Working in Ascension

Ascension is a synthesis of spirit and form coming together to make a new creation. Essentially, ascension is reached when you are living consciously, choosing—here it comes—to do the best you can where you are with what you have. Not trying—but choosing.

That creates the mind-set, but it doesn’t mean that the body is fully ready. The work of 11:11 was to seed physical bodies. Some physical bodies had already been seeded—those that were not primarily earth energies; that seeding would be further nurtured and more strongly awakened. But those individuals who are primary earth energies, whose first place for growth is the earth dimension, they are recognizing since 11:11 a new seeding. Now they are going to want to begin moving through the highest levels of human experience, the psychic, and on into the ascended levels.

Those of you whose energy is not primary earth experience—who are nonetheless working through the wheel—you are going to find that the psychic focus is not so much a part of your desire, because it is easy [for you] to accomplish. You’re going to find yourselves more directed toward the work I’m giving in the workshops right now, the ascended work.

In the January workshop, we talked about such things as seeing energy and bi-locating. Let me make it clear that I am not meaning for you to start concentrating on what we have called phenomena. I would still direct people away from the detours that physical experience can give, although I recognize that they are a part of a beginning pathway. In teaching you to find, define, and use your psychic gifts—meaning your mental gifts—I am specifically working to make you comfortable with the ability spirit has through form. In order for you to use that ability, you’ve got to know that it’s there, and you’ve got to stop being afraid of it. It is not that I want you to be able to see auras, but that, by understanding your energy, knowing the feel of it, and being able to leave it and merge with other energy, you are going to be able to make greater use of the abilities spirit has in you, such as a higher level of healing, the ability to bi-locate, the ability to realize your unity.

This is a time of change. You need to learn how your new body works, what else you can do. But unlike your psychic abilities—the only way you can use your ascended abilities is to work in higher mind and with ascended mind. If you do so, those abilities cannot become a detour, they cannot become a phenomenal side-track.

Physical Responses to 11:11

Your physical body and your physical world are both responding to what is going on with your spiritual world. As a part of the preparation of the physical vessel, the first thing that you’re going to see is that, about mid-January and perhaps as late as April, the physical body is clearing out and cleaning up. The mental and emotional body is doing the same thing. Specific symptoms of that experience may be that your digestive tract may be cleaning out a lot. You may be finding that your diet is making some radical changes, that your body is acting like—and I mean this—a pregnant woman, because you have been seeded and you have new life growing within you.

Emotionally, that’s also coming through. You are finding yourself at such a heightened state of sensitivity that your emotions are inconsistent. Even when you are able to think, when you are able to consciously choose how you are going to act, you’re hearing the process happen, you see it more clearly—and you catch it more quickly.

But those are just symptoms that you’re experiencing. More important is something I don’t want you to dismiss. One of the things that you are going to be experiencing is hearing that still small voice inside of you that no longer is a still small voice. You are going to be very aware of when you are not behaving in an ascended fashion, when your patterns are old and non-workable. You cannot help but be honest with yourself. This is perhaps the greatest sign of that ascendancy, because, remember, choosing love in your actions, the first three Rays spiritualized, creates the basic foundation of life force on this planet.

So how do you know if you’re working in ascendancy; what does the body feel, if anything? One of the things the body feels is a light energy flow, pounding from the inside, rushing the blood through from about the heart up. You can move into that fairly easily. The system’s higher chakra centers are activated, so that you’re moving as if the heart were the root now—and it is—up through the chakras in the etheric. Your chakra system has changed, explaining the physical response.

Post-11:11 Blues

There is absolutely no reason in the world to experience the post-partum depression that many of you have allowed yourselves to indulge in. It’s only when you’re allowing yourself to fall back into the old patterns and you’re being hit on the head for it that you feel the guilt that sucks your energy from you and moves you into a depression. Remember that—depression is not an emotional response; it is a biochemical response. It is literally the body taking charge, and the body takes charge because of several things. When you are acting in patterns of routine, the body no longer puts out those chemicals that make you feel good, because you’re acting in routine. It’s not having to respond, it’s not having to anticipate, it’s not having to stay ahead of you and be active. Inactivity—this is going to get all of the doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists gritting their teeth, but inactivity—or rote pattern activity—is the major cause of your clinical depression.

So get yourself active and do not fear to step out and learn to try these new wings that you’re starting to grow.

But let me also comfort a bit with this. That particular experience of great love and profound energy that you experienced at 11:11 that allowed you to be your ascended self, when you went to move that into the regular world, all of a sudden you did not have the help of two hundred people—or three hundred people, or twenty people, wherever you were—adding to that energy. The key is to learn to remember what it was like on that day, to visualize it.


Unity in an ascended experience becomes not only the choice of loving action, but the work of a loving mind, as well. In the workshops I’m teaching you to learn how to move yourself into the basic essence of your energy and allow that to mingle with another’s. You then find out what is needed for them because you ask what you yourself need when you’re in that state of union. That is that next step.

But there is a level of unity beyond that. It’s the next phase, and that is the unity of allowing yourself literally—in the very same way that you learn to unite in action and then unite in mind and etheric energy with others: humans, plants, creatures—to allow yourself the opportunity to unite fully with the guardianship that you have been here to work with. That unity is a stepping aside that is different from a releasing of ego. I am not talking about letting go of who you are; I need who you are—the quirks, the wild upbringing, the interesting versions of how you see things. I need your ego. I just don’t need your resistance. Instead of resisting, it is a choosing to channel with your eyes open—functioning as you walk through the world.

