Recalibration—A One Heart Event

Throughout the history of humanity there have been those who have come here as the focus of the change of an age. There are many names for the same energy, because that energy is a composite. Many of those who are part of my work are a projection of that energy.

The upcoming recalibration is going to allow those who are a part of that greater Christ energy, avataric energy, that greater giving, to cease their function as individuals and better come together as a more powerful whole. Those who are able to release the old—in a sense, to die—can meet that promise. From that time on, every movement you make will be affecting the energy around you in a much greater way. You will be awakening every place you visit. Everything you do will be a sacrifice and a joy in the truest sense. This work is asking you who have bodies to share them and, in so doing, to be enlightened and moved beyond your wildest imagining.

You have come here for this or I would not be working with you. It’s now time to release the old and take on the new. You have been mourning the necessity for that release long enough. Do not fear the unity now that prepares you for a greater unity. Do not fear losing yourself, because that does not happen. You will indeed be amplified. Let it be so. —Samuel

Interview—Recalibration: Recreating the Earth’s Blueprint

In everybody’s physical life experience there are events that are thought of as pinnacles, times at which you’re able to look about from the top of the mountain and see what you have done to get there. In every Age, in the course of which there are many such life experiences, there are also these pinnacles, times in which humanity collectively is at a point where it is able to look at what has been, see what has brought it there, and make decisions. And that is also true within the structure of this dimension as a whole: there comes an opportunity for those who have chosen to be guardians of this dimension to take a look at what has been and say, “Now what? Now where?”

October 12 is such a “recalibration” event. Recalibration is the opportunity to reconstruct the blueprint of the planet into one that will better fit the nature of the energy that is coming. Literally, what is coming is a radical change in the point from which this planet’s energy is transmitted. Venus has always been the point at which form creates itself on a sacred level. That’s going to change. The point for this transformation of energy is going to move out of this immediate solar system altogether in order to allow this planet, with the life force upon it, to complete itself. The Helios-Vesta home, Cappella, will become the anchoring point for energy for this planet. This opens the doors for contact beyond earth-dimension life force. In essence that says that all of the spirit energy that works here will be working on a totally different level. It is, literally, the opportunity for the return of the Shining Ones.


There are five rings of power that surround this dimension, this planet. They are essentially security guards, or veils. You relate to the veils by earth experience, but two of them are not of earth experience; they are part of that process of bringing energy from the Energy Furnace through to here—part of the higher rays, if you will, that safeguard structure. They support the common agreement of form to hold its structure intact without what I’m going to call spirit interference—although I want you to realize that the truth of it is, spirit cannot interfere with this working because there is a vibrational incompatibility between it and form at this slow level.

These two veils will be eliminated, making a way for spirit to take on form and function through it, although not for a long period of time, before it burns out. Because of the work done by humanity during the last year, there are enough portals that are open, enough remade doorways, that energy from the Hierarchy will now be able to function in this dimension. In the past, it has always had to step its frequency down, and therefore work as projected energy. The work of recalibration is to anchor that connection between the Hierarchy and earth.

The last time it was done it brought Venus into operation, creating the opportunity for humanity to move out of mass spirit—to individuate—and it totally changed what the work on earth would be. That’s the nature of recalibration.

This is a second-ray, Love/Wisdom planet, and this recalibration changes its purpose into the third ray, Active Intelligence/Intelligent Activity, the will to act love out. And so, as I said at our July Sunday meeting in Lexington, acts of love create the opening, draw that vibrational change, changing the physical vessel to be able to hold a higher vibration and releasing the two veils.

That opens the door for the spirit energy here to be working at a much higher level, to take form at will and walk the earth when necessary. To have a total earth reawakening. I have said before that the earth would reach Sacred Status in your lifetime. The re-creation ritual which I will lead in Lexington on October 12 is a representation of the opening of Sacred Status, a dance to recalibrate the vessel and to recreate the new action. But here is the caveat: It’s a long way to October.


I want you to be aware of what’s bringing about the change. Your planet is coming apart at the seams. Have you listened to the news lately? It is birthing. Well, of course, prophesy for many, many years has said that it would do its birth by destroying all of the life on it, but that will not be.

Every one of the previous recalibrations has resulted in mass destruction. By water. By fire. By fire. By ice. Every time there has been a change in the pattern of the earth experiment, it has been because of the need to do a recalibration. It has never been done without recreating humanity, but this time it will be.

Earlier global spiritual events, such as the Harmonic Convergence [1987] and 11:11 [1992] were awakenings of humanity, bringing it to a point of greater awareness of all, of people’s unity with one another, unity with spirit energy, opening doorways. They were not re-creation works.

Unlike the earlier events, this is not a work of mass consciousness. You will not be there to make it happen; you will be there to anchor the energy that is happening, and it does not require masses to do that. In fact, what involving large masses would give you is conflicted energy. For example, even this room right here has conflicted energy if you start talking philosophies on a large scale. One reason I have referred to this as a work of “one heart” is because I don’t want your mind involved. I’ll be doing the work, and I need you to hold it. It requires those who are able to function outside the bounds of time, and that’s not the masses. It’s not about being able to hold a picture of unity and a new world. That would be the wrong approach to this.


