This year, you have been em­phasizing that we need to get over our ego issues. One ego issue that you have mentioned is that of res­cuing. Please explain the differ­ence between helping someone in a loving way and rescuing them.

One of the good things about a spiritual awakening is that it creates compassion. Compassion is the soul’s way to recognize itself in the world. It is a symptom of a higher spiritual frequency, and so when you see somebody who is in need, you feel compassion for them.

Another thing that is a part of spiritual awakening is wisdom, a wisdom which comes from being aware of your patterns, knowing what your issues are, seeing how you have worked through them.

When you put compassion and wisdom together, it’s danger­ously easy to say, “I see what is going on with you. I know what you need to make it better. I will help.” The difference between compassion and rescuing is that rescuing is taking action without being asked. Compassion involves a larger picture in which you have been invited in.

Now, that question was based upon behavior at the Lexington Crown Portal ritual, in which an individual left the group in tears wanting to give up and somebody went and gave a pep talk and brought her back. And the question is, Was that compassion or was it rescue? And the answer is, It was rescue because it was not asked for.

Compassion would have said, “I am so sorry you feel this way. If you need a shoulder, I’m right here. Here, have a tissue.” Allowing the person to be and to work through on her own.

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for high rituals or other important workings that you give us? And how can someone know if they would serve better by not taking part?

High ritual involves intent, thought, word and deed. Only hav­ing the intent is not enough. Thought has to do with the visualiza­tion, and there must be a common thought. Word has to do with the sound, for instance, that you’re putting out—you are putting the whole picture of what’s being done out in a specific vibration. And finally, the deed is the whole working, the pattern of it itself.

In every aspect of high ritual, from the moment you walk into the door where the ritual is going to be done, it would make a very big difference to have the attitude that a holy Work of Light is happening now. But more than that, you must realize that every piece, every word that is said, every movement, adds to the en­ergy that’s being created, and that it is important that it be done perfectly, as One Heart and One Mind. What that means is you cannot go into the ritual not knowing the ritual and just saying that because your intent is there and your heart is in it, that’s what’s required. It won’t work. Not there.

When we are doing high ritual, I try to make sure that not only do you know the ritual, but that you have gotten it in your hands ahead of time, that you’ve been practicing the sounds that are going to be created and the words that are going to be used. You want to come to the ritual knowing what you’re going to be doing and capable of doing it and knowing that you are in the highest vibration you can be. That might mean fasting. It might mean ex­ercising ahead of time so that you can stand without fidgeting all that time. It might mean that you very respectfully say, “I want no speaking part, because I will not be able to keep my focus.” It may mean that you go to all of the toning practices so that you can become very, very clear with every bit of that work. It means that you know it thoroughly so that you don’t have to think and rely on your head to do the work your spirit needs to do, that you rely on your spirit instead.

Part of the problem is that within this group the leaders are hesitant to say, Don t do this. You’re not right for this.” And I un­derstand that. I manipulate the parts when I’m going to be there, but when your name is drawn for a part in a ritual that I’m not there for, it is the luck of the draw. That’s why when you feel doubts you need to say it: “You know, I get too nervous in front of people. I’m not going to be able to do my part,” or “I do not tone well enough to tone throughout this ritual.”

If for some reason the Crown Portal had not opened, would we have had an opportunity to open it within some win­dow of time, as was done with the open­ing of the China Heart Portal?


Was it necessary to open the Crown Portal exactly when we did? What would have happened if it had not opened at this time? Would the Earth experiment have continued?

The Earth experiment is not based on the opening of the Crown Portal. If you will remember, the Crown Portal work was the result of a leap that mass consciousness made. When it happened was not the is­sue. That it happened was the issue.

When it was determined that the most propitious time to bring the group together to do this was at the Summer Solstice, that became the opportunity. That opportunity was only that: an opportunity. If it had not worked, that opportunity was gone. You could not try it again. It was not “any time between the twenty-first of June and the fourth of September would do.” It did not work that way.

