The Effects of Recalibration

At the New Year’s ritual, Samuel promised a year in which we would undergo profound changes. We began the interview for this issue, which comes out almost a year after Recalibration, by asking him to assess the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual changes we have been through.

Keep in mind with regard to cosmic events, mass consciousness or particular workings within the Plan that have to do with progress toward Sacred Status, that all of these events are happening on more levels than the obvious. And inasmuch as you judge what is happening by what you see and hear—and even, on a higher level, what you think or, depending on how well you do it, what you “get”—there are still more pieces to what’s going on. So there are two ways for me to answer that. One is at the level of what you are able to see—that which is fixed in form—and the other is at the level of what I am able to see, which affects the wheres and whys of my next steps for those with whom I work.

Beginning with that first level, Recalibration as you would see it, first I would ask, have you not found that your life and your world are radically different? Recalibration had to do with changing the blueprint itself. The foundation of it was to create a vehicle, a vessel, that would be able to sustain the intensity of the higher vibration which is now able to function in this world. It altered the blueprint not only of the physical and mental form of life-force on this planet—note that I did not say of humans on this planet—but it also affected non-physical constructs such as politics and relationships.

For example, think about your economy. Right now two interesting things are happening. One of them is that your stock market is climbing higher than it’s ever been. At the beginning of this year, when I spoke with someone who deals in stocks about that, I told him that one of two things was going to happen. The first was that the stock market would continue its proper fluctuations of slight ups and slight downs, showing that the essentials of your economy were not going to be making major changes. That would be a good thing, because when your economy makes too large a leap in either direction, your society starts reacting to it and making changes that may not be good.

The other thing that could happen is that there could be a consistent movement higher and higher—which is what it has done—that would be very destructive. And of course the reason it would be destructive is that your economy is actually not as healthy as the market makes it appear, so a lot of investing is done based on that positive appearance which causes businesses to expand. I’m sure you can imagine the many ripples that go on from there that make it look like a really solid society.

What you’ve got to remember is that you’re a society in change and that the stock market’s rise is not due to a lot of extra money out there; it’s due to individuals being frightened and not wanting to put their money into slow-growth investments. Their fear is causing them to make quick leaps—”I’ll invest in this, make a lot of money and then I’ll get out and be safe”—because they do not see stability in the future. The stock market is an indicator of the whole society.

The other example is government, which is also making some massive changes. Your government has just signed a bill to balance the budget. The idea of balancing the budget sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But doing that is going to force some major changes at levels that have not heretofore had to deal with government. Many middle-income individuals who have been fairly safe, or at least have felt they know what the future holds for them, are all of a sudden not going to have that security. In the area of health, there are lawsuits against the tobacco companies.

Again, all of these have the veneer of a good thing but are going to have massive repercussions. So the market falsely builds up and the veneer looks good, but there is nothing behind it. It is all a product of fear which says to take care of something right now, build the best you can with what you have without looking to the future, because the future is an unknown.

There is no long-range planning going on right now, no big picture. And I’m seeing that in the structures of your whole world.

I’m also seeing it in the structures of your individual lives, for example in relationships. People are much less inclined now to see the big picture and allow themselves to move with the greater flow. They’re much quicker to push for an automatic adjustment. That might mean “I give up on this marriage,” or it might mean “ I will accept what I would not have before because I’m afraid of being alone, and I do not want to worry about that.” It is a massive fear of the future that Recalibration has brought about.

It’s important that you remember that Recalibration was not about bringing up fear, but that the fear is a response to it. What is the only thing you have control over in this world? How you react to the things that are going on around you. And the reactions—although not surprising—have not necessarily been good.

As I’ve said to some of those individuals with whom I work—and those who are reading this interview may see it in their own lives—you are going to find that you’re not the same person and that your life is not going to be the same. There will be massive change. I asked individuals repeatedly, how do you respond to change? Allow yourselves to learn how you work with change and how to control yourself.

Many people are latching on to small issues that give them the feeling that they have power or control, and ignoring the larger picture. These responses are not surprising and are not damaging, but are slower than I would have hoped for—but when you’re working with free will, really all you can do is hope—so my desire is to push, on a vibrational level, for the strengthening of the construct of the individual in order that that might play itself out in a more courageous, less fearful attitude that will ripple all the way through every bit of society that each one of you touches into.

