(We’d like to thank Cynthia Clayton in North Carolina for sending us these intriguing questions—the editors.)

Is part of the Ascension process or the shift into Sacred Status related to a vibration/frequency change in the planet itself? Is this aTONEment or atONEment?

Samuel:Yes, it is related to a frequency change. However, the Ascension process and the shift to the completion of Sacred Status are not the same thing. Ascension comes after the completion of Sacred Status, but the shift from Sacred Status to Ascension requires a different process than simply the frequency change that is undergone until Sacred Status is completed.

There is a state between the completion of Sacred Status and Ascension. It’s not a state that you would necessarily be aware of being in, but it’s still a very definite state of being. It’s a function of creation that can be described as the time between when the Sacred Status domino starts to fall over and when it hits the Ascension domino, making it fall. It’s that space.

The point I’m making is that Sacred Status and Ascension are two different states of being, and they both require a frequency change. The frequency change that comes from the completion of Sacred Status leads to the frequency that will be called Ascension. But remember though, Ascension is a doorway, not a destination.

I think that leads to the next part of that question.

Is this aTONEment or atONEment?

I must assume that the “this” refers to the frequency change.

I believe so.

With atONEment being a function of the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy—and the unity that is required of that as a 5:3:2 function—and aTONEment being a 4:3:2 function—that is a function of the individual as opposed to the composite—Ascension would be atONEment.

Are we toning to match the frequency shift in the planet in order to better attune our physical bodies for the upcoming shifts? How does toning affect the people who are not actively doing it?

Toning affects your form. That may seem like a very simple answer, but it’s actually a very deep one because it goes into something that I have skirted around for a very long time. If toning changes your form to make you better capable of handling a higher frequency, doesn’t it also mean that toning affects form as a whole? And the answer is yes, it does. So if toning affects form as a whole, wouldn’t that mean that the effect of toning goes beyond those who are toning to affect the world as a whole, because it is also form? And the answer there is no. But what it does change is the world by way of those who are toning.

Because they’re Guardians?

Because they’re toning.

Now, I want to explain it a little bit, realizing that this is something that I’ve not spoken about in this way before.

Let’s say you are in a toning group with five, ten, fifteen, twenty other people. Guardians or not, your physical essence is being altered as a result of what you are doing and because of that the way you affect your world is being changed. It is altered not only in the obvious ways of “I am nicer to people,” “I find it easier to be on to me,” “I am capable of holding a higher frequency for longer periods of time.” Yes, all of that is true, and that’s generally where I leave it, but the fact is, the nature of the energy that you put out generally is changed because of toning, and that affects your ability to create and co-create the world.

You hold the planetary vibration when you’re working at that high a level. You are a keeper of the puzzle, so to speak. You’ve not only got all the pieces, but you’re the one that knows what the picture on the box looks like—whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. And in that sense you are maintaining current reality. Now, that part is only true if you are a Guardian.

Now, why do you think I have bypassed this explanation before?

Well, looking at the state of the world, I would wonder why I would want to maintain this current reality.

Good point.

It’s a big responsibility, but knowing about it doesn’t help you carry it out.

Exactly. And when you put those two together, it can create frustration. “I am doing this, but looking at the state of the world, maybe I’m not doing it right. Am I doing it? Am I not doing it?”

Am I doing it wrong?

Yet there’s no way for the human part of you to know the answer. It’s a really good question.

It’s like a light bulb. It’s giving off light and it’s changing the room, but if it’s a small light bulb in a big dark room, you can be frustrated because you’re not making the room brighter. You’re giving off as much light as you can, but you don’t see the light being bright enough.

Just so.

I’m a little confused about whether that’s happening only during toning or all the time, because of toning.

Both. During toning you are affected in such a way that, even after toning, your energy is continuing to express those changes. One of the reasons it is important to tone as often as possible is that the frequency reached by toning is not maintained after toning. It’s consistent while you are toning, and then it slowly declines to where your energy typically functions—remembering however that that particular function is constantly rising because you are toning.

How much does the love/healing circle that we do afterwards have a part in that frequency shift, or does it?

Very good; a good leap there. Sometimes people want to tone and leave out the love and energy circle, and I insist you cannot do that; it’s a vital part of toning, because what the love/energy circle is doing is providing an automatic outlet for the build-up of energy that you have created while actually toning. This is why manifestation is more likely when something is put into the toning circle. That outlet is needed for two reasons: one of them because we’re all greedy little pigs who want to be able to use any bit of energy possible for the higher good of the world, for those that you care about, for things that you’re wanting to manifest. And I say “we” because your toning is a great gift to the world, and the world is what I’m looking at. But in addition, the second reason the outlet is needed is so you can release some of that built-up energy.

