What is Christ Consciousness?

Without trying to be humorous, I think that one of the first things that needs to be said is that the label “Christ Consciousness” is not making reference to being aware of Christ.

Christ Consciousness has to do with seeing, perceiving, having the same intent, thoughts, words and deeds as the Christ would have. There is a popular youth bracelet right now that asks the question “What would Jesus do?” to remind those who wear it of the consciousness of Christ. Now, it is a step to Christ Consciousness, isn’t it, when you ask “What would Jesus do?” But of course, in our definition of things, we would say that what Christ and what Jesus are about are two different things.

Do you know what the word Christ means?

The anointed one.

The anointed one. One who is chosen to a particular task. That word is used in the sense of kingship: you were born to rule, and therefore your whole life has been spent in training to be able to take on that job.

But that’s raised to an even higher level when you recognize it as a reference to specific avataric energy.

Would you define avataric energy?

I use the word avatar very loosely, very loosely because, as I use it, it refers to that focus of the high-level energy whose job is to help bring about a transition in world consciousness and mass consciousness for a particular age, which is not what the popular definition has become.

Avatar means Shining One. Although the Hindu teaching from which it comes makes reference to avatars as those who have reached a particular point in the cycle of earthly incarnation, I use that word because it’s convenient. But what I’m making reference to is the highest dimensional levels of frequency that have worked in guardianship positions in order to seed. It would be more along the lines of what I would call El-ic energy, but avataric fits because it puts the focus on Jesus or Apollo or Buddha or . . .

In this particular age, that avataric energy was expressed through Jesus, who, at the point of service, took on the mantle, the title, of the Chosen One of that age. Chosen for what? To initiate a change in consciousness that would bring about a transition into a new form of thinking—and therefore of living.

That by itself is a powerful work, but it’s more than that, because taking on the mantle, the cloak, of avataric energy for this age is taking on the continuation of a seeded aspect of the Plan, a vibrational quality that has the effect of bringing change.

An example would be: when you’re building a bridge over rushing water, what is the danger? The danger is that what you build is going to keep getting knocked down and swept away. The vibration of the water, of its constant movement, will weaken the supports as you build. The vibration of Christ Consciousness is designed to weaken the frequency of the current age, to literally burn the bridges in divine fire, in order that a new function can be brought forth.

The Bible makes references repeatedly to the return of Christ, that a time would come on your planet when Christ would return. I do want to point out that the Bible also speaks of the return of Jesus. And if you will look at your Church history, you will see that that is a translation that was put in at the first Nicaean Council, but is a poor translation designed to convey what they believed was the truth, but which was actually absolutely incorrect. The correct translation is that Christ will return.

So it’s absolutely accurate that Christ will return. And, as in past ages the lineage will continue, but the personage will not. The purpose of the personage is to bring about a particular frequency change. The sort of frequency change that is required now cannot be done by one person. The change that is required at this level of spiritual evolution is that the consciousness of Christ, the lineage, your spiritual heritage, be awakened at its highest level, that that seed be brought forth and quickened, and a function of Christ energy be able to work.

Let me tell you a little bit about lineage. All avataric energy comes from the same primary entity. Remember that primary entity has four function lines: Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed. Can you guess what might be the function line of avataric energy?


Absolutely right. However, what’s being done in the opening of the Heart Portals is Word energy. Can you remember what the Apostle John said about the beginning?

In the beginning was the Word.

In the beginning was the Word. Jesus’ energy was out of the function of Word. This represented a massive change in avataric function. Of course, Intent is not the only avataric energy there is, but all of the earth function had come through the primary entity of Intent.

Because the work Jesus was to do represented a total change in where mass consciousness was going to go from there on, it was recognized that the way that information came through had to be closer to human function. As a result of that, Jesus’ primary entity was Word, but Word as a creative power, word as the culmination of Intent, having moved through Thought to Word. That has opened the door for the final change, the completion altogether of the Source working on the planet, because Christ Consciousness is a function of what primary entity?


Deed. And those who are here doing it are holding the energy.

At Recalibration the planet shifted from the Second Ray, Love/Wisdom, to the Third Ray of Active Intelligence/Intelligent Activity. Did Recalibration cause that shift, or did it happen after the shift occurred?

Recalibration had a profound effect on the function of the Plan working through the planet, but part of what Recalibration did was open the doorway for Deed to work through Intelligent Activity/Active Intelligence to become the functioning system for avataric energy on earth.

The energy of primary entity has functioned through Intent, Thought and Word to Deed. Do those changes always occur at the transition from one age to another?

