At the recent Lexington Lifescapes Event you suggested a series of questions we could ask ourselves aimed at helping us to specify what we want. Why would that help your work? Doesn’t focusing on our dreams and desires keep us in our humanity?

It’s a whole lot easier for the Universe to use you when you are not scattered by overwhelm, depression, and physical illness, when your human self doesn’t have to be in charge. And one of the easiest things to keep the human self—meaning your security issues—from being in charge is for you to have enjoyment, happiness, and fulfillment somewhere in your life. When you are happy, it’s probably because you are successful, and when you are successful, it’s probably because you are doing something that you came here with the potential to do: getting along well with other people, working easily in a skill or craft, laughing, feeling satisfied, experiencing recognition. All of these things come together. When you are doing things that were put into your blueprint and show up as a skill or a talent—which is what brings you happiness—then you are going to be doing what is needed, and you are going to be allowing your spiritual self to work without hindrance, at least in that area. That means you are going to be able to feel fulfillment and satisfaction and begin to want to put those into any areas in your life that are out of balance. It’s all good for me, because that means your spiritual work is going to blossom—at least in that one area.

How can we distinguish between fulfillment and selfish indulgence?

That’s a very good question, and it’s a vital part of what Guardians need to be thinking about. If you say, “I’m not going to be happy unless I can go to the Michael Jackson memorial,” then, if it is true that it’s the only thing that will make you happy, I can assure you that when you go to that memorial your spiritual self will touch in and make a difference. But in your everyday experience, if you choose to do something that benefits only you over something else, you need to look and see who benefits, what are the fruits of this? When it’s all about you, then you can pretty well guarantee that it’s probably selfish and not benefitting the world as a whole.

Now, is there ever a place for “just me”? Yes. When you are first awakening it’s very helpful, because you need to develop yourself, you need to learn to trust you; you need to learn what you need and what you don’t need. I’ve spent fifteen years with some of the highest-frequency Guardians on the planet, teaching them to figure out what makes them happy and to do it.

The thing is, as Guardians evolve spiritually, their concerns should stop being about what they need and shift instead to the greater vision. Now, if you don’t have a vision, then all you’re ever going to be able to look at is yourself. Look instead at the greater vision, look at the team you are here with, and ask, “How does what I’m doing affect that?” When Guardians are able to stop relating to the world through themselves—”I need this; I want that”—that tells me that they’ve made the vital leap that should have happened when 5:3:2 came into effect.

Nonetheless, it’s still easy to create excuses, to justify that “this thing I want isn’t only about me because when I am happy it benefits the work.” But it’s actually ego saying that. And by now most Guardians that I work with are pretty clear about that: they know their ego and they know its language, so they should also add that test to their determination of what’s needed.

When you said there were skills and talents put into our blueprint, did you mean the spiritual blueprint?

I meant the whole blueprint, which has a physical part, a spiritual part, and a mental-emotional part. It’s one blueprint with specific ways of expressing itself.

The blueprint is a totally form-based thing that carries within it everything that is needed for a specific life force to function at as high a level as possible. That means that the physical and the mental/emotional and the spiritual all have different but overlapping “specialties,” and that blueprint, throughout your life, is going to direct the issues that you regularly deal with as a means of drawing to you what is needed for you to become the best you can be. The spiritual blueprint says, more or less, Be whatever is needed to reach your highest potential. For a Guardian, the spiritual aspect of the blueprint is probably the simplest and the loudest. Where many within the Guardianship are experiencing a flow of much stronger, higher energy right now, that spiritual blueprint is demanding, “More, more, more!” And as the Guardian is beginning to become more of what it is meant to be, there is an opportunity to direct the workings of the human—or the Guardian—as to what its spiritual component needs. The bottom line is, when any one section of the blueprint is being worked on it’s going to influence them all, but the spiritual blueprint has extra needs when a certain level of spiritual progress is reached.

So, because Ellic energy is seeking a way to go into form, our spiritual blueprint is pushing on us to be the vessel . . .

Yes, it is.

. . . that that Ellic energy needs, but that’s also going to include being the best we can be physically and emotionally, because they all work together.

Absolutely. Spoken by one who has worked through that. Yes.