It is allowing yourself consciously to move over, to get out of the way—to allow the Light to infuse you, to allow the angels, the Guardians, to use you, to move into your energy. It is, by your willing acquiescence, moving over beyond what you even think of as your personal choice, uniting with the mind of the Source and acting as a planetary overlord, as a guardian.

Spirit will be using you. But when you allow yourself consciously to move over, to put the form’s awareness into it, then you become a partner, a co-creator, in the work that is coming through. Therefore, when you consciously choose, in any situation, to “move over, I want to be used for the highest in the situation,” then your awareness is going to be triggered into it.

Spirit needs your eyes; it doesn’t need your hands. It needs your eyes, it needs your mind. It needs to know how you think, so it can learn how to behave.

Those individuals who, first, have a natural channeling ability, second, who are pre-seeded because they are already non-earth energy, or who, through the 11:11 experience, never let go of that ascended awareness, and therefore their light has never shut down—those individuals are going to find, likely first through dreams or a sense of being watched, an introduction to a new energy, a new friendly light show above. Perhaps in your dreams you meet somebody new, or you’re in a situation where you have a teacher. Pay attention.

One of the things you will sense is being watched. You may sense being touched. You may see light-surrounded shadowed forms. You may. Or you may not experience any of that, but still be used. But if you do experience it, it is because, as spirit touches more into your energy, you become more familiar with spirit, also, which allows you to see something you’ve turned off for a very long time. Or had no ability to connect with at all.

It is an overshadowing of spirit. You move over, and you realize, “Here’s what I can do to help.”

The Return of Goddess Energy

Through the opening of this Gateway, the “god” energy that has perpetuated the patriarchal movement in this society has begun a very strong push back to its origin, cycling around again to the strong goddess energy that the society started from. Spirit attached to choosing love in your actions—which are very masculine in this society—becomes, in ascendancy, choosing the loving actions. It’s the goddess work in manifestation.

This is important; world-wide it’s having an effect. By fall it’s going to have a very strong economic and governmental/political effect. Feminine energy is moving into a very strong statement right now. Your society has been working in a very strong masculine, patriarchal imbalance. Now, with the opening of this doorway and the strong surge of spirit energy, allowing that spirit energy to touch you—move over, so that you can be used—your feminine, spirit energy is being that much more charged. There becomes a balance of your form (masculine energy) with your spirit (feminine energy). With the strong push through from 11:11, you have an abundance of that feminine, creative energy, allowing goddess energy back into the realm. It’s going to show up as problem solving. You’ll feel a lightening of the load you are carrying—by fall, the difficulties and the challenges that so many of you have been facing—by the fall. You will find new problem-solving ability, new markets, new understandings, new governments, new—rebirth.

The Year of Completion

Complete means raised, used, functioning at the highest level of awareness. Therefore, the energy of this coming year is toward having the keenest focus you’ve ever had, using your abilities to the highest level possible—or at least not allowing them to create guilt, not allowing them to hold you back, not storing them to the side to judge yourself with later.

Completing means taking a step into something new. Completion is not just ending what was, except that, with 11:11, what you have done is end the old and open the door to the new. And in that sense you completed what humanity needed to complete.

The work now is that of the realized self, in a full knowing, choosing what you do and don’t need, and acting on that choice. It’s recognizing your wholeness, realizing it, being it, living it. And that’s very, very important. As this year progresses, you are going to be finding yourself in situations in which you recognize that you no longer have the choices, where you realize that your happiness is based upon a bigger picture, something you’re moving toward, rather than the immediate right now. You’re moving into that next dimension—literally—of experience, in which you are aware of your spiritual mission. You are complete with what you were, and humanity is ready to move into what it is designed to be.

Phoenix’s Work

Phoenix is going to begin making a stronger presence out in the community. What I’ve been doing is pushing you to serve and to experience what comes to you when you’re serving; pushing you to get out there, to teach, to know what it is you think, to know how you present yourself. And, of course, that is asking you to get out there and stumble and fall on your face. But many of you are able to get up and dust off your wings and shine. Sometimes you had to fall several times before you finally got up with a shine, but you are learning.

I have been working to get you out in the world to become the greatest example there can be that love works. Now I’m suggesting that you figure out what it is you are doing, pull it together into a system, and put that out there. I am going to urge you to come teach, because you have a perspective no one else has. By inviting more people in, hooked by your particular perspective, it’s going to open the door for this to become more of the communal learning experience that it’s designed to be.

Many people won’t be coming here to learn, although there will be offerings for them. Instead they may be saying to you, “What is it you are doing? Here’s what’s going on with me.” And you need to know what it is you did, how it worked, what the teachings were. For instance, somebody says to you, “I’ve tried every diet in the book, and I just can’t seem to lose this weight.” Well, you know that the weight is just the wall they have built from the world, but there’s something else going on there. And you know some of the things that will help them touch in to that.

The things that I have been teaching the warriors and assistants, the specific training for that service is the sort of thing you are going to be giving out in a very powerful process. Here is the book, the manual for living it, and it’s taught here.

But first, it begins with your knowing what it is that you do.