The transition from one age to another occurs because of the change of function, but the energy has not actually worked in an avataric sense through Thought. It has built on it, but it has not worked through it. I suppose there could be those who would disagree with that statement, but that particular age—Thought—is not a part of earth.

Intent had totally been the system until Jesus the Christ, and Jesus the Christ created the opportunity for Deed by establishing the energy of Word. Now, it did not have to happen. It could have continued on as Word, but that’s not how it’s functioning now.

The next logical step is to discuss a bit about frequency. I’d like for you to remember that over the last few workshops I’ve been talking a lot about the nature of a Heart Portal, that a Heart Portal is actually a frequency. It can be closed by cutting off that frequency and opened by reestablishing it. The energy that is required to reawaken a Heart Portal is the energy that you have been taking on, that of Christ Consciousness. You are a Heart Portal. You are a function of Christ in the world.

What’s that going to have to do with opening future portals, and how does that fit with TransDimensional energy? In the work that you are doing right now, you are creating vibratory change. The constant practice of the toning itself is establishing stronger supports for the bridge, so that the vibration does not tear it down, but that it becomes stronger.

You’ve heard me say that the vessel is changing in order to be able to hold a higher frequency. That higher frequency is Christ Consciousness. It is the avataric energy, but not focused through one personality, because at the highest levels Source energy is a composite. So in the largest picture you are all composites of the One, and the whole of Christ Consciousness is established when a particular frequency is met. That particular frequency is met by the composites being able to function at a specific frequency, which then opens the door for the greater frequency. Are there any thoughts popping up about a certain group coming together to create a particular frequency, which then will open the door for another frequency?

You need individuals who will form a group, becoming one entity as they tone, so that, whereas individually they couldn’t hold the vibratory quality, as a group they establish a vessel that can hold that high vibration.

That is exactly the process, and that is why the merging part of the work is so vital. This particular plan, this means of establishing a higher frequency on the planet, had been prophesied. Whether or not it was going to actually work had to do with mass consciousness evolving, which it has been doing—sometimes more quickly, sometimes less. It has been recognized through prophesy that change would occur when a certain number were ready.

And that number would be one hundred forty-four thousand.

There you go. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it, when in your toning circles you might have thirty people? Clearly, it’s speaking of attaining a frequency. How many of you, when you tone, realize that you’ve been joined? I’m talking about when your group gets larger, but no people show up. This is because you are stimulating three levels: you are stimulating a connection with earth, a physical, human connection, and a celestial connection.

The other Monday night there were eight of us toning, four on the inner circle, four on the outer circle, but it sounded like there were thirty or forty people there.

That’s what I’m talking about. And Lexington’s toning is fabulous; it is, it’s excellent.

You are creating a frequency response, and ideally what you’re doing is establishing it often enough that you’re able to reach it quickly and easily, so that soon you’ll be able to function in it.

The spiral that you create is a vehicle. It is a means of accelerating and directing energy. But the next step, the means of establishing the activation of Christ Consciousness, requires that you become the spiral.

I said a few moments ago that merger is the key. The tone establishing the frequency is important, too, but I’ve constantly said that if you cannot do the merging work then you are not going to be able to do the TransDimensional Energy work. The merging first with one another and then with the earth has everything to do with the ability to not have your spiral around you or even through you, but as you. By your merging with the spiral and sending that spiral up to the golden pyramid and then merging all the spirals, your existence is going to be melded into Source consciousness. Within your blueprint, your spiritual structure, which is already resonating at a Heart-Portal level, the highest level is going to be activated, and that’s Christ Consciousness.

How will that feel to us?

I’m not certain that I can answer that, because right now your responses to a really good toning are still as unique as you are.

This work has created huge changes in consciousness: Individuals are more aware; the stuff that they’re going through is happening more quickly.

For the most part I am basing these statements on Lexington, where I have my guinea pigs more than the other cities, so they’ve got the advantage and I take advantage of them. There are not merger and unity issues here. Lexington has a very solid group of individuals who are working with the same intent, who have the same vision; it’s what will begin showing up as others start getting it.

But based on Lexington, I would say that the sorts of things that you will experience are an awareness of the presence of Source energy moving through you, touching you, so that your first thought and desire is to love, and your desire to love and your ability to make miracles are much clearer.

