In the last issue of Phoenix Rising, you said, “Everything right now is about the recalibration of the planet and its effect on the life force of the planet.” And at the October first-Sunday meeting, I heard you say, “Many of you have experienced two massive changes of Source function across your world.”

The Recalibration in October 1996 moved this world from a Third Density to a Fourth Density planet. What is the nature of this latest “recalibration” shift?

I think your timing is off there, because the Recalibration did not move the Densities. It changed the nature of the energy that could come through. And back in the ’90s it was all about healing the Grid, and so that energetic change was not a Density thing.

Of course the Density change and the Recalibration are two different things. Recalibrating energy had to do with the frequencies that came to the planet; the Density change—it was outrageous that that would even happen—was a change not only of the foundational frequency of the planet and all life force on it within the Plan, but also a change in the information you had access to. The genetic, physical and mental access and the spiritual access through form. The Density change basically prepared the ground for seeding, something that could not be done before. And of course that’s going to affect all life force, seen and unseen working on the planet. All. So no matter what category you put those in, it all has shifted to be able to receive what it could not before.

The first time you dug your garden, you could pour water on the earth and it would hardly absorb it. Then you broke up that ground and made it soft. Now you can pour water on it and it sucks it up. It’s food rather than an irritation. That’s the difference.

Queen Elizabeth II was a 96-year old woman at the natural end of her life. Why was there such an outpouring of grief at her passing?

Well, first I think that Walt Disney had a lot to do with that because of that whole idea of the fairy-tale princess, Cinderella, getting her prince, the whole story line that generations have grown up with. Not everybody, of course, but generations of people in western society grew up with that story of the good king, the bad king, the princess finding her prince. I think so much of it had to do with people realizing that a whole new era was going to come about and that the old was gone, that the princess coming into the world and being the good queen and not the evil stepmother would end with her. And indeed it has. I think that people were mourning an archetype built into themselves through generations.

So is there a place for a British monarchy in this rapidly changing world?

British monarchy. If you allow it to be what it is instead of convince yourself that it’s something it isn’t. The monarchy doesn’t rule Britain anymore. You must recognize that monarchies—though the concept is written into the genetics of generations in Britain, Spain, Belgium, or the Republic of the Congo—all of these monarchies represent a time that has been highly romanticized but is essentially impractical today. How long has Britain worked on the parliamentary system rather than the absolute authority of the monarch? Well, it was way before Elizabeth, I will tell you that.

It started in the thirteenth century with the Magna Carta.

I was going to say hundreds and hundreds of years, so put on your Divine Neutrality panties and pull them up and realize nowadays there is no harm. Greater harm is what the Parliament is coming out with, what the Congress is coming out with, because the presidency is the equivalent of the monarchy in this country. And don’t be fooled by thinking it’s not. It is. It’s a ceremonial office with ceremonial duties.

Is it accurate that the monarchy could have spoken about some things? It depends. If they recognized that their job was to help their peasants stay happy, to keep the mythology, then no, they could not. If they actually were a legal law-making group, like Parliament, like Congress, then they could have. But don’t mistake one for the other. And if you put the two together, you don’t have it right. If the monarchy had any real say, that’s when one could blame. Until then you’re just being picky. You’re going to find wrong in every life. Look at what they were here to do, and what was done.

It’s interesting if you look at the history of colonialism. It was all at the push of the ruling class, of the government of the time. The monarchy might have gone along with it, but ruling class were the instigators of it. Greed was, usually, as well.


And King Charles can now say nothing about what is his great love—the environment and sustainable agriculture—because now he’s got to be absolutely neutral.

And his children are, as they can, speaking out where they can but the higher they get, the closer they get, to the upper levels of the monarchy, they cannot do that anymore, because that’s not their job.

People don’t have better things to do than argue about celebrity. And I find that sad.

I really love my life and myself. Do I really have to work on recreating myself?

Yes, you do, or you will be re-created anyway, without the control that you would prefer to have, because re-creation is happening, and it is better for you to have a part in it, better to take control than be controlled.

What is the relationship of the six Earth Gates with the Star Gates? And how are they related to the Plan of Ascension?

Six Earth Gates? That should be five, not six, because there are five elements and not six, and the fifth element, the mineral element—the metal, chemical aspects of Earth—their gate is already functioning. The crystals aren’t ascending because they’ve already ascended. For the purposes of the work that’s to be done, there are four.

What’s the question about working with those four?

What is the relationship with the Star Gates?

Star Gates create transportation to and, to a smaller extent, from the planet. Earth Gates are all about the planet. Star Gates are related to specific and highly energetic filters within the cosmos as you know it. Earth Gates have to do with planetary Ascension. Star Gates have much less to do with Ascension, more to do with the Plan as a whole. Star Gates are … let me know if this is too vague an example. Star Gates are the car. The engine. The body. The wheels. They are the basic mechanics. Earth Gates are the gasoline that makes it run. If you have an electric car, then they are kind of the electricity that makes it move.

Until a certain number of Star Gates are open, which basically means until certain frequencies are met, the Earth Gates do not activate. Star Gates have primary and secondary gates, and so do Earth Gates. There are primary Earth Gates and secondary Earth Gates.

The war in the Ukraine seems like a clear battle between “power over” and self-determination, but you’ve cautioned against sending energy for any specific outcome, even while so many people are dying. What are the higher issues playing out in this war and what are some of the various positive outcomes that our energy might interfere with?

Something that happens with questions and makes them be difficult to answer is they come from an already answered perspective. Do you know what I mean by that? The person already has their thoughts about it, and thus they say things like “despite all the people who have died,” there are more people who are not in the war who are dying every day than there are who are in the war. So why was it important to stick that in there?

So the first thing that I want to say is try very hard not to bring your world down into good or evil. Pretty much in any conflict, including this one, both sides have a fairly good case, and in today’s political arena there are plenty who would say they both have a very good case.

A larger view is that right now the energy has very much to do with freedom, personally and collectively, and the need to self-actuate—the need to be an individual while still a part of a collective—as opposed to being just a part of a collective, which is the former definition of unity. Now the energy is about being an individual while you are accessing and being a part of the collective. So, there is that energy like a fog moving through everything.

So a country doing its thing that it has done for a very long time, which is “You look like you need help. We’re just going to make you a part of us and help out.” “You are like us. You speak our language. You eat our food. You have generations of us, so let’s just make it official.” That sounds nice doesn’t it? But that’s also “We’re going to cut off a slice of your country and make it ours,” and all of those who get what they need from the country as it is are going to resist. And although that has been going on for thousands of years, that’s kind of what people do.

I would say looking at it as good guys versus bad guys, like your society has trained you to do, feeds the war machine, because as long as there are bad guys we can be the good guys. And the good guys need bases, and ammunition and rockets, and. . . . If you’re going to break it down into good guys versus bad guys, then you are buying the brainwashing your media are giving you. You are following the human rather than the observer, and you’re being an ant at the base of the mountain instead of seeing it from the top of the mountain. Your world needs to have people who are not caught up in human separation but are willing to seek a society that works at the higher-frequency kind of unity there is now. Freedom from old labels, old thinking, old societal functions is what is needed, not Ukraine versus Russia. And with regard to Ukraine versus Russia, the first thing you want to think about is why you aren’t giving the same kind of attention to Pakistan, Ethiopia, and other warring places on the planet.

And the second thing I would say is, this war is really helping people recognize the importance of what an individual-collective, which is the new kind of unity, can do, because Ukraine is seriously threatening a world superpower. That could not have happened ten years ago.