You have asked Phoenix to prepare for another major event in April. What is the significance of the work to be done at that time?

Right now there is a lot of new-age speculation going on, much of which is flat-out inaccurate, regarding planetary alignments and heavenly bodies putting out a specific magnetic energy that is going to affect your planet to bring about shifts in the poles, or something like that. Although I would say that the likelihood of such an event is so small as to be laughable, I will say that as long as there are those who are putting the energy of “a change is coming” into mass consciousness, that energy can be harnessed and used for other purposes.

Generally, energy focused through mass consciousness isn’t united enough to make a big difference. However, in this case, you’ve got a whole lot of new-agers—and I use that in a very broad sense, meaning those who are looking at old and new arts for spiritual edification of one form or another—some of whom are actually very much Guardians of the Plan but who are off on a tangent, thereby misdirecting the high frequency energy that is coming in now. My hope through this event is to redirect the energy of change into higher uses by taking advantage of a time in which there will naturally be a large amount of focus on change.

Now, from my vantage point of timelessness, I can tell you that using this energy can have a startling effect on humanity as a whole. What I cannot tell you is how it will be used. My desire is to create an event in which those who are Light Workers, the Travelers of old and the Guardians of this Plan come together with focused intent to bring about a specific function of that energy. I’d like to see the portals, particularly the China Heart Portal, healed and opened fully. This would allow a greater use of the cosmic energy which is coming through.

As an example of how this works, at New Year’s Eve, when the whole world was putting out celebratory energy, I redirected that energy for a high ritual for other purposes. In the case of the April event, I’m wanting to take the higher frequency of the “new-age masses,” who are unfortunately being rather doom-and-gloomy—putting forth that there is going to be massive destructive change—and channel it for a different work.

I’ve referred to three types of energy. One of them is the misdirected high-level energy which I just spoke of. The second is the consciousness of the masses, who are going to be in the midst of a lot of physical, earth-oriented life change, much like what you have been seeing over the last year. And third, the energy of those who are tuned, ready, and understanding a bit more of a larger picture. Hopefully, that is you.

I want to use this energy in three different ways: to reestablish the opening of the Heart Portals, beginning with China; to refocus the direction of the earth changes, if needed—and it may well be at that point; to prepare further openings that are being created by the grid work. By doing this at the May retreat, you may be able to get things into a more stable alignment so that the grid will actually be functioning as soon as it’s established in August at the word missing.

So, I am desiring to use one event to do illegible word those things. Which would be the most important of those choices, do you think—Heart Portal activation, redirection of the flow of energy that’s happening in connection with the earth changes, or preparing the grid for activation?

Preparing the grid.

Absolutely; that’s the most important aspect. You can relate perhaps to this illustration. You’ve got a choice: an artery’s been cut and a cuticle’s been cut. Which one is the more important? What do you fix first?

And what about the people aspect of it? Any thoughts there? What will be the focus of the people in this ritual? What am I going to be working to do?

To have us more fully step into the roles that we came here to fill. To acknowledge that we are Light Workers, Guardians, and to embody the changed grid so that it puts forth the pattern.

Good. Well said. Any other ideas that go with that?

If you do that, presumably you’ll be able to stop this influx of energy that’s causing so much chaos right now.

Which is why part of this ritual is for the Heart Portals, in that the energy that is coming through the grid needs to have functioning Heart Portals to come through in order to be useful to the planet and life force on it. Otherwise, it establishes chaos, as you were saying. When there is a series of doorways open and functioning, that energy is transformed and activated and can be used in a higher fashion.

Now, here is where I am going: In the first Sunday meeting in January I made reference to particular gifts that you are going to be seeing in this coming year [see p. 12]. The first gift that I spoke of was leadership, specifically having an effect on the individualized soul that has learned to work in One Heart opening the door to One Mind.

The April event will be a creation ritual through which, by opening a door, re-creation will be symbolized, by utilizing group mind. I plan for it to be a ritual in which there are small rituals going on with the larger ritual, each representing a seeding that has been done through. The purpose of this is to encourage the development of One Mind in the same way that opening the Heart Portals required One Heart, because the grid will need One Mind. Finally, this will help strengthen the function of the grid so that it can be activated immediately on its change.

You were talking about new-age groups misusing or misunderstanding the energy and having the wrong focus. How do you harness that kind of energy?

The energy that I am speaking of as misused still has a common denominator. It still has an essential pattern, even though the focus of it, the translation of it, is not accurate. The basic premise of the energy is change. In response, they’re sending out an energy that has to do with change. However, they are also trying to specify the kind of change it is going to be, and they’re calling it destructive. Now, the good news is that, as is the case with every human construct, every individual is going to have a different take on it, so that destructive thought energy is not strongly focused. It’s much like Y2K. Everybody had a different view of what was going to happen, but the general focus of it was destruction. But destruction energy is what? It’s creation energy, and so it became a part of the platform that could be used to recreate what was going to be coming up. It’s that same thing.

