As she did for our previous issue, Jeanean Jacobs prepared questions for this interview and traveled to Lexington to discuss them with Samuel. Thanks once again, Jeanean!

In the last newsletter interview you stated that changing Densities is going to allow for more direct contact into other dimensions. Putting that together with other statements you have made recently, such as “Your DNA holds your blueprint, but it also holds the imprint of your particular galactic colony or group” and “Guardians are not limited by our space-time, time-space reality,” what are some of the possibilities that might come from us having awareness of our galactic identity?

If you, as human, have a stronger connection with your galactic family, for your human self it matters very little. You might recognize that you draw to you more who have the same kinds of thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the way the world works or what you’re experiencing at the time and how you’re experiencing it.

More, though, it’s going to have an effect on the Light-messaging function within your DNA, and by way of the shifts that are going on within your human structure, that’s going to allow your family DNA, if you will, to begin creating a stronger structure within it.

For most individuals, as you begin functioning at higher frequencies, you also begin functioning at higher Densities. [For an explanation of Densities, go to] As you function at higher Densities you become more capable of leaving this dimension, and as you do this, as you consciously move through your space-time and that which is beyond, you’ll likely run into your own ancient connections, be that your galactic family, be that your Groups of Twelve, be that energies that are choosing to cross your path and work with you in one way or another. So, with all of those, the higher the frequency you work at, the more you change and the more you’re going to have access.

Does that mean you have more access to your Entity?

No, not so much. Your Entity, on the other hand—and I’m using both small-e and large-E entity here—the personality that you are now connects to your small-e entity, which then connects to that big-E Entity. If the personality that you are is connected with your large-E Entity it probably means you are dead; that’s kind of how that works. As much as I say you are functioning in Oneness, you are a part of the Law of One; you don’t actually have that full Oneness until you’re not thinking through your personality’s brain. There are several ways you can stop thinking through the brain, but the most typical one is death.

However, connecting with your small-e entity is a function of the mastery of any personality line you have had in your various life experiences. Connecting with the small-e entity means you connect with what most people think of as God. However, connecting with your Entity changes everything. With the Density change in your world, that connection is not only going to be through your personality essence, but it will also allow you contact with every unseen high-frequency being that has been a part of your experience through that personality. That’s going to create a kind of feedback loop in which what’s going on with you is much more strongly empowered.

At the Density change you’re going to start pretty immediately seeing some of the greatest changes coming about in you. Those changes have to do with the releasing of your humanity, allowing your Light Body to take over further, which allows your genetic blueprint to be fully activated. The result is that those previously unneeded, unused strands begin allowing all of your senses to be shifted up a notch, heightened. Tuning in to energy that’s here but unseen will be much easier. Being able to see the energy of another will be very commonplace. As a result of that, your ability to tune in to your gut, to your intuitive self, to that little voice in your head—the healthy voices in your head—will also be amplified.

What you do in ritual will be greatly amplified, and I’m very interested to see what, if anything, I will be doing with ritual—certainly with this set of Guardians—because your energy will be such that all of the pretty little things that make up a ritual won’t be needed. You should be able to come together, decide a group Intent, put that Intent out there, and that’s it. I look forward to that, by the way.

How is that a service to the One?

Your ability to connect with other functions of life within your universe will also change because you are connecting in through your genetic communications with your galactic family, with the entity that you are, with all of the unseen you have worked with. These sound like simple things, but they are massive.

The downfall of all of this: you will find yourself becoming impatient with you because you know more about what is possible. You may become impatient with yourself because you don’t like the choices that you’re still making based on the third-Density function or fourth-Density function. You will see those choices more easily. You will have a communication stream going from your heart into the Source Field. Some are going to love that, some are going to hate it, and some will never have any idea what I’m talking about.

How can we expand our ability to integrate information gained from our increased access to those multidimensional realities?

First, learn to know what is you and what is not you. Learn to trust when you know it’s not you.

Second—and I have been working to make a point of this since the energy changes earlier in this year—make sure that you are claiming “I am a function of the Law of Love, the Law of One,” recognizing your wholeness with Source. Everything in your third-Density world and continuing somewhat through fourth, is about bringing balance. That means it is not all functioning as One, because there is always a part of humanity that chooses to go its own way, to be Lone Rangers, to do their own thing.

For every act of love there very often is an act of that which is not love, an act of fear, simply because—on an energetic level only, not as a personality effect—the amount of energy put out here needs to be balanced with it being put out there. It’s all about balance.

