You’ve referred to twelve being an important number in this realm of form. Why does the human genome have twenty-three chromosomes when working in twelves would seem to make twenty-four chromosomes a more “natural” number?

Because twelve isn’t the only power number that’s used in this creation cycle.

Last year, you expressed concern for coronal mass ejections hitting earth during the first few months of 2011. In response to our additional grid visualization you mentioned something about a universal frequency coming in as a response to that visualization. How are things looking from your perspective? How is Gaia getting the stimulation needed for transformation?

Those are two very different questions.

All right, a little background here. At the time that I asked you to make use of that grid visualization, I said the high solar emissions were due to two things. One of them is that the sun cycle was ramping up for its natural gastric distress, which would have a very profound effect on where its electromagnetic energy goes. The second thing is . . .

Vesta-Helios energy.


But you also spoke in the last newsletter about extra-galactic energy coming into this solar system. Is this the same as Vesta Helios?

It’s a high-frequency spiritual energy. Vesta-Helios is putting it out, but it’s also coming from the back of beyond and beyond.

Vesta-Helios’s cousins? Other Solar Lords?

Well, from creation, sort of.

Around the time I asked you to create those grids, you had a very unexpected set of high-level solar flares, and you’ve had two more incidents since then of the same, some of which created some pretty intense satellite disruptions. Interestingly, I thought, they didn’t cause a whole lot of damage—except for people who watch satellite television I think—because it seemed to disrupt a satellite that had a whole lot to do with television.

So the emissions that come from the sun, as the star, can be very disruptive and a problem. They were unexpectedly strong, but there were just a few. After you put up the grid, you had two more episodes. In the midst of those episodes, you had the earthquakes in Japan, and you’ve had two more massive ocean earthquakes. All of which are saying that the sun is affecting your planet.

Now that leads to the second effect, and that goes back to the very first question in the interview where I discussed Vesta-Helios as the spiritual component of the star that is your sun. This energy is coming from that moment between Intent and Thought or Thought and Word that established this creation. The creative function of Source established Ellic force from Intent to Thought. Ellic force created Shining Energy, Thought to Word. So that process—which isn’t really a process—released an energy that settled into creation.

Now I know that your science is looking for the beginning of the universe. This isn’t exactly that. It’s more about the energy that comes with the beginning of form. I’m not going to be able to answer that much better than that. It’s more ephemeral than I have words for.

Do you still want us to do the visualization about the grid?

Well, most people have already stopped doing it, but it would be helpful to continue it because that energy is overstimulating, pushing, revving up the energy coming to earth so that it’s producing violent change instead of a more gentle one.

How long will this go on?

Through this year.

Samuel, one night I had a dream that I wanted to recall in the morning. Later that night I had another dream where I was telling others about the dream that I had just had. That bends my mind a bit. Dream time has gotten more real. What is the relationship between these somewhat similar worlds, and how do our experiences in one form of consciousness or dimension impact the other?

This is an effect of merging with the whole self. Dreams are changing because of that. These are real dreams that all relate to one another.

What effect does it have? Well, I’m not exactly sure what he is going for when he says that, or what he thinks or hopes I’m going to say. But I would tell you that real dreams happen because you’re not attached to your body and work that you have to do that does not require a body is being done. If you’re doing more of that kind of dreaming, it seems to me that that would mean that you’re taking care of business, you’re getting things done, you are being much more effective, certainly, than you were, and probably more than a whole lot of people. You’re functioning more the way you should be. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be better at hopping dimensions or get healthier; it means that the work that you do in dream school is advancing rapidly, and that’s going to have an effect on you here, but it’s not really about who you are here.

At the Retreat. you mentioned that the Shining Ones live on their own planet. Which star does this planet orbit?


That’s known as the eye of Taurus. It’s a red star, a red giant.

It’s not a single star. It is a star with a dwarf star that is felt more than it is seen. But that’s important.

It’s probably exchanging a lot with the dwarf star.

And that’s why it has a planet that is felt and not seen.

Some Guardians have been consciously sending their simulacrum to walk in places that are undergoing massive change in other parts of the world, projecting wholeness and loving awareness. Could that have an effect?

There is nobody in this work outside of their dream state who is projecting their simulacrum in a controlled manner. But clearly they are those with an excellent fantasy life.