelve must be Guardians—who are not activated. There are Guardians who on the most mundane level might not even be awakened to their Guardianship. It happens. It’s a free-will thing, whether you are conscious of it or not.

What’s the purpose of a personal group of twelve?

To function as completers in much the same way that you do at a Dragon working, for instance. Those who are capable of holding the energy are holding it for those whose minds have gone off to breakfast, and a little later, those who were thinking about breakfast, are holding the energy for the one whose mind is on the person next to them. Completers—to make a greater whole.

In order that what may be accomplished by that greater whole?

So that what you are here to do can be accomplished. That what you are can function better here. Some within a group of twelve are likely to function as temple guards, just as you are likely to function as a temple guard in another’s twelve.

The general answer is, completion. But there are many smaller ways that the twelve can complete in your everyday life, on an individual-by-individual basis. For instance, the two of you [David and Paula], who are in each other’s group—and it doesn’t always work that way, by the way—do a tremendous amount of balancing within each other’s lives, of moderating energy, of temple guard functions. These things allow you to better hold the energy that you are, and as a result of that you are able to bring that function of twelve to a higher level, allowing a greater function of higher energy—which then allows yet another leap in consciousness. I have the picture of a gymnast vaulting over a horse.

A springboard kind of thing.

Yes! Which is, of course, a vital activity now because so much change is coming about so quickly. To have those in your life who grab ahold of your ankle when you are floating too high, or help you stay grounded, or who give you a little push to move higher when it’s the best time for that—it’s a great gift.

Could it be something really mundane? For instance, I don’t know a lot about computers, but David knows a lot and helps me.

Absolutely, if that function is a major part of your life. Are computers a means by which two people working the way that you do can serve? Yes. Is it important to have that, then? Yes. On the other hand, for a Guardian in a part of the world that has little Internet access, how useful is that? Well, not very. So it depends, and that’s the way that you want to look at it. The mundane activities are those that add to your life in such a way that you become a better function of Source in this world.

Another example of how the mundane can have an important effect that way: In Earthlight’s house, there’s a joke that if the Form’s really stressed, the best thing to do is drop her at the store. She goes around, touching and feeling, and it’s relaxing for her. Why is that relaxing important? How could that even be seen as a spiritual activity? Because whatever it is that’s going to allow you to function at your best is going to be a very helpful and an important part of what you need.

How does identifying our personal group of twelve make us more effective? Is it important to do that?

Yes, I want you to identify your twelve, but if all you’re focused on is identifying them, and it puts you into that perfectionistic, self-judgmental state—”Am I right? Am I wrong? How do I get it?”—then I don’t want you to do it, because it’s going to work whether you’ve identified them or not. The reason I would like you to identify your twelve is that when two parties know that they have a compact and a purpose in each other’s lives that is about functioning at the best and highest, and being what they’re here to be, it’s going to create a very powerful relationship. And powerful relationships are very valuable. In fact, that’s probably an understatement. Relationships of power are the best way Source functions in this world, and one of the most important things needed in the Grid.

Unfortunately, the others in your group of twelve don’t wear nametags.


How do you identify them other than just through a general intuitive sense? Is there any objective way?

Well, probably the easiest way, as I have said before, is to look for those people who have had, and are still having, a very important part in your life. Unlike a parent whose influence wanes eventually, this is somebody who has continually had an active role in your life that—and here is the key—in one way or another, one extreme or the other, causes you to activate your spiritual awareness and power in a day-to-day function of your life. Of course, they may do this by being a thorn in your paw forever. They may do it by being your mentor, or by you being theirs. It shows up many ways. Look at your life and identify who has, and continues to have, a profound effect on you. Who do you think about the most? Who do you worry about the most? Who do you get frustrated about the most? Who do you enjoy being around the most? Look at these things, and the key is “the most.” Once you’ve chosen a person then take a look at the relationship. Is it a relationship in which there is reciprocity, balance? Is one or the other doing more of the giving? If that’s the case, then they’re not likely to be a part of your twelve, because there should be a balance there. This is a group who have a compact with you, which means you’re giving them something—although it may not be the same thing that they’re giving you—while you are also receiving.

I would think in a group such as Phoenix, a large number of our personal group of twelve would be people in Phoenix.

Not so much, actually, because some-one in your group of twelve does not have to be a high-frequency being. For the most part, that’s what you’re going to find, but it doesn’t have to be.

