The Transfiguration process that the Guardianship is going through now brings up some interesting questions about spiritual evolution.

If everything is Source and Source is perfect, does the term “spiritual evolution” really have any meaning? How can something that is already perfect evolve?

Show me your finger. Now all of you readers, look at your finger. Has it always looked like that?


Do you cut your fingernail? Has it always been that length?


As you have grown and changed, it has grown and changed. It has been affected by what particular style you have wanted it to be—small, short, a long claw, maybe decorated with rings. Even though it’s a part of the whole, it has its own function, its own job. Looking at the mechanics of it, can your shoulder work the way your finger does? No, it has its own purpose. In the biggest picture, of course, it is already perfect, just as I have told you you are perfect, and what you are doing is coming to learn that.

Moving through the underbrush of the experience here on earth tends to create interesting thinking opportunities. Some work well for you and some don’t. Does that mean you’re not perfect already? No, it means that the way you are making choices is evolving like your fingernail. And that is what is changing: your choices, the choices of your human self affect the spirit you are by reaching to that spirit more quickly or less quickly.

Please explain the spiritual evolution of life in this dimension that is not of earth.

Form evolves. This is the dimension of form, but not all aspects of it use form. So this question relates to that which is a part of this dimension not in form.

Is it what you refer to as “the unseen”?

Yes. There is not an evolution for that which is not using form, even in this dimension, because if you choose that you’re going to be working without the purpose of form—which is very important—you are going to be at a place that you are not evolving, you are functioning as One.

Guardians choose to work here in form. In the most recent Lifescapes, I spoke about soul travel and interdimensional travel. When you reach a place in which you are capable of working outside of form even though you still have form—it’s home for while you are here—that’s a very high-frequency way of living in form.

So ultimately, that which has chosen to be on this plane but not using form is at a frequency high enough that it’s functioning in Oneness and isn’t evolving.

What is its function? What is the unseen doing? Is it helping?

Absolutely. They are Patterners, particularly now at this massive time of repatterning.

When this newsletter comes out you’ll be right in the middle of some really big changes.

Physical changes?

Electromagnetic changes that will create problems here, and changes related to the chaotic choices that are being made on the planet right now. You will start to see the results between now and probably November or the end of the year. It is a very precarious time to be on earth right now, it really is, and it’s exactly why Guardians are here. Those who hold the pattern are particularly needed at this point, and through November and December, for both external and human reasons. By external I mean off the planet.

The sun is reversing polarity, isn’t it?

Yes, but that happens pretty regularly. But the problem is that the energy it is emitting isn’t stable enough to—how do I say this—to control, to be able to ensure that no gamma rays get in or that there isn’t damage within the earth’s atmosphere.

Are you saying that if it were stable we would be able to make provisions for that stable state, but not if it varies so much?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. The sun is doing a balancing act right now. As I said a few months ago, it’s very out of balance. Insofar as the Solar Lord, Vesta/Helios, is concerned that’s fine; chaos is a good thing. But insofar as your planets are concerned, it causes wobbles in their circuits. That causes an inability to be certain that “this path is so straight we know that it’s not going to be hit by this asteroid”—things like that. Needless to say, power surges. It’s a real mess, and that’s cosmically speaking.

All of that has an effect on individuals, and you’ll be seeing more of it. This summer you have seen a lot of people making choices that are out of their usual pattern, and maybe even causing damage.

So you see that, not just on a planetary scale but all over, countries are going through an awful lot of change right now. But you also see that right around you, even in your own homes, choices are being affected because you’re not thinking at your best. And you’re not thinking at your best because something out there is pounding at you. There’s a little piece inside of you that says, “That is not quite right, but I don’t know what is,” so there’s a tension. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Would that tension lead to overly dramatic emotional responses and things like that?

