Please explain how the fusion of masculine and feminine energy will affect mass consciousness, those who are awakened, and the Guardians.

The first thing to remember, especially because many of these questions are going to refer to it, is that the fusion of masculine and feminine energy was a cosmic function. It wasn’t like working on Heart Portals; it was not like establishing the Grid. This goes beyond that, beyond this planet. It’s actually right before that point where the dimension of form begins. It’s the very first thing that enters into form as a function of energy. You have Source, “beneath” that you have All That Is, and then you have Ellic energy. That’s the level this is at.

Now, what this fusion means on a cosmic level is that the way that energy comes into form, from the point of intent, has changed. It no longer requires knowing what the finished prod­uct is going to be. Manifestation on a personal level always requires that you know what it is you’re manifesting. And, of course, that is a reflection of the greater process. Your old text says about Creation, “Then God saw there was only darkness, and He said, ‘Let there be light.” Well, now it would be “Then God saw there was only darkness, and all of a sudden there was light.” The change is at that place of intent. The whole is expressed at the moment of creation, the moment of birth. The thought establishes all. On a cosmic level, that’s where then change is. But how that’s going to show up in mass con­sciousness, in those who are just awakening, and in Guardian­ship energy is very dependent upon what’s happening at the moment, what is acceptable to the whole, and the connection with that greater vision.

Starting first with Guardianship energy, ideally that fusion is going to allow your awareness of universal abundance to be a useful function of energy in your life, having that as a filter of awareness rather than a challenge. And that’s because of the specific connection that a Guardian has—for illustration pur­poses—into the mind of Source.

Those who are first awakening will probably not particu­larly notice anything. However, mass consciousness is likely to start noticing the things that you were working on years ago, such as the ability to be more aware of the effect that their thoughts and actions will have before they make a choice.

So, for the most part, the only way that this cosmic change will be actually noticed is if you’re functioning at a level that allows you to see a much larger picture. And even if you don’t consciously notice it, the effects are going to trickle down and touch lives, but it’s not going to be anywhere near as obvious as it is on a cosmic level.

To put it a different way: Remember that energy moving through form gets progressively slower and slower until it’s solid. Now, of course, all of that’s an illustration; that’s not truly the way energy works, but it’s an effective enough illustration for the realm of form. When you think something, there is a pas­sage of time between the thought and when it comes to pass. And you have been noticing that, for yourselves, the time be­tween thought and manifestation has been getting less and less. Many of you have come to a place in which you are pretty well instantly manifesting what you’re thinking about, what you’re asking for, what you’re working with. These are good things.

Imagine that, on the level of Source, Source expresses, so All That Is happens. Then All That Is expresses and the Ellic world happens, and that begins the process of energy moving down into a blueprint that is form. Right now that stepping-down process isn’t happening.

As an analogy, is it the difference between knowing some­thing and actually “being” it?

It is like that, but again on a cosmic level. It’s a limited cosmic level because it’s dealing with the realm of form, and it’s happening because you established a new Grid. Because you have a new blueprint for this world, energy is filtering through a different area. What is possible now is very, very different than what was possible five years ago. This is all a natu­ral part of the progression. Now that the planet is functioning with a different energy and is capable of withstanding a greater energy, energy does not have to be quite so diluted before it gets here.

The first step in eliminating that di­lution of energy is the fusion of mascu­line and feminine energy. Does that mean that there is no dichotomy? No, but it does mean that the space between what is sent to earth and what gets here does not involve much change.

So that’s why you said in our last interview that Ellic energy will be showing up on the planet.

That’s exactly right. But can you also see why that really isn’t going to have much effect on the day-to-day experi­ence of mass consciousness, or of those who are awakening, or of Guardians?

As the planet is more in fused with Source energy, won’t that change?

As you become more and more con­scious, you are able to experience more and more.

In Bolivia you said that the fusion of masculine and feminine energy has changed the Plan. How has it changed, and how has the planet been affected as a result?

I think there’s a bit of a misunder­standing there. The fusion did not change the purpose or goal of the Plan, because the Plan itself is about Sacred Status for the planet, and the fusion is a part of the steps that go with that.

It’s like that illustration I use for other purposes: You may have a million dol­lars in the bank, but until you write a check and get something with the money, it’s useless to you. The group that did the fusion work wrote the check, and that work became the vehicle for fusion energy to function on earth. The work showed that the sort of work required to facilitate the coming work within the Plan can be done, that the work can be used. It fulfilled fusion’s promise.

As to how the planet was affected, in the sense that time has sped up, and in the sense—and this is a separate thing— and in the sense that this change is sooner than it looked like it would be, the Plan changed. But that’s timing, and timing is not really what the Plan itself is about. I think it’s going to be particu­larly interesting when we all get together again without all of these versions of form, then you will see that this is all one breath. All of it. It’s nothing—it’s every­thing.

