There seems to be, within the Phoenix family, an interesting dichotomy. On one hand (the spiritual hand), there is an intense focus on the toning work, with groups in all three cities practicing it and enthusiastic about the work ahead. Yet while the group is eagerly involved in this spiritual work, many are having extreme difficulties in their personal lives—injuries and illnesses which are slow to heal, transitions within their immediate families, emotional issues coming to the fore, and so forth—which are so stressful that they’re having difficulty focusing on the Work. Could you comment on the apparent contradiction, how you see this affecting your (and our) work, and things for us to keep in mind to help us through this period and keep us working effectively.

There is nothing different. It’s just that the changes that an individual is going through would make it appear that things are different now. They’re not. Right now I’m seeing people functioning on three levels: a high spiritual level, a higher spiritual level, and a level even higher than that.

Any time you make a comparison statement like that—high and higher and even higher—you’ve got to pay attention to how that judgment is going to be heard. If, for the sake of this explanation, you will bear with me, I will simplify it. Let us say that on the planet mass consciousness works at a 10. That’s 10 out of 100, with 100 referring to an individual who is clearly living love, functioning in enlightenment and power, here by choice, at the highest level of guardianship work.

Say mass consciousness is at 10. Then individuals who are usually thought of by the masses as particularly spiritual individuals might be 20 or 25. Remember that if somebody’s functioning at 25, or even 50, they obviously have the ability to function at 10. The individuals with whom I work function in three additional levels that are spiritual levels, but these are the levels that awakened individuals recognize and are beyond the level of mass consciousness’ spirituality.

Those who are working at extremely high levels might be from 15 up to 30. Those who are working at even higher levels might be up to 50. And then those who are working at the very highest level probably range from that same bottom figure, 15, with potential to go as high as 80 or 90 and still be slightly useful. Now all of them can function in many places throughout that broad scale.

Those who are working at the first level, 15 to 30, are still relating to humanity through their own selves. Everything is still moving through “I”, at a very high level, perhaps—”I have done some very good things; I am conscious of many things; I am aware; I am making a difference; I have these plans to carry out; I have this to bring about”—but still working through “I”.

The second group is still working through “I”, but it tends to be at a yet higher level, 15 to 50; it tends to be more feeling-oriented. They have gotten in touch with themselves and paid attention to the teachings. They’re on to themselves and they’re able to help and cure themselves in many ways. They’re able to recognize such things as “this is how I’m feeling and I’m able therefore to differentiate between that which is my own issue and that which is not.” This is probably the majority of those within my work.

Then, finally, there is the third level, 15 to 90, and they function not through “I”, but through “we”. That makes a difference, but it’s so rare it’s hardly worth talking about.

So to return to your question, why is it that people are really enjoying the toning? That’s not exactly the case. There are those who are enjoying it, and without a doubt, they’re working at that second level or higher, 15 to 45 or 50, because the first level’s not there yet. These second-level workers are the individuals who cannot get enough; they are teaching it to others so that they can get more of it. They’re enjoying the toning because where it is going to take them is satisfying. That’s an important thing to realize. But the work that I have given up to the time of this interview, which is a couple of weeks before the first of the three fall workshops, is starter stuff; it’s priming the pump. It’s letting you get used to it.

Then there are those who think the toning and spiral work sounds interesting, but have worked out why it is they don’t have time to put any energy to it—that’s first level, because their “I” gets in the way.

And yet, as your question was saying, there are so many intense issues going on—loss and grief and healing and distraction and communication, personal issues of all sorts.

Remember, it’s not what causes anything that counts; it’s the reaction to it that shows where you are with it. It’s not that these things come into your life; it’s what you do when they are there, because—if you would remember teaching after teaching after teaching—you do not have control over anything in your life but your reactions. Free will and the passage of others with free will moving through your life are going to bring about situations which you are not going to be able to control.

Those in mass consciousness react to the lack of control by seeking to control their environment. Upon awakening, this reaction changes to seeking to control oneself. In the first level, this is seen as the “I” issue—the difficult but spiritual journey of working through massive security issues.

So if your reaction to falling down and scraping your knee or having your mum die is to immediately begin making comparative judgment—”Well, I’m probably all right because I’m not as bad off as they are”—as a means of working it through, or, because your world is getting a bit out of hand and you don’t know what’s going to happen, you become very rigid and immediately start trying to control everything going on around you, be aware: that’s first-level behavior.

Those at that second level are learning to feel, functioning through their feeling selves. It’s not so much an ego issue here; it tends to be a heart issue. At the highest level here, at its best, heart plus head plus will equals third-ray action. But there are individuals who work at that heart-plus-head level, which creates feelings—I did not say emotions, mind you, because feelings are much more a combination of beliefs and an emotive response. For example, “I feel happy” has to do with a belief—head—and an emotional, sort of a biochemical, response along with it—heart.

