Sex, Influence, and Angels

Very often in the past I’ve encouraged you to be aware that every few years, with every major change in your progress along your path, you must be willing to start again, to take on some of the same teachings but see them in a fresh light, and not to give yourself a hard time because you think you’re dealing with the same thing once again. It may be the same, but you’re a different person dealing with it. You have been reborn. But in a recalibrated world nothing is different, although everything is changed. The focus is no longer on rebirth.

I have talked about sickness of the soul and how important it is to take care of the primary issues of spiritual abuse that have brought about that soul sickness. Part of the reason that the sickness of the soul needs to be taken care of is so you can function at your highest level of spiritual integrity. Your integrity is based upon your spiritual and your emotional levels in the physical world. Functioning at the highest level of spiritual integrity will allow you greater contact with the unseen realm—the angelic power which works with you and the planet—and that allows you to work in your truest function, as a guardian. This connection with a greater level of embodiment energy allows you to move into the sacred work of reawakening the Heart Portals around the planet and energizing individuals to become the archangels, the arch-protectors, of humanity.

These are the things that I’m working on in this coming year: focusing on getting individuals to know what their spiritual beliefs are and to put them into the world enough that they are not ashamed of their spiritual preferences, in order that they might affect their contemporaries and the generation that came before them. That is what will make a difference in this world.

So, this is a year in which, by understanding how your spiritual self fits in the world and working through that guilt from abused—or refused—power, you can attain the freedom that can allow you the intensity, the glory, the joy of being the representation of the angelic realm on this planet, as you were meant to be.

Would you define spiritual abuse?

Spiritual abuse is the refusal to take responsibility for what you know—for what you know you are, for what you know you are here to do, for what you know you should do in relationships, in activities. The part of it that I’d most like to call attention to is the spiritual abuse that I see so much in this work, where someone is willing to claim a spiritual level but not willing to take the responsibility which that implies, particularly where the conflict between the physical form and the spiritual knowing create a lesson designed to bring about a higher wisdom.

This is most obvious in the area of sexuality. In the last workshop I spoke about love as a power and sex—not making love, but the technology of sex—as a vehicle for that power which can be used with a ritualized approach for manifestation or to energize the body’s primary spiritual energy system or to stimulate the physical to a higher frequency.

Although sex is a high spiritual activity, it is also, on the form level, a release, a confirmation of personhood, as well as being a way to overpower, to abuse, to manipulate.

The physical level of sex is a promise; the spiritual level of it is a power. The physical level—the promise—creates a bridge to the power when sex is used in the higher way.

Here is where the abuse can come in: When you start functioning at highly synthesized, conscious levels of activity, working up to the promise of your recalibrated self, you start attracting people. They come to you because you obviously are managing something well in your life that they are not; you are expressing wholeness. An individual who is not fully aware of the attraction that high-frequency spirit-energy creates within the physical body may translate that attraction as physical need, sexual need. So many people taking part in spiritual work gain weight and don’t know why. It’s because they have opened a door inside of them, an empty place, and they’re trying to fill it with what the world says will provide security for them. That can be food, or “drugs, sex and rock-and-roll.”

If they are sensitive to the shifts of energy itself, they’re very likely to translate the ascended-chakra heart-level opening as coming from the former root chakra. That old chakra is not dead, it’s simply recircuited into the heart, but they’re going to feel it in the root. So they say, “I am so physically attracted to you. I don’t understand it.” What is the teacher’s response? It should be, “Well, let me explain. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to channel your energy, how to discipline and focus, to move out of the physical and into a higher level, because what you are experiencing is spiritual energy which you are translating in a physical way.”

What does the teacher too often say instead? “I’m feeling it, too! It must be that we’re meant to experiment with this. It’s meant to be!” So I see a lot of sexual misconduct.

For all of you who are here in guardianship—who are here with purpose, power, passion—everybody you’re in touch with is your student. In the big picture, of course, you are also theirs. But everybody is your student, and to come with anything other than a protective mentoring function is wrong.

Now, the question arises, Does that mean that in this powerful role we can have no relationships, that we should all be celibate? No. In fact, I would have no issue at all if you went to someone and said, “I would like to explore some of the ritualized workings of sex, and I wonder if you’d be a willing partner in that.” That may be odd, but it is honorable, as opposed to being in a student-teacher relationship in which you know—and dear ones, you know—you are working with somebody who has you on a pedestal and you allow that admiration to move to a more instinctual, primary-urge level. That’s a great abuse.

Another form of abuse is manipulation. Leadership is manipulation, in my book, and I enjoy the shocked looks when I tell people, “You’ve got to learn how to manipulate.” But here is where intent comes in: If the manipulation is a means to put one’s self out ahead—”I’m doing this even though it’s walking over someone else”—it’s wrong, because the ego-driven seeking of power through getting the better of another person is totally different from the heart-driven manipulation that empowers, where the manipulation is working in One Heart.

I told the Phoenix board in Lexington recently that I will count any miscommunication between them and others as their fault. That’s my manipulation, because it’s working on their fear. Using a weakness, the fear of being wrong, I am making a statement that’s going to have a particular effect in further action. That’s manipulation.

Why is it all right for me to do it? Because the manipulation was absolutely couched in the love of their ultimate responsibility to their higher selves, and it was done in order that a greater vision of One Heart, One Mind, be fulfilled.

But somebody saying, “Here is what I got,” and then forcing the information they received for themselves onto another—”I got that I should stop eating sugar; therefore everybody must stop abusing sugar. I got that I am a being of high spiritual activity, higher than most everybody else; therefore others should do what I say”—these are abuses.

You spoke earlier about the importance of influencing the generation that came before, yet we always think we should teach the children.

