Would you begin with a discussion of the work in Canada?

The work in Canada was exquisite. It was beautifully done, from arrival to departure—not simply the ritual. It was a culmination of work that individuals have been doing on their own and in groups for years now, and it showed. Some of the massive awakenings that I have been alluding to have shown up in individuals’ lives in such a way that people worked together, helped one another—doesn’t this sound simple?—more than ever before. Without a doubt, Phoenix’s retreat at Mammoth Cave was perfect, too, because the work in Canada could not have happened as it did if it had not been.

How did Mammoth Cave contribute to this? Two ways. Mammoth Cave is one of the most powerful earth openings on your planet, meaning that it’s powerfully strong goddess energy, [which is] powerfully strong creation energy, as it has to do with form. So Mammoth Cave was an opportunity for a group of people to come and get tuned to the creation process of physical energy in this world in order to get the creative process of form—the emotional, loving, bonding aspect—raised up. And it did. It was a real way of “separating the sheep from the goats,” if you will. If Mammoth Cave was good for you, the next step in the work would be easy, and you’d be drawn to it. And that has shown itself to be true.

Mammoth Cave started the work of opening the Heart Portal of western China, and the intention had been to complete that in Canada. While further work was done on that portal in Canada, a different focus was required for the larger working that I planned.

Humanity has made so many changes in the last year and a half that, although opening the Heart Portals one by one was a very workable idea, certain possibilities came forward that were likely to make that work insufficient for the sort of change that is needed now. Therefore, the hope for Canada shifted to two things: The first was to create a group of individuals bonded enough to become, literally, One Being—establishing a doorway that would make it easier for other groups—all those on this planet who are working on Sacred Status—to become One Being. And going to a location at which the earth is functioning at such a high, healing, frequency had a lot to do with coming together as one.

If that was accomplished, the second focus was to create and take the first step toward recreating the grid for the planet, which we were able to do.

It’s not that I’ve let up on Heart Portals. They’re very important, but having them open won’t matter if you don’t have a new grid in place. A new grid is necessary because of what you’ve been doing with the Heart Portals, among other things. In the Heart Portals that are functioning at this point, enough high-frequency energy is activated in this world that mass consciousness is being affected more rapidly than the current grid can manage. That’s good.

How do the attitudes and beliefs of the spiritual workers within the Phoenix family function differently from those of mass consciousness?

The beliefs, the attitudes, the emotions, the reactions—the thinking of mass consciousness is exactly like your thinking in the realm of security, instinctual behaviors and other lower-level, physically basic activities based on thought, and thoughts based on intent. However, as you know, I don’t give you a lot of excuses for living your life at that level. I find it an insult to your entity when you do not function consciously, when you do not work with synthesis, when you do not put love first, when you are not living love. What you are doing that’s different from mass consciousness is acting consciously. That includes the good as well as the not-so-good. Do you know what I mean by that? When you do something and you know better, you know it. And it’s not like you know it later. You know it then, at the moment. You know that, because you’re conscious. You’re living on purpose. You’re thinking on purpose. You know when you make a bad choice.

Within mass consciousness, many don’t even know that’s possible. You know people like that. They’re just amazed that somebody thinks about what they do rather than just blindly acting and calling it spontaneous and good.

Are those within this work leading mass consciousness by example or, through the energy work that is being done, actually forging a new template for it?

You are showing that it can be done, but it goes farther than that, because by doing it, you’re actually changing the nature of physical reality. You are being the first, and once it has been done, it can continue to be done more easily. The frequency that you establish with a new intent affects the frequency of those who don’t have the intent. They may not know it as a new thing, but they become softened to it.

If you put five people together who are thinking with a higher-level intent, it’s going to have a greater effect than just one. A dozen of them together will have an even greater effect. You are literally changing the possible frequency range, sort of like changing the distance that can be run in four minutes.

It’s not going to make a difference if only one does it. It’s going to make a difference when a group as one does it. That’s what the next step is. Individuals’ learning to be individuals raises them up to a high enough level that they no longer must be individuals. They learn to function as a team. And then the third aspect is to learn to function as individuals within the team.