Another time would have probably been worked out. I say probably because, in this world 0f free will and constant change, the sort of energy you’re able to put out depends upon what’s going on in your life. I cannot say that the group would have been as prepared, better prepared, or less prepared to do that work again.

If it hadn’t opened? Things would have continued as they were.

This year you have also urged us to examine all our actions with an eye to looking for new ways of doing things. How can we get over feeling stuck in old ways of doing things and move?

Well, the difficulty with giving an an­swer as that question is asked is that you don’t feel stuck in old ways, and that’s the problem. If you felt stuck, you would move. That is the nature of humanity. When things get so bad you will not tolerate the situation any longer, then you embrace change, rather than seeking change to begin with.

What I encourage you to do is to seek change in small steps in all the safe places that you can. For instance, if you are a leader in one of Phoenix’s three cities and you are looking to embrace change to ful­fill my request that you look for different ways of doing things, then you have a lovely opportunity and a very safe place to say, “Let’s do this, but let’s try something dif­ferent this time. Let’s do this part of it dif­ferently.” That’s a very easy and safe way to do it. Look for a means to bring about change one small step at a time rather than in one big life-shattering lurch.

The reason you don’t change is that you fear that you will not be able to succeed in the new environment. That’s why taking small steps is very helpful: you become used to change and you see that the world does not fall apart—you see that you don’t fall apart. You have successes. And that’s a good thing.

You’re not fearing change; you are fear­ing your ability to function in it. Therefore, by putting yourself on a path in which you learn to trust your responses and your re­actions to little changes, you can train your­self into being able to manage bigger ones.

Change is a natural part of life. Stuck is a natural security response. You’re never truly stuck; you’re choosing not to move. Be aware of what the reward is for you in that choice and you’ll get a good idea of the pattern of your fears.

If you were to give us a pattern or blueprint for the ideal way of living and dealing with 5:3:2 energy of this time, what would that blueprint consist of?

Well, the best thing you can do is the best you can, where you are, with what you have.

Your spiritual existence is not a tech­nology. As soon as you allow someone to say to you, “You do these five things—one, two, three, four, five—and you will be whole, complete and ready,” then you are letting yourself down, disempowering your spiritual connection. You are seeking out­side of you what you need from within.

There are things that can make you the strongest person that you can be, and I have spent many years now telling you those things, such as cutting out television, tak­ing a half-hour walk with fifteen minutes in silence, doing what you can to be healthy, flexible and strong. All of these are good things. They have to do with allowing your physical essence to be at its best so that your spiritual essence has something good to work in. But the bottom line is, do what works for you.

Saying “A proper pattern would be: at sunrise, you get up and you do a ritual recognizing that you have a new day and asking for the best and highest, then move into a healthy breakfast. . .,” and telling you that in a perfect world that’s how you would live with 5:3:2 energy, I’ve just never done that.

During the Skills for Service event recently, you spoke of the need to make our physical, mental-emotional and spiritual be­ings a team working together. Please explain what you had in mind when speaking of that team, and how it should be operat­ing.

One of the things that most humans are very good at is com­partmentalizing their lives. They compartmentalize their lives so that they can function better. It’s a very understandable security technology and it works well with the way that you learn, which is an associative process. Someone says blue, and you immediately look through your vast computer brain files until you find blue. Then you attach that word into that compartment, and as a result you have a knowing.

You do that in your life in many ways. You have the things that you do for your physical self, but you’ve compartmentalized it. For instance, you might be very, very careful with your diet, but you don’t exercise, because you have compartmentalized that taking care of yourself means watching your diet.

Or maybe you have compartmentalized each one of those sepa­rate arenas of your life so that you do not see that there is a flow in which, by taking care of your physical essence, you affect your emotional and your spiritual as well, or that working to be whole and aware in all of your emotional issues has an effect upon your physical and your spiritual.

When you see everything in yourself as fitting in little boxes so that you can deal with one and not the other, then you are not working in wholeness.

