At the recent Retreat you mentioned changes that have happened as a result of the Summer Solstice of 2015. For instance, you mentioned physical changes, emotional/mental changes, and spiritual changes that would take place in the months that followed. Please go into more depth about those changes and how they were manifested in Guardians, in mass consciousness, and within life force as a whole.

There have been three major energetic waves leading to a stronger Ascension effect. It’s all the same kind of energy in that it’s not specific to physical, mental/emotional or spiritual, but when you have already activated the lower common denominator—the physical—then the next waves affect the mental, which includes the emotional, and then spiritual, which started at the beginning of this September and is continuing with a big boost again at the equinox—pay attention to the equinox—and will wind down into November.

The first energy wave related to the physical self, and worked on mutating your genetic structure. Remember that just breathing your air mutates your genes, so it’s not like these massive energy bursts—and they have been massive—were going to leave you with two noses, or would help you—as some people are hoping—totally regenerate a new body. It’s not going to do that. It did not do that.

What it did do immediately for everyone across the world was basically show you what wasn’t working in your physical anymore. You started becoming aware, in September of last year, that maybe your sore knee was sorer than ever before, or your hip wasn’t going to manage as well as it had been, or your feet needed to have something done, or heart, or brain, or kidneys, or liver—doesn’t matter. The actual physical form was pushed into creating those effects. But the energy transmissions were not to really create those effects; it was to stimulate greater genetic information flowing through the body, communicating through the body on a higher level, a greater level than ever before.

You said “across the planet,” so are you including mass consciousness and life force?

I’m including mass consciousness and life force.

The physical effect was first on Guardians. Remember that you’ve been working on core issues, so any core issue having to do with the way you see yourself—the way you take care of yourself or don’t take care of yourself, or do not see yourself well—is going to affect Guardians first. As a result of that, pretty well across the board, Guardians have been going through a lot. Guardians typically experience something first, which opens the door for others to then say, “I can do that too,” and move through it.

Ideally, Guardians have been dealing with their physical stuff with grace. Wrong! Present company excluded, of course.

Paula: [Laughing] Thank you.

As she sits here in a great boot splint from her second foot surgery.

But the fact is, it has brought about a lot of confusion: “Why am I experiencing this?” “What is happening? Am I coming apart?” Truthfully, everybody, not just Guardians, is experiencing karma in a very big way. The important thing to remember is that, as you work through these physical issues, as you work through the mental/emotional issues to the point where you are right now with a great amount of spiritual issues coming your way, you have greater control over what you can do within your body, and with your body, than you probably have ever had, certainly in your adulthood. And that’s because the whole purpose of the first, physical wave was to get your—I’m going to use a different word from genetic structure now— blueprint further activated. So that’s having an effect on Guardians and mass consciousness.

Again, what I said about the physical wave applies to all three— Guardians, mass consciousness, and life force as a whole—with the same type of changes. Look at what you, David and Paula, have seen in your own creatures all of a sudden, because they’re also dealing with the same kind of genetic communication and change, even your plants. Everything is more sensitive, dying off, showing its weaknesses, but not for the purpose of “Oh good, you’re going to get to be more sensitive,” or “Adios!” None of that. Those are byproducts of a greater sensitivity all working toward that greater Oneness.

Now, the second wave has affected the mental/emotional with Guardians differently from mass consciousness. A Guardian is always going to have amplification of any energy that comes through simply because functioning at the frequency that they do, they are much more sensitive to any energy changes.

Additionally, awakened Guardians—unfortunately they are not all awakened—particularly those who are conscious of the energy coming in, have learned to pay attention to what they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, how they’re emoting, and any spiritual changes as well. So Guardians tend to get more out of these energy waves. Nonetheless, for Guardians, starting at the beginning of the year with the pinnacle being in March, core issues to do with their emotional and mental self are what came up.

