How are we going to transform the world? (Long answer please.)

Throughout the interview I have made reference to many ways that you can do that very thing. Those are the big ways.

However, the way that’s going to make the biggest difference is the “one with one” way—creating a path in the world in which you do not promote yourselves, but instead create a cooperative function that uses the best of each person rather than the worst. That’s the “individual by individual” version. The whole interview was the big version. I suggest anyone who wants the long story should just go back and read the interview.

Please tell us how to be open to the cross-over energy you mentioned at the retreat.

I want to clarify here: it’s not cross-over energy per se, but the mastery of other aspects of your Entity that allows you access to what that Entity is. You must master this dimension. You must master yourself before you can access other selves.

So how do you make use of that cross-over energy? You don’t until you have mastered you. It’s a microcosm of Absorption—a version of the greater Absorption.

Please elaborate on what you meant at the retreat by our needing to be transparent. What can we do practically to become more transparent?

Imagine that everything that you think, say and do—every intention you ever had—is going to become tomorrow’s headlines. Do that and you will consciously be the best you can be. You won’t have little aspects of you that you hide. Sex; money; body fat. As a good example, you know that you should be exercising, helping the body move from one that is fat to one that has more muscle, but you have all kinds of reasons why you cannot do even a half-hour walk every day. You say you cannot do it, but in your heart you know that you’re just making excuses. But to everyone else you present that as a really big reason.

Another example: you want to change your diet, yet you still hide candy bars around your house. You know that you can eat wheat and that the bloating you get has more to do with not digesting dairy products and eating foods with a lot of sugar, but you blame all of that on not being able to eat wheat. Why? Because you believe that I have said that not tolerating wheat means you are more spiritual—which is not at all what I have said. The ways that you present yourself to the world that are less than impeccable, these make you not transparent.

So what might the headline look like in that last example?

“Guardian preaches the walk, but it’s only talk.” Or, of course, go out and buy a tabloid and put your name in each headline.

It seems like transparency in and of itself isn’t the answer.

No it’s what you must do to become transparent.

In the course of developing that transparency, I may see a problem in myself that’s very obvious to me, but I don’t want to change it. I’m too comfortable in my rut.

Yes, and you’ve got to want your highest function more than you want the comfort of your rut.

The biggest change I’m pushing right now is that people become more open and honest about who they really are—if they are uncomfortable with the world seeing who they really are, that they make changes so that they are happy with what others see.

On December 16, 2008 NASA reported that there is a huge breach in earth’s magnetosphere that is allowing considerably more plasma from solar winds to reach the surface of our planet. Is this the physical portal for the increased flux of Ellic energy coming to earth that you spoke of at the retreat?

Yes and no. Ellic force would not require a physical version of the heavens to open up to get to earth. What it requires is a high-enough frequency to work through. When there are enough high-frequency beings functioning as a channel for Ellic energy in the world, it is going to bring about a change that will cause energy as a whole to be used differently in the world forever. So it’s not the sun sending forth; it’s the earth sending forth.

The phenomenon visible to NASA was more effect than cause?


Besides the Nile River Valley, where on earth are the other eleven sites that you made reference to at the retreat?

Good try. I don’t answer questions like that. And do you know why? It’s not because I just want to irritate people. It’s because you, by your nature, have the amazing ability to create what you believe in, even if it’s not the best way to do it. If you started focusing on primary seeded areas in the world, you could start activating that which is not ready on a planetary level for activation. I’m protecting you from making a serious mistake in the spiritual evolution of the planet by asking you to manage these things one by one.

Phoenix Institute has been an umbrella for Guardians to come together and work toward the completion of Sacred Status. After the completion of the Plan, what would be the need for Phoenix to continue as an organization?

One thing will never change: It empowers you to come together with others that share your heart and your mind. So, at the completion of the Plan for Sacred Status, some will choose to remain and continue as the teachers, so to speak, for the sudden influx of students—having family that’s healthy, supportive, and an example of what can be. This is a very appealing role, and some will desire to stay for that. That can only be a good thing.

The difference will be, however, that you don’t need me at the completion of Sacred Status, so you would not have an organization that is built on the spiritual teachings of the entity Samuel. You would have an organization whose purpose is to help each other grow under the conditions of the time.

You move from being my students to being teachers. You become, to those who are ready and waiting, what I am to you. And, of course, you do it by channeling, but you’re channeling the completed human experiment.