There are those who are going to think that the world is about to self-destruct, and they’re likely to experience the kind of spring that will convince them of it—or autumn, as the case may be on the other end of the world. Then there are those who are going to be seeking enlightenment, and expecting this to open up a pathway from the stars that has been closed and reveal information about mysteries never before known.

However, give me powerful people seeking an opening of information that has been closed, and give me powerful people who are seeking massive, even destructive, change, and do you think I’m not going to take advantage of it? I can use the basic energy of the thoughts they’re putting out there.

Remember, in manifestation the Universe does not listen to negatives. It doesn’t listen to positives particularly either, because the energy is energy, directed by the greater focus. My desire is to establish the greater focus.

Would you say more about healing and opening the China portal?

Many people wondered why it appeared I stopped working on Heart Portals and began working on the grid. As I mentioned earlier, it’s the difference between having a torn cuticle and a torn artery—which one are you going to work on first?

However, some of you may remember that, as the Heart Portal work was going on, when it became time to focus on the China portal, there was a lot of, well, I’ll use the word difficulty. One result was that there wasn’t a single event that could get it open; this was primarily because, as you have perhaps seen since then, China was and is in such massive restructuring. Also, particularly at the time that that work was going on, the earth in that area was in a very destructive. Those floods and earthquakes are still continuing, and because of particular directions in the political system of China, the people are giving up. It’s not only the political climate, mind you, but the great changes that are going on in that area are adding to so much destructive force that it’s not being converted into a constructive, creative one.

The area of the China Heart Portal was a later seeding, as opposed to the earlier one associated with the grid. And seeded sites—the actual places from which energy moves out—tend to put forth an unstable force. If there is enough geophysical instability and cosmic instability, and the major frequency of the life force in the area is not moving higher but is either staying the same or massively just dying off without replacement, the instability increases. That’s what’s going on there at this time. And a healing needs to be done.

There have been little pockets of new thought coming out, starting with Tiananmen Square, but the response by the government has been to crack down and seal off this movement toward change before it can spread.

That’s a very accurate representation of the political difficulty, yes.

Several times here you’ve mentioned all those who work across the planet for the greater Plan. Wouldn’t it make sense to synchronize these groups?

Oh gracious, no! No, no! You would grow ill if all you ate were apples, even though apples are wonderful. It is the variety of the frequency that makes the change. It’s not A, F sharp, or D; it’s what happens when they’re put together. Across the planet there are those who are the A, and those who are other notes. It would not be honoring the human process to have them all singing the same note.

When you use the terms ‘Light Workers’ and ‘Guardians,’ are you referring to a narrow specific group to which a person either belongs or doesn’t, or does this ‘group’ you refer to have looser boundaries, so that one moves in and out depending on the work they’re doing.

I use these representations in various ways depending on what I’m going for.

Generally speaking, those who function consciously with the idea of helping to create a better world, I would say call them Light Workers at whatever frequency they are working. Those who are consciously functioning on a specific spiritual path which involves bringing forth a higher function of the planet for the good of all humanity, I also call these light workers.

Guardians. Well, as I have said before, there are many sorts of guardians. Guardians of Wisdom may be Guardians of the Plan, but may not. When I’m speaking of Guardians generally, I’m making reference to those spirit energies that have ensouled into form specifically for the purpose of working to bring about the completion of the Plan in this world, at this time of transition. Whatever specific version that they are working to bring about creates the different little variations which I call Guardians of “Wisdom” or other aspects.

And finally there are those who have a specific compact with me—not all of whom are reading this now—who are working at a level of mastery; their frequency is at the Co-creator level. When I say they are Guardians of the Plan, it’s making a reference to the original Plan for the planet, because they had much to do with installing that Plan.

How does this latter group relate to other groups around the globe? Do we connect on a frequency level or on a soul or higher-entity level with other groups around the world doing similar work? Is the group at Phoenix an isolated group working with you or a battalion in a larger army?

Both. There is a greater body of those who have specifically chosen to function in the energy of this planet at this time who work with me in ways beyond what you call Samuel. Each group within that greater body, however, has a different function, so that whereas you might be the heart, another needs to be the feet. Those roles do not overlap. They do, however, complement, complete.

So, how do you connect with each other? In the largest sense, it’s all the same. In a smaller sense, but still in a large sense, you’re all out of the same function line. To bring it down further, you share an entity of sorts, though at that high level you don’t really think of it as entity. On the closest-to-home level–your home, not mine—frequency draws like frequency. But generally speaking there aren’t others out there you’re likely to find that are doing what you’re doing. Variations, but not the same.

You know, my dears, there are much easier paths out there. There are individuals who are doing nice work who aren’t on a fast track for leadership. Who aren’t seeing every one of their issues come up until they’re gone. Who aren’t experiencing immediate karma. Who don’t hurt as the world hurts. Who are loving, good, kind people, making a difference in others’ lives, but who are not expected to sacrifice their free will, who are not expected to behave as though they were not human. There are easier paths out there, and you know people who are on them, and you have even been on them. They’re not as satisfying, because they’re not yours.

I don’t lead you down a very wide road.