Like what is going on with the plants and the animals and actually the planet itself, your brain is being restructured—thank goodness! Unfortunately, that tends to create heart and digestive issues. Digestive issues have a lot to do with the way you think, while your heart has a lot to do with the way you feel. As you know, your science is recognizing that the neural connections are greater in the gut and the heart than they had once thought, that neural connections are so much a part of the heart and gut that you have, in effect, a head brain, a heart brain, and a gut brain.

For mass consciousness it’s been more of an emotional level issue: not so much core issues, but more like having a hair trigger, being quicker to react. They have been quicker to cry, quicker to get angry—believe me, mostly quicker to get angry—quicker to have those very fiery emotional responses right off the bat. So, because those kind of responses generally are not socially acceptable, they tend to be stuffed inside and create a different kind of emotional expression altogether.

So you see, across the world, acting out and depression—and even borderline mental illness—are showing up more than ever before. “Why, thank you, Universe, for this wonderful flow of energy!”

But that is the reactive quality to it. That is the side-effect of it. The intention of the energy, and what it is doing in the larger picture, is creating a stronger heart, brain, gut response than ever before. It’s creating clearer paths for communication within the body and a stronger energy flow from those areas outside of the body.

The second wave hasn’t affected the planet itself as much. The mineral, the animal and the plant kingdoms’ response is to develop a much greater ability to function as one within a group soul, or as one with other life forms for those already individuated. Whereas several months ago your dogs communicated with each other by body language and little sounds, today— except when they fall back into habit—they are communicating with each other by looking—telepathically. What they’re actually doing is responding to a stronger connection to the group soul, and because of that they’re living in one another. You will see that, especially in groups of dogs that live together as opposed a creature that is someone’s only pet. You will also see it a lot in the wild creatures, because they have to be much more attuned to changes in their environment.

There are not so many changes in the planet itself simply because the planet isn’t making its changes in steps like the life force on the planet is. For the planet it is pretty much all or nothing. What you see are fluctuations. If you remember, you did work to help elevate the plant and the animal kingdoms—that was a step. The planet itself doesn’t work that way.

The third wave, the last wave, began at the beginning of September, and that is the spiritual wave. The spiritual wave, unlike the physical and mental/emotional ones, is not going to touch into your blueprint. The spiritual wave is affecting the areas of your genetic material that have been waiting.

You have been slowly and surely activating that material over the last five years, perhaps—I’m really bad at your time—by way of specific consciousness, by way of [spiritual] exercises, by way of gamma radiation always hitting your planet, so even without massive downloads of energy, you’ve been experiencing some of that on a regular basis.

For Guardians this speaks not only of a greater integration or transfiguration of the spirit functioning in the form, but it also speaks—and this is very important—of your ability to wield your higher frequencies more easily, more successfully. Another way to say that is, you’re going to be feeling your power more. The down side of that—feeling your power more—is that anybody who is still not willing to deal with their power—afraid of it, for instance—is going to be very conflicted at this time and is going to have fear issues come up, which is pretty dangerous.

Mass consciousness is awakening, ideally, and if awakened, then activating. This period is going to cover close to three months of massive awakening. Be looking especially for religious leaders of all kinds to be making statements, some of which will be low-level, reactive, outrageous, but some of which are going to be toward unity and oneness.

Remember that part of this time period will incorporate the presidential election in the United States, so I’m very interested to see what comes of that. Generally any massive energy outpouring creates a certain amount of chaos, because change creates a certain amount of fear.

Spiritual awakening in this day and age requires letting go of a part of oneself that is trusted and familiar— the part you grew up with, your cultural acceptance of religion instead of personally empowered spirituality.

In the past, any energy outpouring of this sort has created greater illusion, pretty well led by the religious right. That hold has been loosening. Guardians should be sending energy to that process. But ideally, over these next three months [September through November] many people will loosen their religious bonds rather than tightening them. Realize, just for a moment, that loosening religious bonds during the time of an election in your country would be something of a miracle. So if you see that happen, give yourself a big pat on the back, because you will deserve it.

Plants, creatures, the planet itself—they’re just going to keep doing what they are doing, and they are not going to notice such massive change. Having said that, I want you to remember that when I spoke about Guardians at the beginning of this interview, I was also talking about Guardian plants and Guardian animals, and I usually add the planetary nature of the earth itself as a part of that.

