In Pittsburgh’s Point of Light magazine, you mentioned areas in the country which were active energy centers. Please elaborate.

The only answer I will give is that, on a broad scale, these centers go across the country in the same way that the Heart Portal, the crown portal, etc., go around the world. As I have said in the past, look for major focuses, either physically or spiritually. I’m not trying to imply that Atlanta, Lexington and Pittsburgh are all there is, but they can fairly well define a boundary for you.

You have said the suns are Els, and there are many references you have made to other essences coming from the stars, that the stars are “home.” You have also said that the morning star is Jesus residing in Cappella. To me that is a hint that our entities might be energy of the stars, and when they nova it is the entity going home. Please confirm this.

There cannot be confirmation in a question that has so many things that aren’t right in it. It’s very easy to take a piece of a statement I make and then apply it to other pieces of statements and say, “Samuel, you said this,” and try to make something out of it.

The sun is a star; the sun is also Helios Vesta, which is the spiritual energy of what is known in the physical universe as sun. That’s sort of like saying you are not David, you are not Paula, but the physical essence shows itself up as that, and the physical essence has a function; it happens to do some very good things in the world, but it’s not who you are, it’s not what you are. There is more.

If you are an El, it does not mean you are a sun. If you are a sun, it does not mean you are an El. When Source began the creative process, the Els were the first part of that creation. The first position within the Els as they worked on the creation process was in defining parameters. In doing so, a division was created. Some of the creative work would be in sustaining the life force of great bodies—the earth plane, for instance—which would be the work of Helios Vesta. However, that’s not all the Els do.

“The morning star is Jesus residing in Cappella.” That one really stinks. To say Jesus lives in Cappella implies that I am referring to Cappella as a place; it implies that Els take form; it implies that Jesus is that Christ energy rather than the being who allowed His body to be christed. It’s the energy that has moved through the forms for specific purposes at different times—through beings such as Jesus, Apollo, Quetzalcoatl—that is filtered through Cappella.

The energy that has worked in this world in many designations as different projections from the Source moves most easily through the filters within your system of Cappella. Not from, not of, not at. And that energy projected for specific purposes—is energy from the first release of light, Els. But at that level, it’s all the same.

This question concerns the countries in which many beings are starving and dying. We know that each one of us chooses our parents and places to be born in order to learn the lessons we need. We seem to have these options: Go to their aid as fully as possible, including war if necessary; give just enough aid to alert the oppressors and salve our consciences; give enough aid to save the people from a quick death but leave them to suffer; do nothing but send love. What should we do?

This question, too, begins with a misunderstanding. You don’t choose where you are born. You choose to whom you are born, and that’s different. You don’t take away the free will of your parents to move to Calcutta and change everything once you are born or conceived. That gives you the lovely opportunity to make do where you are, which is all you ever do anyway.

Second is the very obvious misunderstanding that these are all the choices there are; it’s not all of the choices. It appears to be the choices that come from somebody who’s angry at aid or angry at lack of aid, which has less to do with individual karma and more to do with national karma and some of the choices being made.

What is the very best thing that you can do? Travel and spread your love as it emanates off of you. Travel out of your cave onto your street, if that’s as far as your finances are going to let you get. If you happen to be in Calcutta, do good there. As frustrating and as slow as it might seem, one by one by one is the way this world is changed. But if you want the sabotage—and it is so comfortable and so good—if you want the sabotage of thinking that there’s nothing that you can do because you can’t do enough—”We’ve got to send food and aid, but it’s getting to the wrong people and it’s not helping anybody, and there is starvation and hopelessness and helplessness”—remember that there are probably people a couple of houses down from you that need help, as well as a couple of countries away from you.

Make a difference where you are, because that gives hope and it creates examples that can be followed. It multiplies you, and that sort of multiplication, which is based on “I can make a difference”—empowerment, rather than “somebody out there better do something”—is the only thing that’s going to create change. And when it becomes accepted, as we talked about with masculine and feminine energy, that familiarity will breed trust. It doesn’t have to be right or wrong. When it becomes acceptable for an individual to make a difference—”Individuals can make a difference; yes, everybody knows that!”—then mass consciousness has changed. All it requires is familiarity to the concept, and that only requires examples.

And yes, it is hard to take a greater perspective that says it is happening everywhere all the time. But I promise you, it’s going to continue happening everywhere all the time. The patterns will not change until individuals take on empowerment and begin to make a difference where they are.

It is hard to stand by and watch ethnic cleansing without wanting to fix it, so take that energy that says “I can fix it,” and fix something. Fix something.

You have told some of us that the primary focus of our being in form at this time is to help the earth, that we are on the wheel but not obligated to it. You have also said that when we have learned our lesson, there will be no reason to stay in form, although no matter what happens, we will not pass on until it is our time to go. In my mind there is a contradiction. Do we pass on when our lessons are learned or when we have helped where we came to help. Or will that somehow happen all at once?

What’s happening here again is that one thing has been said over here and another has been said over there, and you put it all together and conclude “here’s what you said,” whereas the one thing was said in regard to mass consciousness or higher level workers and the other was said to an individual. You put all of that together and what do you have? Confusion. Well, it’s easy to understand why there is confusion there.

There are those with whom I work who are not on the wheel. There are those with whom I work who are on the wheel. You cannot ask a question that says “we” and expect many people to know where they are in the answer.

When individuals in human form finish their lessons, they get to leave their lives. When the purpose of Sacred Status has been reached, they get to leave the draw of earth. Form does the wheel; spirit does Sacred Status. You can be attached to the wheel and not a part of working toward Sacred Status; you can be working toward Sacred Status and not be a part of the wheel. We are talking apples and oranges here.

In teaching the five-minute meditation, you stressed that the human mind has evolved since meditation was taught as a lengthy process. Especially with your emphasis on Celtic beliefs, magic and deities now, your emphasis again seems to be on ancient tradition, rather than tailoring a philosophy to this age. Why?

First, I’m using familiar tools. You listen to me, you think Celtic. At least I hope you do; it hasn’t become too Texas-Kentucky-ized, has it? Furthermore, many with whom I work have a cosmic connection (certainly not the body, but a cosmic connection) with life experience through Celtic tribal work. That adds to the bond. So touching in to that is a good tool for what I want to teach.

Interestingly enough, this question seems unnecessary for some because they’re frustrated that the information that I’m giving conflicts so absolutely with all of the books they’ve been reading about what the Celts did. But I’m using the shape to give new teaching, you see? I am making it for you today, using the form of the Celtic—in other words, using an old vocabulary. The vocabulary opens some doors I’m wanting opened. It is a parameter, a form, that can be controlled with ease, whereas if I had to spend all of my time saying, “All right, we say this but you also could have said that or that or that; and in this place it was worshipped this way and in that one this way, and you can take any of that within your . . . ,” all I’d get is confusion. So it’s convenient, and absolutely new.

As in everything that I teach, you run it through you and get your symbolism out of it. The more information you get, the more access you can use, but you’ve got to remember, this isn’t the end of it. And the truth of it is, the more that you study, the more you are going to find there is no one source, there is no one authority that says, for example, “Mannanan did this.”

The question arises, Would you be better off studying my teaching, discussing my workshop information as a reminder of what I’ve given you, rather than going to these other sources. Yes, but then you wouldn’t have the advantage of the individual’s particularly unique perspective.