Absolutely. Sure. Ideally, Guardians are going to be putting out so much balancing energy that it can help those emotional reactions stabilize, but the invisible ones are very much working to hold a pattern. Those that work with groups are, or should be, doing some readjusting of what they are telling their students to do. As a for-instance, I set up a drumming night at Phoenix because Guardians need to be more grounded, which is different than what I’ve been saying for some time. Guardians need to be more united—which is not different than what I’ve been saying for a long time. Drumming creates that grounding. So, even taking part in little things like that you’re going to feel more stable, and your energy therefore is going to be a part of an ideally more stable ripple that can spread out to create better choices.

The original question refers to “spiritual evolution of life in this dimension but not of earth.” To me that suggests spiritual evolution of intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

Such as?

Well, we don’t know yet, but presumably the universe has other intelligent life.

Again, if it has form, it goes through a process just like you. If it does not have form, it’s a different process. If you’re going to have the Pleiadeans here, they’re going to be in a form, and that form is the result of an evolutionary process, and the self that inhabits that form goes through an evolutionary process; that would be the spiritual evolution. There are those who are by far more spiritually advanced than the masses and those that are less.

Are they going through that evolution as we are, by making choices, and do those choices involve the same sorts of issues that we face? Do they lead to the same sort of contribution to Source through their experience?

In the realm of form there is one Plan, so they are doing the same thing, but the circumstances are quite different, so what their choices are about can be very different. Depending upon what you’re looking at, what they’re capable of can appear to you to be very god-like.

So they experience free will, because they have choices.

That’s right, but the free will—again it depends upon what you’re looking at—is different than the free will of a turtle.

Or a baby or a novice, One unactivated or unawakened.

Exactly. So what they are making choices about has a whole lot to do with the nature of their presence.

Stepping back to what you were saying about the nature of those choices and the circumstances, I just wanted to ask, would you care to give examples of …

Good try. But it’s sort of like talking about past lives: it doesn’t matter unless it’s having a direct effect or impact, and it’s not, no matter what people might say.

No, it’s just my curiosity about the universe.

We know that group souls can evolve into individuality because we are seeing it happen in the animal kingdom. Please explain if the opposite ever takes place and why.

Yes, it does happen, and it’s not uncommon. It’s a death process.

I’m going to use you as an example: In your single life here, you represent humanity in that you look human and function like humans and you have the needs that humans have, right? And that means that you spend the first part of your life growing and changing and becoming wiser—hopefully—and that is an evolution. But it’s not the evolution of one species into another. So I’m speaking about the smaller picture. Once you have reached your full height, the process starts to reverse. Instead of being able to create, say, eighty-five million cells a day, you are creating only eighty million cells a day. And gradually you slow down, wind down, and eventually end. That happens on a cellular level, cell by cell. Every individual experiences that same process. So this degeneration occurs on a small scale in the individual, even though the pattern includes all of humanity, all of life force on this planet.

But as for spiritual evolution, it does not go backwards. What might make it appear that way is a choice not to act. Everything you know about evolution of any kind is because of action. To choose not to act is to choose death, so any organism that stops acting dies.

So if I’m a Guardian and I choose, for whatever reason, not to participate in what I came to do, is that a reversal of my spiritual evolution?

In a metaphorical sense it is. There are many Guardians who are not doing what they could be doing, functioning where they could be functioning, or even aware that they are Guardians in some cases. But the spiritual part of them continues seeking a means to function. It may not be through their compact, which is pretty unfortunate, but it is still working on their spiritual nature.

Therefore there are many Guardians who are really, really just people with regard to their spiritual function and potential. Throughout this world—and it’s not just here but anywhere in the world—life force feels that need to express a connection with Source—and it is a primary need—to seek a way to fulfill that need of humans usually becomes a religious journey—Christian, Jewish, Muslim—this culture most often. And that journey becomes their way to function, even if it is baby steps instead of fulfilling their potential.

Can that turn into fanaticism?

Well, it will if they’re not following the path they came here to follow, because that fanaticism comes—well, it comes out of fear ultimately—but it comes out as a sense of “That isn’t the one! This doesn’t work for me either. Let me look somewhere else,” and then somewhere else …

Going to extremes to stop the pressure.

