In the ritual on September 29 at Teotihuacán, you called the Elders, Ellic energies, Guardians of the Light, and the four animal-god energies. After the individual animal-god energies had chosen us, you seemed to respond to other beings above us. Who were they, and what were they communicating to you?

What I do when you are working ritual does not concern you.

Was the group in Mexico able to bring some healing and unity to the Teotihuacán hotel and area?

It is not possible for you as a group to go anywhere and not bring about healing, wholeness and help to the whole area. Profound things happen everywhere that this group goes, be it a retreat—and the Kentucky State Parks are forever changed—or be it a trip to sacred places in the world that have interesting groups visit them all the time. This group shows up and people are obviously changed, enough that they recognize it and comment on it.

On the Mexico trip, we visited a number of sites where you specifically encouraged us to make contact with the goddess energy at the site. However, in a recent first-Sunday video, you said, “There is no such thing as masculine and feminine energy anymore” (i.e., after the fusion of the two). If there is no such thing as masculine and feminine energy, why are we still distinguishing between god and goddess energy?

That is because god and goddess energy is different than masculine and feminine energy in this world. The Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy was a function specifically for the physical response of you. The Fusion removes separation between form and spirit, but insofar as spirit’s function in this world—All That Is functioning in this world—there will always be the expression of god, the expression of goddess, until Absorption. So, ultimately masculine and feminine may appear to be the cloak that determines god or goddess, but it’s so much more than that. Fusion had to do with life force in this world, not with the function of spirit in this world.

Originally you divided the toning circles on the basis of masculine and feminine energy as embodied by the people. Why do you still have us maintaining that vision of those circles after Fusion?

The reason for making that separation is for the quality of the sound. If you have the men all scattered about, you’re not going to come up with the power of the sound that creates the tone.

There is still, obviously, both duality and different genders here on earth, despite the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy. How has our job as Guardians been impacted by the Fusion?

A Guardian is capable of working at the highest available energy level in this world. Of course, there is a big if that goes with that, and that is that they need to be functioning at their highest potential to be able to work with the highest energy function.

Now, the highest function in this world is a lack of separation because of the Fusion. As a Guardian, you should be able to work at a level that does not express itself through separation. Physically speaking, that means that theoretically you should be able to work without fear, without anger, because that is the cause of separation—fear.

In the physical world, ideally you should be able to function with love and the inclusiveness that love brings—ideally, you should—because that function is in this world, it’s there. And, one with one with one, you can and do function that way.

That covers basic Guardianship. What each individual needs to do is to act as though there is no separation, so that the effects of Fusion can anchor into this world.

Is the energy that you described as deep under the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacán in Mexico something that you hope to work with at another time?

No, I will not be working with the energy under the Sun pyramid. It is a power portal, but compared to what needs to be done in this world, it’s minor.

You indicated that the so-called Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacán was “guarding” something. Is it guarding a seed of some kind? Is it related to the fifth sun, and if so, what is its function?

The Pyramid of the Moon holds Tulan magic [i.e. of the ancient Mexican city, Tula]. It’s not something you’re going to be working with. That place is what has been focused on, thanks to the archeologists. But the important part of Teotihuacán is Quetzalcoátl’s Temple, and what used to be in back of it, which is now gone.

I am on track for eating only those things that never had a brain. However, I would like to know about killing insects that bite me and my animals. Like the other day I came in from mowing the lawn and there was a tick attached to my cheek I killed it. I carry wasps, scorpions, and many other bugs outside and turn them loose. I live-catch mice, rats, etc. But I draw the line at ticks and fleas. I have asked them to stay away from us, but they seem to find us very delicious. So, what to do? Thanks.

This is a justification issue. It’s one of those justifications that say essentially that, if I am one-hundred-percent perfect in this area, does it mean I can let up in that area? And somebody who felt particularly in line with fleas and ticks may be appalled that this person chooses to kill those, rather than the disgusting scorpions and rats.

The principle is, don’t kill. Or, insofar as vegetarianism goes, it’s don’t eat.

