This newsletter will be distributed when you and a group of Guardians will be in Mexico. Your last group trip resulted in the Fusion of masculine and feminine energy, and we’d like to talk to you about your impression of the world since that time, about your current trip and what you’re hoping to see happen before next year’s trip.

I have no doubts about what’s going to happen after that trip is over insofar as those who are a part of it are concerned.

You have spoken about remarkable changes going on. What kind of changes have you seen in the planet and the life force upon it since Fusion and the influx of powerful cosmic energy that began as a result of it?

The change that I’m seeing on a planetary scale, you are ex­periencing personally, so when I make reference to particular lev­els of change, draw a parallel in your own physical, mental-emo­tional, and spiritual selves.

On a very broad scale I see three main levels of change. One of the greatest changes that I am seeing since Fusion has to do with the planet itself. On a physical level there are changes that might appear to be destructive. You have farmers right here where you live at home base that have had too much rain. Elsewhere in your country, you have had those who have not experienced normal weather because their rain’s been right here, and so they’re in drought. The sandstorm season in the Sahara has gone on much longer than is usual. You have had some fairly massive earthquakes such as recently occurred in South America and, of course in the Baltic regions and up around the Black Sea. You’ve had a lot of earth movement, which may seem to fit with older patterns of destructive change, but in reality what’s going on now is that the planet’s settling in.

Now, what’s the planet settling in to? It has been shifting into a higher frequency, often bringing about massive change in a rather dangerous way. That has leveled off. The resonance has stopped that escalation.

That’s a direct effect of Fusion. Remember that it’s the bal­ance of the life force on the planet with the energy of the planet itself that brings about Sacred Status. That life force energy on the planet is no longer functioning as mainly masculine energy as it has in the past. Now it’s not masculine or feminine; it’s fused, so what you have on the planet is a place of balance that has never been possible before, and could not have been accomplished with­out fast, chaotic—and as a result of that, destructive—change.

So settling is what you’re seeing right now, but what you are going to be seeing as a result of that should be, once the readjust­ment is finished, your weather becoming more stable again. The climate will adjust back into—and I shouldn’t say back into be­cause it’s a new situation—into a stable amount of rainfall, a stable amount of sunshine. It may be that you are drier than you used to be or that your winters are colder, but at least it will be predict­able. And that stabilization is hugely important.

The equivalent of your personal mental-emotional level, planetarily speaking, is the function of the constructs of society—the governments, the economy, for instance—but on a world-wide level. That is because what is going on in the physical world has an economic effect; economic states have an effect on governmental policies; governmental policies create changes in the ways that a culture sees what is acceptable and what is not for business, what is acceptable and what is not in the way that individuals behave as a group, and so forth.

Take commodities, for example. As the planet is making these changes, all of the predictions have been based on dire prospects, but once that settling is finished, once that fusion is more actively functioning, you’re going to be able to make projections that work.

As for the societal constructs—economic, political, cultural as a whole—think in terms of security. In this last set of workshops I have gone back to the easy definition of security issues—sex, money, body fat—but look at the planet that way and you’ll get a sense of those arenas in which changes are going on.

When you in your own life have change, an unfamiliar future, when you have things going on that it seems you can’t do anything about, what tends to be the automatic behavior?


Tension, drama, pain. Control.

Digging in.

Right. Resistance. All of those things. When there is, let’s say, a political change that is an expression of that very same sort of security issue, what do you think the people that are under that political regime are going to experience? Well, just go back and repeat all of those words that were just said.

Do I think that that’s a good thing? Yes. I do, because in your own lives when you are not happy you start making changes, and I’m already seeing that in your world— changes coming up as a response to changes coming up.

Spiritually speaking, the planet itself is doing fine, but the life force on the planet as a whole is in very strong resistance—not simply religious constructs, but personal values as well, cultural morality, ethics, if you will. I would say that Guardians have had more ethics-related issues come up in their lives in the last six to twelve months than they probably have ever been aware of before. And again that’s a part of Fu­sion. In the larger picture, it’s Fusion, but the way it shows up in your world is through a slow acceptance that comes from the un­derstanding of how that energy works and the changes it causes—a movement away from patriarchy, the moving forward of the matriarch toward balance—which create a new way of looking at situations, a new way of thinking. As a result of that you are aware of things on an ethical level that you may never have thought of before.

So physically, mentally, spiritually. Physically—for the planet itself~ the climate, the storm patterns, earthquakes and things like that; mentally/emotionally—the con­structs which are a part of mass conscious­ness on the planet; and spiritually—the life force energy itself as a whole and individu­ally within your lives are all undergoing rapid transformation. And the big need through all of that is for the Guardianship to be stable.

Now, what’s the problem with being stable?

They’re going through the same se­curity issues as everyone else.