Right. “Let me get more unhinged.”

In the case of a group soul such as in the animal kingdom, if a species becomes extinct, is that a form of reverse evolution of that group soul?

No, it’s just no longer in form.

To what end or purpose do group souls evolve? And is that the same as asking why they go extinct? Have they fulfilled their evolution?

Well, fulfilling their evolution is not always the reason for going extinct.

We humans can cause that.

Right. The goal is always individuation, so when there is a majority of individuated beings within a particular group soul function, the group soul takes on a different job. I will use dogs as an example. Particularly amongst Guardians who are constantly putting out a very strong energy force that changes plants and animals all around it, dogs particularly are individuating. Now, individuation comes at different levels. The individuation of a dog that doesn’t have a whole lot of ability to think isn’t going to make much of a difference. The individuation of a dog that can think—and there are breeds that are very intelligent, no matter how they act—makes a bigger difference there. You are starting to see that amongst creatures. Creatures right now in your world are behaving so oddly. I love it! Birds are watching you, and learning from you. And, of course, it’s all about how they can take advantage of you to survive or what they can learn by watching your patterns.

There’s going to come a point at which all dogs become individuated, and again that doesn’t mean that you’re going to look at a dog three years from now … what is that little dog with the big head?


Yes, Chihuahua. Sorry, all lovers of Chihuahuas, but they’re not real smart. There are breeds that are less smart, but the Chihuahua is the example I’m going to use. A Chihuahua might individuate but wouldn’t look any different to you at all because it just doesn’t think well enough. But in a German Shepherd that even before individuation was highly intelligent and can think through problems and puzzles and so forth, you’re going to see that difference.

I understand that ants and bees might be different because they have a hive mind, but what does individuation mean to a chigger group soul?

What is a chigger?

It’s a microscopic creature that gets under your skin and makes you itch.

So the chigger group soul—other than being able to make decisions, I don’t know if it would make any difference at all to the chigger group soul. But let’s take a different insect. (Oh, the Form is going to hate this so much; I’ll do everything I can to erase it from her consciousness.) Take cockroaches. They are very intelligent, very trainable, even capable of coming when called. You can teach it using taps, and when it feels the vibration it will come. It makes choices. It learns. So when they individuate, what do you think that’s going to create?

They’re going to find a lot more ways to get into your house!

That’s true.

They will cooperate, maybe.

Yes, they might learn to work with you rather than against you, not because you start putting breadcrumbs in a pile and saying “All right, cockroaches, this is your pile,” but because they’ve watched you and learned your patterns, and they’ve thought, “If I do this, I can stay out of danger.” They don’t do that now, but after individuation they would be able to.

So we’re talking about each individual cockroach learning this separately.

Right. Cockroaches and German Shepherds are already smart, smarter than you think. Not all cockroaches are the same, and there are different degrees, just as with dogs: German Shepherds versus Chihuahuas; the Indian cockroach is different than a typical American one. And chiggers are kind of the Chihuahua version. They really function better as a whole. There are creatures with hive mind—bees, ants, as you mentioned earlier. Individuation for them isn’t going to look like a change; they will just be more effective because they will still have that ability and the need to work as one organism—because that’s what they have evolved for.

Would the ant group soul separate into separate “individuated” ant colonies, or would each ant be individuated?

It’s more like right now in this room, Stuart and David and Paula are all here for a common purpose, but you’ve all made that choice to be here. You could just as well be doing something else, but you made that choice because it’s a part of a common purpose, individuated but fully directed toward the greater good of the whole. And that might make them more evolved than humans!

How does the spiritual evolution or the moving into higher frequencies of one’s spirit functioning through form affect the physical DNA?

It’s a frequency thing. At a certain point your physical DNA moves to a frequency that stimulates a kind of activation for the spiritual. It’s an automatic process, and it’s not a really high-level thing. It kicks in when you’re about four to seven years old for most humans; Guardians tend to come already active that way.