On the other hand, you live in a world in which it may not be a conscious behavior that you stepped on that line of ants and killed them, and that the flea medicine on your dog is going to kill fleas. In the last newsletter, I talked about how the Form has some medications that are in gelatin capsules and she takes them anyway, because she has weighed that that medication is important to her wellbeing and that she will work in other ways to overcome the karma of that gelatin. Now, is that a justification? Sure it is. Is it inaccurate? No it’s not,

Has this questioner really spoken with the insect kingdom and said, “I cannot function with this. If you come into my place, if you come upon my body, I will be grateful that you have gained the energy before your death, but you will die.” That’s acceptable. Best is don’t kill, don’t eat; workable is “Let’s make a deal.”

Apart from the vibrational effects that eating “creatures with brains” has on us, you’ve also pointed out that our Guardianship of these creatures argues against eating them. How should we consider this Guardianship in relation to feeding our carnivorous pets, of which we are also Guardians, and our non-vegetarian family members?

The first thing that you want to remember is that humans are not required to be carnivorous. You can get everything you need without eating meat. So can your dogs. Cats—you would have a much more difficult time creating a vegetarian diet for cats than you would for dogs, simply because cats are designed to process meat in order to gain particular enzymes that they do not have otherwise.

As a Guardian, you are responsible for keeping the life of your creature. If your creature is capable of functioning at particularly high levels—say it is a part of a Guardianship function, it is a familiar, it is a high-level creature—if that creature is designed to function on raw meat, then you should give that creature raw meat or you should not have that creature. If the creature is capable of functioning as a vegetarian, then that means it was meant to be a vegetarian, in which case you do not need to feed it meat.

The issue of convenience does not outweigh your responsibility to help a creature under your care function at its highest. And what I mean by that is, you can go out and buy dog food filled with animal parts that’s much less expensive than buying vegetables and cooking up food that would allow your dog to be vegetarian. Well, as far as I am concerned you would do better to take the time and cook up the food that would make your dog a vegetarian, because the dog can be a vegetarian, and there won’t be that conflicted energy in the creature and with you. Logically speaking, you’ve got to remember, however, that if you’re going to take your dog from regular meat foods to vegetarianism, it’s something that you have to do in stages or your dog will get sick and be harmed by your good intentions.

A cat can have approximately half of its diet vegetarian without having ill effects, but as a whole, a cat cannot go vegetarian without adding supplements to give it different enzymes and amino acids.

Ferrets have a hard time being vegetarian, even though they can happily eat vegetarian food. They’re not as difficult as a cat, but in their wild state they eat creatures.

The thought of feeding a parakeet a slab of steak is about like feeding a dog a slab of steak. The parakeet eats seeds and grasses and berries and nuts, and so would the dog.

Insofar as pets are concerned, find out what they are capable of, determine whether you are committed and responsible to that creature or if they’re just passing through your life as a novelty item, and act accordingly. The fact that somebody is thinking through those things says to me that they are recognizing their responsibility as Guardians.

Family members, well, I really have very little patience for that one. When they come to your house, they live in your energy You eat your way, you feed them your way. You are living according to your standards and they have a choice whether to come to your house. They are not going to die from eating conscious, life-force-filled, vegetarian food. If they have to have meat, then they shouldn’t come to dinner at your house. That’s a whole lot better than having that dead animal energy pervade your house.

Now, of course, that’s only true for those who are choosing to work at the highest level of their Guardianship. If you want to be led around by those who are manipulating you through your blood bonds, you certainly can make that choice.

If they can manipulate you by saying, “I’m not going to come to your house if you don’t cook what I want to eat,” and you fall for that. . . . Of course, all of this only applies if you are trying to work at your best and highest.

Is there any significance to the fact that several Guardians are returning to Lexington, or moving to Lexington for the first time to be closer to the work? Are you preparing to ask us to do certain things that will require proximity? Or is Lexington, being the “transformer” as you once indicated, just needing to upgrade the energy of those who are moving there?

Like attracts like. This is a major power portal in this world, and, needless to say, a very major one in the United States. People are drawn to that, and when you are recognizing, accepting, and living your connections—your compacts—in this work, it’s nice, it’s handy, to be where you can be fed by it on a regular basis.

People come here not because there are so many jobs, and good housing and cheap living. They come here because the community of loving Guardians reaches out and embraces. They come here because the first Sunday of every month they have a dose of what feeds their hearts, that gets renewed every day here. It’s like attracting like.