• By September the energetic matrices maintaining the old structure were being dissolved. Now they are reforming, bringing a new clarity, as a result, generating new truths for all who are willing to see and hear. This is created an ascended revolution. This is pivotal time. The earth and life force have come through a powerful date with destiny that can be seen as chaotic and destabilizing. your help is needed to ensure this transition time is focused on the truth of love, positive possibilities, and the Greater Vision. Samuel discusses:
    • what's going on now;
    • what's coming up;
    • how to be your best during trying times;
    • how to help those around you now;
    • functioning in Ascended Densities.
  • “Massive influxes of higher dimensional energy are now and will continue creating major changes in the lives of Guardians, and in the world itself throughout 2015. These Lifescapes will be tailored to help you make the best use of these activating energy cycles so that when you look back on this time you can be proud of what you have achieved.”Samuel logo
    Samuel discusses:
    • functioning consciously within multidimensional reality;
    • densities of form, spirit, and illusion;
    • the differences between reality and dimensions of reality;
    • the signs of time-travel fatigue.


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