Phoenix’s men’s group is discussing the importance of working with the younger generation in order to help bring them into the higher awareness that men’s groups are learning now. They are recognizing the responsibility of their generation to not pass on the bad but to be examples for good and to help youth avoid the lag time between growing up and growing in wisdom. When somebody is tuned in to a greater spiritual work or a healing activity—something that works—they want to pass that along. The Church used that technique: Get them when they’re young and you’ve got them for life.

But it’s not true. It’s one of those myths. I may get you when you’re young, but I better keep holding on to you when you seek independence in adolescence, when you grow into the independence of adulthood, because when you’re making your own decisions, all of a sudden free will is going to have effect. Look at your own children. More often than not, “get them when they’re young” means you have them only until they rebel against what you taught them when they were young, which they must do in order to get out of the house and on their own.

You have the opportunity to see Sacred Status in your lifetime, and, to put it bluntly, you’re not going to change the world in your generation by working with young people. Your effect with young people is what it has always been—the example, the “it is not what you say, but what you do.” The three-year-old is as wise to the “this isn’t what I do, but I want you to do it” as the thirty-year-old. You will change the younger generation by your examples of integrity, love, strength, courage. It won’t be by what you tell them.

I recognize that my work is with individuals whose contemporaries are from seventeen to seventy-five or eighty, but it’s your contemporaries and elders that have already come through enough of life to be able to relate to what you’re saying, and therefore can hear you as well as see you. It is they who are in places of power, whose changed attitudes will have a ripple effect that goes down instead of up, and will have a greater effect on that greater power.

Is it a matter of inspiring our contemporaries to join us in being examples to the younger generation?

Yes, but don’t get too caught up in that younger generation idea, because it doesn’t require consciousness to work with children and young adults. They’re easy, bless their sweet human souls. They’re impressionable because they don’t have enough life behind them, and they still have a lot of trust in it. They are delightful flashes in the pan. Give me your heart and cynicism any day, because when the one who has seen enough of life that he demands proof gets it proved, he’s in for keeps. When you can show with years of teaching that putting love first means such things as awareness of the consequences of your actions, that it may be hard work but that it will bring recognition, love, wholeness, and conscious loving, that can revolutionize her life, his life, the workplace.

Ken Tuggle, the leader of the men’s group, has adopted a role as the elder or mentor in his office, especially in working with a particular partner, a contemporary, younger, perhaps, but not youth. By giving an example of doing the loving thing, by being willing to step outside of the old-boys’ club, so to speak, and ask, “What do you believe? How do you feel? Take another step. How does it feel when you do that? What’s at the heart of this?” he is creating somebody who is thinking about what he believes and what he feels, and applying it to his work. This is an example of one person living his spirituality as an example to the world, and this effect will spread.

How do you know the difference between doing that kind of mentoring and interfering in what people should be working out themselves?

The idea of noninterference is one of the most convenient excuses for non-action. Noninterference does not mean no responsibility. It means no interference.

Perhaps there is somebody in your life who complains all the time, and you’re tired of it because you know if they would just get down to taking care of themselves, doing the spiritual exercises or whatever, that it would make a difference. But you do not want to interfere. Or there is somebody who has a terrible marriage, who is experiencing abuse, self-degradation, self-esteem issues because of it, and you know what they need, but you can’t interfere.

When it is put into your consciousness by the person having the experience, you’re not interfering to respond. When you’ve heard it through the grapevine, it’s interfering to go to them and say, “I’ve heard that you’re having difficulties, and I can help you.” When they come to you about an unrelated issue—they’re having trouble with another person at work, and you’re the supervisor and you know that the source of the trouble is really a personality issue—you are not interfering when you say, “I have seen that it goes more deeply than this,” and offer what is needed.

We’re not talking about confrontation here. When you have the expectation that what you say will make the difference and should be heeded, you are interfering. When you respond to their asking with your insight and intuition based on the loving, compassionate relationship that you have that has been built on trust and on wisdom, then, when you say, “Here is something that I have seen,” you’re not interfering. Most of the time—and I could put it on my list of spiritual abuses—individuals choose to call it interference when they are uncomfortable with taking greater responsibility for something. What it means to them is, “Once I start counseling with this person I’m going to see this issue more in my own life; I’m going to have to spend my time counseling this person even further.” It is really a lack of responsibility for helping one another.

What is the difference between proselytizing your beliefs and mentoring in this way? The biggest difference is agreement—working through something together. The second big difference is that your greatest teaching takes place when you’re living it, not when you’re giving a “you do it, not me” construct. Then you are functioning from a natural extension of your life that has drawn people together who want what you have.

In the beginning of our conversation, you mentioned the angelic kingdom. Where does that fit in?

You are molecules of fire and air and earth and water and all sorts of interesting chemical compounds that go right back to dirt when you die, but your form has an internal construct that isn’t material. You, as form, are also what you think and feel. As an individual becomes more finely tuned and adapted to a recalibrated level of spiritual function and consciously chooses right action as opposed to spiritual abuse and reaction to soul sickness, they are again re-creating their internal construct of belief and emotion.

As you reconstruct the internal function of the physical form so that spirit has greater access to the feeling, the mental level, you are going at that point to begin drawing to you higher-level energy, with and without form, that is capable of functioning on this earth now in the recalibrated, open-portal time. You are going to find that the experience of energy that you have always thought of as your contact with spirit is working at a different level.

This opens the door, because of the mental-emotional connection, to a different awareness of the whole devic realm—everything from the flowers to the archangels. And with that, humanity is capable of functioning as the angelic realm and having the arch­angelic realm as its embodying energy, as its overshadowing energy, as its helpers and mediators. And that’s a big difference.