The changes going on right now with Vesta-Helios, allowing a greater influx of integrated energy as opposed to dualistic energy, will change this, but right now, as you are functioning more and more in your Light Body, your human self fights it. Your human self fights it as a survival mechanism. It’s a natural response. I’m not saying it’s a good one; it’s a natural one. That human connection is fear-based because it’s all about survival. As a result of that, in your world there has become a great belief in the idea of “bad,” “evil.” And with that much mass consciousness focused on those negative constructs there is indeed that which is not helping the Workers of Light.

As you function at higher and higher frequencies, you become more aware of that which drags you down, holds you down, says “Oh, don’t bother doing this. It’s not that necessary. It doesn’t matter. You’re not making a difference.” It’s the little devil on your shoulder, so to speak, that for a Guardian, lures you toward inaction. The worst thing a Guardian can do is not act, not serve. So it causes a system of justification that says, “I don’t need to do this. I can wait. I can do it tomorrow.” You need to be prepared for this. In September particularly, you’re going to be seeing a lot of it in the world. So, as you empower, you’re going to be faced with a tremendous amount of opposition—from yourself and from your world.

Raising our frequency increases our magnetism, our ability to draw like energy. How will that help us connect to our multidimensional aspects?

By “magnetism” I assume you are referring to the molecular being that you are, which you think of as that part of you drawing Light. Well, “like attracts like,” and the frequency that you are functioning at is going to draw to you energy which functions at a like energy from any dimensional reality within the universe.

How will the shift from Word to Thought help us to develop a new relationship with ourselves, and our ability to function as Spirit?

If you are not aware of that change, you probably would not ever think, “Oh, we are moving into a new way of creating at this point,” simply because it’s not a part of your functional reality. It doesn’t mean you’re not affected by it, but insofar as recognizing it goes, you probably won’t.

However, Guardians function differently. Most Guardians’ natural instinct is to flow in a very harmonized way, using Intent, Thought, Word, Deed all together, because ultimately a Guardian has access to each original Twelve, however far up the line that connection might be. Human nature doesn’t have the instinct to flow in harmony through Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed; human nature relies on each specific creation point (Intent or Thought or Word or Deed), and how they react with each individually.

Think about the difference between Intent and Thought. “I intend to bake a cake.” Thought becomes something more specific: “It will be a chocolate cake.” This world is moving from solid form, Deed, to Word to Thought to Intent as you function higher and lighter. Going from Word to Thought is a whole different animal. Word is a creation point: I AM. Thought is the masculine-feminine creation itself. It’s the difference between little-c creator and big-C Creator, moving from Word into Thought pretty much opens the door for what your world has always called magic, that ability to manifest at will, and all of the dangers that comes with it.

At the last Pittsburgh Lifescapes you said, it’s not creating a whole new world, it’s creating a whole new self. You added, working with our multidimensional aspects is going to create a whole new playing field. And you said, “Don’t hold on to the old. Make a choice which solidifies the new.”


How would consciously seeding new neural pathways help Guardians create that new self and solidify the shift?

I always want Guardians to be conscious about whatever they’re doing at any time. Good luck with that. But if you want to create a new self, that is going to require new neural pathways, at least in every area which does not work with the new self you are creating.

My big point in Pittsburgh was that you really need to start over. You really need to be willing to release what has been and create what you need, and to do that you need to know what it is you want. Just deciding that you choose to function in a new reality begins rewiring your brain as it is. But taking it a step farther, I want you to think about creating a new reality that allows fourth-Density function to rule, and all of the changes that that would involve. I’d also like to suggest that you look to function as your Light Body, not as your form body.

When you’re functioning in fourth Density—or, for those who are going to moving higher because they’re already functioning in fourth Density—you’re still tied in ego; you just have control of it. Your Light Body has nothing to do with ego, so stop for just a moment and give yourself a quick look at what living in this world would be like from the viewpoint of your Light Body with no ego. Now, of course you cannot fully process anything close to that, but you can give yourself a sense of how different it would be.

There is a rabbit that lives in EarthLight’s yard and the few surrounding yards—it actually lives under their porch. If you were a little wild rabbit and this human walked up close to you, what would you think? You would think, “Giant! Great giants have come into my life! Are those giants going to take my grass, my carrots, my apples?” Every thought comes through the experiences of that little rabbit brain.

You think about everything through your human brain. But, as I have said over the last couple of years, your human brain and your heart brain and your gut brain all work together as a communication function within your body and outside your body. You have many more neural impulses within your digestive tract than in the brain itself, but even putting all those three brains together, you’re not going to be able to accurately imagine what your Light Body would see here. If it was purely your Light Body functioning here, one thing you would know for sure is it would not function in fear; it would always, always choose love. It would not think twice about what it takes to manifest what is needed, because that’s how it rolls, so to speak. You would not have to think about “What do I need to do to take care of this body?” because what you needed would be there at the time. You would feed off of the Light, so to speak, to feed that Light Body.

