When you said we have villains because we need them, what did you mean?

You are very complex beings, and as you change and grow, many things that were a part of your truth and who you are—the way that you identify yourself—also change. But some people are unable to let go when they begin to change. So they’re like a pup when it’s on a walk and gets too excited and just runs ahead until it hits the end of the leash, and then boom, right back. And that’s what a whole lot of humans do.

But when you stay in what should be a dead-and-gone part of you, for whatever reason—comfort, fear, you think it’s just how things are—where you’re holding onto something that you should have let go of a long time ago, you are going to be unhappy about it. It’s just how you are built. That’s the Spirit in you not being satisfied with stagnation.

So you’re unhappy, you’re uncomfortable, angry, you’re touchy, but it can’t be your fault—it cannot be your fault—because if it were, you could do something about it. So let’s put the sins of the world onto this scapegoat. Let’s have a villain. Let’s have heroes. It’s a very limited way of seeing the world.

In addition to that, it’s also just ridiculously judgmental, because what you would consider villainous, terrible, ridiculous, bad, you may not see it that way at all in another few years. It’s because you have the hubris to believe you have the big picture, and you know the whole story and you’ve got “truth,” even with your blinders on. So what you know is right, and anything that does not fit with that is wrong. For instance, Putin is the “bad guy.” Well, maybe. Maybe not.

You’ve had people in your own life that you later realized were really doing you a favor by hurting your feelings or not allowing you to go someplace, or whatever. You need villains so that you do not have to look at yourself, but it’s all you. It’s all you. And the more you know and the more you grow, the more you realize that people often do stupid things for stupid reasons and get stupid prizes for it, but it doesn’t mean they are evil. It means they have done stupid things and won stupid prizes.

You see the conquistadors and the explorers—James Cook and Columbus, all of them—as villains. You want to have a villain involved because you don’t like what’s happened, because it doesn’t fit with your worldview at this moment. It doesn’t fit with your truth now. But it can’t and it won’t, and you’ve got to be very careful in … well—for one—equating what Russia is doing in the Ukraine with what Cook and the missionaries did with the Pacific Islands.

I’m not saying that what they did was a good thing for the Pacific Islanders. I’m saying that you want villains so that you have a scapegoat for your sin.

You indicated that we are beyond needing simulacrums as a meditative vehicle. But at the same time, you gave us an exercise which involves a visualization in which we see ourselves in another location. You indicated that the purpose was to practice so that we can see our toe moving both physically and in the visualization. But that seems to be about creating a simulacrum again.

A simulacrum is for out-of-body work. As a meditative observer you are imagining yourself able to activate it, but it’s all here in the head. A simulacrum is actually built outside of this dimension. So that’s the difference between thinking and meditating.

The simulacrum teaching was way too far ahead of its time, and it had very little effect. So another one bites the dust!

You indicated that you wanted to see what happened when we practiced the toe-moving exercise daily. What are you hoping that will accomplish?

It’s your Spirit working through your form, and anything I can sneak in so your Spirit is functioning more deeply, more entrenched, more strongly, I’m going to do.

Second, it’s also going to separate your meditative state from your dream state, because there are people who get the two mixed up; they’re looking for them to be the same sort of thing. So by being able to project your mind into a thought form, you’re able to experience it through your senses. And as that self moves the toes in the dirt and shifts from place to place, your mental process of making that happen is going to have a very strong effect on how your Spirit is able to work, and your dream states will radically change because of it. It is going to change your dream states because you are going to find that you automatically let Spirit take control in your dreams. As a result, you’ll have many fewer dreams where you’re an observer and many more where you are an active participant.

And again, anything that lets your Spirit function better in your body by opening your mind up or opening your heart—I’m good with either—I’m going to try and push.

You said some people get the two states mixed up. Can you define them more clearly so that it’s easy to see the difference?

All right. First, let’s separate Dream School out from this, because it’s a wholly different thing. So we’re talking about real dreams and memory-processing dreams.

