You’ve spoken about Shining Energy affecting the Guardianship. How does that influx of the energy affect the planet itself? And what are the effects on the plant and animal kingdoms, particularly in the area of their individuation and achieving the completion of Sacred Status?

With regard to the completion of Sacred Status, the frequency of the planet and the frequency of life force on the planet are rarely at the same level. Lately, the life force on the planet, in particular mass consciousness, has made leaps, and the planet has been behind.

In March, there was a solar shift—and those who are interested in space science could probably find that shift in the records—that had an effect on—and there’s no better way to say it—dimensional doorways, resulting in an outpouring of energy specifically for the being of the planet itself. As that energy came this way, things started happening across the globe, to the point that in May I asked the group to send some specific energy to the planet, because that energy had already been causing a lot of physical change within the planet. It was affecting its internal pressure, and that effect was growing stronger, creating changes that were moving toward the surface.

This energy has not stopped, but it’s not coming through as strongly as it had been. By the end of this year, that doorway will either be closed or the energy will be finished, and the doorway will no longer be open because of that. If there is nothing pushing through, it won’t stay open. And although the idea of a doorway isn’t exactly accurate, it’s a good way to think of it.

So that energy has had a profound effect on the planet. It has affected the core, which has had an effect all the way up to the mantle and the surface. Not only have there been many more tremors along the Ring of Fire, but there have been tremors across the world in places that do not normally get them. You’ve only been seeing them in this country, but they’ve been happening across the planet. They’re not necessarily huge tremors that make the news, but they’ve been happening pretty much worldwide.

This has had an effect on the temperatures in the oceans, which in turn has had an atmospheric effect, causing weather changes. Everything is tied together, so as the planet is, in effect, coming out of hibernation—and this is a good thing—everything on the planet is being affected. This effect on the plant and the animal kingdom is why, by the time of the trip to India next year, the plant and animal kingdoms hopefully will be able to make a leap in consciousness.

What is visible to you is a change in the reproductive cycles coming about in response to that consciousness-raising energy, be it in thought, be it in activity, be it in your dog or your rose bush. When a plant believes that it’s going to die, it puts out a huge reproductive effort. You’ll see more blooms and berries and fruit than ever before. And right now, that’s what the plant kingdom is doing. It’s not just because central Kentucky has had a lot of rain; it is worldwide. In particular, there is a leap in those areas where there is a lot of human life force around the plants.

With animals, their responses are more visible, so you will see the extremes there. They may appear more clingy because change is going on—”What’s happening here?”—or more emboldened—”I like this!” This is a great time to be training a puppy or getting a kitten—a domesticated creature—because your energy is going to relate so strongly that you’re going to be able to work with this creature in a very different way.

areas, not just because their territory is being encroached on by humans, but because they’re feeling less separation. You’ve become more like a different species to them than a dangerous ruler.

So the separation of the species is there, but the threat is not?

It has more to do with a sense of oneness than difference.

I want to make use of that energy. On the Mississippi trip, among other things I want the group to learn to merge with the animals, to take away more of that separation so that, on the trip to India, some of you will already be adept at that deeper form of merging and we can work together to change those ancient barriers. I’ll have you in an area where those barriers are pretty much gone anyway.

Now, why would I be doing this? Isn’t it a rather bold thing to do? And who said doing that is a part of the Plan? After all, it is something that would have happened at the completion of Sacred Status anyway. So why am I doing it? The answer is that I am greedy. I want anything that will facilitate this process, that will make it flow more smoothly and more quickly. Yes, the plant and the animal kingdoms would have automatically made the leap at the completion, but doing it before the completion of Sacred Status means that leap is working with you to bring this about. I see it as a link that will add to the energy change rather than something that will come behind it. It adds to what Guardians can do or will have done, rather than being a result of the final product.

What do you mean by “adding to what Guardians can do”?

When the plant and the animal kingdoms are at their next evolutionary level, which is individuation, the ability to become one with individuated being is going to allow primal force to be added to your frequency when needed.

That primal force being the canine energy, the feline energy.

Yes, exactly.

Occasionally, when something has happened to one of your dogs or cats, I have told you to connect with that group soul—the oversoul, so to speak—to speak to it, to ask it to work in helping to heal. If this leap happens, you will have that access as a coworker rather than as an occasional touch into that kingdom. Do I think this is going to work? I don’t know. I know that it’s possible because of everything that’s going on with the planet. The planet has been shifting, and as it shifts it stirs up all of the life force on it, all of the kingdoms, except for the mineral kingdom, which is already individuated.

You’ve touched on this, but what are Guardians going to be taking on in terms of their responsibilities to these kingdoms when the next two workings are completed during the trips to the Mississippi and to India?

Two answers: For those who are here for those kingdoms, the answer is everything. For those who are not here for those kingdoms, only that which presents itself at the time.

Can you clarify that?

There are those within the leadership who have said to me, “I just don’t really get the human thing; the needs of mass consciousness don’t stir my heart. What’s wrong with me?” and I have said, “Nothing.” There is a part of every Guardian that strongly relates to the plant or the animal kingdom, but it may be something that is never touched into, because most Guardians work with humans. But remember, what you’re here for is to bring about the transition, and although mass consciousness has a whole lot to do with it, it’s not the only thing that is involved. So there are those who are Guardians of the plant kingdom. You know them because—and if Paula was here she would be nodding—things just grow, or you are so moved by the plight of the planet’s forests that are disappearing. That kind of thing just hurts your heart.

It’s very much like parents being here for their own children, but not so much for someone else’s children.

