You’ve stressed how loving ourselves is the starting point for doing effective work as Guardians, yet after years of training ourselves to put others first, some of us have difficulty with that concept of self-love. Is love of oneself fundamentally different from the love we have for others? What are the steps to developing a healthy attitude of self-love?

There are many types of flowers. Right?


And you like some more than others. Right?


But they’re all flowers. Love is like that. There are many ways that love is expressed, but ultimately it’s love. The more that fear and self-created—and by self-created, I don’t necessarily mean you created it for yourself; I mean, it’s a human construct—guilt and shame are involved, the less you love yourself.

That does not mean you cannot love others, but in your relationships with others, if you have fear and therefore you have created guilt or shame, that takes away the heart of what love is.

Loving yourself means accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly. That doesn’t mean you don’t try to improve it—you do something bad, you learn from it, you pick up and you keep going. It means you recognize that “I make mistakes, I say things wrong. I make choices that I wish I had not made.” You love yourself when the next sentence is “I choose to do better.” You don’t love yourself when your next sentence is “And that’s how it is with everybody, and I’m no different. So what? I can’t do more.” You love yourself when you’re worth it. You love others because they’re worth it.

So what are the steps to loving oneself? Truly, I mean this: step one is to visit your doctor and make sure you don’t have any physical issues that are causing you to see things in ways that are inaccurate. I mean making sure you’re not depressed, or your chemicals aren’t working right, or you have a thyroid problem that throws your hormones off. Your world could be bleaker because of any of those things. I really do mean, get a checkup and make sure that this isn’t about something as simple as changing your diet and exercising more so that your body is healthier and you function better.

So that’s step one for any big change you’re working to make in your life. Whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical doesn’t matter.

Step two is to seek your truth about you. Separate out what you know from what you’ve been told or assume or expect, and find your own truth in it. Who taught you this? Is it a reflection of you? Is it a reflection of who you want to be? So find your truth.

And then one of my favorite exercises is every day to do one good thing for yourself without justifying it, without having to make excuses or explain it or making yourself feel badly about it. One good thing for you. Go out and greet the sun. It doesn’t matter what it is, but one good thing every day. It would be nice if it was for three weeks.

While you’re doing that, keep a gratitude journal, and arrange it in two sections. One section is “Self” and the other is “The world around me.”

And for everything you write in “The world around me” go to the Self section, and be grateful; pat yourself on the back for seeing that out in the world. “Oh, the sky is blue. The leaves are beautiful! Oh, I’m seeing beauty in the world!” And you write that down as well. It’s very simple to be grateful for the things around you but never make the connection that it’s because of what is in you that you see it out there at all.

So that’s going to help you start getting a better picture of yourself. You’re looking at your truth. You’re seeing the things that are good about you and your life.

The next thing I would say is, give a gift of love to somebody else. Serve others in some small but meaningful way every day.

I’m not saying do all of these at the same time. You need to determine for yourself: “I’m going to do this for a week and see how it works.” Generally speaking, twenty-one days of doing something ingrains it into you, helps make a shift, so I would say three weeks would be ideal. But if you cannot love yourself enough to give yourself three weeks, give what you can, because that will start the process.

Giving love to others feeds you, but you’re not able to give love to others until you know your truth, and until you’re able to see good in you. All you’re doing otherwise is rewarding them. But the love, the service to them, feeds you, and that starts cycling up out of the human and into the Spirit. That’s where you begin truly recognizing “I do love me.”

It’s not simple, because of what you’re having to work through. Think of your age at this moment, then take one year off of it. That’s how many years of societal brainwashing you have been subjected to. And remember, society does not want to lift you up and make you whole and healthy. Society wants you to be a herd animal that keeps the system going. It’s not to society’s advantage to have you loving yourself, loving others, loving fully. So you’ve got all those years of brainwashing, of justification, of excuses, of learning how to fake it, of being fully entrenched in a punishment-reward system that’s all fear and no love.

That sounds like it is directed squarely at me. I hope others get as much out of that as I did.

I hope that everything I say always seems directed just to you, and that everybody feels that way.

How does the helpful energy coming to the planet, for instance through Stargates, appear in the world? Is it primarily manifested within us as changes in awareness and intuition, and in the choices we make? Or does it have more to do with our outer reality? And can you give some examples to help us see how that energy actually helps?

