Please explain why Helios-Vesta had to become Vesta-Helios after the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine.

It did not have to change. Here’s an example: David and Paula, you are two individuals working together to create this newsletter. But say that David gets sick, so Paula puts a lot of the issue together. Now you might say it is Paula and David who created it. In the same way, Helios is the physical sun, and Vesta is the spiritual sun, but after that merging, Vesta—the spiritual—is the lead, even more important than the physical sun itself.

The working in Malta focused on oneness and unity. How will our relationship with the other kingdoms change because of it?

There are pieces of that question that make it hard to answer. Who is that “our”?

I think the question is about Guardians.

A Guardian is not likely to see any change, because the big change for Guardians came at the India working, where the animal kingdom itself changed to another level. Also, the oneness is a function of healing. I really hope people understand that: that healing must occur for oneness to happen.

That’s why we say wholeness.

Healing-wholeness. So, this Dragon’s work has to do with healing, and I don’t see how even a Guardian would notice that.

Given that previous workings have resulted in chaos in the areas around where the Dragon we were working with was raised, how will the most recent working affect the European Union and the civil unrest in the Middle East?

Well, I don’t know. And I have to say that I hope Guardians are taking that as a need to be sending constant energy to try to tone things down and avoid the chaos. I don’t see the European Union being affected as greatly as the Near East: Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and parts of Israel. All of these are very hot right now. On the other hand, if healing were to be the strongest energy they are getting, then that could be a very powerfully positive change.

So if in the love circle at toning we always said we are sending healing wholeness to that area, that would help.

Yes. Lovely. Absolutely.

Raising a Dragon is always risky.

During the trip to Malta, you said that Gozo was an Atlantean outpost or retreat. Please explain how the raising of the Mediterranean Dragon will affect the healing of the abuse of power in Atlantis and what, if anything, Guard-ians need to do to complete that healing.

I really don’t see it working that way. As I said in my questions and answers for November in a question that was somewhat like that, in that it’s about power—the use of power and the great abuse of power and the Guardian using power in the right way—all of that. But it’s not . . . you’re not going . . . Let me start again. A Dragon seeded to the frequency that is “now” is not going to have an effect on a frequency outside of this time, this earth, this experience, this part of the experiment. There’s just too much difference.

In Malta you said that no other Dragons had the negative possibilities that the Dragon of the Mediterranean does. Please explain further.

Well, I think I explained that when you asked the question about it also brings chaos, and it’s a Dragon in an area that’s already in chaos.

The working in Malta was done twice, first with your help, then without it. Please explain why the ritual had to be done a second time without your help.

What happened was I realized that I was causing the frequency to be too high to match the seed, and that was because the group was in such a good state of oneness that they had a very high frequency going already. I was just pushing it over the top, not in a good way—too much—and that’s as useless as not enough. So if I backed off and they could maintain that high frequency, then that would probably do it. And as it happened, it did do it.

Now, that’s why I wonder if that means that the group might be capable of at least trying to see if the frequency can still be matched without having the benefit of being right at its location.

In the recent Malta and Pittsburgh rituals, the Star Weaving had one difference from the way we had always recited it during toning: there was no pause between “I AM” and “a manifestation of Christ Consciousness in the world.” Please explain why there was no pause then but there still is when we do it during Toning.

Stop doing it during Toning now. Say it without that pause.

Oh! Okay.

This isn’t going to be a very helpful answer because it’s just that you’ve gotten into the habit of doing it a particular way and it really doesn’t matter either way. The “I AM” statements are very specific: “I AM,” and then you’re going through the functions of Source, and then you’re going through the manifestations of energy. But when you get to that very last one, it’s a result of all of the others. So rather than it being an “I AM” statement, it just happens to start with “I am.” So, to try to make that point, I asked that you not put that pause in there, so that you get the sense of “Having done all of this, I am a function of Christ Consciousness in this world.”

That makes me Christ Consciousness?

Exactly. So it’s just everything but that one. So pause with each statement except that last one.

I will say that people take the Star Weaving for granted and don’t really pay attention to what is happening there, but it is a powerful thing. Together, those statements say “This is the process of Creation to the completion of the Plan.”