You added the label “The Return” in the promotions for the Summer Solstice event. Please explain what that means and why you did that.

The first thing I want you to remember is that the Grids have been detached. They’ve not been complete. They have been slowly healing, and healing is the best word because the Grid is a living thing. It’s not dead—it’s energy—and by way of the Solstice ritual work, it has been completely put together. That was the greatest power of the Solstice work itself, because that balance meant that the Grid would be fully operational.

What will a fully operational Grid mean?

That Shining Energy can come through completely. I’ve got the impression that it’s been able to come in parts, not totally.

You are adding what you remember that I’ve said about The Return. What have I said about the Grid itself and why it was adjusted out of place? Because it was purposefully moved out of place.

My recollection is that it blocked outside interference in the process of life force developing on earth.

Developing on its own and without help. That’s correct. The planet and life force needed to reach a place in which they could function at a particular frequency, on its own, without help. That meant not only without the return of Shining Ones, but without any interference of any kind of high-frequency energetic mutation—there’s no better way to say it; it’s that simple.

When you mention mutation, it usually refers to DNA.

Right. And don’t leave out RNA because that’s really the messenger.
So first, the Grid had to be fully intact again, allowing energy once more to be able to come to the planet, but that was only going to happen if enough of the planet had reached a particular high frequency. Now, obviously that frequency wasn’t going to be high enough to represent the completion of Sacred Status, but it would certainly indicate that it was pretty far along that road.

That’s going to lead us to the Plan itself. Within duality, all life force in form is subject to the Plan, which ends in Ascension. It then moves out of Ascension into a totally separate process, a Creation process. You become a Creator; I’ve discussed that briefly. So the Plan is that all life force ascends, including the planet.
That which has moved beyond Ascension works to help—and the word isn’t really “help,” but “help” could be used, because I’m not sure that there is a way to explain the process in human terms without making it sound creepy, but it might be useful to try to explain it because it has become very misunderstood. What it has become is this very weird story of alien races having come to the planet and experimenting with humans, adding their DNA, and that sort of thing. Have you heard this stuff?

In science fiction.

Well, it’s not just in fiction. It’s out in the New Age community.

People being taken up into space ships and experimented on.

It’s that kind of thing. Then there’s channeled information out there that benevolent races are coming, and chosen ones—oh, my gosh [with head in hands]—I understand how it can get processed through the brain that way, because in the bigger picture this is why I’m using a word like help, because once “you” are past Ascension, when you become a Creator, a part of your essence is left in every ascended function of form. So essentially, when the planet that was Venus ascended, all of that life force moved forward, but its essence is still a part of every bit of life force, every bit of form, in this universe. And you hold a bit of it. And you, as a Guardian and you particularly as a Shining Being, have access to the memory of that essence. And that, to one who isn’t awakened, can become some kind of other-worldly being; it’s “this great creator force that has touched into me and told me something.” I’m not exactly sure what all they’re saying, but do you see how part of it is true?

That’s not actually what I referred to as the Return, but that sort of creation energy is returning, no longer as a slight essence in all of form; it’s returning as a very strong function of energy through very specific energy transmissions put forth at very specific times, from 2012 through 2017, for the purpose of the completion of the Plan.

When you talk about going through Ascension and leaving an essence, the only thing I can relate it to is when we master a certain thing in this lifetime, that the knowledge of that mastery is then available through our different projections.

Yes. However, that’s Mastery, not Ascension.

But we have access to the wisdom that’s been attained.

That’s one way to relate to it, whereas with Ascension it’s quite beyond that, because by that point you are beyond any kind of form and you are beyond any idea of dimension, and you are into your own power of creation. So it’s the same but different. When you are touching into a different you it’s just a memory that you’re touching into, and in that sense that essence isn’t even really a memory; it’s a piece of information in the Source Field. Nonetheless it’s an access point, and you’re relating to it as an access point.

All of that leads to this point: At the Summer Solstice that particular transmission completed the healing of the Grid and brought about the complete Return, and that return—that particular return—encompassed three things. Those three things are not a final return. It’s not the only, the end, of the Return. But here are the returns that are based upon the Summer Solstice event. The first is the return of the Grid, complete and whole, which allows for the complete transmissions, essentially, of creation force energy. The essence in wholeness, no more incomplete transmissions, no more stalled mutations. Second is the return of the Shining Ones in form, which means full access to the Avataric function line. The Twelve will be revealed. This is not the original Twelve; this is the Avataric Function Line, which is a different thing altogether. The third is the return of the Divine Feminine, which is—as I have discussed before—the full change from the patriarchal to the Divine Feminine, the matriarchal. That’s a very chaotic change, but a very necessary one.

All of this is a cycle. It’s foretold, but any prophecy is a cycle, because nothing can be new. It’s a cycle because this isn’t a new earth. So it’s a return.

It’s also the return of Guardians Awakening, because the Summer Solstice brought Guardians an opportunity to serve this planet in a specific way. I saw you perform a miracle, really. You came together, you did something, something that should have been impossible. You pulled together in one day, in one place, what should have taken nine places and three days.