It seems a lot like individuation, individuals becoming able to act in the knowledge they have a choice to act as one, instead of just reacting. The action would be much stronger when it’s done by choice.

It’s exactly what individuation is like. Everything happens over and over and over. The same thing but at a higher and higher level.

And the fact that you’re dealing with free will means you have the potential to create something completely new.


I’ve spent many years joking about free will, but now you’re going to see me appear to be switching to “this is the advantage of free will.” On one level, to do something out of instinct is good; because, if you resist your instinctive behaviors, it causes trouble in your life. But to choose to do good, especially when everything around you, including your instincts, says, “Don’t bother; no one else does,” there’s more power to that. That’s why there’s a difference between wisdom and knowledge—and why, in the larger picture, full knowledge has its limitations. Although it is full knowledge, it doesn’t necessarily create wisdom.

And of course, the bottom line of it is, that’s what the whole experiment is about.

Will wisdom happen? Will wisdom happen to the level that people choose to move beyond their own needs and do what’s better for the whole? Well, we’ll see in the second part, won’t we?

At the same time as the dynamic changes in Heart Portals and energy grids, we have the change of the millennium, at which time some fear the technology which holds so much of our society together may itself come unraveled. It’s hard to avoid the perception of a higher “plan” bringing Y2K fears and the millennial uproar together to prepare the mind-set of society for a shift to a higher mode of global unity. To what extent is this combination of effects either determined (i.e. “planned”) or coincidental?

The first thing that you’ve got to remember is that, at this point, it hasn’t happened. At this point, you are planning for . . . what? There are so many conflicting theories of what is going to happen. Depending on where individuals are in regard to their fears, in regard to their confidence and trust in a relationship with Source and themselves and their lives, they’re going to see either the positive side of an event, no matter what happens.

So what you’ve got to remember is, the whole question here is based upon a presumption that, even if it’s not the worst, something bad is going to happen. But “bad” is always happening. There is a lot to be said for being able to look at events and say, “This is helping individuals become more ready, prepared, helping them to become better teachers, to become more responsible with their resources.” And all of that’s good.

Is it a coincidence? The most wonderful thing that can be said about Y2K or the photon belt or the polar shift—and you could just start listing here: the stories from a thousand years ago that said the Messiah was coming or that the antichrist was going to arrive at any moment—that might be coming your way is that they are a means, and the Universe will use anything. It’s the weaver; it will take what you offer up and make use of it to bring about a greater plan, the larger vision. That isn’t creating the event; it’s using the event.

But is there a plan that’s pulling it together, or is it just evolving?

There are no coincidences. Everything is used. You control your reactions. How you choose to react to what comes your way is also a part of that process.

If we control our reactions, who controls the actions?

You also control that.

So Y2K and the photon belt, or any of those scenarios, are determined by us—not just our reactions to them, but the fact that they’re occurring.

Well, who said they’re occurring? So what if they occur? What problem is that? Why does it merit a question any different from “What’s going to be happening in the first week of October?”

I’m not saying there’s anything happening in the first week of October. I’m saying that it’s just as much something that you could make into a large, massive, preparatory, world-changing event as any other thing that hasn’t happened, but “might” in the future.

But, whatever happens between now and the beginning of your year, as I’ve said before, not everybody’s going to be affected by it. It’s not going to be that big a deal for many, but it will be a big deal for some. It’s how you react that counts, because it will all be used in the weave. It will be used as a means of people coming to see their issues. It will be used as a means of people coming together. It will be used as a means for people to learn to overcome and start functioning at a higher frequency. There are many things that will come out of it, but not because the Universe created this situation.

A reader in Pittsburgh was particularly eloquent in expressing his dismay at the prospect of people preparing for great changes by “buying guns, hoarding food, sneaking secretly off to the country, abandoning their neighbors, [even though] I realize deep inside that an energy shift of this nature is what I’ve been waiting for all my life.” He asks how to approach the task of raising people out of fear and separation to “an awareness that they are connected to spirit.”

