Some of my dreams seem very real, and I have been experiencing clumsiness, forgetfulness, and the feeling that I’m running a fever when I’m not. Is any of this due to the shift into newer frequencies and fourth Density while also functioning in the third?

What it is is a measure of resistance to the process. There is a reason that I say, over and over and over, I hope you don’t notice this energy download. I hope you do not notice this energy shift, because you’re already in sync with it.

The human self, which is very sensually organized, wants the “feel” of it. And, of course, you can give that to yourself, but energy is neutral. Frequency change within an individual is neutral, but the physical body and the physical experience can, and will, set up roadblocks, brain blocks, processing blocks, and any resistance is going to have a physical expression.

So I know that there are many, many teachers and students wanting to experience signs as proof of the Ascension process. I would say, in that list of symptoms, your dreams are the only one to pay attention to. So always pay attention to your dreams.

Ascension is a way of living. It’s like learning to cook without using onions and garlic. It’s different than what you knew, but very workable. There is resistance to having to learn something new, to adapt. Get over it.

You have said that we take laughter and love with us when we transition. Music also evokes such strong emotions. I wonder if it is remembered and goes along with us too.

Music imprints the personality, and whenever there is a touching into that personality music can be a means of stimulating mind and memory. But music is organized sound, which is organized Light, so you don’t need it as music. You are it, essentially.

Can Light come from? I’m thinking that the Giganta temple on Gozo is an examplethe interchangeability of the two, but when we are doing our Stargate rituals and using sound to amplify frequencies, are we actually creating light too?

Yes. You have examples of that in your world. Strike two quartz crystals together and what do you get? A spark of light. A massive sound wave can create a spark of light. You have creatures in your oceans, pistol shrimp, that have little claws—now these are very small creatures—little claws that create a sound wave return that in that moment creates a spark of light.

Now, that’s not light like the ones you turn off and on, but it is sound waves creating the perfect Petri-dish situation for light waves to become visible. Light always carries sound. Sound always can develop into light. And absolutely, yes, light as a carrier of information, as opposed to what’s coming out of a light fixture in the ceiling here, is exactly what your rituals do. That’s what a Heart Tone does. It creates a space for light to function freely.

So in your world and spiritually speaking, yes to both.

You have mentioned that our joy will come from sharing our message and our best selves with others. Is it also possible that feeling a sense of joy can also feel boring?

Boredom is an emotion. Joy is a state of being. You are joy, but there are things you do that amplify it enough to bring it into your awareness. Serving others does that.

You see joy as the feeling of being happy, and feeling good. Those feelings are not real. They’re cues for your brain. Joy is a state of being that is the result of functioning with Love because it’s your pathway, and any time you are functioning on your pathway, you feel that joy. It’s your heart.

Can it be boring? Well, that’s all a matter of expectation, isn’t it?

Is the stage you recently compared to moving from a caterpillar to a butterfly also a joyous experience?

It depends upon your perspective, now, doesn’t it? For instance, from my perspective, yes, it is a very joyful, wonderful thing, but the caterpillar might see that as losing its life, and it might be frightened and afraid. The butterfly might be impatient, and frustrated. It’s perspective.

In your third Weekend Update you said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Expectations are the true root of disempowerment.” Please explain what you mean by that.

It’s not self-explanatory?

I guess if you have expectations, then you are going to be disempowered because you’re going to be preoccupied with “Are my expectations being met here?”

Right. Expectations move you out of your now. It’s kind of like how these video chats work. What I’m saying and when you get it is not quite in sync. An expectation puts you just out of sync with the only moment you actually have now. Expectations are the enemy.

They put you into a state of making comparative judgments, asking, How does my now compare with what I expect or hoped for, instead of experiencing it?

Right. And that helps no one.

We now know, through quantum physics, that we influence particles and matter. How can we best help our bodies to restore their original cellular structure that we were born with rather than allowing the cells to degrade over time?

First, you are designed to degrade. Everything in form is designed to degrade. You must degrade because it’s the Zombie Apocalypse otherwise—bodies that have no more Spirit. It would be terrible. A cycle of life has a beginning and a middle and an end.

There are things you can do to make the process from the beginning to the end have more life. And in that sense I’m all for life extension. But functioning at the highest and best of your blueprint has a lot to do with when you started doing that, where you live, who and what you surround yourself with, what you eat, and how you take care of the body.

Many who are reading this would say that they are feeling so much better now that they are eating better and taking better care of themselves since they have become conscious of this. But you were put on the road to destruction the moment you got here, and you wanted that, so I think the thing to note is that you are going to degrade, you need to degrade. I think what you really want to be looking at is how not to have unnecessary breakdowns in the body.

Technically speaking, cell death, which is what brings about your aging process, happens by a cell becoming toxic, wearing out. Your cells constantly turn over, but they replicate themselves and keep going. And they respond to vibrational energy. That can also cause cell death.

How do you keep your cells healthy? You cannot do a lot about a cell that is unable to function because of disease, or forty years of living in Kentucky’s good old bad diet. That’s there too.

Toxins? There is a lot you can do about toxins. Eat the very best you can: organic, home-grown, and on and on. Every time I put out a list of things like this, there are people who believe that what I said was “You have to do this,” and it leads to making judgments, and that’s really not where I want to go.

Where I really want to go is to say that insofar as frequency, every cell has its own resonant quality and it works in clusters of other cells to make up its own—for want of a better word—symphony. As you learn to know you, you learn to put your mind to work. Your mind is the rock in the pond that creates the ripples of frequency change. What you can do with your mind is far more than most humans are willing to give the time to. If you want to learn more about not aging, find out how to speak to your mind and work on the vibrational output of living cells.

Your subconscious self, which keeps you going, is filled to the brim with beliefs and society and matrix and illusion and commercials for toys and dog products and … it’s filled. And it makes up more than 95% of your functioning self. People do not use that  five percent of conscious mind to do much more than learn how to turn on a computer and … but certainly not to really make changes in things. But you can. That’s what we do in ritual. We use the power of all of those minds putting out a particular frequency pattern. Most of the time you feel so good afterward because every cell in your body has been radiated by Light and Love and connected thought.  And that kind of thing makes you younger. But remember that’s younger in how you feel. The years are still marching by, thank goodness.

So that’s using group consciousness. But does an individual have enough power to clear some of those subconscious messages?

You do, and you are developing more all the time. The better you function through the Light Body, the more you will have control, but the big part of it is that this is the microwave society, and people have the attention span of a three-year-old.  The payoff isn’t quick enough, isn’t stunning enough,  so people don’t really apply themselves to it. There is a reason that the Dalai Lama does not look his age.  He spends a lot of time out of this world.

Yes. In meditation.


That is an amazing answer. Thank you.