The Sirian Connection

Samuel has often said that the earth is a living entity, and much like humanity in its own spiritual quest, the planet moves toward a condition called “Sacred Status.” So interwoven is humanity’s energy with that of the earth that each step we take on our spiritual journey helps the earth, and vice versa.

As we and it approach Sacred Status together, we are helped along by higher forms of consciousness, able at last to reach through the veil surrounding the planet because of the opening of what Samuel refers to as portals. The most important of these was the portal of 11:11, which began opening almost three years ago, and will continue to widen, so to speak, for almost twenty years. It was able to open because of a growing spirit of unity throughout the world and an awakening in the mass consciousness to humanity’s spiritual nature. Although disputes based on old racial hatreds, territorial claims and religious zealotry continue, these no longer indicate the dominant trend in the mass consciousness, but reflect the death throes of self-centered thinking.

According to Samuel, the early portals, prior to 11:11, brought about changes so subtle that they functioned at a level below our awareness. Later portals, though, have created conditions that affect more of us, and in ways which some people can actually perceive.

The most recent portal opening was that of August 20. In the last issue of Phoenix Rising, Samuel described the effects of this opening, saying that humanity would become increasingly able to perceive injustice and inequity—to see where love is, and where it is needed. For the more highly awakened, those working in ascension (that is, those who are aware that their true nature is spiritual and are consciously working to improve their spiritual connection and let it guide them), it would bring a feeling of connection with home, a sense of greater purpose and unity.

This entire dimension in which we and all we know exist is but a portion of a much greater whole of which our minds can barely form a concept (their purpose, after all, is to help us focus on and function within the limitations of form). The link between this dimension and that greater whole is referred to as Sirius. It is a link in the sense that it is the “place” where higher energy seeking to function within this dimension of form is altered in frequency to make that possible. (This is analogous to the way in which a radio signal, vibrating many thousands of times each second, is transformed by a receiver into a “lower” form and frequency our ears are capable of hearing.)

In a recent interview, Samuel was asked about the Sirius connection.

Question: You have said that the gateway of August 20 opened a doorway to Sirius and that this is creating a need for stronger spirit communication. Will you elaborate on that?

Samuel: The Sirian connection is an arena—and I use the word to convey dimension or means—by which pure energy becomes stepped down to light, and it is the limitation of that light which determines where within the construct of form that energy is going to be.

We often describe Spirit as pure light, so I hope I am not confusing you by speaking of the “limitation” of light. Remember that light is a step-down of energy from greater energy. In this dimension, what you are shows up first as what you call light. There are all sorts of vibrations of light which you are unable to see. That vibration which you are able to see you call color. But that’s a limitation, because light is more than color, and it’s much more than the color you see. But in this dimension, it’s the first stop. And from light comes sound. And from sound comes what is actually a combination of the two; then, finally, it moves into physical form, although light, sound, all of those in a sense are forms, too. The limitation of using a word like “light” is that light implies the things I just spoke of to your mind, and it’s not just that. Light is much greater than the stuff that comes out of the electrical socket, but light is also that stuff that comes out of the electrical socket, and when it breaks down it shows up as different colors, and is greater than you’re able to see; it is a vibration that can be felt, and so forth.

I spend a lot of time in this next workshop talking about concepts that are far beyond what you are used to thinking about. You must recognize that the way the associative mind works is to put into the pool of the unknown anything it can’t relate to and into the pool of the known anything it can relate to. The problem with that is . . . let me give you a concrete example. Let’s say that you have the end of a green pen in your mouth. Just because you have something stuck in your mouth, it doesn’t mean that it’s a cigar. But if I had no idea of those other possibilities, I would tell everybody that you smoked green cigars, because I linked it to what is known. It was enough unknown that it should have gone into the pool of the unknown, except that there was something in the known that it could be associated with. This is how humanity can make such hilarious, terrible blunders.

Be that as it may, to come into this dimension, energy will come through Sirius; to come to this planet means that you are going to have a second way-station after Sirius, where you learn how to use the nature of form that this planet uses. This galaxy has already expressed itself at Sacred Status, but this particular planet has not. Earth is a Second Ray planet whose work is Love/Wisdom, and there is a Second Ray sacred planet—Venus, which is the second way-station .

So with the opening of this portal, there are going to be two types of memory, memory of Sirius and memory of Venus (and I’m not talking about the physical planet, but the energy behind it)—but only one actual connection.

