In the summer interview, you described gravity as not a pulling but a pushing force that is a torsion response to the combination of two other forces. Perhaps, if you explain why an apple falls from the tree to the ground in this framework I might get it.

It’s twofold. The ground pulls and the energy force pushes it, so the two together create the action, the change. Gravity isn’t a magnetic force on the earth, although that’s how people tend to visualize it—as though you’re stuck to the earth like a piece of metal to a magnet. And while there might be a little something to be said for that in the sense that you have an electromagnetic core and energy draws like to like, really it’s a very simple combination of two forces that appear to work together and make it appear that it’s like a big magnet that holds things down. But it’s both the pull and the push.

Now is that going to make sense, particularly with the idea of Newtonian physics? No. You’ve got to let that go.

Physics defines gravity as a curvature of the space-time continuum because of the effect of mass on it.

Right, and that that’s exactly halfway correct. But he was using the apple falling from the tree, and isn’t that Newtonian? That was where I was going.

It’s been a few years since the work in India that dealt with the plant and animal kingdoms. What factors determine when a species moves from a group soul to individuated souls? How is that process progressing?

A group soul is something outside of the plant or animal that directs its genetic information and its spiritual relationship to the world it’s part of. Individuation moves those accesses to an internal process guided by heart and mind. The spiritual relationship is then with itself and other beings. It has free will.

The process of moving from group to individuation has only a small overlap. It’s like you can’t be a little bit pregnant. That small bit of overlap has to do with the conscious choice of the plant or the creature, and that conscious choice creates the individuation. When it reaches the point where it can choose to shift from the group soul to individuation, then the shift has already happened.

Until that point, however, there is less and less influence from the group and more personal decision-making. But making choices and personal decision-making don’t represent individuation. The choice I was referring to a moment ago was the choice to come from the inside rather than the instinctual outside.

Would an illustration of that be the sort of thing you see on Facebook and the Internet a lot now where you see a tiger and a fawn, for example, being together without the tiger eating the fawn?


The animal is choosing not to do what comes naturally to it as a predator.

Absolutely. A plant—and I’m using plants because you can see it in your animals more easily—a plant like poison ivy in certain locations isn’t poisonous. Its oil is produced less and less until eventually, in that particular geographic area, it’s gone.

Plants that generally are not compatible, like the tiger and fawn, are doing pretty well together. I think that an even better illustration is that those of you with black thumbs, your plants want to be around you so much that they grow anyway.

In spite of thousands of acres of burned forest, life is coming back so much faster than even ten years ago, five years ago. It’s hardier and better, but the fact that it’s coming back faster is the amazing part.

I recently had an experience where I was charged less for an expensive medication than at previous times. The quandary for me was wondering if this was a gift of prosperity from the Universe or was I supposed to question the discrepancy and probably get charged the full amount again? What’s the best way to be impeccable in situations like that?

You go to them and say “Was this a mistake or was it meant to be less?” Now, most people wouldn’t do that, because they would figure it probably was a mistake and they want to take advantage of it. And I promise you the Universe doesn’t give gifts in that way.

Generally speaking, when you check your receipts and find you’ve not been charged enough, you tell them. And when you’ve been overcharged and you tell them, you’re going to find that instead of them saying, “Oh thank you so much. Let me get more money from you,” more and more you will hear, “Oh, just take it,” because that is a gift back for good behavior.

And it’s those kinds of decisions that might seem like little things, that’s what I talked about in the interview as being so vital to bringing about greater world change.

After death, does the personality essence just dissipate?

No. It doesn’t!

Is it absorbed, rather than dissipating?.

Well, of course, energy never does dissipate, but the personality is always a reference point to be able to return to. Every personality remains in the entity’s “backpack,” so that if ever there is a need, say, for David to touch back into Paula—if Paula was still here and David was not—the entity could take that personality out and use it so Paula would recognize him.

Now, insofar as the body and the personality that is ingrained into that body, that does go, but the energy that is the personality, that’s different.

The nature of our experience with death is that it is colored by cultural beliefs and expectations. Beneath these interpretations of the experience, what is really going on?

That was fully discussed in the workshop “Meeting Death Wisely.”

Normally, when a person dies two processes go into effect. The first one is the physical body shutting down. It actually takes some time for that to happen; it’s not that the heart stops and the body immediately is dead. It takes anywhere from one to three days for the body to be fully shut down. At the same time, the spirit that has used that body is released when the body is shut down. That’s why I encourage you to leave a body for three days, rather than immediately cremate it or embalm it.

When that spirit is released, it returns through the passage from whence it came—the tunnel that some encounter is very much a re-experience of the vaginal canal. The spirit shifts out of the body as if from the mother’s vagina, between the legs, up through the body, out of the crown. Yes, men do not have that. It doesn’t matter. It is still the idea of it coming from the root, up the body, out the crown. And what it experiences is a merging into Light.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead describes that. The old Chinese and Indian systems all describe it this way.

Now, that merged Light still has personality. It’s not led by the personality, but it has personality. The spirit uses the cues of that personality, which is where the cultural experience comes about.

During the passage through the crown, the spirit experiences a review of its life. Really, it experiences where it could have loved more, because that’s the whole lesson here. As a result of that, the personality is still there, but it’s a cleansed personality.

If that self had so much conflict in its life that there were many, many ways in which it did not love to its fullest, then that energy is going to rest for a while and come to understand its choices. I call that “a hospital.” Religions call it different things. It’s not a punishment. It’s a rest.

At the end of that rest, there is merger, but there is a choice before that merger.

