In light of your recent information on the involvement of other life force extra-terrestrial energies in our Earth experiment, a few questions come to mind. What do the “ETs” get out of being involved in this experiment? And what are those civilizations like in regard to acknowledging a Source connection?

I want you to think of something that you are really good at, that you’re just a natural with, and the pleasure it gives you when you are able to do that thing. For example, you might think of somebody who is a natural teacher, who loves to share information, or an artist who wants to create and be able to say, “Look, here is that creation!”  It’s the pure pleasure of seeing the best possible outcome, all directed toward the Plan for this planet and all life force on it. That is the carrot: the pleasure of seeing that completion.

Remember that everything in this creation is functioning under the Plan for all life force, but it’s not just on this planet. So there are different versions of life, versions of the Plan perhaps, but all work for the same purpose. When your little sister or brother needs to learn how to tie their shoes and you’ve already mastered that, you want to help. That’s why. There is pleasure in that, and a natural desire to see the end-product.

Pleasure being an emotion, it sounds as though emotion is still functioning at that level?

If you want to call pleasure an emotion. I would not.

You spoke about “this creation.” Are you talking about the dimension of form?

Yes. Which covers everything you register. Everything.

What is the extent, number-wise, of the other civilizations out in what we call space?

The number of planets capable of sustaining life—not necessarily carbon-based—but having life on them. Do you have any idea how vast that number is?

The question refers to “civilizations,” so that implies advanced life, not just any life.

But it all depends on how you look at it.  Anything that has colonized is a civilization. Bacteria colonize, and they have their rules, and they live or die by how they function within that. That’s a civilization.

What are their civilizations like in regards to acknowledging a Source connection?

All functions of life, from the very instinctive to the highly advanced, high-frequency beings, recognize in one way or another that which is greater than themselves. Throughout the universes there are seeded planets, and those seeded planets have been given an evolutionary boost in one way or another through that seeding. I believe those are what are being referred to.

All life forms are shape-shifters. All. You are a  shape-shifter. Look at your old photographs and you will see. But few life forms are humanoid enough to get by here without a distraction that would direct you away from what is different about them. That can be due to technology, and it can be a chameleon-like behavior—if you can imagine what that means. There are those among you who can slip into a room and never be noticed; that’s what I mean by chameleon-like. They just sort of blend into the wall and stay quiet.

The mineral kingdom is ascended, yet within that kingdom there seems to be a wide range of vibrational frequencies, even with a particular type, like quartz. What accounts for the differences in frequencies? How much do particular elements in a mineral’s chemical composition play in its frequency, its symmetry class, and its shape?

Remember that the frequency it holds doesn’t matter. What matters is the frequency you are capable of experiencing out of what it holds. And the higher your frequency, the more you are capable of experiencing. So the very first thing to remember is that ascended beings are functioning at such a high frequency that few of you are going to be able to fully gain a frequency match. Their job is to give and to help you open to the information that they have available, but there is different information, or a different focus, to each type. Each variety has its own purpose, so, when you have a matrix containing multiple varieties of minerals, depending upon your frequency, you’re going to gain more from it or just be confused and unable to gain much from it.

According to the books, some crystals are good for the root chakra, some for the crown chakra, some are good for healing and some are good for balance. Why are there different frequencies in different kinds of quartz? 

All right, where is my pin, because I’m going to pop a balloon here. Your Intent determines what you will gain from a crystal. Let’s say I have this really huge, totally clear quartz. If I do not have a high enough frequency to connect into that, it doesn’t matter what it could have been designed for. On the other hand, I might have a chunk of landscape quartz that’s been out in the sun and trampled on, and if I’m functioning at a very high frequency I’m going to be able to use that for whatever purpose I want.

Yes, in terms of frequency, there are particular ways individual minerals respond to you and that you respond to them, but your Intent overrides that. If you have properly merged with that crystal, it wants to work in your frequency to do what you are wanting, and that beats “This is for your root chakra” and “This is for your crown” any day. I find that kind of thinking dishonors both the ascended mineral and you.

So, the fact that a crystal is large and appears beautiful to us doesn’t mean that it’s only going to be a high-frequency communicator.

Gosh, no, not at all. If it’s a mineral, it doesn’t matter if it’s rough and bruised and chipped or if it’s the beautiful, clear crystal in the Phoenix building. It’s one of those things that I think is kind of sad, because they all want to be used. It’s like an ugly dog.

There are no ugly dogs!

Yes! Precisely.

You’ve been saying we don’t have a lot of time, and in Nevis you said that we are, en masse, ready to make a very important move and that you’re fulfilling your compact with us.tell us more about what important move we are ready to make, how that relates to the compact you’re fulfilling with us, and why there isn’t a lot of time.

All of those things have been pushed together out of context. You don’t have much time because your world is at a precipice between remaining as it is or transforming to function at a higher frequency.  You, as Guardians, have an effect on that by your thoughts, by your actions, and simply by the effect of your own frequency out in the world.

The mineral kingdom is ascended. The plant and animal kingdoms are highly advanced. It is the energetic choices of humanity that need to make the change that will turn the tide. I’m here to activate you so that you will awaken others. I’m not here to wake you up; I’m here to activate you. At the completion of Sacred Status—and Sacred Status is in effect—my job is over, but yours isn’t. You see? And that’s where all those pieces come from. When mine ends, yours begins.

Ours goes on to Ascension and yours does not?

No, mine does not, but yours might. Or it might not.