Now and again somebody can only stay for toning and has to rush off; they’ll probably leave feeling sort of like they’ve just had a session with me, sort of “in Jello,” because their physical body needs a release of that energy.

What part of that do you think helps release that excess energy? The love circle. And why would the love circle do that?

Each person you send love to gives you a focus for that energy.

It’s very grounding. Your conscious process—sending that energy to each one—is very grounding. It reshapes the energy to something usable.

Does moving to Sacred Status correlate to moving into a higher dimension, similar to what mystics already experience? For example, do the lines of separation between lifetimes, other realities, break down? If so, it seems that many people will be unprepared for the overwhelming richness of this world. How do we prepare for that?

That’s a nice way to say that: “the overwhelming richness.”

One thing that I think needs to be said again here is that there is a difference between the completion of Sacred Status and Ascension. And this question is describing Ascension more than it is describing Sacred Status. Sacred Status is in effect now but the completion of it is not. Completion is when, within this world, the majority of life force is consciously aware of its spiritual function in the world. That point isn’t a dot in time; it’s a wave. I’m afraid I can’t do better than that.

But remember what I said when I answered that first question: There’s a point of function between the two, a state between the two, in which it would appear to you like an overlap. You recognize it because you are functioning at that level, and the awareness of that function grows, which is why it will look as if the Ascension process is expanding.

Is that because we’re dealing with time?


But it’s happening outside of the time experience.

Well, it’s more than that, but again, that’s a deeper understanding of it. You see everything as process, but nothing really is process. Every piece is its own totality. However, by looking at a greater view it appears that this totality goes with that totality, which goes with this totality, and that creates what looks like a process. So you see what looks like a stream rather than individual points.

Ascension is not necessarily going to be experienced by many Guardians, because that space between the completion of Sacred Status and Ascension, that shift in frequency, that act of creation, releases a specific frequency from the dynamics of mass consciousness at the frequency that the planet and life force have shifted to. And for Guardians that shows up as a choice to stay or to release, because you are not obligated to stay. My compact with you is not that you must stay beyond the completion of Sacred Status, but you may well choose to. Now, there should be a question you want to ask at this point.

My question would be, Who’s making the choice? Is it your entity?

All right, that’s not it, but it’s a good question.

My question is, is this a bodhisattva-like phenomena?

At a much higher level, yes.

Is release defined as death then?

Not likely, but possibly.

The question I thought you might want to ask me was, “Why would anybody want to stay?”

Oh, I can think of lots of reasons.

But when you are no longer obligated to the awareness of a limited-frequency’s function—meaning as you are right now—when you can function through the wholeness of the Entity you are, you become gods. What would a god do?

Wouldn’t hang around here on an ego, that’s for sure.

Or maybe would.


Well the spiritual part of me wants to say, “Gosh, if I could be of help here, I would want to stick around,” but I wonder how real that would be to this personality suddenly functioning in that kind of awareness.

And considering the needs at the time. Looking at it now and saying, “Here is what I would do,” only hints at what it will really be like.

You don’t know what you’d do.

I’m thinking about the analogy of one domino hitting another one, and the choice is coming just before the one domino hits the Ascension domino. It seems like my first thought is you’d want to stay to make sure that the Sacred Status domino really falls, and that nothing interferes with it. But if you have that choice that means that it’s already happened or the choice to stay or not wouldn’t be there, so that wouldn’t be a reason to hang around.

That’s true, but not because of the illustration you used. If you are at a place where there is a choice, it means that Ascension has activated. I’ll leave it at that.

Remember that we’re not talking about thinking the way you do right now, of seeing, of doing, of being the way you are now, which is why I said that this is an interesting question; it recognizes that you have access to something vastly different. However, it’s not got to do with that New-Age theory about another dimension of earth—it’s about you; you are what changes.

Your ties to this reality are—well, stronger than I wish they were right now—but they become more and more tenuous, until there is a point at which that tie isn’t there at all. And, of course, that doesn’t happen until Ascension is activated, and at that point you’re not limited to form, and dimensional reality here is all about form.

