We’d like to continue the discussion that was in the last issue, which naturally raised a lot of questions.

You spoke about the four function lines, Intent, Thought, Word and Deed, and the ability of Guardians functioning with Intent to create fluctuations in the Source Field unconsciously. What impact do those unconscious fluctuations have since they are presumably not directed by the intent of an individual?

It’s a problem because it’s just as active an energy as one that has been formulated by specific intent. The biggest problem is that it brings into manifestation what you usually keep hidden as a part of your unconscious self. You don’t think that you’re giving a whole lot of energy to beating yourself on the head, but it connects into that greater energy arena, finds a like, and manifests. So when you give yourself a hard time because of your income or because you don’t think that you’re ever going to understand this or that teaching, you’re putting it out there to be manifested. It’s going to find a like and create.

So it’s going to manifest in your life rather than just generally in the world?

It’s all about your life, always.

The other three lines, Thought, Word, and Deed, can create unconsciously but it’s not usually Guardians who are on those lines. At this time, Intent is far more needed here than with other transitions. Therefore, most Guardians come in on the Intent function line. But sometimes other choices are made for various reasons.

You stated that on all four function lines, conscious living was the key to the manifestation process. What are the hallmarks of conscious living and how do we maintain that state?

The only thing that keeps you from conscious living is your issues of fear. When they come up, in whatever way they come up, that’s going to take you out of that consciousness and move you into the human primal brain. Conscious living is about recognizing your connection at all times.

With Source.

Yes. As opposed to just knowing it, it’s recognizing and acting on it. Doing that creates all kinds of changes. You’re more positive. You do things that are good for you rather than destructive. You draw people to you. You draw creatures to you. You find that your way of thinking changes.

All of the things that come with consciously living love are about conscious living. And you can live it twenty-four hours a day with a simple trick: put this out: “This day I am going to be functioning consciously all day. I am going to be doing my best, and if that starts to change, warn me immediately.” Then you’re on to you, and your choice becomes consciously to stay in this place or consciously to move out of it. You’re also creating a partnership with the Universe itself by saying “make it obvious.”

I’m not sure why it is that Guardians have a tendency to not make things ongoing. It’s not hard to do and it works.

You mentioned that even undisciplined thought has intent behind it, but that it can be the wrong intent. How does this differ from “non-conscious” living?

I see them as very much the same. One tends to be more mental and one tends to be more about actions out in the world, but it’s the same idea.

Is recognition required in order to make use of fluctuations in the Source Field for manifesting in form? And how can one recognize fluctuation?

No, it’s not required that you recognize it. However, the fact is that you recognize it in a thousand different ways. You look up at the sky and there are clouds, and you see something in the clouds. That’s the Source Field making a connection with you. You look at a photograph and you see other pictures in it—for example, the way the shrubbery is formed. You look at a rock and you see a face in it. And in your mind you gloss over it by saying “Oh, I’m just making it up,” but you saw it before you thought about it. That’s a fluctuation: the Universe is giving you a little nudge, a little push.

Apart from the thousands of things you’ve learned to discount, there is usually a very particular sound that comes with the larger fluctuations. Some people are sensitive to it, some are not. When the sun is particularly active and emitting great gaseous outbursts, that’s usually because of a fluctuation—not always; it can be the result of a natural process, but very often it’s directly related to stimulation because of the Source Field.

Another sign of a fluctuation is the way animals act, particularly herd or flock animals. They are responding to vibrational changes that you never notice.

Like migratory birds?

No. Like when the birds hanging around in the trees suddenly take off and nothing is different than it was ten seconds ago. And why is that? Well, there was a change.

And then, of course, every solid thought you have brings fluctuation into that field.

What do you mean by “solid”?

Humans have a tendency to have a whole lot of just “thought pieces,” not fully developed thoughts.

Let’s say you start looking and begin to recognize the signs of fluctuation. Can you use that energy? I mean, can you say “My intent is . . .”? After all, we’ve talked about magnetizing ourselves.

Yes and no. No because when you recognize it, it puts intent onto it, that unconscious kind of intent we talked about earlier. But yes because when you become very aware of these things, you will find that, like the birds, you become sensitive enough that you recognize it at the start and then can make use of it.

But, frankly, I doubt that’s going to happen, because you’ve spent so many years learning to just ignore those things. But it’s always possible. You are constantly amazing me.

What is the highest and best use of a Guardian’s power to manifest?

What do you think the highest use is?

I think a lot of time is spent on your own stuff . . .

So true.

. . . whereas it could be spent on healing the world, trying to bring about Sacred Status or bringing peace to war zones.

Those are symptoms. What is it you are here to do?

To live love.

So, since what you are here to do is live love, what’s the greatest use?

Living love.

So the answer is, Whatever it is that puts you into a space where you can live that love.

Science says dark matter has the mass to hold galaxies together. You have said that dark matter has the “potential for all things.” How does what you call “potential”—which is an abstract sort of thing—translate into something material in the world of form?

All right, is the question how does potential manifest into the world of form?

No, the question as I intended it had to do with clarifying what dark matter is. Is it this material thing that has mass, or is it this abstract potential? Or are we talking about the same dark matter?

Plasma. That’s what I call it. It’s a carrier, just like your blood plasma. There are the red cells and the white cells and the neutrophils and all of that stuff. But it’s a plasma made up of vibration, frequency, and energy movement. The potential part of it is, once Intent has been put upon that energy it starts forming into a thing. Until that point, it is simply that energy. That potential manifests by way of the Source Field.

Dark matter is for all practical purposes weightless. It has mass because of the effect of its frequency. It has form because of its movement. It becomes mass times velocity.

