In the September workshop in Atlanta you stated that, when earth reaches Sacred Status and chooses to be reabsorbed, the Life Force upon it would need to be transformed. Please explain what would happen to humanity at that time, and if the experience in form would continue elsewhere in this dimension. Also, in what ways might our resistance to losing the world of form cause us to sabotage the process of Sacred Status?

When you were an infant, you wanted to be a child, and when you were a child you wished to be an adolescent, and when you were an adolescent you sought to be an adult. Now that you’re an adult, you look to be a child again. It’s all you, but it’s different functions, and different forms to fit the functions. You don’t truly miss what you’ve never really lost.

Upon absorption, there is no need for form when the function has changed; there is no need for function that does not fit a form. Therefore, you’re not going to miss having a body, because you’re going to be able to do almost everything a body could, and more, without hindrance. And when you do need one—as if you would—you can just create it. It’s a lack of limitation.

What might you do to sabotage? Well, I have a very hard time imagining why you would even consider sabotaging, and I think that that part of the question is related to the transition period which is before absorption, when those who are capable of greater things are in the company of those who are not.

In the spiral work, we moved our spirals into a golden pyramid. Please explain the true nature of the golden pyramid energy, why we amassed our spirals there, and how it assists us in doing the TransDimensional work.

The golden pyramid is a visualization in form. Obviously it is a convenience. What is its true nature? I suppose that there have been philosophers working on definitions of its true nature throughout the history of humanity. It is a sanctuary in which what is is unnecessary.

Why do we amass our spirals there, and how does this assist in transdimensional work?

Again it’s a convenience. But how does it help? It provides a reason to hope. It’s an accelerator.

You use the Crystal Palace in many of your guided meditations, and you tell us to go there for special assistance, such as healing. Please explain what aspect of Source energy created the Crystal Palace, what aspect of our form-self travels there, and how we can best utilize the various functions available to us?

The visualization of the Crystal Palace is a convenience. It is a means by which form is able to allow spirit to return to itself. Form does not go. However, form creates it. Do you understand that? It’s a convenience for form, because it is an expression of energy that is without definition. Philosophers have been trying to define it throughout the ages.

In the field of healing, how close are we to curing or preventing diseases such as cancer and AIDS? What will need to occur before such information is available to all and is practiced in everyday life?

What you’ve got to remember is that disease is a part of the function of form. If you do not break down, how are you going to leave? Therefore, what’s required in order for all of those great cures to come about is a massive change in consciousness. That change in consciousness is the ability to leave the body at will, to bring about your own passage. And TransDimensional energy work adds to that.

A massive shift in your economic and political structures is also required. You have a whole lot of systems within your society that thrive in one way or another on illness, and they support one another. You have a whole system that cannot find balance in the free will of individuals to make their own choices regarding what they will and will not do. You outlaw cannabis, but you do not outlaw tobacco. You outlaw or regulate the vitamin industry, but you permit pharmacology to go awry; it depends upon who’s upholding the government the most. So a lot of changes are involved.