For a Guardian, the process is quite a bit different, and I’ll discuss that in a moment, but for everyone there is a point of choice. And the choice, pretty much, is whether to hold on to the earth experience or continue on differently. Holding on to the earth experience can mean that more time is needed on the wheel of experience, or it can mean you choose to return to work there and help there. More often, it means you choose to hold on to the personality and experience what comes next through that personality.

An example of that is, you go to heaven and you see all of the people you love pass before you, but it requires your personality for that to happen. Some want that.

A Guardian has said that she is looking forward to seeing her dogs when she gets there. Well, that will require personality. She’s welcome to it. You can have that. But there is another choice, and that is where I’ll go next—how a Guardian can experience it.

Ultimately, in both cases, the end is about full merger, a return to the One, which either happens very soon after death or not, depending upon when that personality was released, as I’ve said. Was it put in the backpack or carried right next to the heart? Guardians usually function at a frequency that releases the personality—puts it in the backpack—pretty quickly, because the first choice high-frequency individuals have when they leave the body is, Do you want to keep attachments to it or not?

For a Guardian, after the passage it’s less a review and more a seed of knowing added to the spirit you are—the gain that ideally balances the loss. High-frequency individuals that are awake have already reviewed their lives before they died. You are constantly looking at “How can I do this better? How can I love more? How can I do what I compacted to do?” You’ve done that review; you regularly do that review. So all you need is the seed of “This is a good use of a life.” But some Guardians never wake up to it. Of course, they would not be functioning at that high a frequency. And some Guardians are so entrenched in the cultural version that they feel the need to go through the process and rest and review, and take the time and look it over. I guess if you’re an obsessive in-your-head thinker now, you will be then too.

And if you’re a perfectionist you’ll say “Okay, I can go back and do it right.”

“Let me really think that life through, yes. Let me go back and be perfect this time,” and be totally useless that way.

Once the high-frequency being has moved through and received the seed, the choice is right there—Oneness now or action.

That’s why those that I have compacts with are so special. Their choice to come here [the earth] is very rare. A high-frequency being wants to return to the One—of course—because compassion and understanding for what can be speaks louder than returning to a state of being.

If you have a compact to work visibly or invisibly for this world, for want of a better word, you split. A personality moves out, but the entity goes to the Crystal Palace.

What is the Crystal Palace? The Crystal Palace is an energy construct made up of the Intent of the Entity using it as a place to energize and direct the personality in its work. Your Highest Self, the Entity you are, is with me in a state of Oneness with all of the Entities functioning in compact on the planet. That’s really big. When you visualize going to the Crystal Palace, you are returning to yourself, but a very expanded self. And the reason it’s okay that everybody visualize it somewhat differently is that it’s an energy construct, not a physical place. But that energy construct holds essentially the soul of all that has been, and is made up of the spirit of all that is—literally made up of the spirit, but residing there is the soul, the soul of the personalities that have been in the past—the backpack available for use as needed by the Entity.

So the Crystal Palace is an energy form. Is it different from the form that is created in other cultures that have different representations of the afterlife, things like heaven and happy hunting ground?

It’s nowhere near the same. Happy hunting ground, heaven, nirvana—all of those refer to a transitional place to reach that point where you will choose to experience the Oneness. The Crystal Palace is a version of the Oneness. You’re in heaven with your grandmother until you realize, “Just a minute, there is more than this,” and you become a part of it all. Heaven is a place of transition.

Do you have any concerns about the Transfiguration process as we continue to go through it?

In every relationship there comes a point where the relationship starts to break apart because the individuals in it stop doing what made it work. When you have behaviors or patterns that work, keep doing them.

Your relationship with your transfiguring self needs you to be following the tools that have been given to you and which worked over the last couple of years: bonding with the sun and doing the DNA exercise—I could go into a list here.

Some people say that there’s so much that they don’t have enough time in the day to sit down and do them all, but the key is that you do them until it becomes so quick and natural that it’s like “DNA work … done; sun-gazing connection … done; cord work … done.” That holds you together when the world is doing everything it can to pull you apart. Don’t stop doing what works.

And if you stopped doing the exercises because after a while they didn’t seem to be having an effect, that actually means that it was something that was working for you. The key is not to stop just because you are in a plateau period while your energy is preparing to move to another level. If you’ve decided that those exercises weren’t working for you anymore and you quit, you won’t move beyond that plateau. Do it in the rainy season and do it in the dry season—just do it.

Do you mean it can be literally done that fast?

I do! You become so used to sending energy—”I’m sending energy to David” and “I’m sending energy to Stuart; these people get these things”—that pretty soon you just think about it and the cords are there and you have the basic fullness of all that’s being sent. It’s right there—it’s just “poof”—because it has become you.

What does glochanumora mean, and what is the proper response to it?

The reply is “numora glochanumora.”

Glochanumora is, more or less—because there’s not a really good translation for it—”You are led by angels.” Well, sort of. It’s a greeting and a goodbye.

Sort of like aloha.

More like namaste.

Namaste is “I recognize the god in you.”

But it’s a spiritual recognition, and that’s what glochanumora is. It wasn’t always angels; it was more to do with spirit, but then that got really weird because it became “spirits” [ghostly], and that’s not it at all. The closest I can come is, “The god you are leads in this world. The goddess you are leads in this world,” and the “numora” return is saying “And in you.” It doesn’t mean that, but by saying it it’s like saying, “Back at you.”

Where did these words originate?

Most people think it’s Scottish, but it’s very Atlantean.