11:11 The Meaning of the Gateway

Let’s start with an update. The response to 11:11 is overwhelming . . . beautiful . . . encouraging! All over the world there are very strong pockets, not only of individuals who are waking up as a result of 11:11,but individuals who are waking up to service, because they know that this is what they’ve come here for. So across this planet, right now, there is an outpouring of goodwill and unity. The proof of it is such things as the coup in the Soviet Union. How is that unity? Well, of course, it’s not. What it is is a response swinging things back, which ends up creating a lot more unity. Communism has had to put out its last great fight, and it’s causing change.

The planet itself has sped up and is also making changes. You are hearing more about an earthquake here, a typhoon or hurricane there, or a small change in a weather pattern. The planet is stretching and moving!

Many of those creatures that have been called endangered are suddenly being found not to be endangered, or certainly not as endangered as was thought. Mind, I’m quite aware that there are thousands of species of insect or plant life that go every day, but the larger creatures are starting to repopulate, and on those higher levels of life you’re finding more life rather than less. There are two reasons for this. The first is that humanity is making changes in its own habits, protecting them and creating environments that they can grow in; and the underlying cause is because the life force of the planet itself has so greatly, increased.

Now I want to take a bit of time to talk about foundational workers and guardians for 11:11. First of all, what is required of the individual who’s going to work in the guardianship? An individual using form has at their disposal two essential means of acting out and expressing form. The first one is through the seven rays. The seven rays, which actually are twelve rays, are means of expressing thought through form. (Editor/s note: 8th Ray: Matter into Existence from the Void; 9th Ray: Destroys and Returns to the Void; 10th Ray: Masculine/Feminine Synthesis; 11th Ray: Energy Furnace; 12th Ray: Gate.) The other is the initiatory pathway, of which there are actually twelve, also. An individual who is going to have the ability to work as a Guardian is an individual who has mastered all twelve rays, because what will be necessary is an individual able to make contact with the Master of each of those basic seven rays and the workers over the last rays.

Now let me explain, lest you absolutely toss everything and say, “That is impossible. How can I do this?” The last five rays, eight to twelve, have to do with “cosmic awareness,” and to come into the earth function at all means that you have mastered them. Everybody on the planet that’s in human form has mastered them.

Here is why. Essentially the first seven rays work as a means for a human to go through the wheel. It’s not linear, but it can be thought of as such for the purpose of working with this illustration. You come into form because you have expressed the will to be (1st Ray). The first response ; of will is love (2nd), the working of truest love that brings wisdom, which causes action (3rd). Action brings about conflict from which you learn to make harmony (4th), which puts you in a place where you can categorize and create information in a way that establishes it as concrete knowledge (5th). That brings you to a point where, as an individual, you become aware of your personal likes and dislikes, and the categories you relate to and don’t relate to, which opens the door for devotion (6th),which then opens the door to personal magic and awareness of your power, (7th).

But eight through twelve work from the Source down, so that ray twelve is the gate and the means through which energy which is going to express itself through form or through another dimension (because those last five are true for all dimensions, not just form) expresses itself, and is bound to the creation of matter, which then continues on to establish one to seven. So what an individual who’s going to work as a guardian needs, having mastered the rays eight to twelve, is now to have mastery of the other seven.

Now, does mastery speak of completion? No, it does not. Mastery speaks of a perfect understanding. Does perfect speak of completion? No. When I say perfect understanding, I’m speaking of an understanding which is at the level of trust in which an individual is choosing to live in such conscious awareness that they can say, “This is Will going on right now,” and, “This is an expression of Love/Wisdom,” or, “Right now I’m in Harmony Through Conflict.”

Having such a perfect understanding allows them to work as guardians of the gateway because that is the point where they are at that gateway 11:11. The first seven have to do with form meeting the last five, which are the doorway to the Source. That’s the doorway of 11:11.

As you in your awareness become conscious of understanding fully a ray, that gives you access to the Lord of the Ray. Not that the Lord of the Ray is going to become your personal guiding force, but you have access to that energy. When you completely master all seven of those rays, you are accessing the Hierarchy of this planet, the spiritual government of form. This is happening without your awareness. I cannot tell you how many individuals I deal with who have access to the Hierarchy and don’t know it because they never try!