Plasma becoming manifested is the result of intent. The difference between the two is the Intent of Source and the intent of a created being using what Source has created.

For readers who were unable to accompany you on the recent trip to Asia, please summarize the work that was done on the Mekong River.

There were two kinds of work done in Cambodia. One of them had to do with bringing healing and a change of consciousness to the worn-down people of Cambodia—worn down most recently by hundreds of years of dictatorship and terror and genocide and on and on, but also by literally a couple of thousand years of abuse.

But before you can put out healing for another, before you can send wholeness to another, you must have that healing within yourself. So the first big work had to do with a cleansing of the participants, a clearing of the little hidden “I don’t want to think about this” stuff, whereas usually when you are going into a ritual you just think of the big stuff: “What do I need to get rid of? What should I leave at the door here?” The clearing work brought about within the participants a kind of a lightness, a freedom, that was very, very beautiful to see because that brought about a confidence—all of the things I wanted for the people and this area. That was a wild and wonderful working. That was the one where everyone almost got blown off the deck.

The second part of the work there was to awaken and activate the Dragon Force of the Mekong, but in activating it, it was using what was to create something new. And that’s an important part of it. In that case the activation was repurposing that seed to take in the effects of the healing the group did and therefore amplify what was originally seeded. The Mekong is a primary seed, and its work was unconditional love. You cannot love unconditionally without healing, so the reseeding was about that, as well as about trust and knowing and all of those functions of wholeness that pull that puzzle together.

Interestingly, during the time that the group was there, there were political talks getting started that were very effective markers of how the group was doing because they brought together those who had never come together before. These politicians came to agreement because they were willing to set aside their own egos and bring healing to the situation. So it was a very powerful trip. Very important work for the planet was done.

It seems very sad to me that an area that had the seeding of unconditional love should have known such war and terrible conflict which are the antithesis of unconditional love.

But that’s the extremes. It’s the fear that love creates in those who are not loving. You’re either loving or you’re expressing fear, and the fear creates all of those horrors. It’s perfectly understandable if you look at the extremes­—and very sad.

Next year we’re returning to the island of Nevis. Please explain what work you will be doing there.

We are going back to Nevis because you’ve done some of the best work you’ve ever done there. The energy there is such that it can’t easily be found anywhere else.

During that trip we’re going to be making such a big shift in the work that I want it to be done in an area where, because you have good food there and much less—or no—jet lag, it is easy for you to be your best. To do the work you do on our trips, you need to be at your best. And, the biggest reason you are usually not at your best is because you live in a world full of rush and push and give, give, give. And it is very healing to be at a place like Nevis where you receive, receive, receive.

More than that, you will have a very hard time, just short of impossible, finding a more active energy font than that little island. And, I’m not talking about ley lines coming together. I’m talking about active energy created for the purpose of magical working. That’s because the nature of the force makes that island the center of the torque on your planet. Last year I had you recognizing portals there.

Yes, some will find the location is pretty boring with only sun and beach, great food and loving company, but I don’t really mind that. During the trip I want to get your physical gifts out in the open by way of that energy. I want you changing nature by then, and you’ll see it happen there. I want you understanding the powers and elements in a different way because of the force of solar energy that goes through there.

Vesta Helios is in change now. I’d like for you to learn how to be it. I really want you learning how to take that energy and transport it to where you are. It can be done.

And I would love to make each of you a Dragon

There are a number of areas in the world that it seems would benefit from the awakening of a Dragon seeding. For example, the whole continent of Africa outside of the Nile region as well as Russia, and the Tigris and Euphrates. Russia is doing a lot of harm. Vladimir Putin—we keep sending the guy love but he just doesn’t get it. It’s a fairly stable area, so why not do a trip and find the river and awaken the Dragon there?

I find it very important and practical that the group is showing that they do not have to be physically there to do an Awakening and Activation. That’s a great relief, actually, because there’s too many seedings to do only one a year.

On the other hand, what you have done so far is you have opened nearly all of the really basic life-function seeds. Having done that, and with the way the energy works through tributaries—one flowing into another that flows its own way—much of the territories of Africa, much of the territories of the United States, and Canada, and Mexico and Central America and other areas of the world have already been stimulated in very positive ways. There are places that are cut off on their own—like the Antarctic; you’re just not going to do anything with that Dragon.

The Antarctic? I thought that the Dragon seedings had to do with where civilizations arose.

There used to be a civilization there.

On Gondwana?

No, in just the last earth, actually, which I consider pretty recent.

Russia is pretty cut off, as are a lot of the Pacific islands. And that’s where you need to go—hopefully mentally—to do the work.

How do these areas fit into the Dragon work as a whole? What other life functions, such as the unconditional love on the Mekong, are involved in those seedings that haven’t been awakened?

As I said, nearly all of the primary functions, the necessities of creating a civilization, are open and working. The Mekong, as a primary seeding, is unconditional love, but it’s not the only one that has to do with love. It’s the only one that is only love, because there are secondary and tertiary seedings that support that. So what hasn’t been opened are the supporting energies.

Russia, for instance, is very much about the right use of power because it is seeded with Will. Now, Will with love becomes the right use of power. Will with fear becomes abuse of power. So it’s a very important seeding, but it’s not a good time to open Will in this world right now.

What is happening because of what has already been opened is that individuals are recognizing their need to stand up, speak out and in a sense are establishing Will in a positive way and a negative—without the seed. That’s really a good thing. But if that Dragon were to open—Will—in a country that is already so enmeshed in power games, the chaos that is typically created with Dragon activation could prove to be horribly destructive.