You also said in that Lifescapes, it’s all about frequency and the Entity in form, and that’s what we’re working through at the moment. I imagine what you meant was what we are working through right now. Please explain what our Entity in form is working through and how that is connected to the Ellic energy seeking form now.

All right, “What is your Entity in form working through?”

Being the best it can be spiritually to express itself in form.

Absolutely. You might ask instead, “Why is the Entity working in form?” If the question is addressed to Guardians who have compacted to come specifically for the purpose of bringing about a transition of the planet and all life force on it to a higher frequency, to guide and guard that life force, if you are speaking to them it’s going to be a different answer than if you’re speaking to mass consciousness or the mineral world. So, if I am speaking to a roomful of Guardians, as I was, what am I saying is the answer there?

The big picture is that Source is finding out what Source can be.

It’s to create a means by which Source is capable of functioning in this world and returning back to a greater whole. I do not often discuss that returning-back part because it has little to do with the point. But it needs to be remembered that that’s a part of it as well.

Why would Source even want to function through form? Because it is a means of affirming creation.

How is Ellic energy’s functioning through the Avataric Function Line connected to what our Entity is working through?

As a whole, speaking to Guardians, particularly high-frequency Guardians, the bottom-line answer is, because you are Source, and when you know that, then Source is functioning in the world. And everything that you do as Source-in-the-world helps that process.

Through the years you’ve referred to the Guardians at Phoenix as high-frequency beings, and given a variety of techniques for raising our frequency. Now you’re addressing that topic with even more urgency, especially with regard to toning and health. It’s much easier to work toward a goal if you can see progress along the way, but “high frequency” is so abstract and subjective that it’s very hard to recognize it. Can you give any suggestions for picturing the goal more clearly, so as to be encouraged by our progress and be motivated to strive for more?

You’ve got to remember, with questions like that, that what is true for one is not necessarily true for another, so there isn’t a blanket answer that says, “When you see this, here is what you know.” Another thing to remember is, recognizing spiritual proficiency does not necessarily mean that you’ve got your world figured out, so you cannot necessarily judge that “I get this, so everything else is going to be all right.” Those expectations will doom you to getting it but not being able to do anything with it. You must be very careful with that.

The human self judges comparatively as a means of assessing growth, so the human self thinks that’s how the spiritual self should also be judged. And you really can’t do that. It’s like asking you, “How do you know when you are aware of Jupiter?” It’s very hard to answer because it’s so outside of your consciousness: “Oh, all right. Let me think now . . . Jupiter, planet, solar system . . . well, because I’ve seen it in a book.”

According to your physical self, your spiritual awareness is as unrecognizable as Jupiter. But as I have said over and over, ideally you don’t notice your spiritual self. And why is that? Because that is your truest self. So ascribing a series of feelings to it is not going to be all that accurate.

Nonetheless, there should be signposts along the way. One of those signposts is that you begin seeing more balance in your life without having to work at it constantly. Another is that you realize you’re happier and more fulfilled, not because everything is going as it should—chaos doesn’t stop—but because you are detaching from human security needs.

On another level, you might recognize that the things you are thinking about happen faster. You might notice that your awareness of life force is deeper than it has been. You become more aware of what you’re thinking and feeling, because there is a larger piece of you that’s looking in, rather than so much of you looking out.

On yet another level, you may find yourself remembering more quickly spiritual tools you have and putting them to work more easily. That’s not to say you have any control over the outcome of it, but that your spiritual self is functioning more than your form-self, so the things that have worked in your spiritual life come back to you. Another signpost is that you stop spending so much time focused on what you’re not doing, and you just do. And maybe you look back later and realize you’re doing things you never could have been doing a few years ago. You are trusting naturally, and not getting obsessed about this or that.

Do these apply to everyone? No, it’s different for you than it is for someone else. Biggest picture: you know because every area of your life—the hidden ones, the ones right at top—is in chaos and you are not totally freaked out.

One of the things that I have noticed is that challenges are no longer big dramas. They don’t suck at my emotions anymore. It’s just, “Oh, there’s a problem here. What are my options and how do I work this through?”

That’s an excellent example.