On the most obvious level, the ritualized movement we will do is going to allow you in form to feel that you are making magic, allowing you to be a part of that process, and therefore allowing your energy to work at a higher level. The ritual and participation in it give you permission to be more of what you are. Ritual always does that. However, seen from another level, the ritual will start with the symbolic creation of a new time and a new space—not entirely symbolic because of all of the work that’s been done to prepare the place. Believe me, at Phoenix Institute you’re going to be very aware of a very full energy there; all the things that are being done to prepare that space to be the vehicle—literally the space capsule—shifts where the energy can go and what it can do.

Once that initial time and space have been redeveloped, the group will be in a very large circle around the room, and the very first thing that will happen is a hand and foot pattern. By following this ancient pattern you’re putting something like a cosmic Morse code out. Theoretically that is going to start a change in you, because that pattern has a vibrational effect. At Phoenix’s fall retreat, hopefully, those who are good at getting people into rhythmic movement will be able to bring that about. It’s going to be done in groups of three all the way around the room.

Stuart is going to use his heart drum [bodhran], which can then change that energy, give it a shock. And that lets us begin, literally.

There are going to be four individuals, leaders from Lexington, Pittsburgh and Atlanta, who bring in four lit candles, set them down, and blow them out. Sounds simple so far, doesn’t it, but it is intent and thought and word and deed, bringing in the light of the old and releasing it. Every bit has a symbolic reference, and it is the symbol of it that sends the message. And while you’re doing that, what am I doing? I am watching. Hopefully, not more.

So what does the ritual do? On one level, it allows you to work at your highest level, because by doing the movements you feel that you’ve given yourself permission to take part. The more important thing, however, is that it anchors the intent of the energy that is going out. I will hold the door open; you’re sending the message, the vibration. You are altering what has been by the nature of what is going out.

What is going out is impossible to explain in human terms, but if you have a blueprint you alter it by putting a different picture in. You erase a wall and then you’ve got a new picture. Well, the Universe has always been sending, but mass consciousness has never sent back. There has never been a two-way flow. The portals of recent times which we have often talked about have been opening the door for that. A two-way flow on the level of that which establishes the security, the stability, of this universe would change the universe.

Everything up until now has been to prepare mass consciousness for Sacred Status. As everything moves right up to the threshold, Sacred Status sets up a different frequency, and in order to function at that different frequency every life force that produces energy must recalibrate. All of the energy that comes here is going to be affected in the same way that hitting a gong a second time creates a very different vibration. What has been given from the Universe can finally be received, and because of that receiving, a change in the output is created. That different output is going to create a different sending, and it’s that different sending that this planet must be prepared for. Did you follow that? It’s not complicated, it’s just confusing.

By the time October 12 comes, humanity will be receiving, and what October 12 is about is making use of some openings in space—literally the energy creation work going on in your universe—making use of those openings to direct that energy to a particular place, rather than allowing it to simply scatter and not create Sacred Status.


One of the things that our trip into the Yucatan did for a few people—and I wish it had been many more—was to put them in a place where they functioned at a deeper level; the safety of the group work in that place enabled them to release some old parts. I called it dying. I wanted everybody who went to come back dead—not literally, of course, but dead to the old. Allowing the old self—certain pieces, certain old beliefs, certain needs, all depending on the individual—to die. Allowing the petulant, immature child that orders the whole universe to be directed to its own self to die in order to establish one heart, one vision.

And although it was my desire that that particular trip, by putting individuals into places of extreme power, be an opportunity for them to go into more powerful aspects of themselves, it is not necessary for people to have gone on that trip in order to begin experiencing that kind of death. This has been a whole year of that.

It’s been the Year of Recalibration. With many people, all that they have recognized is great confusion, much heartache, a lot of depression—a very sad amount of depression, much of it based on an unwillingness to move away from all they’ve ever known. But it’s been a year of death after death after death, piece by piece by piece, belief by belief by belief. And the difficulty of an individual’s situation has been absolutely parallel to their resistance to the process, which is why everybody I speak with privately wants to know what is going on, why it is so hard.

The answer is that the amount of difficulty is in proportion to your resistance, your need to control the situation until it becomes familiar to you, your lack of partnership with Source that allows you to trust you are held in love and will be safe, your unwillingness to look at power and what has worked and to be optimistic, your willingness, instead, to look at what does not work and how terrible things are and how little hope there is, and the great excitement you attach to destruction and punishment and consequence and on and on. All year.

There is a need to recognize that life is more than this little wedge of it, and that you can make it more. So what can you do? You can die—please. Keep your body here, but let your brains go. Give me your body, give me your heart, all right? But get over this immature, childish, self-absorbed, “I am the only person having miserable things going on in my life” stuff, because I’m relying on you to create a new world here, and this behavior is getting really scary.

It’s not masses that are needed for this work. It would be easier with masses, but not just anyone—it needs those who are at a one-heart level. Since there are so few who have “died,” the more there are who can focus, the better. But if out of a hundred who participate I have twelve who have died, I’m all right. And part of the ritual in symbolizing that death is going to be the anointing of every individual that takes part in order to symbolize the freeing of the spirit to its highest work.

I cannot say how this recalibration is going to express itself ultimately. First, as ever, free will is going to determine what actions are actually taken in response to whatever one experiences. I foresee such things as a high stress level among those who have a very intense need to hold onto the old. However, it’s going to be hard to deny the change. It is not possible to avoid re-creation at this time. It is not possible for that energy that has been coming to alter. It is not possible to hold off any longer pushing the door open. It is possible that it could be a difficult birth instead of an easy one, but I vote to prove the prophets wrong.