If it’s nothing, I can still understand its importance to us—because of the veil—but what is its importance to you?

You are impor­tant to me. The way you live through this to do what it is you’re here to do matters. It matters to you. And since so much—forgive me, I’m going to say it— hinges on you, it matters to me.

But in the bigger picture, you will be so embarrassed when you look back on all of this and you say, “Oh, I just got so caught up in that, didn’t I?” Everything about you is tied up in time, because time is the reason you have you, but it’s so little of all that’s going on. It’s such a limited view, but it’s important for you. It works for you. So there it is.

It’s all about the drama.


When we focus on a movie, it be­comes very important, and then later we think, “Oh, that was neat,” and for­get about it.

If only all of life could be seen like that: “This too will pass.”

How much are personality issues delaying the movement toward Sacred Status? Why is it so hard to overcome those issues when, in our hearts, we want so much to serve and work at our highest?

This is a broad question that I will an­swer for this group, rather than for mass consciousness as a whole.

Remember that most of the world sees their personality as all they have, and in fact your personality essence is the means by which your physical form anchors here. It is the connection. I would even go so far as to say that psy­chology and psychiatry and philosophy and religion are all means of adapting the personality to rulership Everything that you experience has to do with being liked and being a part of things and feeling good about your­self. So as far as mass consciousness is concerned, personality is why there is a Plan at all.

But those who are reading the newsletter because they’ve connected in to this work are, at one level or another, func­tioning as Guardians—unfortunately, some as guardians of their own egos and personalities, rather than of the greater Plan. Does that personality stuff slow down the Plan? Yes and no.

Yes, it does, insofar as, in order for Sacred Status to reach completion, it’s going to mean that all of the planet has awak­ened. Maybe they’re not serving, maybe they’re not function­ing in it, but they’ve awakened. And everything that Guard­ianship does opens the door, makes possible what’s going to go on in mass consciousness. If security issues are holding back Guardians, how much longer will it take for it to filter down into mass consciousness? You see? That slows it down.

Now, can you define “personality issues” for me so that I can clearly answer the question?

We have expectations and also resistance that we meet when our personality issues are activated somehow—secu­rity issues, for instance. And yet it seems that at this point we shouldn’t be experiencing so much resistance to what we know in our hearts is the right thing.

I agree. “Should not” is a strong couple of words, but it’s right. You should not.

What makes that happen? Why do we still have these strong resistances to things that really should be flowing naturally at this point?

Because so far in your experience it doesn’t pay you nearly as much to let go, to accept and move with the greater flow as it does to maintain the drama, to be average.

In the last set of workshops, which had to do with the other side of the Light, one of the things that I talked about was the nature of balance in this world. I asked you to remember that it’s not about “good” and “bad.” It’s not a dichotomy thing; it’s a full expression. As long as there is a part of you, as Guard­ians, that says, “This is what a full expression is” just as soon as you set up that box, or limitation, you are also aware that you set up a box, because your energy functions beyond form. You, as a Guardian, are already functioning outside of human mass consciousness.

Now, what happens at that point is that the mechanics that

start falling into place depend upon which energy is stronger within you. You are going to need to either prove your box or get out of it.

I have talked to you very, very often about how wonderful it is that you have no free will, that you are so “on to” you that you are constantly more and more aware of a larger picture. You talk to somebody and you have a sense of what’s going on, even beyond the conversation. You are becoming more and more aware of the larger view. As you trust your Source connection, you are choosing that larger view. As you trust your connection in the world—your personality—you are resisting that larger view. It’s that simple. How that works out in your everyday experience, though, makes it look like there are many different choices and that there is this gray area, which is where all the justification comes in: “Well, this really is a bigger pic­ture, but it just happens to be acted out in this smaller pic­ture,” and things such as that.

As long as you have fear, then you have a small box. As long as you have fear, you have a desire to keep things man­ageable and in control. As long as you have fear, you must work for yourself instead of in unity as a group. As long as you have fear, you need to maintain your reality around yourself so that you can be right. As long as there is fear, there is a need for a greater and stronger energy leap. As long as there is fear, there will always be another gateway to open up to make for less and less personal intervention and more and more spiri­tual intervention.

Maybe the question should have been “How can we stop judging others and ourselves?”

Well, yes, but unfortunately the answer to that is, stop. Stop! Catch it. Stop. Make yourself aware of it. Judgment isn’t a bad, thing. It’s not. You’ve got to make judgments all the time. “All right, it’s cloudy outside. Do I need to put on a raincoat?” You make a judgment about that. It’s a decision. That’s all it is.

It’s the value judgments.