You spoke at the Lifescapes about how perceiving “out of time” helps us move out of the physical and recognize things that are beyond our “humanity.” This notion that time is only a matter of perception and that the dimension of spirit is “outside of time,” and if the human experiment is taking place, ultimately, within the spiritual realm—by which I mean the physical is also spiritual—why is there a limit to the time available for it? Why can’t it just be allowed to spin out its course at its own pace?

The spiritual self that functions here is not all there is of the spiritual self. There is—by far—more outside of here than there is here. The more you do to make contact with that greater self, the less you will be limited by your smaller self here. The greater self is not limited by time, but the smaller self is. The soul of you—the spirit in the form, physically speaking; the part that leaves, if not right at, right around the time you die—that is not the greater self. But that soul is limited in everything that this dimension is limited to, and the only way you can get beyond it is to connect in to the greater self.

So it’s because we are Guardians on the transition team that have come to take part in that process, and our “smaller selves” have a finite amount of time to complete the task we came to do.

Exactly. Now, I think that you’re asking more about the process of time with regard to why it is urgent if it’s a spiritual thing.


The greater self doesn’t have the urgency, because it’s not a greater-self problem. In the world of form, there is coming a point that the experiment will be over. And it’s not a spiritual experiment; it’s a form experiment.

And it’s going to be over not because it has been decided it will end, but because it is . . .

. . . played out. It is a wind-up toy, and its spring is winding down. And there is nobody to wind it up again when it stops.

So to stretch the metaphor a little bit: If that toy has a purpose to serve before it winds down, it better get its act in gear; it better do it.

If the completion of Sacred Status matters to you, then it seems to me you would be doing everything you can, with or without a construct of time. It wouldn’t matter. You would just be doing everything you could.

Now, a quick aside: Does that mean that you quit your job and start devoting all of your time to Phoenix? Well, hmm. And you’re not David and Paula, who have already done that.

We’re in a lucky situation.

Are you kidding me? Do you really think that? Forgive the vernacular, but that is so not true. The two of you have had to make some incredibly hard changes and decisions. David, you have had to make choices that in effect say, I’m going to give up the comfort of this place I have always thought of as home.

I can’t say I did that for Phoenix, though.

Well, no, but you did it so that you could function at your best. “Samuel, are you saying that good solid relationships and not having a constant financial drain and releasing personal issues and being willing to take steps nobody else is taking is hard?” Yes, it’s very hard. The two of you have done a lot to reach a point where you can say, We’re not going to be able to buy the whole world a drink, but we are comfortable enough that we can give. And you’re at that point because you have turned your lives—your human lives—upside-down to become the kind of spirit that says, I can let go of that.

What does our attaining Sacred Status give back to Source?

Individualized unity.

But Source is constantly gaining through all the life force on this planet, whether we have a group soul or individuated soul, so all of the wisdom that’s gained is carried back to Source. What’s the difference if Sacred Status all happens at once instead of individually? Is one just a lot faster than the other? If the experiment “fails” and we don’t reach Sacred Status before the allotted time runs out, or we do, what’s the difference in the big picture for Source?

Remember, there is so much more to the experiment than simply your piece of it. In reality—Guardians aside—life force is a very, very small piece of this greater experiment. But all you can relate to is your piece of it. Again, Guardians aside and just pretending that you are simple life force, it’s understandable that you would ask such a question, but what returns to Source is by far greater than your single spark.

Humans are about to understand what they call quantum mechanics, which is to say they are beginning to understand cause and effect in a way that has not been understood before. A hundred years ago, the very idea of quantum mechanics just wasn’t on anyone’s mind, well, except for a very few. Now your understanding of creation has much more potential than it used to have, because now you realize that you affect so much more than your own experience. Your brain starts playing with that and you become so much more because of what you have accessed, so that ultimately your individual experience holds more potential because you have accessed more reality. What you bring back to Source—life force here now—has the greatest potential. The experiment has always compensated, but has never attained. Now there is an opportunity for attainment. If the attainment does not come about at this level, it won’t come about, so there’s no use in continuing it. It’s not succeed or fail, it’s be . . . or not.

And what Source gains is greater Source.