Well, it’s both, because it depends upon what the energy focus is about, where on the frequency spectrum it is, what filters it has or has not come through, and where you are in all of that.

On one hand, energy is absolutely neutral, and everything that you see around you is created because of what you have learned to see, what you have learned to expect. On one hand, there is that airy-fairy quality, but when you get into the human, anything that affects you affects your world, but all that affects your world does not necessarily affect you.

So, while occasionally these big bursts of energy have been, as an example, stimulating your genetic coding, it’s also happening to animals and plants.

For some people the changes are very obvious, and for others they aren’t. If the only information you get about the world comes from a single outlet (the downloads), you may never find out about changes going on in the world. You just know that you’re more stressed than usual, you feel a bit burdened, a bit agitated, or you forget to play with your puppy dog, because you have so much going on. (All right, that part was just because Finn says, “I’m here. Talk to me.”)

Stargate work, specific spiritual work, has an effect like a candle in a dark room. The light is very bright when you’re right next to the candle, but the farther away that you get, the harder it is to see it. That’s why there are so many places on the world where you have done work that don’t have to be in the dark very long.

Of course, you can never visually see it through the limited spectrum of your eyes and the translation ability of your brain. It’s like looking at quarks. You can’t do it. You can only see the resonant energy left by its passing.

I think the thrust of the question is how to make it less abstract and more real to us.

I don’t think I want to try to smash it down into something like that. The limitations of your current understanding of energy make it seem like a cause-effect kind of thing, but energy doesn’t work that way. If you take part in opening a Stargate it adds a piece into the jigsaw puzzle of your journey, and it also helps develop the bigger picture.

For example, I’ve had you radically focused on anti-racism, and mass consciousness is changing its awareness about not only peoples of color but also the economic situations that they’ve been forced into. For five hundred years those constructs have not changed, and now they are beginning to change. Some people are seeing that and celebrating it. Some people will never see because the timeline that they are choosing to remain on doesn’t allow anything outside of what you are “allowed” to know, what you are “allowed” to understand.

That energy is making a massive difference. David, you’re not dead. Frank’s not dead. Both of you could be. But your higher frequency energies are sealing leaks, because you are active on this journey. Your Spirit is being your guardian angel, keeping you going, but that’s not something you see. It’s something you realize later, and only because you’re at a place of peace and you can see it.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, you’ve had the tribe working constantly on issues related to race and racism, almost to the exclusion of climate-related problems. How do you see the relationship between these areas and their solutions? Since both are existential problems to many millions of people, why prioritize racism over climate issues?

I’m going to say something that’s going to sound outrageous, but hear me out. It’s because, to most humans, climate issues are not real. But to every person of color in this world—and there are billions—racism issues are. Racism reaches into every major societal construct, and those societal constructs must come down.

Anti-racism requires an individual to love themselves fully in order to love others. One of the things that comes of that is that, as you begin to love yourself fully, you begin to appreciate not only other people but also the planet you’re living on. Raising up your consciousness in the area of anti-racism is going to have more far-reaching effects than limiting your consciousness to the climate issues.

That does not mean that climate issues are not absolutely important, because they are, but you know you could turn your climate around if the world would stop eating meat and doing all that is involved in producing it. That one step alone—not even talking about technology to clean up the messes that have been made—that one step would ease the pressure enough, because you would not be ripping forests out, you would not be polluting water, you would not be killing the cycles of life. But giving up meat? There are a lot of people invested in your not doing that.

“Well, what about if we cut back on fossil fuels and have more electric vehicles?” You’re not going to cut back on fossil fuels. Right now, you do not have the technology to do it. It’s just a Band-Aid. But let’s say you were willing to cut way back on those fossil fuel uses, that your home did not have two cars, that you made do with one and that you walked wherever it was you could walk. Add to that you stopped eating meat, you would have an even greater effect.

When you love yourself and you love others, the changes that you make end up reaching into far more areas than the climate. You love yourself, you love others, including animals, so you don’t want to kill them and eat them. You don’t want to pollute the planet. You want to make a difference. You’re not being told you must. This experiment is about love, and it really is the answer.