Yes. It’s when your judgment determines the worth, the value, that you start falling apart. And, you know, the fusion of masculine and feminine energy is eventually going to trickle down to the place that you’re less apt to need to make those separate, hierarchical, this-is-better-than-that sort of judgments. Until then, be on to you. Stop judging. Really.

Lately, some individuals have experienced very intense per­sonal issues in which they have had to make a choice about their personal selves being very vulnerable and being willing to back off for the greater good or choosing to push their per­sonal self forward at any cost. There have been many personal issues about their own value, their own worth, about what they can and cannot do. Some who have faced this have chosen almost every time to step outside of the self and not to make it a personal issue, but to look at what’s important for the greater whole.

Now, that’s not a lot of fun. It is a struggle. It makes you vulnerable, and vulnerability can appear to be a weakness. Of course, conscious vulnerability is not a weakness. It’s actually quite powerful, but to the human self it doesn’t seem like that. To this self that is bred to function in the world, in the human experience, that must survive here, it’s very, very hard to bi’ vulnerable, because that means danger. To move out of that box, to move out of form ruling—because form does rule here— is a very high-level function, and it’s going to bring about greater change, greater impact, faster than any other way of acting something out or learning something. That, then, is going to make you better, make you stronger.

By being willing to put yourself aside for a greater good, you are going to more quickly gain that greater good, but that goes so against your genetic initiative of survival at any cost that it’s very, very hard to do. What do you say to that? Well, you say, “Get over it.” Hopefully, those who are doing it and have done it can spread the word that it actually works out pretty well. Hopefully. But that requires more to be willing to do it.

As long as this form stuff counts more than anything else, it won’t happen.

At the first Sunday meeting in July, you said, “Six days ago you had a pulse of energy come into your world that was the vehicle for a great reversal of energy.” Please ex­plain what you meant by that, and whether that energy was connected to the work that was done in Bolivia.

It had everything to do with what was done in Bolivia. It was the means by which what was done first made it to earth. When I spoke at that Sunday night meeting, you had just had come to your earth, or had just had in your solar system, a very large coronal mass ejection; your sun had just released a large amount of energy into your galaxy. I’m talking on a very physical level to do with your sun, but remember that your sun is a physical representation of a spiritual entity, just as your earth is and just as you are. Now, as you know, sometimes those ejections are facing away from the earth, and sometimes they’re facing toward the earth. And when they’re facing the earth, you have a lot of magnetic disruption that comes as a result. in this particular case, the release of energy was not toward your planet, because the masculine-feminine fusion was a cosmic event. Instead, that ejection went into the galaxy, and in the long run it’s going to have an effect on your planet. Nonetheless, it was still the vehicle through which the energy of that fusion made its first connection to earth.

Now, the means by which energy expresses into form was changed by the work that was done in Bolivia. The fusion of masculine and feminine energy changes the steps or the cycle, if you will. No longer are there thirty steps, for example, until that energy reaches the planet and manifestation comes about. Now, at the moment of creation, initiation, inspiration, at that moment the whole possibility is right there, ready for any who can access it and make use of it.

That is an absolute reversal. In a sense, looking at it from a macrocosm-microcosm point of view, what Source does for this whole creation is what is now available for the planet. Just as you have been awakening to Christ Consciousness and recognizing the Source you are, which has very much been the call to the Guardians of this last few years, that pulse of energy represented Source coming to earth.

You asked earlier, “Does that mean that Ellic energy is com­ing right here?” That’s exactly what that means. The vehicle’s there. I will promise you, you will begin hearing immediately many different translations of what I’ve described: that the Galactic Command has now come to earth or that Ascension happened and people’s reality totally changed and they’re now working on a different dimension. You will begin hearing from New Age-oriented groups that something big just happened. And it did. There has been a total change in how energy can function here and what you, tuned to that energy, can do as a result. I think it’s very big and very good.

It looks likely that you will be taking a group to Mexico next year. What will be the purpose of that trip?

To take away your excuses.

You might have a small crowd.

[Laughs] The major work that’s going to be done there is going to be at a portal. That portal was most recently used as an initiatory point at which, it was said, men become gods. And that’s exactly what I’m going to use it for. You’re not use­ful in your constant denial of your godness. Think of this trip as going to a house of mirrors in which all you see is your godness. You can’t get around it. So I may as well use the en­ergy.

Another thing that will be going on at that trip is you’re going to go to a place specifically seeded in the most recent two seedings before you. You’re going to go to places where specific instructions, changes, have been put into the earth, places that have been visited by and specifically still hold the impact of gods. The whole trip is about complete awareness.

Now, doesn’t it make sense that that would be helpful right after a fusion and what it gives? Doesn’t it make sense that it would be nice if the gods did not have to come here, but they simply could be here? I’ve been ready for that for quite some time.