Questions for this interview were submitted by David Oldham, who joined the editors to talk with Samuel.

What are the important parallels or connections between your teachings and those in Hinduism?

Hinduism is probably closer to my teachings than any other organized system of philosophy or thought that’s considered a religion right now. That is because Hinduism is a living system that has changed very little since its teachings were given many thousands of years ago. That is partly because Hinduism is a livings system of teachings that has changed little since it was given so many thousand years ago. They solidified not long after that area was seeded. The nature of the seeding was, as you now know, to hold the pattern of the planet and the life force on the planet.

The core teachings are that there was a time when great teachers and gods walked the earth and taught humanity and, because of that, humanity progressed. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? What they say that I do not is that they came from another planet; I would say another dimension. The teachings talk of unity and oneness with their equivalent of Source, the Creator. They speak about an actual energy that is created by consciously doing good, which I would say is the force of love in this world. They speak of recognizing that life force is everywhere, and that the smallest creation is as important as the largest. Now, of course, depending on the teacher, that concept has been mish-mashed into things like “that ant you just stepped on could have been your uncle.”

Or your aunt.

I didn’t mean to be quite that cute, but I like it.

If you were to get into the mystical underpinning that most of today’s Hinduism ignores, you would see a lot more connection with my teachings. Some of those teachings over time have been somewhat misused. For instance, there’s still quite a lot of animal sacrifice, but it’s based on an absolute misunderstanding of giving and receiving. A few thousand years ago—pretty much across the world—that was known as the way that you received. You sacrificed local children or your enemies or your favorite wife, or whatever.

So Hinduism is a religion that has remained pretty much the same for five thousand years, and the fact that it has retained some things that, for a couple of thousand years, the whole world was doing isn’t a real surprise. But the more you get into the mystical, the greater the connections.

I’d like to go in the direction of these mystical underpinnings, and I wonder how Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu fit in.

First, realize you’re associating. Because Hinduism refers to three, then it must be related to the divine Three of Christianity. Depending upon which part of Hinduism you’re looking at, there are a thousand gods that are considered to be the one Brahma.

So Brahma would be the equivalent of . . .

Don’t try to do that, because that’s going to throw you off. Accept that it’s all the same, because really it’s all Source that individualizes because of All That Is, and it communicates because of Shining or Ellic Force. So it’s all the same.

So is there any sect of Hinduism right now that has more of the mystical underpinning that it attaches to?

Absolutely. In fact, many sects take different parts of those more mystical teachings. Does any sect accept them all? I don’t think so, but then again, not all of the information has been fully realized, so that’s understandable.

Look at the Vishnu Purana and the ancient story that’s often considered the foundation of Hinduism.

There are many of those teachings that are coming to light now. I encourage you to seek out the ancient holy text of Hinduism that tells of the beginning—Christianity’s version is Adam and Eve.

Interestingly, some tablets, some scripts, have recently been uncovered that seem to be giving further insight into these things that were previously unknown, which means that more of the mystical foundation is becoming clear.

They are finding “the engraved plates” of Hinduism. These are like the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Christians.

Clay tablets?


The star tetrahedron, better known as a merkaba, is an ancient vessel for multidimensional travel and an essential element of our tonings. The four sides of the tetrahedron pique my interest. How do Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed play a role in this vehicle that we use?

If you will remember, function determines form, so, depending upon what the function is, the form is created with the ability to do whatever is needed.

Intent, Thought, Word and Deed are functions that are a part of a greater creation process. The form that those functions create is the ability to alter thought frequency. When you can alter thought frequency, you can manifest at will, you can translate one form into another. Anything that works at a frequency lower than the frequencies of light, atomic energy as it comes into this dimension is capable of being altered by the highest use of those four functions, because those functions are the means through which form comes into this dimension.

This is why toning changes the physical body, and this is why the spinning double tetrahedron initiates the process that recreates. It requires Intent and Thought and sound and action (Word and Deed) in a group situation to amplify that energy to bring about a change in all that are taking part.

Is this why you insist on hand movements, because it’s action?

That’s right. That’s why when I found at a retreat that some in Pittsburgh weren’t using the hand motions, I had to just stop everything and say, “Hold on, you’re not doing it. You’re closing it up for everybody.” You’ve got to do the whole thing, because if you leave out the action you’re not functioning at that higher frequency.

The Merkaba is the fullness of life, the activation of life. It is a pulling together of the frequency beyond form, which I would tell you is spirit—and the frequency of form. I started discussing at the August Atlanta Lifescapes the beginning of a hybrid kind of being coming through Guardian energy. That is the end product of what the double spinning tetrahedron with a core of Intent, Thought, Word, Deed, which is the outbreath of Source itself, is doing. It’s creating this new being.

That’s about as much as I’m going to tell you in answer to that question, but if you want to clarify it or direct me to areas you are more interested in, go ahead.

I may be way off here, but it almost sounds like what you’ve described as a familiar.