I think you’ve said that once we’ve identified our group of twelve, it would have an impact on our relationships. If someone was a part of my group of twelve, I would want to ensure that I was supporting and encouraging them.

Ideally that’s true.

So it seems to me that in the best of worlds, I would be treating everyone in my life as one of my group of twelve.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

So would the easiest thing be to say, “I’m going to treat everyone as if they are in my group of twelve. It doesn’t matter who it is.” That way I’m connecting with my group of twelve, living love, and fulfilling my compacts.

I love that idea. That’s a great way to think. Nonetheless, when you recognize a connection, and you are able to say to the other person, “I think that we’ve made this compact. What do you think about that?” the common consciousness is going to build something that isn’t built with just that across-the-board action. But that is still a great way to live.

It’s also a good way to avoid having to deal with finding my twelve.

That, too.

You mentioned at one point that some of the twelve could be in or out of form.

Right. The higher a frequency that an individual works in, the more likely it is that some of the twelve will be out of form.

How is it useful to have somebody out of form among your twelve?

You have a perspective advantage that you could not possibly have otherwise. I just don’t see how it could not be an advantage.

Way back when you used to have us working with our guides . . .

Yes, I’d do it now if it didn’t get so abused.

Are those guides likely to be in our group of twelve?

It is possible, I suppose, but mainly your guides are you. They are an acceptable way for some people to be able to listen to their higher selves. There are those outside of this function of form who are committed to work with you to help you do what it is you’re here to do, and sometimes they would be called guardian angels, and sometimes spirit guides, and sometimes they might be called demons. Those are all simply labels for examples of one of the twelve outside of the dimension of form working with you.

Do they do this work through our intuition and dreams?

Don’t mix it up with the higher self, your entity talking to you, giving you information. That would come through your intuition, your creativity. That’s one of the reasons that I say you need to know what is you: so that you will know what is not you. One of your twelve who speaks to you might have a voice, not usually a Scottish one, that you know is not you.

This is one of those areas in which I have to be careful, because Guardians tend to make up things if they think that that’s what I’m looking for, and they don’t really know that they’re making it up. What I’m referring to is more like energy that takes on form for a very short while to help bring about something that needs a push, that needs help, that needs redirecting or directing. For instance, the person in the car ahead of you makes some stupid move that ends up keeping you out of what could have been a horrible car accident. That could well be one of your twelve functioning as a temple guard. You’d do better not putting boundaries like “This is what they’ll look like, and this is how I’ll get the information,” so that you can understand it. There’s a reason there’s no form, so you don’t want to try to put the boundaries of form onto it.

So it’s not as important to identify those of our group of twelve that are out of form. We’re not creating that same sort of relationship that we would with someone in form.

Not the same as it would be with one in form. The ones in form have the advantage of sharing things like language, culture and education, which makes it a much easier connection for you.

What I don’t want people saying is, “Well, I can only come up with three that agree with me that we are in a group of twelve together and have a compact. Therefore nine of my group are out of form.”

It seems that the important thing, if one of my group of twelve is out of form, would be the acknowledgement of being able to create a relationship.

That’s correct.

One of the things that came up in the discussion in Lexington was that, if we just merged with our personal twelve, we could cover them all, but what I’m hearing you say is that’s not the best way to do it.

And the reason is because you are not going to be gaining and growing from that. You’re not going to be establishing something greater as you will when you have agreement of a commonly recognized compact. It’s not going to take you anywhere, or do anything for you. It’s a bit like walking into a room and saying, “This room is purified,” when you don’t really believe it.

You’ve said that 2009 was the best year of our lives, because we have been fulfilling our compact. Please elaborate on what you meant by that.

2009 had a tremendous amount of loss in it. One of the reasons I think that’s a really good thing is that means you are releasing, you are letting go. How many of the people who are reading this found themselves going through their closets, rearranging their office, and getting rid of files that have been around for twenty years, simplifying room by room, because it was all a part of that learning to let go: learning to release expectations, learning to release needs, dying to what has been?

The way a whole lot of people learned was by spending a year having their most important—and I say important with a roll of the eyes—issues sticking them in the face. The good news is, for the most part, they dealt with those issues in ways and to a level of success never before accomplished. I saw the result of that in the Dragon working [in Egypt], in the way people were willing to take responsibility, to stop fearing change.