So the heart-head connection creates a feeling, and working at that second level, you’ve got the same skinned knee, the same lost mum, but your response isn’t “Oh, no, what’s going to happen because of this? I’ve got to build my walls and get some control, and my mum has deserted me, so I’ve got to work through all of my desertion issues.” Instead, it will, at the best level, be a stimulation for frequency change—a transformer, literally—in that the problem outside of yourself cannot be resolved without action on the inside. It’s no longer those things out there that make the world work; it’s recognizing that you have issues within you.

When you’re just coming off of “I”-level and moving to heart level, you’re often going to react with “What did I do to bring this about? Let me work through my issues about that.” (Heart and head.) The second stage of that is recognizing, “All right, I have to take responsibility for my part in this, but I need also to recognize that there are things going on out there that I can do nothing about. What, therefore, can I learn from this?” (Heart plus head plus will; choosing to explore and learn.) So the final stage of working at the feeling level is “This is letting me know something. What can I learn from it?” There is no blame; there is no seeking out there for either confirmation or rejection—or even conclusion—at all.

Finally, at the third level, the highest, the response is detached action, more often than not, which can look like one doesn’t care. The thing that differentiates it from detached-and-really-not-caring is the type of action that goes with it. It is action centered in detachment that leads one from “I” (attached) to “we” (detached).

Everyone right now needs to take a look at how they are responding to the things that are going on in their lives. The first thing that they should not be doing is looking around for either comfort or cause and saying, “Well, there’s so much of it going on out there, at least I’m not alone.” They need to look at what their responses are and figure out where they are coming from and what that says about what’s expected from them, because there are very different things expected at each one of those levels of work.

The highest level is full accountability. The middle level is responsibility, being responsible, meaning a karmic influence is strongly attached. The level below that obviously has responsibility attached to it, but it’s not so much “being responsible” as it is the “ability to respond,” as opposed to building a wall and shutting oneself off, which is the reaction of mass consciousness.

About that ego stuff: Generally speaking, within your egos things can show up in two big ways: communication and personal issues—personal issues meaning it’s not a group thing; it’s David’s individual thing and Paula’s individual thing and Frank’s individual thing, even though they may be about the same subject. It is why your unique perspective is so very important, and why it also can hold you back. On that first level of frequency, the individuals are going to be dealing with their issues purely out of what they can get out of the process, how it’s going to affect them. They’re going to see themselves as “out standing in their field,” alone, a target. They’re working through ego issues. Ego issues create the worst communication possible, because they set up “I said it right; you heard it wrong. It’s not my fault what you heard. You have an issue here.” Of course, communication is not what you say; it’s what they hear, which requires you getting out of ego and moving into the feeling level and beyond, hopefully. “It’s your issue”—separation again. That’s an ego issue.

You know that you are winning over ego (ego in the negative sense) when you stop needing separation in order to have individuation, or—to say it another way—when you find yourself not needing to take credit. You have not only enhanced who you are individually, but you have worked toward group consciousness—unity—and that’s that third level, we, and way beyond.

Everything that is being experienced by individuals who are taking part in this work right now, as well as mass consciousness upon the planet, is parallel to this planet’s own awareness changes. Well, the planet is experiencing very large amounts of regenerative energy and reconstruction processes, so it’s showing up in your lives. The question is, How will you respond?

If we are functioning at the middle level, can we consciously choose to act at the higher level, or are we too limited in our awareness within that level?

Your comfort levels limit you because, even though you can say, “All right, I’m going to behave with full awareness because I know that I work at a very high energy level. I’m going to choose to stop doing the easy thing and working at the ego level. I’m even going to try to work past the feeling level,” you’re not going to be comfortable with it. However, the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become. You’re having moments of perfection that build up and add up, so that pretty soon they’re not small moments; they’re large moments, and pretty soon they’re periods, and pretty soon they’re . . . you’re gone.

One of the things that I’ve noticed since Recalibration is that when I’m being “bad” I know it. I’m very conscious that what I’m doing is not the very highest that I can do.

Unfortunately, while that may be true for you, it’s not true for most, because ego works to justify behavior, and as long as you can somehow make yourself right, then you’re not aware that you’re doing bad things. As long as you need to do a thing to satisfy security- and ego-oriented issues, then you’re not going to be conscious about what you do and do not know about it. It takes a lot of awareness to know when you’re not doing right. You have to be more comfortable outside of the ego body to even be able to ‘fess up to it, because the natural, instinctual action is to convert it into something that fits—and not change.