So what I’m wanting is an individual with that access. Having access into that understanding is going to synthesize the two bodies, the physical body with the etheric body, because those last rays are guardians of the etheric body.

When the etheric body is connected in full heightened awareness to the spiritual body, you have an ascended body. The work of 11:11 is ascension. I mean an ascension in consciousness—having a perfectly aware being whose spirit self is not in conflict—the unseen no longer conflicted with the seen.

What is required is that an individual be able to move to the twelfth ray and back. By working through that twelfth ray they’ve gone through the first seven, taken on that new body. Moving on through the last five will then allow them to make contact with those much higher energies that work with those rays, essentially blowing a hole through the guardianship around the planet. This allows a beam from those last five connections to home to the Source, strengthen, move back to the planet, strengthen, move back out . . . it’s a feedback loop. It’s a mystical miracle.

So how does an individual get to the point where they master all those rays? If one is able to honestly and sincerely look at his or her life, what the lessons are, what needs to be worked on, that information will come, because it is a private matter. The physical work I have suggested for 11:11, which is designed to bring about focus and discipline in group work, will enable them to better contemplate each of those rays in order to fully know it. A bit of homework might be to choose a ray for every day of the week, and every day meditate, think about, and expand on that ray. And you can get together and do it in a group.

Now let’s talk about foundational workers. They will serve as a “security force.” They’ll be an outer circle, or if there’s not enough for a circle, then holding the cardinal points. Their work is to be the sentinels, watching to keep their own thoughts focused, a screen, so to speak, of vibration. The individuals within the circle are going to be working in particular movement as well as focusing thought. None of this sounds difficult, except the inner workers, the guardians, require a perfected thought, life action, discipline and focus. And, of course, only you will know which one you arc. And it’s not going to hurt the guardianship to have foundational workers in their midst.

Essentially there is going to be the creation of wheels within wheels. What I’m working to do is to create some basic forms that your physical body will respond to. At this point there isn’t enough established to tell you what that will be. As you know through the whirling Dervishes, certain movements stimulate energy and certain breathing patterns relax or excite. Certain thought patterns can create change in the body. Using movement, sound and thought to create a common, activated group, the guardians will then be sending projected thought out through what I am calling rings, although they are actually rays, to the twelfth and back. For some, this will be a conscious experience, although there will be guardians taking part who are still fairly closed down, but are for some reason drawn to this 11 :11 work and follow through later with the awakening processes. The foundational work is a very good place for those who may decide they’re not capable of the sort of focus required for guardianship. They don’t feel strongly called, except as an observer. They don’t feel that they have controlled themselves enough, because that’s a lot of mastering the rays, self-control .

One thing to do is to look at your life at this time. If you find right now that you’re not in conscious, active service, you’ve just awakened or you really want to get involved but you’re reading this in December and you have a week, then you want to be a foundational worker. It won’t be hard to decide. I will be asking you to make the decision as to which group to work in on the day, based upon certain criteria. If you’re not wearing white, step out. If you didn’t take part in the fast, step out. if you have found yourself strongly angry, strongly sad, strongly agitated, if you have been ill, or if you have partaken of sexual activity in the past 72 hours, step out; you are going to be a foundational worker. You can choose not to tell the truth, but then you will not be participating in the unity of it.

What are the options for those individuals who are out of town? I encourage everybody who connects with this work to fly, drive or walk to Lexington and connect in. I’m encouraging Phoenix to get their hospitality committee ready to set up floor space, couches, and bedrooms and prepare in whatever way is possible, because being here at this power point is going to be quite unlike anything you have ever experienced.

If that’s not possible, there will be individuals that will be working in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Wilmington (Delaware) and Toronto in the same fashion as this one. Also check around in your area to see if Solara has an anchor there [for information on contacting Solara, see back page]. It will be a different connection, but the vision is the same. If there’s not an anchor, then see about getting something started.