When somebody activates, it’s because they’ve been seeking spiritually, because since they were that age (four to seven years old) they had a sense of being a part of a greater whole, but unfortunately the typical spiritual outlets aren’t very satisfying. So when they finally find their path, it’s like everything changes at once: inside, outside, what they think, how they think, what they’re interested in. It’s massive change. It’s not because their DNA has actually changed; it has activated so that they are better able to access the result of the frequency it puts out and brings back.

At the recent Atlanta Lifescapes you discussed an aspect of spiritual mastery that is required before access can be given to parts of this dimension outside of earth, or to other dimensions. Can you explain that?

You need mastery over your mind to be able to quiet it, which is so much harder—here comes the joke—than people think. You’ve got to be able to experience non-thought in order to shift out of the body. Otherwise you are just visualizing, which can make very amazing things happen, but you’re still in the body. So releasing the mind is probably the most important thing. You will take with you all your issues if you can’t do that.

How do you practice in order to be able to achieve this state of non-thinking? In the past your meditations have used the brain’s associative process and just directed it for sending energy—I’m thinking of the five-minute meditation—and you haven’t really emphasized having the brain disengaged. How do you practice that?

Well, you’re not disengaging it. You’re using it in a very different way. If you disengage it altogether you’re not going to function at all.

It sounds like Zen meditation, stilling the mind chatter

Yes, exactly.

And that’s achieved through meditation?

Yes. What you want to do first is learn how to focus on one thing.

The breath?

Actually, not at first. Look at a point on the wall or an object. Look only at that, and then begin drawing your focus in more and more narrowly until you get a tunnel vision and that’s the only thing you are seeing. Start with a single object and when you can focus on that without your brain saying “Oh, I think you’ve got it now. Good for you!” then move it to something like your breath. I actually prefer your heartbeat to your breath, because you can quiet yourself down enough to feel your heartbeat and then regulate it. Focusing on the breath isn’t going to give you that experience. So when you’ve learned to truly focus, then go within your physical body and focus on your heartbeat, and at that point focus on relaxing and slowing it down, or maybe speeding it up a little. Don’t change its rhythm, just its speed.

When you are able to control your heart, then you’re controlling your mind enough to do the work.

But to me it seems like there’s a very big distinction between focusing and controlling the mind and what you’ve said earlier about being outside of the mind and stilling it—experiencing no mind.

I see what you’re saying. What I’m saying is, “no mind” is the absence of the judge in you—or the fretter in you—because you cannot fully turn off your brain and keep living.

What would you remember of the experience? If there is no mind, there should be no memory.

Typically what happens is that you dream about it, because your brain isn’t following you. That’s what that focus has done. The brain stays in that focus.

When I was flirting with Buddhism some years ago, I did the “stilling the mind chatter” thing, and it was hard.

It is.

You have constantly to pull the mind back in. It’s a constant battle to stop your head from taking over.

It is. Were you given exercises to help you?

I used to focus on the tip of a stick of incense.

And could you get to that tunnel?

Well, it’s difficult. You’re continually having to exert discipline on your mind.


But what happens when you start getting it is you lose an awareness of time.

Yes! Very much!

You come back and you’ve been sitting there cross-legged for half an hour and didn’t realize it.

And that’s because you’ve started shifting. Chanting sometimes helps, because you’re focusing not so much on words, but the drone that comes out of it. A sound can help with that focus.

When you reach a certain point of non-mind—as opposed to non-brain—the shift happens automatically, and that’s why you need to know what it is you are wanting out of this, what you’re going to do, where you’re going to go. You have to know because it’s an automatic shift. It’s a reflex, but it can only happen when you are in that very controlled but non-thinking state and when you have released your issues—because they will come with you and they will cause you to think bad things are happening.

Would you say that thought and awareness are entirely different things?

You can think and not be aware, but if you are aware you know you are thinking. Mind is what knows it’s thinking. And it’s the mind you’ve got to shut up.