Create a reality in which your Light Body rules with just enough of a shell to function in humanity, but not enough of one to run things. Thinking of it that way can be a perspective that is by far more useful. Yes you’ve got to create a new self for that, and it’s going to have a new reality.

It’s just a bigger leap.

Yes, it’s just a bigger leap. Insofar as consciously creating new neural pathways is concerned, one of the best ways to do that is to sing—really—because you are activating several important aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves all at once. Singing doesn’t have to use words, but if you sing what it is you’re trying to implant, you’re going to find in the fourth Density that it starts implanting more quickly. That will also be true for things you need to remember at work or school. Sing it to yourself; you’re going to activate faster. And that’s because the fourth Density relies much more on sound and light, which is also color, than third Density could possibly do.

The second way to create more neural pathways is to create a mantra; now I would say to actually sing that mantra. A mantra is simply a few words that you repeat over and over, and that creates a new neural pathway. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And make it a positive, already-in-the-future statement: “I AM whole.”

To release my old timelines, I recently had an experience of imagining my electrons, thinking of them as living light in a wave form, charged with magnetic force, spinning out in all directions and dimensions at once to reach out to all the other aspects of myself that have mastery over a subject I needed a greater perspective on.


I imagined seeing it as a neurological feedback loop of information from them to me. I got an answer instantly, which allowed me to recognize that my old perspective was not the only version and to release the old by cutting the bay’unz and replacing them by creating a new timeline. Maybe I should sing it now, too.

You might be very, very surprised at how effective that is.

Is this a reasonable way of creating a new timeline?

Well, obviously it’s one good way because it worked for you. Is it something that would be effective for everyone? You don’t know until you try.

Let me ask you a couple of questions about what you were doing, though. When you say electrons, do you mean your molecular structure generally, or specifically the electrons that move around the core of the atom?

I was specifically thinking of electrons moving around an atom as a way to connect, as an access point.

I would suggest that you change that to photons, because photons communicate within your cells and are abundant throughout your universe. Depending on where you are within your world, atoms and photons are all about communication, and that’s what you’re going for here.

But you don’t have to make it complex. You don’t have to know the science of it. Just have the Intent, “I want to make these connections.” If you find that’s not working to bring you to what is it you’re asking about, then take it a little further and then further. Most people, love, don’t need to start out with a hard visualization. They might not find it quite as effective for them.

I just like science. It’s fun.

Actually, I love it. I think that that visualization encompasses the whole process of reestablishing a reality. I’m sorry I didn’t think of your visualization. Furthermore, it relates back to your earlier question when you were talking about connecting into that entity and gaining information from it. It’s a good way to consciously do that.

You have said that our solar deity, Vesta-Helios is changing the way it has filtered the energy coming into our world, which means the energy reaching the earth would no longer be differentiated. It’s the release of duality which will change the nature of creation in our world. What will be the result of this change?

The first thing that I want to say is that this energy coming through is an integrated energy, as opposed to a dualistic energy. It is not that it’s undifferentiated, because it still has many qualities to it. For example, you have brown eyes and dark hair, but these are just different parts of your whole. So a singular force can be differentiated, and that’s important because each one of those sections draws its own like energy.

Energy coming from the Source Field is a singular force. As it moves through the universe, it draws its own charge and, simply by movement, it collects like energy within all of the differences of that singular force. It draws this energy from life force in whatever form it’s found throughout the universe.

Your planet’s Grid has kept away much of the energy coming to your planet. The singular energy from the Source Field was diverted through Helios-Vesta (older), now Vesta-Helios, acting as the last filter for your planet. The energy would come through Alcyone (older) or Sirius and, since it was coming to a world working through duality, the energy would split, leaving the heaviest mass of like energy to flow through Vesta-Helios and on to earth. Now the split moves through Vesta-Helios as a single force once again. The single force no longer expresses dualism, which was always a very human construct. Still, the example of dualism helps because it amplifies the understanding of individuated Oneness.

When Helios-Vesta shifted to Vesta-Helios, it started that process. Individuated oneness establishes a life force that connects with each other—itself. Dogs connecting with dogs, more or less, in a far greater way than ever before. But it also connects with that outside of itself in a Oneness that has not been experienced before—dog connecting with human, and humans connecting with other humans, and, as many Guardians have been experiencing, even humans connecting not only with mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, but with energy outside of humanity—the Other.