There are times when you have a great crisis in your life, but you must still continue to act. For instance, you’ve had the death of a loved one and you have to make funeral arrangements, yet still continue working and raising your family. Compartmentaliz­ing the grief for a time so that you can do the things you need to do can be very reasonable, can be the right thing to do, but keep­ing it compartmentalized is not.

Most of the time humans separate their spiritual lives from their physical and emotional lives. Or they might have their spiritual and emotional lives separate from their physical lives. That’s wrong. You want them to be a team.

No team works—not in baseball or basketball or in the work force—if everybody’s doing exactly the same thing. Then you don’t have a team, you have a competition. A team works when every skill is recognized and is a part of the whole, when the feet recog­nize that they have a job that’s just as important as the elbows, but it’s different.

When your physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual aspects are working as a team, then you are working as a whole.

At that event you also said that 80% of the aging process is due to us not using our minds in the way they could be used. What did you mean by this? How can we start using our minds in a more beneficial way with regard to the aging process?

You know that your brain is a chemical factory, and that by electro-chemical response it guides every bit of the body, includ­ing thought and mind. Brain controls mind, and it controls body.

Humans do most of their learning—99% of it, I would say—in the first seven years of their lives, and everything is downhill from there. The constant process of learning stimulates the brain—greases it, so to speak—so that its machinery works more easily.

Most of the aging process—not all of it, but most of it—has to do with a lessening of certain chemicals in the body as you grow older. But the reason that they diminish is not that you need them less, but that the mechanics of producing them is not being stimu­lated enough. Those parts of your brain that would put out those hormones, for instance, are not doing it, and what results is some­thing that you think of as the normal aging process.

What I am saying is, if throughout your life you would con­stantly stimulate your brain to the highest and most active possible mental activity, then you would find that the aging process would slow down for you.

What is needed to bring that about? There are a few things you can do, but mainly it is a balance between taking information in and pausing to allow the information to work through. It’s that pause that, particularly in this society now, you don’t allow your­selves.

In some societies, meditation practices or spiritual practices create that pause. In your society you don’t have it; you spend your whole day at work getting all sorts of input, and then you go home and turn on the television and just get more input. The only pause you have is sleep, which you don’t do well because your brain is having to be so active just processing old stuff—not new stuff. It’s too active.

There are foods you can eat and supplements you can take that feed the brain. There are activities you can do, such as learn­ing a language. I highly recommend that one, because not only is it practical—at least if you choose a language that’s used now (and I recommend Spanish because it’s going to become more and more useful)—but it keeps your mind functioning in all of the arenas that have to do with the aging processes.

Another thing that you can do is become much more aware of the sensory aspects of your world. You tend, as you grow older, to have tunnel vision; the only things that you are aware of are what come in through the eyesight, and you’re not so aware of what you’re hearing, for instance. You only hear the loudest, the most vivid. You only taste the strongest tastes; you no longer work with your whole taste system. You no longer smell the subtle scents; you miss them. And you think that’s because of aging, but it’s because of lack of use.

Now that the portal and the grid are activated, how does this new-world experience relate to a new and greater inflow of higher-frequency energies, and how may we use those ener­gies in service as Guardians of the planet?

One of the things that would be helpful is to try not to anthro­pomorphize the energy Instead of thinking of it as beings coming here, think of it as energy coming here. Remember that the energy itself is actually no different. It’s the same strength of energy that has always been coming, but now there are more openings for it to come through.

Insofar as the Northern Crown Portal is concerned—you are aware that the working in Lexington was not an effective part of the work as a whole—the Crown Portal, although opened, is not fully activated. As a result, the 5:3:2 energy is coming through, but there are weak places in the grid where the energy is not going to be easily and evenly dispersed for the planet as a whole. What is happening is that, wherever there is a weak point in the grid, en­ergy is being channeled through a Guardian rather than through the weak point. Which is to say that there are those amongst you who, quite unknown to themselves, with the exception of a few symptoms, are actually being the filter for that portion of the en­ergy. If you are sitting in Atlanta and you are one of those who is bringing that energy through, that does not mean the energy goes to Atlanta; it means that the energy going through you goes wher­ever it’s needed in the grid. That’s part of what the Guardianship compact was about.