Will the connection be to Venus or Sirius?

On the physical mind level, the only thing that the mind can relate to is Venus. Venus, being a Second Ray planet like the earth is the relational point for those individuals who have moved from Sirius—and they are likely to be far from that movement, by the way—and have worked through whatever they need to in order to reach the point where they can work on this planet now in a level of mastery or ascension. Those individuals will have moved through Venus, in one aspect or another, because it is directly related to the earth—a sister sphere.

That memory connection will, of course, be somewhat vague, but those who are working in ascension and doing their travel work have probably already been going there anyway. When I taught interdimensional travel I said that when you stay in this dimension you can remember, but once you get into the planes where you are releasing mind and memory and, because of that, you have essentially lost form, you are travelling out of this dimension. If you are travelling in this dimension and remembering, it probably is Venus. That memory will be accelerated; it will also be available without doing interdimensional travel.

So you in ascension have the ability to remember the transformation process through Venus either through interdimensional travel when you don’t leave this system or through some sort of deep past-existence work—notice I did not say past-life work—or because of your connection with your entity. But remembering the transformation process through Sirius would be like remembering your own conception, as opposed to remembering experiences in the uterus. It’s that much of a difference.

Now, with this portal, it is possible to connect with those energies of Sirius in such a way that you can create a construct or memory keys. You’re not going to be actually remembering your connection, but you will have—maybe—access to a group understanding. The closest I can get to that one would be, you sort of know what goes on in the White House, right? And you know because you’ve heard, not because you’ve actually been there and taken part. Well, in fact you have been at Sirius and taken part in what’s working there, but on such a level that it’s not very workable or usable for you.

Nevertheless, the Sirian connection is an important one at this time because it is an opportunity for you to have a clearer sense of your own responsibility here on this planet and to become more aware of a change of guard, so to speak, in those energies who are working with you and those preparing to come here. Remember that, after 11:11, when the doorway began to open, it created an opportunity for individuals to be born in a much more highly awakened state and an opportunity for energy choosing to work with this planet to be able to more easily work in this vibrational state. This particular doorway, with its direct line, is going to allow some within the Hierarchy who have not been able to do so before now to just move right through.

Because of that you are going to see two things come about. The first is that you will see more people rating their experiences in terms of “gods”—for example, “Jesus” living in London’s Pakistani community. Anytime individuals attached to earth begin to have a connection with spirit—unfortunately often by accident, which means they don’t know what they’re doing with their connection—they still relate that contact to familiar concepts, and as a result you have more “Jesus,” more “Moses,” more. . . . You know I’m amazed when someone says something to me like, “Samuel, I got this information from Jesus. You know Jesus; he’s being channeled by a fellow out on the west coast.” Now, why would Jesus do that? He wouldn’t, of course.

The second effect of this improved communication, when properly used, will be that it will liberate you. Now tell me, how can giving more access to the planet liberate you?

Well, you mentioned that one can have access without interdimensional travel. Is that analogous to first having to learn the discipline of meditating regularly for a set period and then moving into a knowing that you are in a state of meditation at all times?

Yes, that is one of the things that can come of it. And liberation also because you’ve got help. As a result your sense of responsibility and push is not going to be so urgent. Now there is a certain danger in that. Can you see what it is?

 You can become complacent.

Yes. There is the tendency to sit back because you’re not “getting.” But you’re not getting because you’re not acting on the information that you are already getting from Spirit. Anybody who has become very, very used to being told what to do is likely to stop acting.

Is “being told what to do” referring to inner guidance?

Both inner and outer guidance.

In the upcoming workshops an important part of what I want to do is let people know that it is time to prove these connections, because the nature of your contact needs to be very, very real. One of the biggest issues I deal with is that people often have got the words, they know how to act, they do it, but they don’t have a true relationship with Source. Which means that, come this portal, they’re not going to have a true relationship with themselves. After all, if you really believed that everything worked the way it should, why have all this silly messing around, whining and worrying?

So perhaps it will help if I go through a personal explanation of hierarchical work and help an individual find what I’m calling their personal sphere, their workers. This is slightly different from the “sitting” technique I have taught, and the workers I am referring to are in addition to the guides you may be familiar with. There is a great need to know exactly what energies are working with you so you can begin seeking out a relationship with them. And it’s actually not particularly hard to help a person find their workers. The hard work is getting them to start contact.