Right. And their response to that can be to just play it very, very safe and build themselves a little box that says, “Here is what I will do, because I know this is what is right,” and not expand and be the ones who show the way for the rest of the world.

Thinking about planetary constructs and all of these changes, this implies that there is a group energy. I wonder if there is such a thing as national karma?

Yes, there is a national karma. For in­stance, your nation has just gone through a very important passage in regard to that national karma. Let me explain.

Going back to the idea of a political consciousness, and using your country as an example, the political leaders of your country made the decision to invade an­other country. It declared war, invaded that other country, forced a governmental change there, and sought to capitalize on it by taking the resources of that country, but presented it in a biased way that justi­fied it as an honorable war. And the popu­lation of this country, for the most part, bought into it. That means that both the political leaders and the population’s con­sciousness as a whole are a part of that ac­tion. Is there karma that conies with that? Yes, there is, both on a national level and on a personal level.

Just recently I asked the leadership of each of the three cities to come together as a whole to do a working in One Body in order, as much as was possible, to pull back from a precipice that could be the response to the karma from that national activity. While it was not going to eliminate the karma, it was going to strengthen the like­lihood for a positive effect rather than a negative one. What I asked those groups to do was to heal the nation. What is it you are doing when you are healing something? What are you sending?

Energy to make it whole.

Exactly. Wholeness. You’re not send­ing energy to get rid of this or that. You’re not sending, “I’m going to direct healing pulses directly to the Capitol at Washing­ton, D.C.” No, you are sending wholeness to the construct of government itself. You do that by first purifying yourself. And that was done by asking the group to share what they felt personally was needed in areas of which individuals had direct awareness. You cannot give what you do not have, and you needed to be as consciously whole as possible. The key word there is consciously, not whole. Those doing the work needed to be consciously aware of what was not working in themselves, and then con­sciously ask for help to bring about the changes that were needed so that they were whole, remembering that in the big pic­ture you are whole.

Now, relate that to what your nation needs. Your nation needs to see what is not working, and it needs to ask for help, to ask the people to come together to bring about a change. That’s very powerful coming from Guardians, particularly Guardians who, by way of leadership within this work, have learned how to work together, have learned how to merge, have learned how to do—and in fact regularly take part in—works of great energetic proportion by the very nature of the service that they render to this work. Having that group of Guardians come together to prototypically open the way by that working, well that had the opportunity to bring about some pretty big and important changes.

The next part of that working was that, having expressed what their needs were and having received that wholeness, they would express what each one of them—in a sacred frame of mind— recognized as needs for the national consciousness, the political consciousness, the economic consciousness, and the conscious­ness of groups of individuals as well. As they were led, they stated, “Here is what I see is needed,” and then “Here is what I see is needed.” It was a great outpouring of very balanced, whole en­ergy with the purpose of stopping that escalating roll toward de­pression and oppression, and all that those two words can mean, in your country.

Quick aside, did it work? Right now, it looks like it’s possible that it has, but it won’t really be known until things start getting more active, which probably will be closer to the equinox rather than having just come off of the solstice.

Is it right to do a work like that? Yes, it is. It is as right to do it on a national level as it is to do it on a planetary level, which you do every time you tone, or on an individual level, which you do every time you send love and ask for energy. It is not only right, it’s necessary. Does it mean that by doing such a working based on your ability to connect on higher levels than you ever have before due to Fusion, that you might actually get in the way and eliminate free will? No. Darn. You’re not going to stop karmic consequences, but you may be able to turn the tide from depression and oppres­sion to a population that says, “Let’s come together and make a difference to bring about change to help heal this gaping wound that we are now faced with.” Hopefully, that will be the attitude that comes out of such workings.

So what you’re saying is there will be karmic consequences.

Oh, yes.

But by the leadership doing what they did, other avenues of repair or resolution . . .

Attitudinal changes.

Other avenues of energy were opened up so that it didn’t automatically follow that negative course.


Would you equate this to the love circles that we do, when we ask for energy to learn the lessons from these circumstances in our lives right now so that we won’t get hit by a two-by-four.


I see karma as basically a teaching tool.

For the master, it is.

If you get the knowledge, then you don’t need to get the lesson. If you do it inside, you don’t need to get it from the outside.

That’s not actually true, though. If you get it on the inside, you’re going to change it, because your response is not going to involve a great drama, but you’re still going to have the karma. For example, you lay a wonderful juicy kiss on someone who has strep

throat. What’s likely to happen because of that? I’m going to get strep throat too.

But you realize, “Oh, what have I done? I’d better take more vitamin C. I’d better start a preventive sort of action. . . “It’s pos­sible that you might not get it or that your immune system might be jostled a little and you get something that isn’t nearly as bad, because you’ve put on a helmet, so to speak, so that when the two-by-four hits, it’s not so bad. But there is still an effect you are going to deal with; hopefully it will not be strep throat.