Dreams are the physical self trying to shift out of this dimensional experience into a greater one. Meditation is the Spirit self trying to leave the ship, leaving the mental. Meditation is an opening to not focusing on yourself or the earth. Dreams are focusing on you, but they have their own purposes as well.

Meditation is, at its best, much more refreshing than sleep, and much more dimensionally active than sleep, but it’s much, much harder because it is not natural to the human self. You’ve got to allow the Spirit to open things up.

Dreams. You go to sleep, you don’t think about it, it happens to you. Maybe if you get good at it you reach the point where you can function the way you want to in that dream, but most people think it’s a big deal when they can just wake themselves up out of the dream.

You spoke reassuringly about the Universe not being willing to allow nuclear war “on this timeline,” but said we needed to keep this timeline stable. How can we contribute to the stability of this timeline?

Just like with the timeline shift, you’re going to feed the wolf of fear or feed the wolf of Love. And one of them will live. It’s that simple.

I do not see, in any possible realm, that nuclear war can be a function of Love.

You have said that we are becoming the Source Field for those around us. Were you speaking about us on a personal level, or is that energy at a higher level?

That question could have gone in my soapbox about “Don’t limit yourself to thinking you are God.” So take a moment and think about it. For this experiment, All That Is releases into four functions—Intent, Thought, Word and Deed—each of which explodes into twelve, and each of those explodes into twelve more, and on and on.

So where is the Source Field in that process? It’s All That Is, which is expressed through Intent, Thought, Word and Deed, and begins the twelves. But the Source Field is that out-breath. It’s the intent of the Intent, if you will. Wow, that can get complex.

And your understanding of the Source Field changes as you become less human and more Spirit, so that you become very aware that “Oh, it is me! It’s everywhere. It’s all things. I am a function of the One.” You’re a function of the One because you are the Source Field. Very much the same way that you are stardust, you are broken-off comet pieces, you are space trash [laughing]. The idea that “you are stardust,” is very accurate on a human level; the Source Field is the same thing but on the Spiritual level.

I took it to be that, because we have gone through a lot of things that mass consciousness is going through now, we have wisdom that we can hopefully pass on about how to deal with that process and those stresses.

So you are effectually somebody else’s Source Field. Well, actually I like that too. Pretend I said that as well.

You said during the spring Retreat that the media are going to be responsible for narrowing our perspective even further. What is happening in the media to cause that narrowing that you were talking about?

The media are a reflection of the corporations behind them. And each corporation is a reflection of the beliefs of the individuals that run it at a corporate level—the owner, the board.

Mostly run by white males.

And right now your major media, including social platforms, are run by a handful of people—even across the world, only three handfuls of people. Not three handfuls that represent twenty or thirty people each. I mean three handfuls of individuals—very few people whose belief systems are incorporated into whatever outlet is under them. And that includes—whether it is a conscious or unconscious behavior—those reporting, those editing, and those determining what becomes news and what does not.

Because of that system, anybody who only has one or two sources that they read or watch is not getting real “news.” I don’t recommend that you pay much attention to your news anyway—you’ll get really depressed—but if you choose to, look at ten different sources from all over the world, and look at locals, not nationals. If you read a story about something happening in Minnesota, go and look up the local Minnesota news for that. Otherwise you’re getting a slanted view, and right now in your country that slant is very divisive and angry.


And competitive. And it’s based on someone else’s truth.

Are other countries less susceptible to that kind of slanted reporting?

Every business, no matter what it puts out, is going to be a reflection of those who run it. Sixty years ago, journalism took pride in telling the story from a neutral standpoint and giving as much of the picture as possible. That has changed over time.

So media in other countries are undergoing the same kind of experiences as America right now. That includes a whole lot of the western world because of the nature of the current energy. That is going to continue over the next five years. Especially because of America’s place in the world, it’s a problem.

Slanted news is a problem even in Britain. What you read in London about what’s happening in the Orkneys makes the Orcadians laugh. It’s a problem all over the world, but if you’re in a country that’s very stable right now, where nobody’s biting anybody, then you’ll probably have a less inflammatory version of the news. For example, check out Finland’s newspapers.