Now you are—slowly but surely, more often than not in your dreams—capable of functioning in more than one dimension anyway. There is a constant touching-in going on, although sometimes you are and sometimes you are not aware of it.

Let’s say that you are three years old and your uncle comes up to you and pretends to pull off your nose. “Got your nose, look at that. Got your nose.” And at that age, your eyes widen because you don’t realize what’s going on, and you are filled with the amazement about the magic of it. But when you’re an adult, you know what that’s all about. Great mystical behaviors are “Got your nose”—smoke and mirrors—and not a symbol of what is to come. In fact, truly speaking, they are much more a symbol of what was instead of what will be, because they are still attached to form.

And I would like to take the opportunity to remind everybody that these “mystical shows” such as multi-dimensional awareness and functioning are not for Guardians. They’re not for Guardians to do, to judge themselves or others by, to be impressed by. They’re not a part of your work, because your work is about the shift out of form, not how wonderful form can be.

It sounds like you’ve answered the second part of that, like “so many people would be unprepared for the overwhelming richness of the world,” because what I’m hearing you say is that, if you’re at a certain frequency you’ll be aware anyway that your attachment has lessened.

Yes. Every change in frequency is always normal to you.

It’s like being six years old asking, “How do I prepare for being seven years old?”

You’re just six years old until you become seven, and then when you’re seven you’ve become what seven is. It’s always normal where you are (like that terrible story of the frog in hot water), be that mass consciousness, or be that Guardianship. You really can’t prepare for it.

The next question: Will Sacred Status for this planet also be accompanied by a pole shift? Will the frequency shift also cause a magnetic shift in the poles?

There are a couple of things in there that are not accurate. The first one is, magnetic shift, yes, pole shift, no, because a magnetic shift is what the traditional thinking behind the pole shift is. Magnetic shifts happen pretty much all the time, and pole shifts happen, geologically speaking, fairly often. This is another of those dramatic, New Age things, and I just want to say, “Don’t go there.”

The completion of Sacred Status is a function of a constantly changing dynamic that includes the individual frequencies of all life force creating a changed frequency in the planet. The planet is also, on its own, changing its—and this is not a good term, but it’s the best I can do—individual frequency. In the same way that you right now have a physical being that is ruled, in a perfect world, by your spiritual being, and your Guardianship forces you to have an awareness of your spiritual being, so the planet is a physical being that is a part of a greater spiritual being.

If all of the fleas on a dog jump off all at once, the dog would be a changed being, wouldn’t it? Well, in a sense, if the majority of life force upon the planet functioned at a higher frequency, it would have a very dynamic effect upon the planet, wouldn’t it? In fact, what it would do is push the planet into its composite frequency. It would cause it to function well beyond its current frequency. I think that’s all I want to say about that.

So what I’m saying is that the process of Sacred Status for the planet is very much like it is for you in that it’s a constantly shifting thing that looks pretty normal insofar as the planet is concerned, even though it’s a higher and higher frequency. The magnetic change is a way that some people use to try to show how you can tell the planet is changing, and they say that the shift of the poles is the effect of that change. That’s not accurate. Magnetic shifts are constantly occurring; pole shifts regularly occur. That’s not the point.

The magnetic shifts don’t cause a pole shift, but the magnetic shift can be a useful—if not fully accurate—way of looking at constant change going on. I say that it’s not the best way because there isn’t a direct correlation. It doesn’t allow you to say that when the frequency of the planet itself and the frequency of all life force upon it is at this level, then the magnetic shift shows up at this level of shift; it doesn’t quite work that way. But mapping the magnetic shifts can show you a pattern—and there are those who do that—that can let you look at the biorhythms, so to speak, of the planet, and get a sense of what’s going on as your world continues to change. The change, of course, is as a result of the constant force of Sacred Status coming into the planet.

How do the energies of Sirius and Alcyone assist in the shift to Sacred Status?

They are the doorways through which Guardianship energy, avataric energy and Ellic Force entered the world up until Fusion. How do they assist? How does being from Great Britain assist you in functioning as a Guardian now, Paula?

It’s just part of my Lake of the Known. It’s there.

Do you find that when you read the newspaper you’re drawn to see what’s going on there and perhaps finding yourself a bit more sympathetic to what’s happening?

Oh, sure. I understand it a bit better, because I’m part of the same culture.

Good. Well, that’s about the same way those particular frequencies affect Guardians now. Not a whole lot, and, for those who are coming since Fusion, not at all, which is another one of those New Age myths.