I’m going to digress just a bit to talk about miracles, because what’s coming up in your hearts so often right now is a very intense desire to serve, to do more, and to have within your life those proofs that you are doing what you need to be doing. I have been asked several times lately, “How can I know that I’m doing what I need to do? And how can I do more?” That’s a very nice thing to ask me, you know. And most recently I have been telling people that what they’re being asked to do is to create miracles in this world, to open the door for that which has not been understood so it can become commonplace.

I’d like for you to think for a moment of the life of Jesus. I want you to think about those things that were written down as miracles. Do you remember the first one? It was the wedding feast. Jesus was at a wedding feast with his mother, and there, in the middle of the party, they ran out of wine. His mother looked at him and said, “Ahem. Why don’t you do something about that?” And so what did he do?

Changed the water into wine.

He recognized that there was a need that he could fulfill, and, making use of what was at hand, he did what was needed at that moment, and then went back to partying. That’s what I want you to do: Do what you can as the need arises, and in the meantime enjoy the party.

You say we are joined by others during toning. Are they what we would call angels?

When I say angelic energy I usually use that as sort of a code word to represent non-physical energy that works in Hierarchical levels to bring about the Plan. What you’re ultimately working to bring in is Helios-Vesta energy, because that’s the energy of the transition.

If, as a group, we can create a vessel that holds a specific vibration, when that vessel then splits into its original parts, can we take that energy back out into the world as individuals?


How about when we, as a group, take in negative energy, run it through ourselves, put it into the pyramid and have it come down to the group as golden energy, as you taught at the last workshop?

No. The residue of that energy will still have an effect, but the outside influences affect that residue. When you come together as a group and you unite to establish the completion of the circuit—rather than the many pieces coming together as a composite—you create the whole. But that does leave its mark; that energy leaves a trace. You are affected by that. You can recognize that energy. You can do more because of that. But what you do in coming together is much greater than what you do separately, and the function of the work itself is a function of coming together.

That process seems to have an incredible potential for doing good in the world.

Correct. That particular work is going to be a major function of Christ Consciousness.

Here is a quick reminder of what that technique is. It’s a transformational-energy work, a transfiguring, transforming—it doesn’t matter what you call it. Nonetheless, it’s a spiral meditation in which you practice first on yourself, then, having completed the work for yourself, move to other individuals, and finally to functioning for mass consciousness both on and off the planet.

In this meditation you are visualizing the energy that is still functioning at a low level, however you happen to see it. On a personal level, it would be your issues—making the choice to not forgive, for instance—the parts of you that hold fear and the things you fear, and so forth. This is a visualization in which you see them, enflame them, allow them to move through your spiral so that it moves through your heart and out again in order to be changed. When you are functioning at activated Christ Consciousness and have become your spiral, then it becomes a very different journey, but while you’re working only on yourself, the journey is exactly as I have described it. When you begin working for the planet, you will only be able to do that work when you are merged with your spiral. This is taking on the sins of the world, so to speak, without it touching you, because it is being moved through the highest possible frequency and transformed, and released again at higher levels.

Does this have any relationship to the crucifixion?

Does the crucifixion have any relationship to this? No. But you’ve almost asked the right question there. The purpose of the crucifixion in Jesus’ experience was to take on the Christhood by a symbolic sacrificial experience. It’s not that He had to die, except that at that time all sacrifice that was an effectual propitiation required death, required the shedding of blood. But the work that Jesus did was to forever change that the giving of blood was a release of the energy of fear. It was a death to the old way; it was the Resurrection, the full release of the old put through the purification fire. The resurrected, changed body was the symbol that His sacrifice had been acceptable, and that from that point on, never again would blood sacrifice be necessary. Ultimately, the intent of the sacrificial process, all the way to the Resurrection itself, is the same as your process of merging with the spiral and allowing negative energy force to be transformed through you into a resurrected experience. It is the work of Christed energy.

As for suffering for the sins of humanity, it’s been done. There is no longer a need. Remember that sin is a separation. It’s a poor translation of a very practical idea. It’s separation; it’s being short of the fullness of glory. You are almost there, but what keeps you from being totally united with Source is this little issue called form. But that separation, because of the work of Christ, is no longer necessary. The means by which humanity recognizes that fact has heretofore been through a higher awareness of, a mystical connection to, Christ’s life.

But now that kind of transition is happening again. The work of avataric energy, which required form before, has moved now to the highest level of energy instead. It’s not mind that does the work; it’s frequency, it’s heart that does it. More than that, it’s One Heart that does it. It’s a re-creation of that frequency, of that process, to open the ultimate door to reestablish that avataric energy once again on the planet through the many who are functioning at the level of Christ energy.