On the recent trip to Guatemala, you told us to practice connecting with the unseen by doing a kind of sitting with three or more people and to put out a group Intent about what information we want to receive as a group. Please expand on what is possible for us to do by connecting with the unseen.

As so often happens when I give an exercise, I think it’s very straightforward, and yet people want to take it further: What else can be done? Where can it go? But the fact is, that just becomes brain candy because, until you’re doing the first part of it, it doesn’t matter what’s possible.

However the good news is, when you are sitting together and connecting with the energy around you and gaining focus with it, you begin automatically to see where else it can go. It is a progressive teaching that has boundaries determined by the group that is working together.

Now, is this something useful for manifesting a better job? Yes, it is, but that would be a real waste of energy. Ultimately you’ll see it as an opportunity to affect energy. For example, you have two candles in a line. They are both lit. When you blow out one candle, depending on how strong you are, you might blow out both. That’s the whole birthday-cake idea. But if you blow very slowly and very carefully, you may not even blow out the first one. You learn from experience how far you can go to accomplish exactly what your task is. No matter what, though, you’re going to affect both flames. If your purpose is to blow that first one out, you may not accomplish that, but you’re going to affect the flames. So it’s all about learning as you go. The need for a given outcome—“Well give me the carrot. Show me what I’m working toward.”— is fear-based because it eliminates that progressive, immersed learning. It starts putting expectation into it.

And that means it’s ego-based?

More often than not.

The second part of it is that when you want that outcome, it puts you into a judgmental role. That’s where the ego comes in. “Well, am I there yet?” “I’m not there yet.” “That person’s there. Am I?” So I don’t like “Tell me what I can do. Tell me what it’s going to look like.” And needless to say, the future isn’t going to show up exactly the way you think it is, no matter what. So why put that out there?

So connecting with the unseen is actually expanding your spiritual awareness?

It’s more than expanding your spiritual awareness, but your spiritual awareness must be expanded in order to do it. Working with the unseen opens a multitude of opportunities: personality essence is an unseen contact; dimensional crossovers are unseen. But in addition to those you have the energetic world of the Elementals; you have Guardians who are working in the unseen rather than the seen; you have the whole dimension of creation possibility—manifestation—that you can draw to you. There are many different arenas, and depending upon the nature of the group that is together, you’re going to open this one rather than that one, and slowly work your way through to all of them.

Of course it’s all energy.

When you think of unseen, what do you think of?

For me it usually is the Elementals.

Aye. Well it’s energetic being, or focused energy that isn’t functioning at a frequency that you are capable of physically sensing. Your dog might be able to, but as a human you can’t, so through this process you are learning to expand what your human self can do, and ultimately even expand beyond the human.

There are several Guardians in Phoenix who have moved on—most recently Heidi—and you’ve said they’re continuing the work from the other side. In what way are they continuing the work to move the planet to Sacred Status? How is that work done from the other side, and what are they doing in order to continue that work?

By influencing the currents of energy that are coming  together but are yet unformed—that’s the bottom line. You’re walking along and you suddenly get a feeling that you need to stop, so you sit down and then see a hole you would have stepped in otherwise. Or you put your hand down into the dirt and pull up an arrowhead or piece of pottery or whatever. But that little sense of “hey”—that little voice—that’s one way, and is probably the most obvious way for the world as a whole. It’s stimulating higher frequency awareness by interacting energetically. Take that idea of walking along and getting that sense, “I should really . . .” and turn that into “There’s got to be more than this. I’m going to look into how I might be more than this.” That same kind of energetic interaction can help the awakening process tremendously.

But on another level altogether, the greater work is weaving, if you will, the larger currents of thought and affecting them in a positive way before they become manifest, the idea being to turn destructive tendencies around. But that’s not an individual thing; it’s working at a much higher level, going even beyond the planetary level to a full dimensional function. So, depending upon the frequency level, it can work in your brain, it can work in the thought patterns of mass consciousness, it can work in the energetic frequencies that come through the creation process of mass thought—amplifying a group working, amplifying a world-wide working by staving off a world-wide fear—or even move beyond that level into creation energy itself.

