Listening to some old tapes, particularly the ones about “The Plan for Cosmic Intervention” (May 31, 1997), raised many questions, which I’d like you to answer. What does it mean to be a part of the original seed of humanity?

It means that you are here as a creator, that you have within your blueprint an evolved being that has an effect on the world and which you are, ideally, going to uncover as your frequency increases. It means that you are one of the twelve of the twelve primary groups of twelve, or the second ring of that twelve—any one of those rings of twelve—and that’s saying a whole lot, so let’s leave it there.

The number seven represents synthesis, also the avataric incarnations that Guardianship energy has by choice; there are seven major thresholds in time, seven major times of transition throughout history. Do these refer to same event?

Yes they are the result of the same “event,” but since  the question isn’t clear, I am not certain that what you are asking is the same as what I just answered.

Is there a seeding at every threshold, or just with each new earth, which is number four or five depending on how you count?

Neither of those choices works. The closest answer I can give would be that there are seedings at every earth, but some of the seedings continue through because they are more basic. The person has not asked the right question to get a good answer.

Are seedings done in this dimension or elsewhere?


A seeding is a “representation of sending help.” What is the process for determining whether help will be sent and what kind of help it will be?

It’s not help like a response to an SOS; it’s help in the form of creatorship or cocreatorship, that kind of help. It’s not help as in fixing something; it’s help to create something. So the help is built in.

You said, “The second seeding is essentially the first.” Please explain why that is.

It’s because it has the same effect. It’s very simple. It’s the continuation of the first seeding.

Is a new seeding needed after each attempt to complete Sacred Status?

This is almost the same question as before, but instead of threshold it’s Sacred Status. And the answer is essentially the same: some of them need to be reseeded and some of them do not.

How many seedings have there been?


Is Dragon force always associated with a seeding?


Does it require crystalline rock to hold the frequency of a seeding?

Does what require it?

I think it’s asking, Is crystalline rock required to hold the frequency of a seeding?

On this planet, yes. .

You said in the September 20 Lexington Lifescapes that if, after the merging of yourself and simulacrum on the ninth step, you were facing down the staircase, you should do the visualization over and over until you were facing up it.


Does this mean that if you were facing up the staircase at the end of the visualization you don’t need to keep doing it, or do you still need to repeat it daily?

As I said in the interview, you need to keep doing it. If you are facing up the staircase, it means you’ve made a vital connection: you have accepted your spirit force. If you’re facing down the staircase, your instinctual security system has kicked in, and you’re resisting that change. And there were those who did turn away from it.

Can redoing the visualization still be effective even though you’re not present?

As I said on the group trip, it’s not going to be the same without me. The two of you [interviewers] are very used to working with my energy; you just think about the upcoming interview and your energy starts pumping up, because you physically, mentally, emotionally, and absolutely spiritually connect with me, and you have done so for years. Somebody who’s never been on a group trip, just like somebody who has never been to a Lifescapes before and sits on the front row, is going to be hit so hard by my energy—even though they don’t necessarily know it’s happening—that they are not going to be as effective with it as you will. Although the energy may be confusing to somebody who is not used to working with it, at least if they were on the trip the energy is there, stimulating their frequency. Somebody who wasn’t there at all is going to have a much harder time because of not having the advantage of that internal stimulation, that one force activating a like force. But if you keep working at it, you are going to make that change.

This is not an answer people want, you know, because they don’t want to think “I have to work harder.”

What purpose do petroleum and natural gas serve for the physical function of the planet itself? What kind of effect does it have on the planet when humans continue to pump these substances out of the earth for use as fuels?

Everything on, in, and of this planet has a purpose and can be used under certain circumstances for the benefit of humankind, or for one of the other kingdoms of the planet. This question is unclear to me, because there are all kinds of resources being used, and it doesn’t disable the planet in any way to do that. It’s not as though the natural gas inside the planet is holding the earth’s plates together or if you pump out too much groundwater in Lexington there’s going to be a cave-in in China. It doesn’t work that way. As I’ve said before, the planet will take care of itself.

It seems to me that that question is more about “Samuel, can you come up with another way to discourage us from being dependent on fossil fuels?”—at least, I think it’s coming from that direction. Even if I could, it would not make a difference. The decisions that are made about such things are not made by those who care about the planet. They are made by those who care about their bank account, and until that changes, the way you use the planet is not going to change.

So here is the warning: Beware, because when she takes care of herself, it could have a profound effect on you.

So on a personal level we should be addressing our issues of greed.


Rather than looking outside of ourselves to see what’s happening in the environment.

As Guardians whose behavior goes into the Grid, yes, because that would make a difference.

You know, this is good. Those who have asked these questions need to see what the two of you deal with. Over the years, you’ve learned to ask questions in the interviews that allow me to give really good answers. But others need to see that they are often thinking of a question that will give the answer they are looking for.