I have several grandchildren, and I worry that they will feel abandoned or afraid when I die. What’s a good way to explain death to them? 

Two things: before they are seven years old, I would reach into the pocket of “I love you and love never goes away. And that love will always be with you, even when I’m not here. It’s like when you were at your house with your parents, I still loved you even though you could not see me. I will always love you.”

But when they get up toward seven—and it doesn’t have to be exactly seven; it can be five or six for some, but seven-year-olds have a pretty working mind, especially if they’ve gotten that premise of some things are eternal and love is one of them—then start showing them such things as the way the tree changes and how, even though you don’t see anything on a plant during the winter, the roots are still there, and even though it looks like there is nothing there, new shoots come up. Perennial flowers—plant the seeds together, watch them come up, and then when they’re gone you think there’s nothing there, but something comes up again in the next season. Of course you’re looking at the long road with an explanation like that, but a seven-year-old gets it.

And when they understand that, or at least say they do, you can explain, pretty easily actually, that life is that way as well: that there are always people that you don’t see who are still here, but they’re just not in the exact location you are. There are things around you that you don’t see the same way a tree does, just as you don’t smell the same things a dog does. Many things are different because you are unique, and many things go unseen because you don’t have the apparatus you need to see them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there, that you’ll never see them again. It doesn’t mean you’ll never experience the love, the laughter, the joy that that person brought to you.

The more that you can do to remind them that they are not this body, the better. Wouldn’t you have loved to have grown up knowing that you are not what you’re looking at in the mirror? You are brilliant. You are color and sound. You are so much more than that small, limited thing that, just because it can think, you think it is all there is. Get them into that as soon as possible.

You can remind them of television characters they see, and which they can even see in their minds, and have them practice seeing you. “Close your eyes. Do you see me?” Then go a little farther away and farther away.

It’s so much easier with children, but you need to be responsive to them, and you don’t want to scare them. So this is not a talk about “grandma and grandpa are going to die.” This is a talk about the eternal quality of life force energy.

Please explain any energy connections between Lake Atitlán and Lake Titicaca?

They are both Star Gates.

In the Spring 2016 newsletter interview you said, “…the gut leads the physical body. The brain leads your mind. The heart leads your spirit.”  To me, it appears that it would be the other way around: for example, the spirit would lead the heart, the mind the brain, and the physical body would be in charge of the way the gut functions. Please explain.

And in an awarized, conscious, high frequency being that would be true, but in the typical human it’s not. In the ideal, you’re absolutely right.

Yes, but typically it’s the other way around? You have to work to get to the ideal?

Yes. But, you know, that’s only because the spiritual body and the physical body have to transfigure in order to work, eventually, together, and then, ultimately, the spirit taking over. So it’s not an unfamiliar process.

What are the advantages of using the interval of the frequencies of Jupiter and Earth, or the interval of the frequencies of Jupiter and the Sun, in using sound to clean the pineal?

First, it’s important to remember that sound is a tool, and a tool that works for Paula may not be the tool that works for David, and may not be the tool that works for Stuart. For each person, a different aspect of sound is needed. And because of that, I try not to have you thinking one frequency is always going to be most effective here, while another one is always going to be the most effective there, particularly with Guardians, because a Guardian’s sensitivity levels are wholly different, and the ability to fine-tune is a lot harder.

Now, I will tell you, the Jupiter frequencies will be more effective with Guardians and less effective with mass consciousness. But if you’re working on helping another person clear their pineal, it’s going to be your Intent that does it. And you can use pretty much anything, especially if you have common Intent with the person you’re working with.

You said at the recent Inner Light Festival that we only need five to six hours of sleep. On the Ascension Dilemma Chart, you indicated that rest is important to the process.  Please explain the apparent difference.

There are times you need a lot more rest than other times, but as a whole you don’t need as much rest as you think you do. At times of great cosmic agitation, when you are moving from one level to another, or one density arena’s lessons to another’s, having more rest is going to help you work through things. But generally speaking, the higher a frequency you function at, the less sleep and the less food and the less anything to do with human you need.

In what other type of settings besides a caldera do star seeds occur?

They can occur in any kind of geographic location because they aren’t about the location. However, volcanoes, particularly active volcanoes, are very, very likely harboring a Star Gate in the area they are in. Think Indonesia right now.


Yellowstone, sure.


Yes. Many areas around volcanoes are considered sacred, so for a major or minor Star Gate they are a reminder, because volcanoes are creation energy. So almost any mass of volcanic activity, past or present, is going to show you an area in which there is at least one Star Gate.