Heidi’s shift was about working in the unseen to make the unseen known. That’s specifically where she is working. Those within Phoenix who have gone before work in different arenas. That particular question was only brought up because of Heidi.

Can the unseen help us to be aware of service opportunities and how best to respond to them in any given moment?


If that is true, then how can we best access that information when we’re not in groups of three or more?

Well, if you get good enough at those groups of three or more, it will imprint itself on you and you’ll be able to make some of those same energetic connections by yourself, but as a group you’ll work much faster and in a much stronger way. You’re also limited by the lowest common denominator within that group, but focus can overcome that.

At Lake Atitlán, the group ended up doing two rituals to open the Stargate instead of one. What would you say were the main reasons for having to do that, and what can we do to be more effective in future Stargate work?

It was a very small group and a very short trip. When you put those two together with the required components of bonding and unity and focus and consciousness, everything’s going to be accelerated and more intense. But they simply weren’t together that first time. The good news is, it pretty much startled everybody enough that they really got focused for the second time.

Additionally, this group has never worked on a Stargate functioning on earth here. If this had been a Dragon Seed, the group would have known how it was going to work, what it was going to feel like, what was needed, and they would have had confidence because of past successes. That wasn’t available.

Then add to that the fact that the power of the lake had everybody so blissed—really—that focus became even harder, because when you feel merged already, pulling out of that enough to function on yourself is very, very hard. So I wasn’t even positive that it would be opened at all, but it was so close that I knew that if I just pushed it that’s all it would take.

Nonetheless, we still had two people fall asleep while I was running the ritual. Two of them.

You said before that people still get it while they are asleep on some level.

That’s a lot different than in the middle of a ritual. It’s one of those things in which you’re not there [on a group trip] to be a tourist, you’re there to do that work. I warned the group—and EarthLight warned the group over and over—keep your focus on what you’re doing; don’t get scattered checking out this beautiful area. Nonetheless, it happened. One of them was old enough that he really couldn’t keep his focus because of the different things going on with him, and being worn out added to his difficulty. The other one had a lot to do with—I’m looking to say this nicely—too much self-indulgence.

So it sounds like a lot depends on the actual location, where you are.

You can’t do a Stargate except at that Stargate.

What can we do to be more effective in Stargate work?

Remember what it is you’re there to do and keep your focus on it. Be able to function at your highest frequencies on a day-to-day level so that when you go on a trip and you’re faced with whatever you are faced with—the blissful and the non-blissful—you’re not tripped up, you know what it feels like, you can easily be there. Then no matter who is on the trip, no matter how many are on the trip, no matter where you are and what kind of energy the place is putting out, you’re going to be able to do what is needed because you’re confidently, consistently functioning at your highest frequency.

How can we best make use of the new energy available to the planet since the opening of the Stargate in Guatemala? Should we wait for it to come through and then direct it, or should we call it through ourselves to help with specific intentions of the different aspects needed for the successful completion of Sacred Status?

Really nice thought, but Stargates don’t work that way. Stargates aren’t putting out a type of energy that you can mold to your will in any way. They are transportation portals, and the energy that they put out is related to the particular end-point or end-points of that Gate.

Pleiadean energy is about harmony, so harmony moves out like pulsations as the earth breathes. It’s not an energy like a Dragon Seed that’s going to mold the area around it. However the area around it will mold somewhat to it. Do you understand what I’m saying there?

It’s a more localized effect than when we did Dragon Seeds, where the water would carry the energy out.

Right. The purpose of a Stargate is not to bring change into the world except as a transportation portal. However, the nature of the Stargate will have an effect. The people in the area—and it’s greater than just the highlands of Guatemala—were very simple, peaceful, loving, generous. You’ve been in areas where people were frenetic or stressed; this was totally not that kind of energy.