I wonder if you could clarify a couple of things. You mentioned changing the blueprint. That might be confusing, since we can’t actually change our blueprints.


Could you clarify how that happens?

Yes. Thank you. When I say with regard to these energetic downloads that there is a certain amount of change that is possible in your blueprint, I’m not saying your human self, working at even the highest frequency it is capable of, makes it happen. It’s going to happen because the Entity you are is directing the blueprint to shift with this energy. So it’s not “I was born with this heart defect, and now I’m going to get rid of it.” The changes in your blueprint are not that sort of shift. They always have to do with the ways your body communicates with itself rather than the effects that come from that.

While you are functioning as a human, what you have set up in your blueprint in this life is not going to change, with the exception of your ability to better use what you have, which is what that communication is all about.

You mentioned the Ascension effect hitting the mineral, animal and plant kingdoms, but I thought the mineral kingdom was already ascended.

It is.

So how would that affect it?

I tossed in the mineral because you always think animal, vegetable, mineral, and I was assuming you got that mineral is already ascended. It’s not going to have much effect on it. Having said that, though, I hope you have been noticing that your personal minerals’ effect on you has been changing. That’s not really because of their change, although they are definitely stimulated. It’s more because these changes within you are allowing you to better connect with them.

You said there would be religious leaders giving two kinds of messages—the fundamentalist message and the unifying message—but that has always been the case. I know you’re meaning to imply some kind of change.

Enough that the typical person will be really aware of it. Remember it’s all about the matrix, the illusion. I often relate religion to the illusion, and your spirituality to the truest of what you are. Of course, as long as you’re in form there’s going to be illusion attached to it, but what you’re going to see is a strong fundamentalist stance likely on one or two issues. Something’s going to come up that will create the kind of response you saw about abortion in the eighties and early nineties. Massive issues like that that are going to create either division or, on the other hand, unity. But it’s going to be led by spiritual individuals working for unity or religious individuals creating division.

You said recently that there is nothing a person can do to stop the Ascension process going on within them at the cellular level. How does one’s effort, resistance or a willingness to be open to change affect things, if at all?

If I told you that I had wire-transferred $100,000 into your bank account, how would that affect you? Well some people would be really happy, and maybe start getting a few things done. Some people would call the bank just to make sure, because they would want to be absolutely positive before they did anything. And there would be some people, even if the bank said, “Yes, you did have $100,000 wired into your account just today,” who would say, “You’re in on this and it’s some kind of trick.”

That’s pretty much the responses to the Ascension process. You know that it’s there and as a result you are getting the benefit. You think it might be there, maybe you see it in this area but not in that one. Or you just say, “I don’t see it because my expectation says it’s going to look like this and it doesn’t.” You can do nothing about the Ascension process except speed it up. And you can speed it up by functioning in an ascended manner so that your frequency becomes adapted to those little spurts and it becomes a long-term thing.

The energy comes to you over a spectrum. Most will remain at the very start of that spectrum, and maybe notice a change, maybe not. But if you know it’s there and you “know” it’s there—and that’s asking a lot—you’re going to adapt more quickly, both because you see it and because you’re creating more of it out of your will and your ability to manifest. The more your body is capable of handling a higher frequency, the more you are going to be able to take the next step, and the next and the next, until you are functioning at the top and maybe—I don’t know—beyond that spectrum.

Toning has been a part of our spiritual work for many years, but recently you have stopped Toning sessions and begun having the group work with sound and movement. Please explain why and what will happen as a result of this.

I’ll repeat this for the benefit of those who were not at the Retreat.

First, remember that it’s not new for me to have you work with sound and movement. But the second thing to remember is that you teach me all the time. When I give you something and it doesn’t work, I’m going to either back away from it altogether and come and up with something else, or maybe wait for a more opportune time and try it again then.