Well, the first thing that I’d say is, get that message out—just like that. He said it beautifully. Give that message out. When you’re in conversations with people starting to make Y2K jokes or spread Y2K fear, use those opportunities to let it be known that this doesn’t have to be hard. It’s change; how do you deal with change generally? To most people in mass consciousness, especially those who are wanting to hoard guns and move out into the country in order to be self-sufficient and not rely on one another, the first question I’d ask is, Are you one of the individuals who are here to help make a difference in the planet? If so, stay where the people are. Don’t leave them without your help.

Second, if you’re one of those who feel that what really needs to be done is to hoard guns so you can shoot the people who come in to steal the food that you’re saving up to eat or to protect the gold that you’ve buried, then this won’t be the last such disaster that comes your way. If this is any sort of disaster, then it will certainly be one for you, because you’re preparing for it. And it won’t be the last. There will be a series of them, because that’s what you’re seeking, that’s what you’re expecting. That’s what you’re making, and you will draw it to you. What you perceive, so you will receive.

I try very hard to teach you that, when you are the best possible you, the things that come your way are going to be manageable by you just as you are. It’s when you fall into fear and doubt that things start getting hard, because you start going into the resistance pattern. The best thing you can do is to be the best possible you every minute of every day, because that puts you into a connection with Source that allows you to be a part of the greater flow. If you know that there are parts of your life in which you’re not functioning at the highest level, get them in order. And you don’t have to preach it to others and create classes that help others learn how to do that—although you certainly can; you may draw those who care—but when you are doing it, it will draw to you those who need to learn how to do what you’re doing.

Any structure I come up with for responding to events only denies your power in the situation. It’s not complicated. When you are being the best possible you, your world flows, and right now, where you can think of those areas in your life that don’t flow, those are the ones that are going to show up at the end of this year. But that’s different for each of you.

With regard to taking care of yourself in a time of crisis, I don’t encourage any of you to do things that are outside of your normal sphere of good citizenship and responsible living. If you think there might be trouble, make preparations according to what you think might be happening. If you think there will not, then do what you usually do. There is a good sale on toilet paper, stock up. There is a good sale on tomato sauce, stock up. But do it because it’s right for your needs. And what I’ve said in the past is, if you feel a need to stock up, then do it for a week’s worth of stuff, not for a year’s worth. That’s not being responsible with your income. Stay moderate; stay clear; don’t function out of fear.

By the way, I’m going to be using that time at the end of the year to have the usual New Year’s Eve high ritual, and hopefully to use it as a means of establishing the first portion of the grid. That would say, don’t you think, that I think it’s going to be a time of power, not a time of disempowerment.

Some other questions have come up as a result of your recent workshops. In the June workshop in Pittsburgh, you mentioned the pineal gland in connection with energy from the ring of light around the earth. Would you elaborate on what you said?

As a being of transition here, your physical body is working with a recalibrated blueprint. It therefore creates a different expression of energy when its frequency is combined with that of the planet itself than do the bodies of individuals within mass consciousness. The pineal gland is where that combination of frequencies happens. In individuals functioning under re­cal­ibrated blueprints, it receives energy from the ring of light around the planet and it adds to it. Mass consciousness also sends energy out through the pineal, but it does not receive it back because it is incapable of handling that additional energy.

How does this tie in to the work with the grid?

The ring of light around the planet is, in effect—this is not an accurate way to describe it—but it is in effect the old grid. This is why the grid currently needs to be changed. Mass consciousness is no longer keeping the old grid activated, because the masses are in change, and those who have been holding the pattern for so very long are changing. And those who have come here as guardians of the planet, who are part of the transition to help bring about Sacred Status, aren’t even putting energy out to it right now, because they are actually working on creating a new grid.

Let me give you a picture here: Try putting your two hands about an inch apart. In between your two hands is a space in which two energies are coming together. You feel that resistance? In the same way, imagine there is a force field coming from the planet made up of the geomagnetic force that your planet puts out. The same thing is also coming from the physical universe, which has its own force field. And in that space where the two force fields come together—here is my point—is the grid that’s around your planet. Those two directions of force—from the planet and toward the planet—hold the grid in place, because the grid has been shifted so that those who are functioning in the life force of earth would be able to progress in their spiritual evolution without a large amount of interference from higher frequency energy, which is what those who work at higher levels bring. So the grid is not gone, just shifted so that it doesn’t perfectly resonate. It’s not in harmony; it has dissonance.

