During the World Trade Center events in September many people died suddenly and unexpectedly. Immediately after they left their bodies was there a recognition of the magnitude of what happened? Were spirit helpers there to help them with their transition? Were they aware that so many others had died so suddenly? Was there a sense of community, or was it experienced on a very individual level?

A lot of questions there, and all of the answers are yes, even though it would seem like they don’t necessarily go together.

Within any large group passage, you’re going to have the awareness of both the group experience and your singular experience. If you are really, really involved in a film you are watching and it touches you and makes you cry, you are still aware there are others in there with you, but the experience is your own. So the larger awareness is there, but the experience is singular.

There are always guiding energies when you release the spirit from the body. Releasing from the body in an unexpected, fast way—a car crash or explosion, whatever—often brings on a state in which the spirit is not certain that the body is separate. Spirit is not anchored into the body all that strongly anyway, and particularly so with those—as there will be in any group that have highfrequency energy. Your spirits—meaning you who are reading this and you who are sitting in here with me—you are going to have a harder time letting go of the form because you sort of function outside of it half the time anyway. So there is a tendency for that energy to just hold off for a bit to see what’s happening. And, of course all of this is a terrible explanation of what’s going on because it puts entirely too much personality onto the spirit. Nevertheless, there is always that which is there to say, “Come” when the body dies and the spirit is finally released,

Those who committed the attacks believed that they would be rewarded with Paradise. Did they experience that or did they suddenly find themselves in the company of those they had murdered? What reaction might they have had to this, if this is indeed what happened?

The first thing that I want you to remember before I answer this question is that America’s vulnerability to this sort of action only now brings it to a place where it can line up with the rest of the world, which has in different ways experienced massive death through terrorism, through undeclared war, and so on. It would help if you would try to remember that, just because the package that this death comes in is new for you, what happens at death does not change.

That is to say that no, the terrorists did not experience an immediate Islamic paradise. No, they did not. Were they aware of those who made their transition because of them? Yes, they were. When you go from this state of being to the next, it is always with awareness of what is going on around you, but you are experiencing it personally.

The way that you think you are going to be experiencing does determine what you experience first, but that “first” only has to do with your removal from your body. If the mask Source needs to wear for you is Jesus or Mohammed or your grandmother coming to greet you, to get you away from your body and on to take your next step, that is what will be there for you.

But just as soon as you have made that leap, you are totally encompassed in Light that has one purpose: for you to look at what you have done in this experience and see what you have brought with you from it. Have the actions that you have taken, the experiences that you have had, the wisdom that you have brought out of it been based in love? You experience your whole life in the light of “Was I doing the most loving thing I could?”

Now, do not misunderstand what I am saying here: Suppose the dog you love tremendously who is a part of your family, who is the child that you adore, has a massive injury. It will not be able to function properly anymore. It will live out the rest of its short life in great pain. You murder it. Was it the loving thing to do? You took its life. Was it the loving thing to do? The very uncertainty you have with that example is what people are dealing with. With your dog, you have a way of knowing. With many in humanity, you don’t, because the loving thing that you are doing, that you are being judged by, requires a higher-level perspective of loving than most are capable of. Your spirit judges your spirit; it does not judge your form.

It’s a very difficult decision in your life. You’re wiser not to make it.

In the most recent workshop, you spoke of the need to change our blueprint to accommodate the increased frequencies we are experiencing. You also mentioned in the Skills for Service event that it is possible to change the physical blueprint, but difficult to do. Please explain how one can accomplish this and discuss whether it is a desirable thing to be working on at this time.

You want to remember that when I speak of your blueprint, I’m talking about that spectrum of frequency that you have available to you. Most, even when they are working at their highest frequencies, are not fulfilling the full possibilities of the blueprint that they have available to them. Most spend so much time resisting their blueprint and not allowing themselves to recognize the power, even in the limitations of it, that they just spend a whole lot of energy doing nothing. But when I say “change your blueprint,” more often than not I’m talking about changing your attitude toward what you are capable of doing in that blueprint.

However, in 5:3:2 you actually have the capability of changing that blueprint. There are lots of ifs that go with it, though. If you’re functioning at your highest frequency enough that your form is then capable of working at that higher frequency, it is easier to change your form for a stronger vessel than it is to use your energy in a way that maintains it in a weaker one in 5:3:2.

Another if: If the actions you are taking, the path that you are working on, requires a stronger vessel—and realize that a lot of time it doesn’t—if there is need, if there is desire, you can change the blueprint. Most of the time you don’t have all those ifs. You have desire, perhaps, but you’re not even maintaining the highest frequency that you can handle now, so you don’t have the majority of your expression functioning in the energy to be able to say I need to strengthen this form.