Please comment on the effects of microwaves on food and on the health of the person eating microwaved food.

When you apply microwaves to anything, it stimulates the molecular composition. It stimulates it by raising it to a much higher frequency during that time the microwaves are being applied. As with anything having to do with frequency—as Guardians who are toning know—it does have an effect on the physical expression. So the food you microwave undergoes physical changes.

Are those physical changes bad or good, or dangerous? Two things: Your food has usually gone through a whole lot of cellular changes before it reaches you: because it’s been in the sun; because it’s not been in the sun but in the dark instead; because, in order to guarantee that you are not importing any of all kinds of interesting bugs, it is irradiated to kill all kinds of bacteria or life in it anyway.

Secondly, your physical body adapts to what it gets on a regular basis. That’s generally a good thing. Of course, sometimes it’s a problem, because it means you adapt to things that aren’t good for you. But truth be told, there’s more danger in your regular use of a cell phone than there is with your food being microwaved for short periods of time.

I have heard you say that corn is “worthless for both animals and people.” I also read on the OneHeart line about wheat lacking nutritional value and being something like eating Styrofoam peanuts. I’d like to get clarification about corn and how it is worthless. I am confused if it is the same idea as wheat—i.e. it is just not worth the calories of eating it—or if there is something else you have in mind.

What I have also said is that what wheat is now, at this time in your world, is what corn was at an earlier time. Corn, just a few thousand years ago, was considered the mainstay—a protein source, a major food item—in the same way that wheat is now. There is more wheat in your world now simply because of different agricultural methods and the creation of hybrid plants that can be grown in previously unusable areas. The result is that there is more wheat in your world than there ever was corn. Corn is the first example of a food that became, as humans changed, no longer the staple it had been. That opened the door to wheat, but who is to say what wheat is going to open the door to now? I don’t have an answer to that one. It’s not that eating it will hurt you; it just won’t help you. It’s not going to nourish you.

With the shift in production and changing soils, are there other grains that are problematic?

What I don’t want to be missed here is the “staff of life” part, the piece in which these grains have had a wide effect, so much so that the majority of the world was getting one version or another of them—by far more than other grains. True, there are pockets here and there where wheat is not a staple, but those are very few. The majority of people in the world eat wheat, and their bodies have adapted to it. And there’s not enough of any other grains being consumed to cause that kind of response. So, the question can’t be answered because it’s based on an assumption that isn’t accurate.

You’ve always been fond of brown rice. Is there anything you want to say in the context of this question about rice?

As you are making changes in your diet—particularly people like you, Paula, who must avoid not just wheat but other grains with gluten—that’s going into the Grid, and your choices of alternatives are also going into the Grid. That means that part of what’s going on is the awareness of vital living nutrients, of foods that nourish. You’re not using white rice; you’re looking for brown rice, because you want it less refined, not more. And that’s going into the Grid. I find it amusingly sad that in many third-world cultures, the poorest of the poor want the highly processed, rich-people food like white rice. But certainly, amongst the Guardians in this culture, what’s going into the Grid is that the rich people are eating the healthiest food, which more often than not is more expensive, even if it is processed less.

My question has to do with amplifying the right use of power in the Egyptian region. As I understand it, the working in Egypt called upon Shining Force for power, right action and grace. I also remember the working in Mexico was about healing abuse of power. In Egypt, you discussed how the temple at Edfu had been a portal of power, and that it had become corrupted as power over instead of the right use of power. You also mentioned that if we had been functioning as One when we walked that site, that we could have positively impacted it. Is there any value at this point in the group focusing as One to heal that particular portal with the intent of amplifying right action and power in the region? Or did working as One and matching the frequency needed to awaken the crystalline Dragon take care of that?

No to the first part, because of yes to the second. No, it’s not useful, because what you did to activate the Nile Dragon is going to take care of that.

Is there any additional work that can be done from afar that would be helpful related to that site?

Not just to that site, but to anywhere in the world: work with PieHeart. [PieHeart: weekly energy work for wholeness for the United States.]

I understand that we’ve been in the process of achieving Sacred Status for years, but I don’t remember what took us there. When did it start? What was the factor that triggered it?

It doesn’t really come down to a nice clean date or event like that. What triggered Sacred Status was a change in the balance of life force upon the planet and the life force of the planet itself, a balance which was constantly in flux. Sometimes the life force on the planet was at a lower frequency than that of the planet itself, but then it would change and it would balance for a moment and then the life force would be higher. So it was constantly being shifted. Then came a point at which that energy balanced and held that balance to the point that it synchronized. So, there’s not a point that happens. It’s the culmination of change that stabilized.