And many are still keeping that balanced energy going out, and you saw and continue to see the kind of changes that the world has needed because of it. It’s really a very, very needed and beautiful thing. It has changed hearts, it has been The Return of the Guardianship in really important ways. For me, that has been my favorite part of The Return.

Because so many Guardians came together for it?

Because so many Guardians pulled themselves together and made it happen. So many Guardians have been letting themselves stay in spiritual ruts, and as a result not really paying attention. Unfortunately many are still there and some very quickly went right back, but not all, and that passionate group is still keeping that flow going, so change is continuing to flow. They are keeping that balance going, keeping a wave of energy flowing right now that is stunning.

You’ve heard of the idea of eighty/twenty? Twenty percent of the people do eighty percent of the work. That’s about right. Well, I would say both of you know that to be true!

Certainly Phoenix’s Leadership does.

So when you talk about keeping balance going, are you talking about that energy coming in and flowing out through us into the world?


And that maintains balance.


At the Summer Solstice ritual, you said that you would be upgrading our “light bodies.” What is a light body and why would it need upgrading?

You needed to have that upgrade in order to hold the energy to do the work at the Serpent Mound, and only for the work at Serpent Mound. The spirit that you are can only hold so high a frequency, so you needed to have a temporary change. You temporarily needed a new light body that could handle a much higher frequency.

If you imagined what lightning in a bottle would be like, you would think, “Oh my gosh, what would it do? The bottle would explode! It would be horrible. It would be a terrible thing!” Holding that kind of energy transmission, even in the kind of spiritual frequencies that some of you have, it would have been impossible for many. So upgrading that light body was a protective thing, allowing it to hold the energy that was needed.

That’s why what you experienced there felt so nice; it caused your physical body to release all of the pleasure chemicals, your body’s natural DMT, and you were blissed out. It was a very heightened sensory experience because the physical body got to be everything it could be for about three days before that body finally degraded.

When it was upgraded, was that a personal individual thing, or was it as a whole group?

It was individual by individual, because what would be needed for each person would be different. And as I’ve said, some people kept the upgrade. Do you know how to keep that upgrade? By continuing those activities that keep it whole. What do you think those are? What else would keep your highest frequencies? What keeps your body pure, your energy high? This isn’t hard. What are the things that I asked you to do?

Give up caffeine. Give up alcohol. Stop three times a day and have quiet time. Toning.

You let go of artificial stimulants. You let go. Right. There are many things that you can do that keep that energy going. Some people are doing them, and as a result their light body isn’t degrading. But most people aren’t.

And keep in mind that the physical body’s degrading has nothing to do with the light body degrading.

You have said that you want Guardians to move from the fourth density to the fifth and even the sixth density. How vital is it that Guardians accomplish this?

How vital is it? Oh my gosh. How dramatic can you get on paper? IT . . . IS . . . SO . . . VITAL!!

“Density” signifies transition. You’re born into third density, and I’m laughing because I almost said “barn into.” I laugh because if you want to think about third density, all you’ve got to do is think barn, because those are the behaviors of third density—acting like animals instead of humans.

Instinctual behaviors.

Instinctual behaviors, exactly right.

Now, to those who are reading this: Stop for one moment and think about your life. Take a look at your life. Fear behaviors. What are fear behaviors? Just stop for a moment as you’re reading this and think, what are fear behaviors? Are you thinking about it? Fear behaviors show up as things like your desire to control what’s going on because you are afraid that if you’re not in control it won’t work out the way you need it to. Or maybe the good old “you’re not enough,” or you’re hard on yourself all the time, or you’re paranoid—people don’t like you—you’re always compensating, or you’re . . . and I could go on and on and on. What fear behaviors get in the way of your life? Fear of money? Fear that you’re not enough to handle what’s going to happen tomorrow? Fear that you don’t have the right relationship? Fear that you’ll never have a relationship? Fear that you’re not enough because you don’t have a relationship? Fear that you don’t . . . what? Have the right job? Have the right friends? You’re not making your parents happy even though you’re fifty years old yourself, or sixty, or seventy? Fear that you’re letting yourself down? Fear that you’re letting me down? Fear that you’re letting the Universe down? Well, maybe you are—so change it! Fear that you cannot change it?

Anger is fear. Frustration is fear. Guilt is fear. Depression is fear. Yes, it’s also chemicals, but it is exacerbated by fear.

These are third-density behaviors, and fear is the greatest. And no matter what density you are working on or trying to work on, or whatever density you woke up in this morning and determined “Here is the density I’m at today,” the moment one of these behaviors shows up in your life, that’s when you’re right back in third density.

When you move out of third density, you’re moving into service. You’re moving out of just looking at yourself, where fear resides, and you’re moving into looking at others. Its big problem is compassion. Compassion a problem? Yes, because it is a judgment issue. You’ve got to be really careful with compassion because it can be your way of not dealing with your own issues, or it can be your way of justifying judgment.

I think I have such compassion for the poor people in Cambodia who live along the Mekong. What a horrible, harsh life they live.

Excellent example. You might think that, while they are perfectly happy.

It’s a judgment made on the basis of my cultural beliefs.