But here is what you perhaps have not known: where it is shifted there are holes, so to speak, where the energy of those two forces, physical universe and earth geomagnetic force, is able to move freely. Where the grid still matches, energy is still able to come here, but not at the same level of intensity as it could before the shift.

When the energy of the physical universe comes through to the planet, it can be damaging. If there are not enough individuals who are holding the grid energy, it literally breaks through the barrier. This doesn’t create permanent holes; the barrier just pulls itself back together. But the grid is stronger in the places where it’s not shifted. Mass consciousness creates that grid, but mass consciousness cannot receive energy from that ring of light, so energy is going out. But it’s not supposed to come back. There shouldn’t be anything for it to come back to.

When there is enough breakthrough energy coming from the physical system itself, it reflects as chaos on the planet. Chaos on the planet is a good thing, because that’s going to institute change. However, it will cause damage in the long run, unless the grid can be reshifted into place.

Besides that reshifting, there are two other possibilities: The old grid can be released and reestablished on a higher level that can manage the energy, or those who can function from outside of that grid can hold the grid. Meaning you who are here, not native earth energy, not a part of mass consciousness, who are able to receive and give of the light, who are able to tune your energy into the frequency that the planet needs in order to reestablish the pattern or, if the old pattern won’t suffice, create a new grid.

And the old pattern won’t suffice. Mass consciousness is in too much change right now to be able to activate the grid in enough areas to have continuity and prevent damage to the planet from physical-dimension energy.

The point is, the pineal maintains the grid. In mass consciousness, it maintains the grid as it is, and it’s not enough anymore. In higher consciousness, it’s capable of reestablishing the grid, because—bottom line—you make up the grid; the grid is you.

Would you elaborate on the functions of the “individuals, thirty-six of whom resonate with specific portals, twelve of whom open them” that you referred to in the June workshop?

That’s not exactly the way it works. There are twelve groups of three—which creates thirty-six, yes? One in each group works with the primary portal, one of them works with the physical effect, or masculine, and one of them works with the creative effect—the feminine.

One of the most important things for people to understand right now is that the grid work is not replacing the Heart Portal work; it will incorporate a lot of the Heart Portal work, but, as I said earlier, without a new grid the Heart Portals will not be effective. However, a new pattern cannot be put on a new grid except by those who did the original patterning. It is the same with a Heart Portal; those who closed a Heart Portal must be there to open it.

But the grid is a much more massive work. A grid on its own is potential; a pattern must be put on that grid that is a combination of the potential function of the planet and the potential of the life force on the planet. The pattern has been held well—but at this time inconsistently. Reestablishing the grid at the level it needs to be is something that can only be done by those who function outside of the planetary grid. Re-patterning the grid can only be done by those who made the first pattern.

There are thirty-six of them, but there are not thirty-six individuals. There are not thirty-six individuals who can be here holding that energy now. They must come together to be one. Thirty-six of those ones. It could take seventy-two to make thirty-six; it could take thirty-six to make twelve. It could take twelve to make one. When that twelve becomes one, the new pattern is established. That’s what I’m working toward.

In Canada you added F sharp to the toning work. Would you explain the purpose of the A and F sharp tones.

The tone of A establishes the function of what is new. It’s how the earth creates itself. It’s a frequency of earth working at its highest and best levels. F sharp is a different frequency, and it’s not only the sound. Every particular frequency has a particular function attached to it, and the F sharp represents not a new thing, but the concept newness. Whereas A holds the construct, F sharp holds the concept from which that construct comes. If A is deed, F sharp is intent. F sharp holds the foundation on which the new can be created, but it’s not the end.

It’s a good thing that this toning work is so satisfying to so many, because it’s a very fast road to get done what needs to be done quickly.