I have told you all about the energy that flowed through you even in 4:3:2. In 5:3:2 it flows through you with less impediment, and therefore you become a part of the grid for that.

In that example, you said individuals can help channel that energy that the grid cannot yet sustain. How are those individu­als being chosen by that energy?

It’s like attracting like. The frequency in that part of the grid is not able to be matched, and so it seeks the frequency in Guard­ianship energy that can match it.

How does that affect those in the Canary Islands that did the ritual?

Not at all.

In the sense of like attracting like, is the energy of the people who were in the Canaries doing the ritual more likely to be used at this time for that purpose?

I did not say that those who did the Canary Island ritual have more or less energy capability than others. I said that in the in­stance of a weak point in the grid, Guardianship energy is being used.

Remember what I have said over and over and over: Ideally, you are not aware when a large flow of spiritual energy is moving through you, because it’s so natural, it’s so right. All you know is that there are certain effects. Hopefully, while you are being the lightning rod, you’re not even particularly aware that there’s a greater flow of energy happening through you.

This is not something that you want to be able to use as a comparative Judgment, “Oh, I’m one of those.” It’s not something that I’m going to give you the information about so that you can then look at others and say, “That one is and this one isn’t.”

What are the symptoms you referred to?

You’re really happy. You feel very up, very good. You laugh a lot. You have joy. You see beauty. You appreciate life. Whatever else is going on in your life doesn’t overshadow the happiness and sense of connection.

Now, why would those be symptoms of high-frequency en­ergy moving through you?

Because the energy would hopefully give you an apprecia­tion for the bigger picture, and you wouldn’t be so mired in the little day-to-day things that create stress or worry or fears and so concerned with individual security needs.


Now that all of the Heart Portals are open, what, if any, further work needs to be done with them?

A Heart Portal functions through three doorways, so to speak:

the main frequency of the energy that it is, as well as the mascu­line and feminine effects of that portal. When those Heart Portals are not fully opened, the masculine and the feminine aspects of the portal frequency would be the easiest way to get them open.

So there’s still the Heart Portals that will continue to need work, and there are other needs for group vision and group work all of the time. However, if you are here to guard and guide life force energy for the completion of the Plan, then what there is still to do is guard and guide. Until Sacred Status is completed, there is all manner of work needed to help bring about the change in mass consciousness that will work to elevate life force to awareness.

People who function as Guardians are needed to anchor grid energy in the area in which they live, or go and anchor grid energy outside of areas in which they live. People who work as Guardians are needed to increase the function of the grid itself and of associ­ated energy through which the grid gives energy to the planet. That would be, for instance, in the feminine aspect of Source and the masculine aspect of Source as it is anchored in the world al­ready, as you get closer to going to Lake Titicaca, that will make more sense.

And even having said all of that, it does not change that the most important thing you can be doing right now is to live love. Doing the very best you can where you are with what you have to do that. No excuses. No putting it off, procrastination. Just doing it.

So many not only have not gotten over their issues, but con­tinue to let their issues define who they are, and so they are afraid to let go of them. They’ve converted their issues into spiritual mo­mentum, and therefore justify behavior that really has nothing to do with helping the world. It’s not even really helping them. As long as you still have your stuff, there’s still work.

What’s the easiest and most effective way for people to an­chor the energy of the grid. We’ve talked about the symptoms of doing it, but how do people go about that individually?

When this comes out, hopefully I will have spoken about that in the workshops, either in Pittsburgh or Atlanta or Lexington. The intention is for these workshops to build off of one another, and at that point I will be speaking about doing the work that I am setting up right now, that work of humming, star weaving, the change in the toning, the working in groups of twelve to specifically put out that that work is being done with the intent of anchoring the en­ergy, and the system that I give for doing that. That really is the easiest, best way to do it.