When I first gave sound and movement, I gave it as a means of working on your physical energy. Some of you may remember a Retreat that had drumming and movement. It was effective enough for its purpose, but not nearly as effective as I wanted it to be. So I put it away and instead started working with you on sound without movement, and that sound went several different directions with exercises, including Toning.

Until a little over a year ago Toning was very effective, but after the Summer Solstice of 2015 life as you know it was very changed, and the energy frequency that would create the best balance within Guardians also changed. The problem with it was that, after much trial and error, it was recognized that you can’t hold that note [432-Hz high A] consistently, at least not enough to create a masculine-feminine energy balance with the majority in the circle using that note. It wasn’t happening. Try harder; still wasn’t happening. Try even harder; still wasn’t happening.

What I was seeing that had me finally say stop was that, because the 432 wasn’t working, people weren’t staying interested in Toning. There were a few diehards who just loved to Tone, or those who enjoyed the social aspect of it, of course, but not because they were getting an energetic change. In general, Guardians were saying, “I have other things I can do with my time.” When that starts happening, even I will say, “All right, what else can we do?”

Then came the springtime of 2016, with March’s mass energy influx bringing up a lot of core issues, and I saw many Guardians begin to physically respond to music in a way they had not before. I saw more rhythmic movement and hand-clapping or singing, and I said, “All right, we’re going to take an ancient means of expressing spirituality—sound, movement—and we’re going to use that as a means to raise and balance frequency.”

Now those who were at the Retreat know that I asked Connie Durning and Jill Fromelius—and they brought in Suzanne McIntosh—to teach a song and dance as a form of sound and movement. However, those who have been on trips as far back as Ireland experienced something quite similar when Steven taught something that was sound and movement—a song and dance.

It was a round.

Yes, it was done as a round, which is fine. It also involved movement, which puts the body aside by way of focus. Focusing on doing two things at one time— words, movement—that creates a meditative state. When you are capable of turning off all the outside noise because you’re focusing on the chair you’re sitting in or the color of the wall or sound and movement, you are in a very receptive mode.

But adding to it a Star Weaving, which is a ritual all on its own, and putting in a specific Intent for all of the participants to add to it—”This is going to be for healing Paula’s foot”—and everybody thinks of something specific that they’re going to keep in mind—opens a door to a less ritualized function of Creation power. I see as a big leap, a very big leap.

Toning worked objectively by using specific sounds, specific words, specific visualizations.


This new approach seems to be aimed more at the mental/emotional functions and eliciting a psychological effect through unity. Is that accurate to say?

That’s very accurate, but it also, by putting you in a receptive state, allows you to create an energy circuit where you are receiving more because you are being stimulated within—and that’s where I said that meditation process shows up—but it also has you doing work with sending out. I should toss in somewhere that sound and movement without putting an Intent to it, as it was done at the Retreat, isn’t going to be as effective. Putting the Intent to it is really desirable. So it’s not tuning you as Toning was meant to do; it’s using the tuning you now have, which, since the Solstice of 2015, has been at a higher level than you could ever achieve at Toning.

At the Retreat you taught a technique that enables Guardians to change their reality. Please explain what you mean by “reality” in this context, why you are teaching this now, and what you hope Guardians will gain from it.

We would end up doing a whole interview on that question alone. As a general answer, that is a very advanced teaching given in a very simple manner. What I was doing at the Retreat was a start. It was by no means something I would consider a complete teaching, nor would I expect that those who were there and got it firsthand are going to become, or did become, adept at it.

I plan to be teaching this in bits through the coming year. This is one of those things like taking up a new instrument: practice, practice, practice, practice. It’s not breaking it down into one, two, three, four and doing each little section perfectly and poof, there it comes. It’s not that kind of thing.

So I think it’s important for everyone to know that not being at the Retreat isn’t going to be a real disadvantage. This is a very complex work. It’s one of those things that I occasionally do to see what you can do with it. And as you know, I’ve done that in the past and  then said, “All right, that’s not going to work. Let’s do this instead.”