No, it’s not the same but I understand your mental connection there because in a sense, a familiar is a spirit being merged into a form, but this is a new type of being. Humans are a spirit wearing a costume. This is spirit and costume as one. No resistance. No defensiveness. It’s one. But it’s not the next step for humans; in fact, it’s not even in line for humans. It’s for high-frequency Guardians, and it’s what’s causing so much chaos.

Everybody’s quirky diets?

Among other things.

So I see Intent, Thought, Word and Deed almost sort of like the electro-magnetic spectrum, which goes from radio waves all the way up to x-rays.


I can visualize this tiny segment, which is the part we can see, and Intent, Thought, Word and Deed would be this little frequency band that Source uses for what Source does.

I like that, but remember that if you can put a label on it that means it’s form. So Intent is form, and Thought is form, and Word and Deed are form, but those labels represent a frequency of energy that is by far closer to the creative force of Source than form ever could be. Those labels represent energy. There isn’t really “Intent” here in form. It’s a frequency, but if you want to get really into it, even frequency is a form thing, so be careful how far you want to take it or you’ll lose the ability to understand it.

So it’s not necessarily a stepping down of energy. You wouldn’t say that Intent is a higher frequency than Deed.

No, I would not. It’s not a stepping down of energy, it is a specific use of energy showing up as a frequency that’s different from what you’re used to working with.

It sounds to me as though this new being is needed because we’ve moved out of the Plan, in a sense, by making leaps that weren’t necessarily anticipated, so there’s a need for a new access for spiritual energy to come in.

The Plan is for humanity and life force on the planet. But Guardians aren’t human. I know you think you are. I know that it feels like you are. I know that you have the restrictions humans do, but the nature of your being isn’t human. Guardians are very different. This isn’t something that could happen in a human at this point—probably not at all until Ascension. But this isn’t even an Ascension thing. This is Guardian frequency at the point that it has recognized at least Shining underpinnings. Some Guardians are beginning to experience a change that is beyond not the Plan, but the Thought of its execution.

Guardians are to guard and guide life force for the completion of the Plan for this planet. You are the means by which the Plan will play out, but you are not the players in it. Do you understand that?

We are laying down energy pathways that can be followed.


We’re the coaches, not the players.

I like both of those. They work.

A very interesting thing has happened. Some Guardians have made the leap to be able to function in Shining energy. Whenever I talk about that, I am in awe, and I was so delighted and amazed the first time that happened that I wasn’t the one calling in the Shining Ones. You were calling in the Shining Ones. You were holding that energy long enough to be able to create what was needed as Shining Ones, and have been able to do that in special situations since then. It was, “well, blow me down” surprising, because frankly, with all of the stuff that you as Guardians let get in the way of what you really are, I wasn’t expecting it. That change knocked down a domino that opened a door to what’s happening now. So this has to do with those who execute the Plan, not those for whom the Plan was created.

And when you say Guardians, are you talking about all Guardians?

No, actually it’s those Guardians who are capable of functioning at that high a frequency.

But you said this really is not really a part of the Ascension process for Guardians in form.

It’s not a part of the Plan. Ascension isn’t a part of the Plan; it’s a by-product of it. At the completion of the Plan, Ascension will happen, but that’s not the end of the Plan.

So basically you end up with this hybrid that just can hold a higher frequency for longer periods of time. I mean is that it? Why is that useful?

I know that the three of you in particular have great respect and appreciation for what the Form does by allowing me to work through her. Most people really have no idea what it takes. Imagine if I could be in this form all the time without burning the form up, without having to access her brain, without being obligated to the limitations of form, and imagine if the form was not limited—and in this case I mean body—to what happens when high frequency runs through it in long periods of time. If it was not obligated to the laws of humanity, and if it was capable of maintaining that for a lifetime. That’s what I’m looking at here.

Guardians are just here for this transition, this final transformation.

I don’t know that you or I will ever see the completion of a process that is only beginning in the smallest way. And frankly I hope that you’re not here long enough to see that, but there are those who will choose to stay, and those who will choose to come back. And they’ll see it.

Are you saying that instead of just channeling Shining Energy at intervals, that hybrid will be Shining Energy walking on the earth?

That is exactly what I’m saying.

Isn’t that a description of the great teachers such as Buddha, Siddhartha, Jesus?

No, because they’re avataric function. Depending on which one you’re looking at and at what time, for their time they were a part of “Now we need to lay this out and hold that together.” No, this is much more; it is a spontaneous-generation kind of thing. Opportunity has presented itself, and it has initiated a change. I really can’t say exactly what it’s going to look like, but, as an example, when Jesus repeatedly referred to “my father,” this coming change would transform that to being more like the Father being here in form, as well as the Son.

I have a couple of questions about Jesus. Where was he and what was he doing during his high-testosterone teens and twenties, the so-called missing years, before he reappears as an adult in Biblical texts?

You could just ask him, you know.