That’s huge, and putting that kind of energy into the Grid has brought about massive primary awakening through mass consciousness in this past year. Absolutely the best year of your life. Absolutely.

What can we expect to experience in the upcoming year as a result of that massive leap?

What you are going to be seeing the most of in your life is renewal. Look at it like renovating your kitchen instead of demolishing it and starting all over. That should be a huge relief, because you, as a Guardian, do not have to go back to square one in order to step forward. Think about what that means for governments, countries, ideals, beliefs, and the renewal of the world as a whole. And I sincerely hope that it will mean, for those with whom I work, that there is a renewal of their passion for this work, a renewal of their belief in themselves and their power, and the right use of that power. I hope that it will mean a renewal of relationships with one another, of right action, right communication. I want it to be a renewal on the inside that has an effect on the outside.

During the last interview you said that when all of the entity’s projections have attained mastery, the Greater Entity takes over. And at the last Lexington Lifescapes, you also mentioned that we are strengthening our vessels so that we can move beyond the energy of the Greater Entity.

What’s the difference between the entity and the Greater Entity, and how does it affect the work that the Guardians do here on the planet?

[Puts out a finger] This is you.

Me personally, sitting here.

That’s right, you. You are one of several personalities in form that are here, for a particular purpose, here to bring about change in the world. These personalities experience mastery, and when they experience mastery, they have access to each other. Now, if the Paula personality in 2010, who pretty much came in here with that mastery, and the Paula personality of 210 AD [puts out a second finger], that gained mastery, need each other, they have that access so they make that connection. Paula 2010 cannot connect with this one [third finger] that isn’t there yet, that is just sort of sitting on the beach doing nothing.

When those personalities have all gained mastery, they become one, and that one is the entity, which I am representing by the wrist area, where those fingers connect to that hand as a whole that’s going to connect to the arm. The entity is what I often refer to as the “small-e” entity, and that is the entity that said “In 210 AD, there is going to be a personality down there learning this. And in 210 BC there is going to be a personality down there doing this. And in 2010 there’s going to be one here dealing with this.” That is what most would call the higher self, that greater being, but it is by no means the highest self. It is the being that works with personality in form.

This entity, however, has its own connections, and to explain those connections, I’m going to go from the beginning, the shoulder joint, down, the shoulder joint being Source. Everything is released from Source. And again, for anyone who has no idea of what all of this is about, Source releases creative thought, which becomes All That Is. All That Is releases energy by way of Intent, Thought, Word and Deed. Intent, Thought, Word and Deed, if you will think of it this way, is a function of All That Is. So right there you have an “as above so below” kind of comparison in which the “small-e” entity and the personalities are a whole lot like Intent, Thought, Word and Deed, a means of function within a much greater whole.

For those lines—Intent, Thought, Word and Deed—which are just barely under that shoulder joint, you have the Greater Entity, and that Greater Entity is, with regard to Intent, Thought, Word and Deed, the connection into Source.

Are you saying there are four different Greater Entities?

No, it’s Source, All That Is, Intent, Thought, Word and Deed. The Greater Entity is the filter for each of those—Intent, Thought, Word and Deed. Although it’s the same filter for each one, but it filters uniquely depending upon the frequency of the Intent, or Thought, or Word, or the Deed.

Everything that form is capable of knowing of Source is because of the Greater Entity, because form can’t move beyond Intent, Thought, Word and Deed.

Form can’t conceptualize something it doesn’t have the language for.

Correct. But that is beginning to change because of what Guardians are doing.

So that filter of the Greater Entity directs, if you will—rather like a traffic director—where Intent is needed, where Thought is needed, as energy flows to the lesser entity and eventually the personalities.

Now, having said that, how does it work for those who are Ellic force here in this world? What are they connecting to? If it is Ellic force here in this world—those who have had a few life experiences in order to fulfill a compact to the world and the Plan—how can Ellic force in form have Greater Entity and a small entity? The answer is that it doesn’t. It does not have lesser entity; it only has a Greater Entity that works like a smaller entity because it’s in form. Now, that only relates to a few people, but still.

It would seem that those people would be directed to a much greater extent by Source energy.

Yes, but “directed” isn’t really the word.

They would have a greater perspective.

Yes, and greater access, but if they’re not making use of it, it doesn’t really matter.

But they’d be putting what is needed into the world, which is Source, because they can’t do anything else. The energy isn’t filtering down the same way as it does for those who are not Ellic energy.

Precisely so.