It’s an evolutionary issue and it’s very unlikely, at least I hope it’s very unlikely, that you’re going to be in your body long enough to see anything more than what a Guardian would notice, as opposed to what a human would notice, which is probably nothing.

So it’s not about what we are doing to support it, it’s about the shift supporting us.

Actually, it is going to have greater effect upon your planetary being, and be big help—your planet doesn’t really need help—by allowing it to function at its best rather than in spite of all the damage happening on its surface.

It will do that for you as well, but Guardians are already tuned in that direction. If you want to do something to help, you might want to focus your energy on earth changes and doing what you can to soften their effects, because you will be seeing massive change to your planet. You’re going to see it in weather patterns, volcanic patterns, earthquake patterns, and those three issues can create a lot of havoc. You can’t stop those things happening; you shouldn’t stop them, but you can soften the effect by your conscious connection into that greater whole and seeing it as a good thing.

You have said that all functions of Light are stored at the sixth Density, so that DNA templates for all of life force are there (essentially as color and sound). Can light and sound be used to help Guardians or the Plan at this time? How can Guardians expand their Light-language vocabulary?

What’s a Light-language vocabulary?

You’ve talked about how we organize information and the shifts in our brain so that we are not relying on the associative process. It seems to me that we would need a new way of dealing with information and communicating with Spirit. What is that new way?

Well, here is the thing. Light is the means by which your body communicates with itself, as I said earlier, and the way that you communicate with the Universe. It’s the way your Light Body—hello, Light—communicates with your body of dense mass.

It is the means by which energy is transmitted across the universe. It is everything.

But we function so subjectively. Isn’t that a limitation if we’re communicating multi-dimensionally?

But you see, that’s also pretty much a necessity. You’re going to go out into the next dimension and you’re going to connect in to an energy which is either going to show itself to you as something that you can’t remember because it is so far beyond your ability to recognize it that your brain has nothing to associate with it, or it’s going to translate that energy into something you can connect with. And you know that expression “I don’t care what you call me, just call me for dinner” or something like that. Higher frequency energy basically sees humans as children, that three-year-old that I kept referring to at that Lifescapes.

You know how a parent is able to figure out what a toddler is saying, even though it is speaking in ways that nobody but its family can understand. It’s a lot like that when you’re outside of your human body. Life force functions as a communal consciousness, and can only receive what its frequency will allow. That information might come to you in wholeness, but your recognition of it is adapted to what you can associate with and recognize.

You can visualize Light, and I think one of the best ways for you to do that is to use a good quartz crystal. There are other minerals, but quartz works very well. Put it on the area of your pineal [indicating center of forehead], which is essentially the retina of your Light Body, close your eyes, and wait. You will start seeing color. What’s happening is Light is coming into your body, being amplified and accelerated by that quartz, and it’s talking to your genetics. Your DNA and RNA respond to that Light. As you may know, your science has used a piece of DNA to store outside information. That’s what this Light experiment shows you. You are receiving Light and storing it, and it’s going to come up with the meaning of that information as you become more capable of making associations with it.

So how can light and sound and other techniques be used to help Guardians at this time?

Techniques make you feel good, but they’re not really needed, and the higher the frequency you work at, the less you need any technique because you’re able to create what’s needed by way of your Intent.

I found last year, much to my distress, that this group doesn’t want to work with sound and movement, even though those are the very things that work to activate the knowing within you of what’s coming in by way of Light force and the energy around you to help you translate that information. Playing with sound and anchoring it with movement has very good effects, but so will sitting quietly, clearing your mind, opening your heart and listening. But most people do not take the time to listen and practice internal voice meditating. So I often wonder what use any technique I give is. Well that sounded pretty pitiful. [Laughs]

The more you’re able to know yourself, the more you can distinguish what is coming from outside of you. When you know that, everything that we have discussed in this interview so far becomes the techniques you can use to understand what information you are attracting so that you can make use of it. But that’s going to require you to give yourself time to see which of these techniques work for you and then practice, practice, and practice. Don’t limit yourself by thinking “This is going to do it” or “This works for everyone.” It doesn’t. It can’t. It won’t. Instead, look for what you are willing to continue doing, and do it.

Sit and be quiet. Sing your Intents. Play with what you’re hearing and put it all together, recognizing that it is ultimately about individuated Oneness. Recognize that it’s not a foundation of fear but a foundation of Love. And you’ll get everything you need, when you need it, without the problem of your head being involved.