The Stargate had an effect, but you can’t just reach in, take a piece of it, mold it and then toss it out and expect it to spread to the world. It will have an effect and it will spread, but not because of something you did. Except you did open the Stargate, and that’s a big thing.

Is there any way we can help direct the energy that is coming from the system that the Gate is associated with?

I gave exercises in Guatemala about connecting with particular beings—connecting with the Pleiadeans, connecting with the particular energies that would be using that gate. Just do that. But it’s not really necessary.

Would it be helpful for people to continue doing those exercises?

The connections with the Pleiadean and Arcturan and other systems out of that Stargate are going to be active. There’s no reason not to keep doing those exercises.

Is it something that people who weren’t there would benefit from?

Sure, because the Stargate is opened.

As a Guardian, I have most recently been working on forgiving myself—especially for the shortcomings that I have projected onto other people. In the hierarchy of spiritual assets I have available to me to fulfill my Guardianship role, how important is self-forgiveness? And when it comes to others—not necessarily Guardians but other Light Workers—how important will it be for them to get in touch with self-forgiveness in order to move this planet along in its evolution towards the Light?

As a whole, self-forgiveness is vital because, until you have completed enough of your own spiritual growth to reach that point where you recognize, “This is what has been, and I’m able to release that and accept that that is where my mind was and where my heart was,” you’re not going to be able to move forward. You are going to be bound, and those influences will forever bind you—that is what a bay’unz is. So self-forgiveness is vital.

This is a real general statement but I’m going to put it out there anyway: Most of the time what you are forgiving yourself for is being judgmental, particularly when you are looking at it in terms of expectations you have of others. It’s all about judgment. If you can get over being so judgmental, that’s going to make the biggest difference in speeding through the self-reflection and forgiveness process. I don’t think people like to think about how much comparative judgment they put into their lives. “Oh, I’ve gotten over that. I’m not doing it anymore.” Not so. If you are focused on functioning at your highest frequency, the self-forgiveness is going to become a part of that. But if you’re focused on self-forgiveness you’re focusing on what’s wrong with you instead of what is right with you. So while there is a place for it, it should be a part of a greater whole being, a whole evolution of spirit.

Will it make a difference if all Light workers work on self-forgiveness? Light workers that are not Guardians—which is how the question was worded— are not your concern. You are only responsible for yourself, so you can’t say, “All Light workers should be doing this.” It doesn’t work that way.

If we come from a different planet than Earth, why do we have so many past lives on this planet?   

Not everybody has a whole lot of past lives on this planet. It’s a matter of where you have chosen to experience your greatest amount of mastery. If it is on this planet, then perhaps you have put yourself on the wheel of life, and that would make for many, many connections.

But remembering that time is a very human construct—and even your dog doesn’t look at time the way you do—that idea of so many lives becomes relative. It’s just a blink, and it does not change the fact that your greatest amount of work   has been done elsewhere—if it has.

The main premise of the question isn’t quite accurate because many have not had so very many lives. There are some for whom this is the first time around. You can kind of tell because they’re having a really hard time at it. That’s a difficulty Guardians have, because most Guardians haven’t had a whole lot of lives. Again, that’s a relative statement.

A good Hindu would tell you they had thousands of lives. If that’s what the “so many lives” referred to, that’s because they’ve chosen this wheel of life. A Guardian might have two, ten, a hundred lives. That’s nothing, especially when you consider that they can be at different times and places. It’s nothing compared to one who has chosen Earth as their primary place of growth.

What about the premise in the question that we come from a different planet? Would it be better to say “somewhere other than Earth”?

I would go with that. There are those from planets, but your concept of “planet” is limited to the few hundred that you’ve recognized, and there are millions—billions—of galaxies out there that all have planets. It’s better to say “if we’re not of this dimensional reality,” because that sort of eliminates the limitation.