However, I think this is going to work, and when it does your dreams are going to shift radically. Your mind function—I don’t mean your brain here; I mean what your brain does that causes you to think—your mind process is going to see radical changes. And this isn’t going to be an arena in which those changes might not be good ones. These changes are going to be good ones because you are going to be determining what you want.

And the biggest thing I want out of it is to reach that point where you can change your experience of this illusion quickly, which will allow you to work within the experience of others, use it as a healing tool, a helping tool, an energizing tool.

Your discussion at the Retreat of African-Americans generated some follow-up questions. Would you like to say something about race relations as they are now and as they’re evolving?

Race relations in your country are terrible. Race relations across the world aren’t good, in some places much worse than others, but the main problem with the race relations in the United States that makes me say they are terrible is that most people would say they don’t see color, they don’t see different races. They have no idea of the nature of the ingrained cultural prejudice that they are expressing, and that [unconscious] prejudice is very different [from overt discrimination].

Imagine having a racial inheritance in which your particular race was owned, often treated less than animals, and had such an accumulation of memory and pain that it mutated the genetic structure in such a way that it holds that pain.

Choosing to come into this country black is specifically for Guardians and others who are functioning at a high enough frequency to have a particularly high level of awareness—and I am specifically saying black rather than African American, and meaning black rather than the much lighter skin colors that can come about. But Guardians especially have chosen it as a means to bring healing and change.

Non-black individuals in this country—Latinos and Asians, those from the Middle East and India, and on and on—have grown up with an ancestral heritage that says they are less than whites, and they would say, “Hey, we know what it is to be prejudiced against.” Women, people with physical and mental disabilities, the LGBTQ community—and there is a very long list of different sexual preferences—none of it is the same as what is going on, especially in your country, with that constant pressure that comes if you are black.

So your energy field connects into your body through a healing point and a primary energy point—which means that essentially you are working on a group soul, a racial soul. That is very powerful and very hard. And even black individuals who are successful and those who are as much a part of white society as those you know within this work, even they experience— from others in this work—unrealized prejudicial slights. Simply describing a person in a crowd by their skin color because that’s the obvious thing is saying you don’t get it.

Unfortunately, I really shook up the two I was talking to at the Retreat. What I was trying to do was point out that those Guardians who are not black, and thus not working to bring healing to a genetic, racial wound, will never experience the separation and pain that come from not only coming in with an energy healing input point for working through core issues, but also having a primary point for healing a cultural wound within racial memory. That primary point can’t be touched on the outside and felt like a typical healing point. Its hurt is on the inside. It has to do with that which is so much beyond an individual self that the primary is a link that very few in your society other than black African Americans can get it.

A group called Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, is creating a memorial park about lynchings. They have identified just about every one of the lynchings that took place between 1877 and 1950. They’re creating 800 columns, two for each county in the South where lynchings occurred. Once the park opens, the counties are invited to take one of those columns and create their own memorial locally. Of course, those that don’t take them will be making a big statement about who is willing to recognize what took place.

It’s shocking to be reminded the last ones happened so recently.

And I would say that they are still going on. They just take other forms. I’m thinking of policemen stopping and quickly shooting.

The lawyer who is behind this says that lynchings have been legalized, in effect. They are taking place in the courts because of the refusal to do away with the death penalty and the way it is used against blacks in the South.

And in the penal system as a whole. That is really good news. That’s a statement of trying to make change. That’s lovely.

Another question that came to us from the Retreat: “When I do the DNA exercises, I feel as if I change my reality. For example when merging with my `true self’ I become more loving, wiser and bigger. I also come down the seven steps changed, and I have had some outstanding manifestations. Please explain how the circle/portal/tunnel meditation you gave at the Retreat is different from the DNA exercises. Should we keep doing the DNA exercises as well?”

Well, they’re night and day. The DNA exercises work on who you are in your current time and space, whereas the . . . what did she call it?

Circle, portal, tunnel.

And that circle, portal, tunnel exercise—and I don’t have a name for it yet either—is about shifting out of where you are right now and moving into an altered reality. That’s a very big difference.