Do you have more questions about the physical-level effects of Recalibration?

You’ve spoken mostly about negative responses, yet most of what I’m experiencing in my interactions with the people is positive.

On what level?

On the personal level.

What you’re probably seeing is that spiritually people are feeling more in touch, clearer and happier than they ever have. That does not mean that they are better at relationships or more stable financially or more secure in their jobs, but that in the midst of their conflict they have found harmony. Remember, the conflict does not bother me. The reactions in the world that have, as you said, a fairly negative look to them, in the bigger picture do not bother me, because it doesn’t matter if you have a bad reaction or a good reaction. I’m looking for any reaction that says something has happened.

So, for individuals with whom you’re in contact, you’re right, there is a lot of really positive response. But it’s not because everything in their lives has smoothed out. It’s because they have, on a spiritual level. And that moves us on to the next part.

So what does it look like to me? I’m searching for a metaphor. Perhaps you would see it as an inactive volcano. Think about that. Think about the beautiful lush large island of Hawaii with a very large, active volcano. Before it begins another cycle of eruption, it is dormant. While it’s just sitting there, you learn to trust its routines. You feel pretty good about the beauty it offers and the solid nature of its dormancy. You learn to live with a dormant volcano. It does not mean that you don’t realize that it could become active again. It can, but it’s dormant and it’s been dormant for a long time. And that’s how so many individuals who are spiritually awakened have been. They have rumblings now and again of great insight, of synthesis, of compassion and love and service, of a willingness to do beyond anything that could ever be imagined. Now and again rumblings might even have enough of an effect on those around them that it’s sort of like spewing a bit of ash here and there of pure spiritual awakening. And then they go dormant again, and the world is not too shaken up by that.

Recalibration woke up a dormant volcano. First with a show, a rumble, of power so that very, very solid constructs of spirituality—and by that I’m making reference to the Church—felt it. Look back over the last year. Your very conservative religious leadership has started to react to the public need for something different, something more. You’re finding such things as councils within the Catholic church discussing the ordination of women. The Episcopal Church and the Churches of Scotland and England are ordaining women as well as members of the other minority groups, such as the gay community. You’re finding changes in old beliefs as new information starts coming up in the translation of some of the ancient scrolls. Or even most recently—which I think is rather delightful—the great hidden codes inside the structure of the writings themselves. You’re finding that mass consciousness is not only ready, but willing and able to begin demanding more than the old solid dormancy. I’d call that the rumblings, the quakings of more to come.

Well, I continue looking, and I also see outside of mass consciousness those who are awake, but perhaps not fully doing anything about it. They might be at the spewing-of-ash stage where they’re consciously seeking. And you may be seeing that, too, when individuals come to you and ask questions that you never thought they would. Many of you are finding that your families are becoming much more accepting and wanting to know what you do with “that group” that helps you so much. Or you’re finding that individuals whom you work with are seeking you out to express their own spiritual changes, maybe even in a fairly proud sort of way. Individuals are actively looking for alternatives, which is what that rumbling is all about.

And then finally, I see the out-and-out spewing, if you will, of those individuals who are working at a much higher level and who are much more ready.

So on the first level you have mass consciousness that through its rumblings creates small changes with very conservative structures, very solid structures, very dormant structures like religion. On the next level, the spewing of ash or the next big signal of the volcano comes through those who are awakened but not doing a lot with it—and that would take in a good amount of the leadership in this group, by the way—and what they’re seeing are individuals who are coming to them and fairly well forcing them into service, forcing them to teach, forcing them to become aware of what they don’t know and what they need to get better at. Individuals in that first stage of change are coming to them and saying, “I’m not real satisfied with what I’ve been getting in the church,” or “I’m not finding my needs being met in the more traditional spiritual avenues. I’m looking for alternatives and whatever it is you do, I think you have some of those alternatives.” Maybe they have help for those who are seeking, maybe they don’t; and if not, they’re going to become very aware that they don’t. Or maybe they don’t and don’t care.

On the third level are those who are active and purposefully working with Recalibration. Recalibration has not only awakened them, but it has fulfilled and locked in their awareness—of their guardianship, of their work as travelers, of their desire to help this world move faster.