Which isn’t to say that they won’t help them when needed. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a responsibility to mass consciousness, but it means you don’t have an obligation. Mind you, very few in this work have that plant or animal Guardianship because most of you have worked as a human (rather than within the other kingdoms). But still there are some who have chosen to work outside of humanity.

So what is that responsibility for the plant and animal kingdoms? For some, everything; for most, little.

Is there more that you can say about how our domesticated animals and pets fit into that picture?

Guardians are already finding that their creatures are communicating more, connecting more. I was just speaking with Cindy and Noki [Cindy’s service dog], and she commented that Noki seems to be more clingy than usual. I told her that Guardians are finding that their creatures are either more independent and standoffish or more clingy—and independent is different from emboldened. When the advancement comes in the kingdom as a whole, I hope that Guardians, having learned how to communicate with the group soul and to merge with it earlier, will find that they can switch that to individual animals and plants within the

kingdom. Your domesticated creatures—dogs for instance—will find that a true pack is established, or for cats, a true companionship. When you see yourself as a co-creator with your creatures, with a whole kingdom of creatures, you are not separate any more. That understanding of oneness takes on a whole new meaning. You’re seeing pieces of that already, and it’s those glimpses that are telling me this can happen, we can do this.

At the Retreat, you spoke of the necessity for Guardians to get over their discomfort with seeing caged animals, because the animals can benefit from being with our energy. Why is that, and what energy should we share when approaching these animals?

Do you remember why it is I don’t mind you wearing leather? Mind you, I know that some of you just can’t do it, but why is it I don’t mind you doing it?

You’ve spoken of the animal’s awareness of serving a purpose, and that involves being food as well.

You are a society that uses creatures for food. They are sacrificed because they are thought of as less than you. That consciousness is going to change—it’s already starting to change. But that was an aside.

That which functions at frequencies lower than an individuated soul’s frequency—needless to say a Guardian’s frequency—benefits from any connection to that higher frequency, and the higher a frequency the better. So a slaughtered cow—unless it’s killed by machinery, which I believe happens—had at least a little human contact. As a Guardian, you can touch into the essence that was this creature with your energy. Now as a human, you could do that as well, but as a Guardian your energy permeates dimensions—whether you can always make use of that or not. Because there is no time, there is no space, when you wear a leather belt or leather shoes, that creature gains from your energy. So there is an advantage for it. You honor its life.

So it is for caged exhibition creatures, be that at the Humane Society or at the zoo; they are accessing your energy. They are getting the advantage of your energy in a way that may have never happened otherwise. So if you recognize that what you are doing is a service, and you can put aside your human, anthropocentric, pity . . .

Our projections about cages being prisons.

Yes. If you can put that aside, and realize that you are giving something, and you can see the effect of that giving, that’s going to make you useful. And it’s going to help change


When the group goes to India, because you care about the cultures you visit, you’re not going to wear your leather coat or leather shoes if you don’t have to. Of course, if you do, they’ll see that you’re a stupid tourist and they’ll let it go. But you’re going to be in a society that does not see that as honoring the creature. In the same way I would tell the women to wear a head scarf when they go into a temple, so I will tell you to be aware of your footwear, and the preference is that they be of cloth or at least a non-cow material, because the cow has a different meaning there. It doesn’t change that you feel you are honoring the creature by wearing it, but you are honoring the culture by not wearing it there.

There seems to be an increasing connection between different species of animals—for example, I read recently about a wild deer that was visiting a cat in its yard every day and interacting with it in a friendly way. How has Shining Energy affected that relationship between species? Will the lion literally lie down with the lamb?

[Laughing] Only if it’s not very hungry. I partially answered that earlier when I said that they are coming closer, and there is less division. It’s easier for a deer to come close to a cat than for a deer to come close to a human, but that deer is still absolutely aware that what it’s smelling all around that cat is a human, even if it’s not seeing it. To a certain extent there has always been some of that going on, but your advanced communication technologies mean that you hear more about these sorts of things.

Will the lion literally lie down with the lamb? Well, I joked, “Only if it’s not hungry,” and that is my answer. We’re not talking about a species changing its nature when it makes the next step. The difference is that it’s able to think about it more, see consequences a step ahead. So the lion might look around and say, “That lamb is all alone. I’m going to take advantage of that,” or it might say, “That lamb is alone, but all of my needs are met. I’m not hungry, but I am a little curious. I want to see what it is. Maybe I can satisfy that curiosity.” It’s still a lion. It’s still a lamb.

How is the Guardianship’s connection to the devic realm changing, or how will it change as we draw closer to the animal and plant kingdoms through the workings over the next two years?

The devic realm isn’t truly a part of the plant kingdom in the way that a holly tree is. Devas are extradimensional, creative bits of Source focus, and a Guardian’s ability to connect has always been dependent upon two things: if your frequency is high enough, you connect on a spiritual level and no human “belief” is needed; if you are not at that frequency, your “belief” can be strengthened by ritualized actions, such as putting out bread and honey, which has the same effect as pure belief.

What are the implications of having this group of Guardians working in the United States, within their own culture and territory, instead of abroad?

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages. One of the great disadvantages is that you are in your familiar space. It’s always been a good thing to have had you in unfamiliar cultures where you were more dependent on what was happening on the trip. You were not focusing on exploring on your own, because you could not read the signs or speak the language. It really keeps you focused. Not having that focus could be a problem. In general, I don’t think I’ve been putting off working in the U.S. so long because the group didn’t know how to unify. The group has shown, in doing the Dragon work and other work, that it can create that focus when it needs to. So I think working here, although the focus will be more difficult, is worth the risk.