All, right, remember that reaching puberty back then was adulthood. It was a time in which a child left the home and did not depend upon the parents for support, and often got married and created their own family, and on and on and on.

I believe that if it’s not out there right now, much more information is becoming available or will become available soon, about those years of Jesus’ life.

I’m going to get pretty heretical here, so I’d like for you to take your culturally Christian hat off, all right?

The big answer is, Jesus was learning to lead. He did that by traveling, not as much as some might say, but more than most think. For instance, did Jesus ever go to India—absolutely. Did he ever come to America—absolutely not. Sorry, great Mormon faith.


Egypt, yes.

Great Britain?

Not Jesus, but his wife did after he was gone. Yes, he married; he had a family. I think that in the sixties and seventies it was very popular for children of college age maybe to travel around with a backpack, and maybe work their way around different countries.

Usually Europe.

Yes. Sort of like that.

In that same process of experiencing other cultures and religions, Jesus became a leader by way of political disruption, through the arguments he had—and he had a very argumentative nature—with religious teachers, which of course turned out to be quite a doorway, and where so much of his work is focused from there on.

That’s the bland answer, but really all I’ll give.

What became of his family?

There are those in the world today who still hold that bloodline, but it’s not the big mystical “make a movie about it” kind of thing.

What was his wife’s name?

Go ahead, tell me.

Mary is a good guess. There are a lot of Marys in the Bible.

Miryam is how it would be said. There was not a Mary back then.

He had three daughters and two sons that lived. Honestly speaking, it could be the other way around. It could be three sons and two daughters that lived; I’m not certain. I’m not trying to move back in time to give you that kind of accuracy for this answer.

It was a hard life, because when he went to Jerusalem, he had to give up his family life.

Maybe that answers part of the next question. Jesus is always portrayed as pure and sexless. I can’t help but think that a high-frequency carpenter would be pretty hot. What can you tell us about Jesus’ sex life?

He had a wife and kids—don’t you lose a lot of sleep when you have kids?

Yes, and then your sex drive.

It was a little different in that time, of course, because roles were not only much more defined than they are now, but you also had around you those who were there to take care of the family for the parents.

Servants? Or do you mean extended family?

Either extended family or those who chose to function as extended family in order to serve and be of help. It would be more like his cousin’s wife who chose to travel with them and take care of the babies so that Miryam could take care of Joshua [Jesus]. More like that. But—again take off your Christian-culture cap here—do you remember that I’ve said that love at the highest function is not about “you are destined to be heterosexual.” There were no such labels as heterosexual and homosexual. It was whatever you needed to keep you warm at night. So Jesus’ sexual life was a recognition that “Sex is a powerful and beautiful part of love, be it with this friend whom I love, or this one I have taken on to be the mother of children.”

As many Guardians are finding, the more you work at higher frequencies the harder it is to have regular sexual contact, but the contact you do have is very often better. So, the closer Jesus was to his purpose, the less his sexual needs were indulged.

Some say that we have more than two strands of DNA, in fact as many as twelve.

All right, first you’ve got more than twelve, and I have a hard time thinking that your science is still fixed on two. Is that right?

Well, yes, but are we talking about the same thing? The two that seem to be referred to and what science has focused on are the two strands for one double helix. When you’re talking about more than twelve, what are you talking about?

I’m talking about the means by which DNA commits and the RNA communicates. DNA creates; RNA holds the pattern. Your genetic strands, so to speak, are the connections between the DNA and the RNA, not a chromosome that holds a certain amount of DNA and RNA. Within any chromosome, there can be a hundred connections.

You mean connections between DNA and RNA.

And really that’s where the work gets done. Now, I’m hesitating because it’s a visual thing. In the staircase visualization I have given, you have between one staircase and the other a bridge. Essentially, when I say “strand” I am referring to bridges; this little piece or strand that I’m talking about is another version of a bridge.

So, instead of the staircase being a double helix, we’ve got an RNA staircase, so to speak, and a DNA staircase and the bridge is between them.

And they are the true means by which information is activated or not.

So when you’re doing the exercise, the first visualization is to connect with your whole self, just a way of accessing the doorway. The second one is to connect with your Source self. The third one releases anything that is not whole enough. It’s letting go your humanity and opening the door to creation. All right, that opening the door to pure creation is what those bridges are for. Therefore, only there are you actually activating latent genetic messages.

In the visualizations, I am doing everything I can to make it so simple that what you are visualizing is not going to get in your way, because some people want to over-think things a little bit. And it’s very easy to get caught with that. I want this to be simple enough that you don’t need to know biological sciences to be able to do ultimately what is an energy work.

So, what’s the effect? Pretty big. Everything.

So you probably might not have come up with that exercise a year ago.

Absolutely not.

This is what’s been happening since the Mississippi trip.


Is this preparing us for the hybrid?

Apparently it is. Apparently that connecting with the whole self is stepping off the bridge.