These individuals are the lava. Now, what does the lava do in a volcanic eruption? It moves slowly and forcefully and destroys everything in its path. I hope. Because whether or not it would appear that way to you, that’s what’s needed now. It’s not, “I have the training and I know how to talk my walk,” it’s “Now is the time to get out there and march it.” It’s no longer “It’s good for me to come to the workshops and get Samuel to talk about what a good individual I am,” it’s “Get out there and teach it.”

And how is that different from before Recalibration? Now you have the ability to channel the energy that can help you, in form, make this change, energy that has not been able to be on this earth in this way before Recalibration.

Now, do you think saying “channel” is going to make everybody think they should be doing this form of service?

No, because you’ve talked before about overshadowing and embodiment.

Embodiment is what I’m talking about.

I am seeing this age on the edge of the cliff, mass consciousness on the edge of the same cliff that so many of you at Phoenix were on a few years ago when I was telling you “Go ahead, jump; you’ve got wings. You’re either going to fly or you’re going to learn to create mattresses at the bottom to protect your fall, but either way you’re going to learn your power.” And that’s what the world is after now. They want to know their power.

All right, question: What do most people on this planet mistake for power? The answer is control or manipulation. So what is it most individuals are going to see happen? Well, let’s start with those constructs on the abstract level. Have there been within your political systems across the planet and particularly in your own back yard, any wrestlings for political power over this last year? Hah! Where do you begin? Absolutely.

Let’s take it up to that next level. How about in your own relationships? Have you found in your own life that you have either been the victim—as if there were such a thing—of someone else’s control issues, or very aware—which I would say is the better way to see it—of control issues within yourself? Have you found within your own relationships—much to your sacred surprise—that you have been sometimes shocked at all of the volleys for power and control going on in what has been a very stable relationship?

And then on a greater level, in spiritual relationships such as within this organization, within the One-Heart e-mail network, for instance, have you seen issues of fear turn into manipulation and control and power? Well, sure you have, because that’s what fear creates. And is that bad? No, except when individuals do not take personal responsibility and prefer to stay at the former pre-Recalibration level because it’s safe and known.

At the August meeting in Lexington, I spoke about the “pot” being cracked. The shake-up that has happened and the frequency of energy that is coming in to you now are what have cracked the pot. The pot—your physical blueprint— can no longer hold together, so on an abstract, personal, physical and mental level your vessels, your vehicles, now have to deal with a greater energy, yet without the solid, consistent “known” to hold it in.

So what is it that would help? What is it that I would see as the next step? I made a vague reference earlier to working vibrationally, and that’s where the next step is. In order to allow Recali­bration to build now—having established the edge of the cliff, to make a bridge rather than a blind leap—it’s my desire, starting at the next workshop, to begin working with those individuals who choose to be at that third level: not mass consciousness, not awake but without direction, but at that level of consciously serving and purposefully choosing to be a part of the forward move. I wish for those individuals to be able, ultimately, through sound and light—through vibration—to be able first to weld the cracks in their own pot, which will then have effects everywhere in their world, and to then be able to give that out to others as well, that they might learn how to mend their own pots.

Just to throw in something bold: Using some of the teachings that helped the megalithic structures be raised and the pyramids to be built—the understandings of vibration given at the seeding but of course reworked to best represent this time—I want to teach you how to use your voice to call like energy. How to use sound and color to heal your body, to heal your mind, and to prepare your spirit. A quick example of that would be the One-Heart tonings that you have been doing over this last year. How different are those tonings when a group is rightly placed physically, such as happened in Ireland. On the other hand, you’ve heard those tonings where people toned individually and it’s so hideous that it’s hardly worth listening to. And then when they are told to think and hold a common thought, what a difference that makes, turning it into a work of unity, not an individual work.

I’m going to start off the next set of workshops teaching groups to do what was done in Ireland. Learning to work together for a like purpose, creating a harmonizing sound–harmonizing isn’t the most accurate word, but it works for teaching individuals what they need to do. It’s a means—and bottom line it’s actually a very basic means—but as much as you dearly beloved ones hate it, it’s a beginning level, simply with a higher consciousness attached.

So the work is basic, but you’re not basic in your reactions to it, and therefore the next step can come quickly: a very basic working with vibration to establish what could not be done in making the sacred circle real.