Precisely. You’re judging a whole culture based on your culture. It’s easy to do.

Another version is you need a little drama in your life so you take on somebody who is poor and oppressed, and you make things better for them because you need it.

And there’s a lot of do-gooders who actually don’t help. It happens a lot with animals, with people who are serial rescuers who end up being emotional abusers because they have too many creatures, because they want the glory of the rescues. At any rate, compassion can be a detour. It can be a judgment. It can be a way to side-step your own stuff.

Third and fourth densities are danger zones. They are fraught with “Be careful here” signs, so pay attention. And pay attention when something in you says “Be compassionate.”

However, right now is the time when compassion is needed too, so that also means learning to balance that.

So in third density you’re still in instinct and fear, and at fourth density you’re still in justification and serving yourself with the excuse of serving others. Fifth density, on the other hand, and sixth density, and seventh density are when spiritual behaviors really start, because at that point you have moved out of yourself enough that you are no longer serving just to fulfill your own needs; you are serving others. In sixth density, you’re coming from the heart, and seventh density you’re serving the Light itself. So that’s where you need to be, because those are the arenas in which this world is truly making change. The problem in that is there’s nothing in it for you. There’s nothing in it for you. So what to do?

Completely detach, I guess.

Yes, but what’s the problem with that? Well there’s no problem with that unless you’re in third or fourth density. No problem at all unless you’re still feeding ego, and of course that’s the rub.

To paraphrase Jerry, what will it look like?

The answer would be different for everyone, but essentially it is what an egoless being looks like. And the fact of it is, that will never be known.

You recently sent out a OneHeart message that Guardians need to be aware of being surrounded by people going through a tough time, as we will also if we’re not careful. What can a Guardian do to avoid those tough times? And what is the best response to those around us who are experiencing tough times? Is there any way we can recognize the signs that this is happening early on and take steps to curtail it?

Starting about mid-July another energy transmission came through, and it’s actually a glorious energy transmission, a wonderful surge of creation and manifestation energy. It’s good, except that kind of energy tends to create difficulties for people, because it opens up an opportunity for change.

The nature of the change—and I mentioned this at the July first-Sunday—has to do with poking deep, deep down into your core issues, and bringing them up to the surface. Now, this is wonderful because if you have things that you have not gotten rid of yet, you’re going to see them now and be able to get rid of them. This is the opportunity to finally finish off the last of the “nasties.”

The dross.

Yes. But that scares the dross out of some people and throws them right back into third density. That’s what I have been seeing so much of, not only out in your world but amidst Guardians, and that was why I talked about it at the July meeting. If you’ve not been seeing it in yourselves, you’ve been seeing it in people around you, and certainly you’ve been seeing it in the world since mid-July. It will peak at the fall equinox, and then it’s going to fade away, and by the end of the year it’s going to be over. But in the meantime you’re going to be seeing a whole lot of questioning: “Am I doing the right thing?” “Am I in the right place?” “Am I in the right relationship?” “Am I in the right job?” Midlife crisis kinds of things. “Why am I doing this? Do I still believe this?” “Do I still want this?” “Am I . . .” Fill in the blank. The issue is throwing out the old but not knowing what to do next, and as a result too many people are going to have thrown out their foundation and have nothing to replace it, which is very dangerous.

I did not put this in the OneHeart message; many people are going to experience it as a political thing, while for others it could be a personal thing. Many people are going to experience betrayal and trust issues, a sense of a personal “what have I done?” Again, it’s not that they have been betrayed; it’s the perception that has to do with that fear and paranoia stuff from their deep-seated issues that are finally coming up. People have hidden parts of themselves, and those parts are going to come to light. And if you have not been your true and honest self, it’s going to come up between now and the end of this year. If you’re the one who hasn’t been honest, get clear now—this is your chance—but also be aware that if you are with somebody who you feel is not being honest, consider waiting, not jumping to conclusions, not seeing the worst, because this might be about your fears and trust issues. Don’t assume; allow, and let the truth show up. Let things flow and go as they will.

Yes, because it’s that judgment thing again. I cannot know what kind of internal work David is doing in himself. I just don’t see it. Everyone has that kind of internal process going on, and to interfere with that might throw them off, and might make them feel judged and upset.

True. And I’m saying one of the things people tend to do when they feel somebody’s been dishonest or made a mistake, they jump at that, and I’m saying wait until you know the facts. Don’t jump first. Wait. Think the best. Amongst yourselves think that way.

So how can you see it coming? One thing that you want to remember is that this is also a time in which creation and manifestation is very heightened, and so focusing on your intent is very important. Your ability to see beauty and compassion and to be balanced is also heightened. So focus on those things rather than what is not working. That’s going to be a very, very big help for you. Remember that you manifest what you’re thinking about, so think about what you do want rather than what you do not want.

You are accelerating what you are about. That’s dangerous, but it’s also great unless you’re functioning in third and fourth density. So be careful. It’s a time of opportunity, which is a really good thing if you know what you want, if you’re not functioning in fear, if you’re able to work in unity, if you’re working in community. Working solo? That passed in April, and it will no longer work in your life; at least as a Guardian it won’t work.