More on Building the Pillars

Samuel’s workshops often seem to raise as many questions as they answer, and this has been true especially with the complex subject of the Inner Temple meditation he taught earlier this year. Samuel was asked to clarify some points, and Phoenix Rising is grateful to Retta Flagg, Carol Ciocco, and Phoenix North’s newsletter, The Greenhouse, where this was first printed, for sharing the information with a wider audience.

You’ve said that we would be working with a specific realm of each pillar, and we should be aware of that as we work with the pillars. Some people are doing all the realms in the right pillar, paying attention to the realm they are drawn to out of the twelve.

Which is correct.

Others are starting at the realm they feel drawn to . . .

All right, there is apparently a little bit of misunderstanding. When I said that you would find the pillars building themselves up, that doesn’t mean, for example, that you just immediately go to the fourth realm. You will still build them all up consciously, purposefully, but you are going to find that when you consciously lay the groundwork for the first realm, for instance, it’s done [snapping fingers] just that quickly. Just that fast. And the next one and the next one. And maybe at the fifth or sixth, all of a sudden you feel like you’re getting information.

The issue is this: As an act of discipline and consistency, you build the whole pillar. The more you do it, the more you will find that you start getting more information in certain realms; but that doesn’t mean you just start there at that realm, because that would eliminate anything you might have gotten from the groundwork in all the realms before that one.

And it doesn’t mean you stop there, either.

That’s right. It also does not mean you stop there. You build the whole pillar.

Although it may seem that you just start at the sixth realm, pay attention that you’re not doing that on purpose. What’s really happening is the pillar builds itself up really fast while you are internally watching it, and therefore it seems to begin on the sixth.

With the right pillar, you discussed certain activities that related to the function aspect of each realm. Should those activities be actually acted out while the pillar work is being done?

In order to make the best communication with the ruler of any realm, what you want to do is act out the function in your everyday life. For instance, you might spend a week putting out a particular kind of behavior, to live that function—to fake it until you make it. Send your calling card to that particular ruler. You might do that until it becomes a very natural part of your life. Do it until you no longer have to be conscious of it, until you no longer have to seriously think about it. The way that you know you have incorporated those actions into your life is that the nature of your communication with Spirit changes. In one way or another, it changes to a higher frequency. Or through the gift; you begin to see the gift associated with each realm manifesting in your life.

To do it only mentally—to act out through a visualization, for instance, while you are doing the pillar work—is effective, but it’s sort of like the difference between calling “Stuart” and calling “Stuart! Stuart! Stuart! Stuart!” One call while in a meditative state is not going to bring enough into your life to make a difference. The “fake it until you make it”—the actual living of what makes you compatible with the ruler of that realm—is what makes a difference. Therefore, yes, you want to be acting it out in a very organized fashion, to the point where you are consciously living every one of the functions of every one of the realms. Then you will find you have access to all of the rulers at any given time. Don’t think, however, that this is a quick process. It’s something you can spend the rest of your life on.