That’s different from when you see someone else kiss and say, “Oh, that could be a bad thing. I’m going to learn from that and I’m not going to lay any juicy kisses on her while she has strep throat.” In that situation, you are watching somebody learn and you are eliminating karma and actually gaining mastery, because you have learned from somebody else’s experience. But if it’s your action, you’re going to have a reaction.

If only we could look at history that way.

Wouldn’t that be helpful? The problem with that is that your history is written by the winners, so you’re not necessarily learning all that could be learned.

Since the Fusion of masculine and feminine energy took place, you have spoken about “activation” or “re-activation” of sites on the planet, and you are planning a trip to Serpent Mound in Ohio in October for that purpose. [For more information see ad on back page] Please explain the difference between activa­tion and re-activation. Why have some sites, such as Serpent Mound, been closed, and why would reawakening sites be ben­eficial now? How will that be done?

The Mexico trip is going to produce changed Guardians. Those who take part in that trip are going to be able to make changes in the energy of consciousness, the energy of creation, here in this world, and as a result of that, there will be changes in mass con­sciousness. Now, that is pretty unbelievable, I imagine. Serpent Mound is going to be the proving point of the work in Mexico, because the biggest use, I would say, for those who have awak­ened their divinity in Mexico is going to be what they can do in a working by affecting the energy of others taking part in the working.

Without wanting to sound like an advertisement for travel with Samuel, the fact is that the work that will be done, pretty much from Fusion on, is being done by those who go on the trips, simply because the nature of what is being done requires pure creation force to do it, and that means having that activation take place at the site. This trip to Mexico is not a trip in which those who have not gone are going to be able to be of help or have an effect.

Serpent Mound is an ancient place of power. It is a simple point of power—and don’t misunderstand me when I use the word simple, because it doesn’t mean not ‘complex,’ it means ‘funda­mental, foundational.’ As such it has maintained energy for a very large area, geographically speaking. There was a time in which across your country you had probably nine, maybe twelve, of these sites—and the reason that I am unsure is because there are so few of them that can possibly be opened now, because they have been built over, they have become office buildings or vast lakes where there was no water before. And when I say, “in your country,” I am talking about the land-mass itself, not state boundaries, essentially from what is now your west coast to what is now your east coast. It does not include Alaska and Hawaii, or outside of the mainland area that is the United States. It also includes a part of Canada and some of Mexico, but not all of them. You have a belt, more or less, that runs around your planet, and there are on the land masses within that belt these areas of power.

Now, closer to your own time, after those places had already been inactivated, you had visitors that came to them and made them religious sites. In making them religious sites the intent was to provide an opportunity for them to be reopened. We talked a lot in recent years about the en­ergy grid that had been purposefully shifted to let the planet incubate, but which was now shifting back into place. Fusion is re­shifting that grid into an even better con­nection, more like what it had been origi­nally. By opening some of these sites that can be opened, that’s going to allow that grid to become stable wherever it is that it’s united, where it is complete.

So the energy grid, which had been closed to allow life force to incubate, is re­turning back to its original configuration. What does that imply then?

That a place like the Serpent Mound becomes a kind of beacon that says, “Here we are.”

Yes. Perfect. Yes. When it is activated. Now, a beacon for what?

It signals that the help that is available to us now can come in.

All right, that works. What else is it a beacon for?

It shows the origin of the energy that is spreading outwards across the planet.

Like a stone thrown into a pond, it’s going to ripple and have an effect. What effect? Think planetary energy, mass con­sciousness, life force energy as well as that energy that will be coming to the planet that has been held away. You are going to have a beacon to those energies that work to restore the planet to its destiny, which are the elemental kingdoms. It’s literally going to be drawing devic energy, drawing creation energy, healing energy back into the geographic, physical land mass affected by that opening. It’s going to draw people who are able to receive healing from it. And it’s going to help Guardians heal, awaken, activate when they go to these places. Re­activation of that place, since the Fusion happened, is really an activation, because what is now possible would not have been otherwise: levels of healing—planetary, life force, as well as cosmic—that were not available even during the time that those mounds were created. The mounds were a religious point to keep that place of power intact. Of course, it did not keep them safe. Mass consciousness changed and no longer respected those ancient sites.

Just thinking for a few moments about what sorts of things might be keepers of these important points of power in the world, what comes to mind?

Stone circles.

Yes. Very good. Exactly.

It sounds very much like what we do in the Group of Twelve workings, because we are channeling energy into our local areas.

It does, doesn’t it? It’s a different level of it, because you’re stabilizing it through the Group of Twelve work on a much more conscious level, whereas this is done in a foundational, more primary, energy focus, and as a result has a much larger outreach.